Charlottes Diaries (Part 15 of 36)


Charlotte’s Diaries (Part 18 of 36)
Introduction to my sexy world
Hi my name is Charlotte, Charly to my friends. I am 36 years old I am married, I have two daughters and ever since my second daughter was born a couple of years ago I have turned into a bi-sexual nymphomaniac slut. I am always horny. I have over the past couple of years discovered that I’ll do just about anything sexual that a woman can do with men and other women and even animals! I just can’t help myself. These are my diaries, there are usually about two adventures a month for ease of continuity, but in reality they happened over the course of eight years so you’ll have to forgive how my husband has written them up from my hand written diaries. They cover three years so you’ll have to look for each months instalments although I’ll be posting them close together starting at Jan 2001. Love Charly xxx

March 2002
I love sex contact magazines, mainly because you know that if you reply to an advert in them then you are going to get laid! In this months adventure you will find: Oral sex, vaginal sex, huge cock sex and watersports. I can’t begin to explain how good a really huge cock feels inside you when it cum’s jet after jet of hot sticky cum into you but it does!
March 2002 – Adventure 1
Just recently, as you already know I have started looking at all the different sex contact adverts that have been appearing in our local papers and I have openly started to say that they are starting to make me squirmy! Dave found this extremely arousing as by the way that I was speaking, I was at last starting to understand sex from his point of view and I was slowly coming around to the idea of going out on dates just for sex with someone new.
One Sunday night I had just stopped sucking Dave’s throbbing cock and had straddled his cock and slipped my slippery wet cunt down onto it covering his cock with my slippery pussy juice, when I stopped moving and I blurted out hurriedly to him.
"I've seen an advert that I like the sound of and I want to go and meet the man and fuck his brains out. "
he was so surprised and turned on by my statement that (Unusually for him) he felt a sharp tingling in his balls and he squirted a huge amount of cum into my cunt. So much that I felt it jetting into my insides, and I questioningly said as he groaned out loud
"Is that your answer then?"
He gasped out
"Oh yes, yes go and get fucked, please get fucked hard and deeply, enjoy another cock as I have enjoyed all those other cunts. "
I sighed to myself and then pleasured myself to a body shaking orgasm on his cock before it started to slowly loose its tumescence.
After we had cleaned ourselves up I went and retrieved the clipped out advert from my knickers drawer and passed it to him to read, this is what he read:
Clean middle aged gentleman looking for a horny woman to enjoy adult
FUN, with No fees, Ipswich area, can accommodate. Ring 0845-576839
Advert no. 2310 and leave a message.

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I sat beside Dave with our mobile phone and with trembling fingers I rang the number and left this message
"Hi my name is Charly, I'm married but my husband lets me play away. I can be very sexy and I love dressing in sexy underwear for my lovers. If you like the sound of me, then please ring me on my mobile 07885-054966. Thank you. "
As soon as I had finished speaking and had hung up I pushed Dave backwards down onto our sofa and sucked him back into hardness for another fuck only this time we fucked in several different positions and I came several times before he pumped his seed deeply into my belly. As I lay back on the sofa I sipped my fingers into my cum filled pussy and covered my fingers in our mixed cum, then slowly and sexily I licked the cum off them and said to Dave
"I hope you enjoyed that because your not going to have anymore sex with me until after I've had my date, because I want to feel really horny and sex starved, but I do want you to keep arousing me over the next few days by sucking on my tits every now and again!" For the next few days we were both jumpy whenever the mobile phone rang, just in case it was the stranger ringing to make a date with me. Unusually the mobile rang two or three times a day for a week before he rang. . . . . .
"Hello, Charly speaking can I help you?"
The voice that answered me was very quiet
"Hi, you replied to my advert for horny women to enjoy adult fun, do you want to meet with me for a drink and some fun?"
After a few minutes of friendly chat we made a date for the following Sunday evening, we were going to meet at a pub called the Shepherd and Dog and then go on to his house from there.
During the week leading up to my date I went out and brought myself a completely new set of underwear, especially for my sexy date. Sunday evening came around and I had a nice warm relaxing bath before I dressed in the clothes that I was going to wear for the date.

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   I had chosen a very sexy black lacy dress which has its own lacy bolero type jacket. Before I put the dress on I paraded my new underwear for Dave to see, and He told me how sexy I looked and how lucky Mike was going to be that night. He told me that he felt really horny just seeing me in the strapless black bra, black knickers, black suspender belt and shear stockings. Once I was dressed I slipped on my red high heeled shoes, touched up my make-up and left for my date.
They met in the bar as arranged and after a quick drink to relax their nerves they left and I followed him to his house on Felixstowe Road, as they stood outside the front door, I whispered to him
"Before we go in and make love together, you must agree that if I say no to something or I say stop you must stop or not do it. Is that OK with you?"
"I would never do anything against your will Charly, of course I agree, you didn't really need to say that as I always respect the wishes of ladies that I have sex with. "
Once inside Mike led me to the living room and I turned to him and snaked an arm around his neck, pulling his mouth to my hungry lips and we kissed passionately for a couple of minutes. Finally I broke away from his kiss and gasped for breath. Then I hoarsely whispered
"Take me to bed and fuck me senseless. "
Mike led the way up to his bedroom, as the door swung open I saw a neatly made king size double bed in the middle of the room and my legs went weak for a few seconds as I thought about what I was about to do with this stranger.
As I stood there I felt Mikes big hands take hold of my waist and he spun me around for another kiss, as we kissed he slid the zip of my dress down and let it fall to the floor. I broke away from the kiss and crawled onto the bed and laid myself across it allowing my legs to fall slightly open, know that he would be able to clearly see the very damp patch between my legs where my love juices were leaking out of the sex between my legs that was crying out to be fucked. It was as I was about to speak that I glanced down at the bulge in his trousers and caught my breath, it looked huge and all my resistance collapsed, he could do whatever he wanted to, I didn't care.
"I brought these sexy undies especially for you and our date tonight, they are only meant to be worn once, do with them whatever you want to. "
Slowly Mike removed his shirt, shoes and socks, but left his trousers on.

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   Then he crawled onto the bed beside me and took my face in his hands and kissed me hard on my hungry lips, and I just groaned as I felt the familiar tingle starting down between my legs. Then Mike slowly kissed his way down over my chin down over my throat and down across my bra covered breasts. Slowly he caressed each of my breasts through my bra cups before he carefully slipped his hands under my bra, and lifted the material clear of my breasts before he pulled it apart and bared my firm heaving breasts to his gaze, I groaned out in pleasure again. Then very slowly he kissed his way across both of my breasts teasing each nipple in turn, licking, nibbling, sucking and fondling each and finally squeezing both of my breasts together and sucking both nipples at the same time. My body shuddered and jerked as I climaxed at the moment that he sucked both of my nipples into his mouth. Then he stopped and resumed kissing his way down over my nearly flat stomach to the material covered mound of my aching pussy, then slowly he traced the outline of my sensitive pussy lips through the material of my knickers before he, with just as much care as he had shown with my bra, slipped his fingers under the material of my knickers and ripped them from my aching pussy.
Mike then started kissing up and down my swollen pussy lips and gently eased his tongue between them, caressing my clit with his rough feeling tongue. The more he licked me the more my hips started to move my very slippery sex hole towards his mouth, desperately wanting to feel his tongue force its way into me. But instead he easily slid two fingers into me and licked and finger fucked me. Thenas he increase the rhythm of his tongue and fingers I reached down with my hands and crushed his face against my cunt as my body jerked and shuddered as another orgasm tore through me. It was a few minutes before I noticed that Mike was no longer between my legs, but he was sitting beside me on the bed.
Oh Mike that was so wonderful, I haven't cum so many times so quickly without being fucked for so long. Now it’s my turn to make you feel good, with that I slid off the bed and pulled him to his feet. Then kneeling down in front of him I was so desperate to remove his trousers that I felt myself ripping at his belt to remove it and as I pulled his trousers and pants down releasing the huge bulge from the tight confines of the material and I gasped out
"Oh My Go. .

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  . . . . !"
As his huge cock slapped me across the side of my face. I couldn't help myself I just grabbed it and started licking it all over. As I did so I thought to myself I hope it fits and as if in response to my unspoken question I felt the warmth of my love juices on my thighs trickling down to the tops of my stockings letting me know that it would.
Slowly I tried to get the huge swollen end of his cock into my mouth but I couldn't, so I continued licking and sucking on the huge thickness of his cock, slowly I wanked my hands up and down on it making him groan out loud for me to suck him. I tried again, but still couldn't get it into my mouth, as I felt the tears of frustration and failure start to burn in my eyes I felt a huge release of my love juices from my horny pussy flood down my thighs and it gave me an idea. Reluctantly I released his huge cock from my grasp and with both of my hands I reached down between my legs and scooped as much of my cum up from my thighs and pussy as I could, and with both of my hands covered in the very slippery love juice I covered the swollen end of his cock in it. Then I whispered to him "Fuck my mouth with your fantastic cock. "
And I opened my mouth wide again and pressed it against the slippery cum covered end of his cock.
He said, reaching down to take hold of my head in his hands,
"Mmm, make me!"
I replied and as he wrapped his hands in my long blonde hair he gently started to force his cock end into my mouth, it took several gentle thrusts before he could no longer control himself and he pulled my mouth roughly over the end of his cock and using my hair to move my head he fucked my mouth as I had asked. I only gagged a couple of times when his cock went too deeply into my mouth, but he was so turned on by what we were doing that it wasn't long before he gasped out
"I'm going to cum, but I'm going to pull my cock out of your mouth and cum into your open mouth, I want to see you swallow a mouthful of my cum. ” As he pulled out of my mouth I grabbed hold of his throbbing hard cock and as the first jet of sticky warm cum squirted out of his cock I opened my mouth and let squirt after squirt of his seed fill my mouth to overflowing.

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   With his cock still squirting cum I sexily closed my eyes and swallowed his cum making sure that the last few trickles of his cum ran from my face and covered my breasts.
Gasping for air Mike staggered over to the bed and laid down for a few minutes, whilst he lay there I took hold of his still very hard cock and Very sexily said “We can't waste this can we?"
and I licked all the remaining cum off it making a point of looking straight into his eyes as I did so. Then for a few minutes we talked sex talk about things that we had done and wanted to do, and that soon had them both very horny again and ready to fuck. Mike climbed off the bed and gently pulled me to the edge of the bed.
"Are you ready for this?"
He whispered to me, I just moaned and replied
" Mmmmmm, Please lover tell me what I am when you fuck me, tell me what you think of me, tell me what you are going to do to me and what your going to make me do for you.
    " Mike then said to me
    "Come on you whore, hold your legs up and push three fingers from each hand into your cunt and pull yourself wide open for me then"
    I didn't think about what I was doing I just did as he told me to do. As I pulled myself open I felt the coolness of the air entering my gaping cum covered cunt. Then, and just for a moment I thought about condoms before I felt the first touch of his enormous cock slipping easily into my open slippery fuck hole (and then I forgot all about them). Once the swollen bell end of his cock had slipped past my entrance he reached down and pulled my fingers out of my pussy. Slowly he worked his cock into me in gentle but forceful thrusts until the whole of his fourteen inches were buried deep inside my belly, stretching me to widths that I had never been stretched before (apart from childbirth!). . . . . And it was heaven.

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    "You fucking lying whore, you said that you've only ever fucked with your husband. Your cunt is just like a well used prostitutes fuck hole. "
    He said,
    "I'm going to fuck you 'till you scream for mercy. "
    And with that he started to fuck me, my own slippery cum covering his cock so that it slipped in and out easily, without causing even the slightest discomfort. Mike then took hold of my ankles and held my legs wide open while he fucked me with hard deep penetrating thrusts. Faster and faster he thrust into my cunt, louder and louder I moaned and gasped as I crept quickly to another orgasm. As I laid there gasping
    "Fuck me, Fuck Me. "
    He locked my legs against either side of his head with his arms and pushed all his weight forwards until he could hold my wrists down onto the bed and as he started thrusting deeply into me making me cry out in pain and pleasure he gasped
    “I’m going to fill your belly full of my seed you slut. "
    And just as he finished speaking he thrust his cock deeply into me and held it there and I felt it swell and shoot jet after jet of his hot seed into my belly, the force of it making me jerk myself against his cock each time.
    "Oh yes, yes keep filling my horny cunt with your fuck juice. . . . . .

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      . "
    We stayed like that for a few minutes until we had both got our breaths back and he slipped his cum covered cock out of me and lay down beside me. I was still feeling really horny and I crawled down the bed and sucked and licked his softening cock back to life again without being asked to. . . . . Then as his cum started oozing out of my well fucked pussy I whispered to him, my turn this time and I straddled his cock and eased myself down onto his hard cock again and I started riding it like it was the last cock on earth. Pounding up and down on his throbbing cock I started having multiple orgasms, shuddering and jerking as I rode him.
    "Mike oh Mike its so big and fucking wonderful, fill me again, give it to me again. "
    I begged unashamedly for his cum again as on and on I rode. Mike just laid there gasping for breath
    As he thrust upwards to meet my downward
    Thrusts, getting as much of his huge cock
    "A piss"
    Into me as he could.
    "Your not even much of a whore are you, you can't even make me fill your belly with that can you?"
    I stopped riding his huge cock and gasped in surprise and realisation at what he'd just said. Then I replied
    "If you think you can do any better, then you fill me up with it and fuck me. "
    And with that I climbed off his cock and I thought to myself, oh well I've done it with Dave before so I laid on my tummy in the middle of the bed with my legs apart waiting for him to fuck me.

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       He lay there for a moment realising what he'd said and what I’d said before he rolled over and knelt between my legs pushing his cum covered cock back into me and laid down on top of me, working his cock back into me deeply from behind. Then he took hold of my wrists and pressed them and my body firmly down into the bed and he whispered into my ear
    "Are you sure that's what you want me to do?"
    "I'm a whore, the worst slut you've ever fucked aren’t I so do what you want to do. And then fuck me until you cum again. "
    I snapped angrily back at his statement that “I couldn't fuck him well enough to make him cum. ”
    With a grunt and a sigh Mike started to relieve himself into my cock filled cunt, I shuddered as I felt the first hot liquid filling my fuck hole making me feel even dirtier and whore like than I had before. Slowly I felt the hot liquid filling my belly up and I felt pressure building inside me and I made an involuntary squeeze with my pussy muscles and his hot wee flooded out of my wet cunt. This seemed to turn Mike on and he started to fuck me again with his huge cock making me cum virtually instantly with his first thrust.
    "Oh you dirty little tart, you really turned me on by telling me to fill you with piss and fuck you again. "
    He said, then he stopped fucking me and pulled his cock out followed by a trickle of cum and wee that ran down between my pussy lips onto the bed. Mike then rolled me over onto my back and forced his hard cock back into my gaping well fucked cunt, then with one hand he held both my wrists together above my head and with the other he roughly groped my sexy cum stained breasts as he fucked me. This seemed to turn him on too as I felt his thrusts becoming harder and his breaths becoming short gasps with each thrust.
    Then he gasped out between thrusts
    "I bet you've even been fucked up your arse haven't you, you whore
    I didn't answer his question so he stopped groping my tits, changed his grip to holding a wrist in each hand and also grabbed handfuls of my hair and started thrusting his cock into me again and jerking my hair and wrists as he thrust, and he again asked me if I'd even been fucked up the arse. I answered his question as crudely as I dared
    "Oh fuck yes I've been fucked up my arse, I've had a cock fuck its cum deeply into my arse and it made me cum so many times as I felt so dirty inside. "
    This was too much for him and he let go of my wrists and hair and pulled his cock out of me and pumped his cum all over the outside of my pussy lips. I was so close to another climax that I just reached down and rubbed his cum into my clit and pussy lips until I climaxed.


    For a few minutes we lay there recovering form our exertions, before Mike asked me if I wanted a shower to freshen up before I left, I agreed and I had a nice warm soapy shower, and Mike watched me for a few minutes soaping myself all over before he climbed in beside me and started to soap me himself. The slippery bubbles and warm water soon had us both horny again and he pushed me against the wall under the water before pushing his cock into me from behind again and giving me several orgasms before for the last time he pumped his seed into my well fuck cunt. As soon as we had finished making love in the shower I quickly dried myself without washing his sticky cum from around my pussy lips and got dressed and left. All the way home his cum had been leaking out of my well stretched pussy lips covering the back of my dress with sticky white cum also covering the insides of my thighs with his warm sticky seed.
    When I got home I told Dave all about my night and all the things that I had done, how many times we had fucked and how each time he came it was huge amounts and how I had loved it, acting like a slut with someone else even though I was married added a special kind of spice to its naughtiness. The last thing I did before we went to bed was to lay down on the floor, let the skirt part of my dress fall open and I told Dave to finger fuck me and feel my stretched pussy filled with Mike’s cum and I told him to wank himself off as he did it. . . . he didn't need telling twice!!!!!
    There is no second adventure this month, but there are three in April to make up for it.




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