Charlottes Diaries (Part 13 of 36)


Charlotte’s Diaries (Part 18 of 36)
Introduction to my sexy world
Hi my name is Charlotte, Charly to my friends. I am 36 years old I am married, I have two daughters and ever since my second daughter was born a couple of years ago I have turned into a bi-sexual nymphomaniac slut. I am always horny. I have over the past couple of years discovered that I’ll do just about anything sexual that a woman can do with men and other women and even animals! I just can’t help myself. These are my diaries, there are usually about two adventures a month for ease of continuity, but in reality they happened over the course of eight years so you’ll have to forgive how my husband has written them up from my hand written diaries. They cover three years so you’ll have to look for each months instalments although I’ll be posting them close together starting at Jan 2001. Love Charly xxx

January 2002
First month of a New Year and I’m out enjoying sex again! Just for those of you who haven’t read my other diary at the beginning of each chapter I give a few lines of description as to what will be covered in the adventures for that month. So here goes in this month’s adventures you will find: Sex with strangers, oral sex, vaginal sex, domination, BDSM, S & M, lesbianism, interracial sex and masturbation. … Enjoy.
January 2002 – Adventure 1
This is about sexual passion and not love; love is what I have for my husband and what he has for me. Don't miss understand me, I have passionate sex with my husband too but it isn't as naughty as the sex that I had with a stranger. Let me explain, I work for a large superstore as a shelf stacker, not the most interesting job in the world but it does help to pay the bills. The only bad thing about working for them is that when they have a works due they only pay for the employees and not their partners!!!!!! Anyway we have our Christmas party nearly a month into the New Year as Christmas time and New Years are our busiest times of year. We usually have our Christmas due at a snooker club in the nearest town to us, but this year we had it at a Hotel in the town instead, and this time we were just one party within several that were being held there at the time. Anyway let me get back to my story, we had eaten our meal and were dancing in the crowded dancing area and it was about ten o'clock. I was dancing on my own at the time and a man came up to me and gently took hold of my hand, leant close to me and whispered
In my ear and gently started to lead me off the dance floor.

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   Normally I would never have gone with him, but I had a few glasses of wine with my meal and was feeling very happy and relaxed. I allowed him to lead me out of the building and out into the car park, luckily it was a reasonably warm night for January, as I hadn't stopped for my coat. He led me in silence to a dark part of the car park away from the building and stopped in front of a car and turned to me. He didn't say anything to me at all as he knelt down in front of me and gently started to roll my skirt up over my thighs and all the way up to the waistband. I didn't stop him when he reached for the waistband of my knickers and eased them down over my hips, past my thighs, down to my ankles where he gently lifted one of my legs and slid my knickers off that ankle. The cool breeze against my naked bald pussy lips made me shudder with both cold and excitement as he gently lifted me off the ground and laid me down across the bonnet of the car that we were next to. He then still in silence lifted each of my legs up and rested the foot on the bonnet too, allowing my legs to fall apart he gazed in the moon light at my (by now) glistening pussy before he again knelt down between my legs. He then began to gently tease and lick and suck on my pussy lips and clit before he pushed his very long tongue into my oozing pussy, he then began alternating between licking my clit and tongue fucking my pussy hole until I came with a shuddering moan of pleasure. We stayed like that for a couple of minutes whilst I recovered, he then stood up placed my knickers back on my leg and eased them back up to my knees before he lifted me off the car. Once back on the ground he pulled my knickers all the way up, rolled my skirt back down and stood up. As he took my hand and started to lead me back to the building I started to say
"Don't Y"
And he pressed his fingers against my mouth, indicating that he didn't wish to speak. So disappointedly I went back into the dance hall with him and he left me there and disappeared into the crowd.
As you can imagine I felt quite let down even though he had made me climax and asked nothing of me! About half an hour later after I had had a few more dances and another drink my stranger returned and again he took me by the hand and whispered just the one word in my ear again and again led me into the car park to a secluded spot. Again he didn't speak, but this time he removed his jacket and dropped it on the ground in front of he and me gently but forcefully took hold of my shoulders and pulled me closer to him so that I was standing on his jacket. He then pushed my shoulders downwards, I knew what he wanted me to do so I knelt down and unzipped his trousers and pulled them and his underpants down so that I could see his cock.

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   I assumed that it would be standing up hard and horny for me but I was wrong, it was limp and lifeless until I started to kiss and suck and lick it into life. By the time that it was hard it seemed as if it was between six and seven inches long and it seemed as if he was never going to cum his load in my mouth, even though I sucked and wanked it as well as I could. Then after about twenty minutes I felt the swollen end swell up even larger and as I felt that in my mouth he took hold of my head and fucked my mouth hard until he squirted his salty cum into my mouth, which I did my best to swallow all of. Only one little dribble of his cum managed escape from my mouth and I caught that with my tongue. When he finally let go of my head I sucked and licked his cock clean before I pulled up his underwear and trousers and refastened them. He then led me back to the dance hall and again disappeared. This time though I was so horny that I was on the look out for his return and was disappointed when after half an hour he hadn't returned, I started to make my way to the bar for another drink when all of a sudden he was standing there beside me, holding out his hand for mine, I took it again and he led me outside once more. This time my legs were trembling, I knew that this time we would have sex together and we did. My heart was thumping inside my chest as he led me across the car park to the secluded area again, this time when we stopped he turned to me and took my face in his hands and gave me a long passionate kiss that had my pussy juices oozing out of my bald lips and wetting my knickers. He then opened my blouse gently, then he reached around me and release my bra catch and lifted my bra off my breasts (by this time my nipples were standing up hard and proud, I'm still not sure whether that was because they were cold or randy!!!!). He then looked at my breasts and cupped them in his hands, squeezing them gently, feeling the hardness of my nipples pressing into his palms. I couldn't help it I came gasping loudly and shuddering so violently that I crushed myself against him to stop myself from falling over!
He then lowered his mouth down to each of my breasts and kissed them all over before sucking and biting my nipples, I was in heaven. Whilst he was still kissing my nipples I reached down to his trousers to release his cock but he took hold of my hands and pushed them away and he stopped what he was doing and turned me around so that he was behind me. I heard him remove his belt and assumed that he was getting ready to fuck me from behind but I was wrong, he reached around for my hands and slipped his belt around my wrists so that they were tied behind me. I started to object but he turned me around again and put his fingers against my mouth and went

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I did as he told me.
He then again knelt in front of me and rolled my skirt up around my hips and eased my knickers down and off one leg, this time though he sat me on the end of a car bonnet and finger fucked and rubbed my sensitive clit until I orgasmed. Being tied up like that with him in charge of satisfying me had me so horny that I didn't last very long before I did. He then stood me back on the ground and dropped his trousers and underwear, revealing a very hard cock that was ready for action. I hardly had time to see it before he spun me around, pushed me face down onto the car bonnet and fucked me doggy style until we had both came. I actually came twice, the second time when I felt his cock squirting his cum into my hungry cunt. Once he had finished thrusting and jerking his cock into me we laid together for a few minutes breathing hard before he slid his still hard cock out of me. Before I could do anything he pushed me down onto my knees again and forced his cum covered cock into my mouth for cleaning up, which I did hungrily, it felt so good to be forced to do these things that by the time I had finished sucking and licking his cock clean I was almost climaxing again!!!!!! He then pulled his underwear and trousers up and did them up.
He then stood me up and I could feel our mixed cum oozing down the inside of my legs leaving a cool trail as gravity helped it on its way. He then forcefully took hold of my bra straps and ripped them apart and totally removed my bra and put it in his pocket, and then he also removed my knickers and put those in his pocket too. I didn't say anything, I just let him. He then rolled my skirt back down and tucked my blouse back in, but he didn't do it back up so that my breasts could be clearly seen through the opening as I moved. He then released my hands and put his belt back on and took my hand and started to lead me back into the dance hall, I tried to stop him so that I could do my blouse back up. He just growled
"Leave it"
In such a menacing tone that I did as he told me and he led me into the dance hall. Thankfully everyone was pretty well drunk by then and I was able too grab my things and dive into the ladies to rearrange myself.

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   I then called a taxi and went home.
When I slid into bed beside my husband I pushed his hand down to my slippery cunt and whispered in his sleepy ear that I was really randy and wanted him to fuck me which after finger fucking my wet pussy for a couple of minutes he did. The next morning whilst our daughter was at Sunday-School I told him all about what I had done the previous evening, he got so turned on that he tied me up and hand fucked my pussy until I came and then he fucked me up my bum and filled that hole with his cum. By then unfortunately we had to stop as our daughter was due to be picked up. . . . . . . If only she had been staying at her Nanna's that weekend, we would have had even more naughty sex!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well never mind, there's always next time!

January 2002 – Adventure 2
As usual I have tried something slightly different for one of my adventures this month. I was out shopping one week day in a large town near to where we live and I came across a copy of a local adult contact magazine. I picked it up and had a quick flick through it before I quickly purchased it and retired to a department store restaurant to read through it. I got so turned on by it that my pussy juices oozed out of me and soaked my knickers, they were so wet by the time I had finished reading all the articles and adverts that I slipped off to the ladies toilet, removed them and caressed myself to a body shaking orgasm over one particular advert that had caught my eye.

Wealthy Black Mistress seeks
White female slave for two evenings
Of kinky adult fun! Ring
***** - ****** and ask for Mistress.

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I rushed home and after ringing Dave at work and telling him about it, I rang her: “Hello, can I speak to Mistress Please?”
I said. A clearly black female voice replied
“Yes slave, what do you want?”
I was slightly taken aback by the abruptness of her question and it took me a few seconds to answer
“Mistress I’m calling about your advertisement for a white female slave, I would like to be your slave!”
She was quiet for few moments before replying
“I have three or four other slaves to interview, could you meet me in the Debenham’s restaurant on Friday morning at 18 o’clock?”
I was already beginning to slip into the role and eagerly said
“Yes Mistress. ”
She hung up.
Friday arrived and I made sure that I had on a matching set of white lacy underwear complete with black seamed stockings and a matching blue blouse and skirt with my highest black stiletto heeled shoes. I arrived in town early and spent the time wondering around window shopping, by ten to eleven I was walking up and down outside the restaurant area waiting for exactly eleven o’clock before I walked in. As soon as I walked in I knew which one she was even though there were two or three other black women in there at that time. I walked over to her and said
Questioningly. She looked me up and down and ordered me to get us both a cup of tea, which I eagerly did before sitting down with her. She asked me loads of questions and especially wanted to know about Dave and his attitude to my sexual adventures. After she had finished questioning me she asked me if I was free the following Friday and Saturday nights between seven and midnight, I told her that I was and she said in that case I was hired and she said that she was going to provide all my uniform including shoes. And she then took me to a shoe shop and brought me a pair of really shiny leather stiletto’s, then we went back to Debenham’s and she brought me two complete sets of lacy black underwear including bra, knickers (briefs not thongs), suspender belt & black stockings. Then we walked all the way up to the Ann Summers shop where she brought me two maid’s outfits. As we parted company she said
“Slave once we have finished playing together you may keep all these items!”
As she passed me her business card with her address on it I said
“Thank you Mistress. ”
The Friday night came, I put the sexy undies on under my work uniform and secreted the shoes the maid’s uniform and my long coat in my car. I left for ‘work’ as usual (for my eldest daughter’s benefit) drove down the road a little way and changed before driving to my Mistresses home.

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   By the time that I arrived I was already so turned on that my knickers were damp with my slippery cum. I went in the back door as I had been instructed too, and waited in the kitchen to be called.
It wasn’t long before a tall black man came into the kitchen and led me to the Mistress. She stood with her back to me and said,
“Charlie, this is my male slave, his name is Giles. ”
I said
“Hi. ”
She then said
“He’s my stud. I want him to fuck me as many times as he is able to tonight. Your job tonight is to stand beside the bed when he is fucking me, when he is about to cum your job is to pull your panties down, bend over and he will pull out of me and push his cock into you and cum in you. Then each time that he has finished cumming in you, you must pull your panties up and suck and lick him totally clean and make him hard again for me. ”
“Yes Mistress. ”
I said, hardly believing my luck. Then she said to Giles
“Take her to the chair and strap her down. ”
He grabbed me roughly and half dragged and half carried me over to an odd looking wooden chair in the corner. I think that I need to describe it, the back / seat was one long piece of wood about ten inches wide, it was shaped like an arch with downward pointing shafts for the persons arms and legs with loads of straps for holding the person down too. He pushed me down onto it and he did the straps up securing my arms and legs, one around my neck and waist and also one around each thigh.

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   My Mistress then walked over to me and said to me
“When you don’t clean him up to my satisfaction I will punish you, and just so you know what will happen to you I want you to ask me to punish you now!”
“Yes Mistress, Mistress please punish me, I’ve been bad. ”
I said hoarsely. From behind her she produced a riding crop and swished it in the air above me before she started alternating between lightly tapping and firmer smacks across both my breasts and my pussy through my maid’s uniform and undies. I couldn’t help myself the pain was exquisite and after about five minutes of this teasing kinky pain I climaxed loudly.
“You liked that didn’t you slave?”
She said as her breathing returned to normal (obviously she got turned on by doing that to me too!).
“Yes Mistress. ”
I managed to gasp.
“Enjoy it while you can, if you don’t clean him up well enough for me I won’t be so gentle with you. ”
She motioned to Giles and he released me and helped me to stand up again. My Mistress told me to follow her we all walked over to the bed where she commanded me to undress her down to her suspender belt, stockings and high heels.
“Ouch. ”
She cried out as I accidentally caught the soft flesh of one of her lovely firm breasts with my nail and she pushed me face down onto the bed and whipped me across my bum three or four times as a punishment (I wish she had known how close I was again to cumming!). She ordered me to stand by the bed and Giles climbed onto the bed behind her, as he eased his enormous black cock into her he said to her
“Oh Mistress you are wet for me tonight aren’t you?”
To which she replied
“Just fuck me you stupid black bastard, and make sure you don’t cum in me, or I’ll cut your cock off. ”
After about fifteen to twenty minutes of watching him fuck her doggy style, and hearing her climax more times than I could remember he gasped out
“Mistress I’m ready to cum!”
“Charlie pull down your panties, bend over and take his cock into your white cunt and when he’s finished squirting his foul seed deep into your belly, pull them up again and clean him up with your mouth and tongue. ”
I didn’t need telling twice, I pulled my knickers down and braced myself against the bedside cabinet as he urgently thrust his big cock into me a few times until he had worked his entire length into me and then I felt him fire his cum into me and I had several little orgasms as each jet hit the inside of my belly.

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   Once he had stopped jerking and gasping I eased his cock out of me and followed my Mistresses instructions. Totally by accident I missed a thick blob of cum that was on his balls, she didn’t and after making me lick it off she made him strap me to her special chair
“Beg me to punish you slave. ”
She said as she opened a small wooden chest next to the chair and removed a cat of nine tails whip.
“Oh yes please Mistress, punish me for not doing as you told me to!”
I pleaded.
Swish, slap came the sound as the pain of the whip tails tore through my body making me arch my back in……Pleasure!
“Again Mistress, punish me again. ”
I heard myself saying. After several more lashes across my sensitive parts she told her male slave to tear open my top and rip my bra open to so that she could see my tits! Just that act of having my clothes torn open was enough to make me topple over into another orgasm. Then I felt her warm mouth kissing and sucking, biting and licking each of my nipples making them stand up hard, glistening with her saliva. Slap, slap, slap the whip lashed across my bare breasts. Then she made him pull the front of my skirt up to reveal my knickers and she whipped me ten times across the mound of my pussy, through the thin covering of lacy black material. I started having multiple orgasms, I just couldn’t stop, and even when she stopped and rubbed my pussy lips gently I just kept cumming.
Her male slave was standing up hard again so this time she lay on top of me and let him fuck her, again just when he was ready to cum he pulled out of her, but this time he pulled my knickers to one side, slid his cock all coated with her slippery cum into my pussy and he filled me with his seed again (giving me two or three more climaxes too. ) and when he had finished he repositioned my knickers for me and she made me lick and suck him clean from where I was, this time making sure that I cleaned him up properly before I stopped.
He was ordered to release me and then she commanded
“Suck him back to hardness again for me, you white whore. ”
Even though my legs felt all wobbly from all the climaxing I’d been doing I was still really horny and dropped to my knees in front of him and took hold of his soft cock in my hand and sucked the end into my mouth and started wanking, sucking and licking it back to hardness.

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   It took several minutes and my jaw was aching by the time that I had finished. This time my Mistress laid down on her back on the bed and commanded Giles to fuck her missionary style, as he eased his hard cock into her she wrapped her legs around his back and started helping him thrust deeply into herself. I must admit seeing him holding her wrists down onto the bed while he was fucking her turned me on so much that by squirming my legs together as I stood watching them, I was able to work myself up to another quiet orgasm. I stood there watching them fucking for about forty-five minutes before he was ready to cum again, neither of them said anything this time, he just reached out with one of his strong arms and pulled me onto the bed face down. Then he just pulled the back of my knickers down whilst he was still fucking her and in what seemed like a practiced movement slid out of her on his outward stroke, moved over onto me and pushed his cock straight into my already cum filled cunt! This time he didn’t last longer than one thrust before he came into me again. When he had finished he pulled out of me and pulled my knickers up tightly, then he rolled me over and dried his cock with the remains of my bra that was still hanging from my shoulders.
“Now go home to your man and show him your cunt full of my black servant’s cum and see what he does to you! Remember everything and tell me tomorrow. ”
I left her house through the back door picking my coat up and wrapping it tightly around me and drove home. By the time I had driven home not only were my knickers soaked through with all his cum, but the back of the maid’s outfits skirt and my coat were too! I walked into our living room, locked the door and with my back to Dave let my coat slip from my shoulders. Dave immediately noticed the sticky white stain on the back of the skirt and came over to me. After walking around me looking at how well I had been used he said,
“I see my little slut has been well used tonight, I hope you enjoyed yourself?”
I told him that I had. Dave took me by the hand and led me over to our sofa then he made me kneel on the arm with my hands resting on the seat part so my bum was in the air. Slowly he teased my black lacy cum soaked knickers down my thighs as far as they would go and he said
“My goodness are you sure this was all from one man?”
I replied
“Oh yes, he had an enormous cock it was both long and thick and when he was filling me with his seed it felt as if it was shooting it deep into my belly!”
Dave then eased his little tongue into my pussy and started to lick all the cum from my fuck hole and then he also licked all the cum from around my bum hole (as you know by now he loves to lick other men’s cum from my pussy and tits!), the sensation was so incredible that I had an orgasm!
Once he had finished licking me clean he pulled my cum soaked knickers back up and physically lifted me off the sofa, turned me over and laid me down on the ground. Dave then took his dressing gown off and tied my hands together with the belt, from the rosy colour of his chest I knew that he was extremely turned on and I knew that he was going to give me a hard fucking! With one hand he held my arms above my head, with the other he flipped my skirt up grabbed the lacy black knickers and ripped them off before forcing my legs apart and thrusting his cock deeply into me. Dave didn’t spend any time on teasing me, he was too horny for that, he just fucked me deeply, eventually releasing my arms, folding my legs over his shoulders and fucking me to a wonderful climax before pumping his seed into me too.

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   To finish off our sexual encounter he firmly took hold of my hair and made me lick and suck his cock clean before we had a quick bath together and went to bed.
The next evening I returned to my Mistress, as before I went in through the back entrance, as servants do, this time I found a note waiting for me on the table. This is what it said:
Come straight to my room, and tell me in exquisite detail what your man said.

Mistress Gemma

I did as the note commanded. As I entered her bedroom, I glanced around and saw her lying on her bed naked. I walked over to her and waited for her to address me.
“Charlie, tell me about last night with your man!”
She said. I stood beside the bed and started describing all the things that Dave had said and done to me, and as I did so I watched her slip her fingers down between her dark pinkie-brown pussy lips and she started to play with her-self. And when I got to the part where Dave ripped my knickers off and fucked me, she came loudly. Once I had finished she told me to remove my maid’s uniform and make love to her. Still wearing my sexy black undies I slid onto the bed beside her, gently but firmly I took hold of her face in my hands and kissed her on her lips. Then as I felt the passion rising inside me I forced my tongue into her mouth and French kissed her for what seemed like ages before kissing my way down the side of her neck, down to her shoulders. Then very slowly I traced a line down across both of her firm black breasts, then as I started to trace my way back across them she clasped my head in her hands and crushed my mouth against one of her nipples “Suck hard,”
She gasped at me. I did and she moaned loudly,
“Bite hard. ”
I did as she told me and she moaned again, then she dragged my mouth over to her other nipple and repeated her commands with the same effect.


   Then I squeezed both of her breasts together so that I could suck and lick and bite on both of her nipples at the same time, after a few minutes of this treatment she came again and was really surprised at the intensity of having both nipples sucked and licked at the same time.
“Go down on me now slave, taste my cum!”
She ordered, I did as I was told and kissed my way down to her pussy lips. I started by nibbling and kissing each of her pussy lips before sucking each one in turn into my mouth for sucking and nibbling.
“Oh Charlie, Charlie, tongue fuck me now. ”
She said as she wrapped her legs around my neck and crushed my mouth to her slippery entrance. I easily slipped my long tongue into her and started tongue fucking her, then I stopped and stretched her pussy lips wide open with my fingers. This made her clit stand up hard and I sucked it hard into my mouth and started nibbling and licking it at the same time, initially she kept jerking as the sensations cumming from it were too strong, but after a few seconds she relaxed and I made her climax in under three minutes, according to her that’s the fastest she has ever orgasmed.
“Lay down here beside me and make your self cum, I want to watch you. ”
I was feeling so turned on after licking her to an orgasm that I didn’t need telling twice. As I drifted off into my own kinky world and started caressing first my breasts and nipples and then my very sensitive clit and very wet fuck hole I saw her hand slip down between her legs too. I was so deep into my own sexy thoughts that I didn’t feel her slip off the bed or hear her strap a big dildo onto her self and return to the bed. In fact the first I knew of it was when she forced my legs roughly apart and forced it into my slippery hole, I gasped out
“Oh yes Mistress Fuck me, FUCK me hard. ”
My Mistress grabbed both of my wrists and started to fuck me with it. She had tremendous stamina and fucked me for over an hour without stopping. I lost count of how many orgasms she gave me, as after the first two or three they all blended into multiple orgasms.

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   I was in heaven. At about eleven thirty she stopped fucking me and told me to get dressed and leave her. I did as she told me and left. I found that I was still very sensitive between my legs and as I walked back to my car and drove home I kept working myself up to more mini orgasms. By the time I reached home my knickers were soaked with my slippery cum. I told Dave all about my evening, but instead of him fucking me I gave him a sexy deep throated blow job and swallowed every sexy squirt of his cum, then we went to bed.