My first and best time ever, Me, Mark and Launa.


It happened when I was 18 and used to babysit for a young couple Mark and Launa. I'd been their babysitter since I was 18 and lived a few doors away. My mother recommended me for the job, little did she know!

Mark and Launa were both 25 and had a baby boy. They were a really cool couple. Mark was very good looking with piercing blue eyes and the sexiest smile I'd ever seen. I always got the feeling he knew I fancied him, just by the way he seemed to tease me sometimes with a wink or a smile.

Launa was just as cool. She had long, black, straight, shiny hair, green eyes and perfect skin. I didn't consider myself a lesbian and had never had an encounter with another girl but every once in a while a girl would trigger feelings in me and Launa triggered fireworks!

I got on well with both of them straightaway. Mark and I both played guitar so I used to bring mine along and we'd often play together while Launa was getting ready. I'd help Launa do her hair or sit on the bed chatting about guys and stuff while she got dressed. I couldn't help but look at her body while she changed, it was beautiful. She had perfectly pert and bouncy breasts, a smooth flat stomach and always neatly trimmed bush, god even her skin was perfect, flawless all over her body.

I envied Launa so much. I was shorter than her at the time about 5'5, had long but wavy brown hair. My boobs were large for my frame and even though people always told me how pretty I was I longed to be like Launa.

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About 2 years after I started babysitting Launa and I were up in the bedroom having one of our girlie chats. I was telling her about my break up from my boyfriend at the time. The idiot had cheated so I'd broke it off. I'm so glad it happened when it did as I was planning to lose my virginity to him that weekend and was really angry.

I said to Launa, "Sometimes I wish I were a lesbian, then I wouldn't have to put up with this crap!"

"Really? I've always been curious myself to know what it would be like to go with another girl," Launa winked.

She must have noticed me blush, all I could think about was walking over and kissing her and her dropping the towel she was holding around herself. I quickly jumped up and went downstairs to hide my embarrassment.

Already turned on by what had just happened I caught sight of Mark on the sofa. He was sitting there in just his dark denim jeans, no shirt, fresh from the shower and strumming his guitar.

He patted the sofa next to him and said, "Come here, let me show you this song I've been working on. " I sat down and the smell of his clean hair and aftershave hit me like a train. I squirmed in my seat feeling yet more dampness well up between my legs. I was relieved when Launa walked in to hurry Mark up, or they were going to miss their dinner reservations.

The evening went quietly, not a peep out of their son, I ran what had happened in the bedroom with Launa over and over in my mind. I imagined what it would have been like if we HAD kissed and how Launa's boobs would have felt pressed up against mine.

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  . . . . . . As I was all alone I couldn't resist throwing the blanket from the back of the sofa over myself and letting my fingers wander and slide around my slippery pussy until I came.

Around 11pm I heard their car pull into the drive. In walked Mark but Launa went straight upstairs to bed.

"Well hello there," said Mark with a very cheeky look on his face, his sexy smile melting me as it always did. "Launa has been telling me how you've sworn off us men, is this right"?

"Well," I laughed, "not completely, maybe just for a while"?

"We're not all that bad surely?" he grinned stepping closer to me.

"No, not all of you, just the cheaters," I teased, stepping backwards towards the kitchen counter.

Mark took another step forward.

"But what if they are allowed to cheat, hey?"

"And you're allowed?" I asked with the counter now too close for me to back away any further. Not that I wanted to, what I wanted to do was fling my arms around him and have him kiss me the way he kissed Launa.

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"Launa and I have a very special relationship, we know there is a difference between love and sex, and as long as we only love each other we don't bother about the odd fuck once in a while with someone else. "

My heart was pumping so hard in my chest. I was separated from Mark by about an inch. The smell of him and the twinkle in his piercing blue eyes had my legs trembling. I knew what was about to happen and far from being scared as I was still a virgin, all I could feel was what my body was telling me to do. He leaned down, took my face in his hands and started kissing me.

His tongue flicking mine sent waves of throbbing to my already soaked crotch. He grabbed me by the waist and lifted me up onto the counter top, parted my knees and slid himself between my legs kissing me harder. I didn't hesitate, I started unbuttoning his shirt as he slid his hand under my T-shirt to undo my bra. My boobs fell free and he groaned as he grasped one in each hand, rubbing my nipples with his thumbs.

At this point I was putty, his to do with as he wanted, but an image popped into my mind and I grabbed his wrists and said, "Stop! I cant do this, how do I know what you said about Launa not minding is true and not just a line to get into my underwear?"

He let out a little laugh.

"Why don't you ask her yourself, she's been watching us through the gap in the door for the last 18 minutes. "

I pushed him away and jumped down from the counter.

Panicking I started saying, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Launa, I couldn't help it, it just happened. "

Tears welled up in my eyes.

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"Shhhhhhh now," Launa breathed into my hair as she tried to calm me down, "it's fine, honestly, do you really not know?"

"What"? I said in shock, sniffing and wiping tears from my cheeks. Launa brushed the hair away from my face.

"Look, I know your still young and new to all this but you must have worked out by now what we had in mind? The way I look at you, the way I flush when you brush my hair and how I take my clothes off around you at every opportunity? I like you Justine, I mean really like you. "

"I, but. . . I," I stuttered.

Launa put her finger to my lips.

"And when you said what you said earlier on it drove me wild! I told Mark what you said and we got to talking about how we both find you so sexy. I didn't know if you saying that you wished you were a lesbian was a hint towards me, as I can't help feeling that you like me too. I've caught you looking at me while I'm naked you know, and swear you were getting turned on".

I was dumbstruck! Like a rabbit caught in the headlights, I just froze, but looking into Launa's eyes and smiling was all the answer she needed and before I knew it we were kissing. It was mind blowing, so soft and tender but so incredibly sexy. I'd never before felt such powerful sexual feelings, it was overwhelming but all I could do was just go with it. We carried on kissing and I felt two hands rest on my waist from behind, I couldn't believe it was happening, not only was I about to lose my virginity, but I was about to have a threesome, a threesome with the two people I have had a crush on since I was 15!

Launa stepped back and took my hand, Mark kept one hand on my waist as they led me to the living room.

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   We stopped at the large leather sofa and all sat down with me in the middle. Mark turned my face towards him to start kissing me again and Launa ran her hand up and down my leg just inching a little up my skirt.

Soon I was being pulled to my feet, sandwiched between them both Mark started taking off my T-shirt and bra while Launa undid the button on my skirt and let it fall to the floor. In seconds all 3 of us were naked. Mark's cock was hard and pushing up against my pelvis while Launa's soft beautiful tits were grazing my back as she kissed my shoulders. There were four hands on my body, I didn't even try to work out whose belonged to who. I just breathed heavily and felt the passion run over me.

We all laid down on the thick soft rug below us, me on my back with Launa on my left kissing me and stroking my boobs and Mark on my right inching his hand up my thigh. When Marks finger hit my clit I let out a long loud moan, it was electric. He slid it down towards my now dribbling hole.

"Wow, I think she likes this," chuckled Mark.

I squirmed and arched my back, writhing around on the rug. Both of them now had one of my nipples each in their mouths, licking and teasing, I was in heaven. Launa then got onto her hands and knee and straddled me, she kissed me once as she slid her body down mine planting kisses as she went, her nipples tickling me as they slid down over mine, she kept going until her head was at my crotch and slid her tongue deep down between my lips and started to lick away. This was as much as I could take, with Launa teasing my clit and Mark teasing my nipples I let go the most powerful, explosive, body shaking orgasm I have ever known.

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   It went on and on and on. My pussy walls contracting, my clit throbbing, my whole body seemed to be climaxing. I let out a huge moan and to my shock a huge gush of liquid poured out of me, Mark saw the look of shock on my face.

"It's OK, its normal, you've just had your first ejaculation, that's all!" I had had many orgasms by myself since I first learned how, but that was a first for me and a big surprise!

I laid back, breathless, sweating and trembling on the now soaked rug. Mark and Launa both looked very pleased with themselves as they stroked my boobs letting me get my breath back. . . . . . . . . . .

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Part 2 COMING soon. . . . . . . . .