Visiting a friend

Cyber Sex

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: hi

Stranger: horny?

You: sure

You: tell me asbout you

Stranger: im a girl, 18, blonde, blue eyes, fit body, tight hole

Stranger: you?

You: ok nice

You: 22 m

You: super fit

You: big dick

You: dark skin

You: fair eyes

Stranger: pic?

You: nope you?

Stranger: yep but only to swap lol

You: ok

You: im not here to trade pics

You: if I was I would be on vide

You: video

Stranger: that's cool. what you here for then?

You: a good conversation

You: dirty or not

You: lol

Stranger: okay

Stranger: dirty then ;)?

You: ok

You: how tall are you?

Stranger: 5'4 you?

You: 6'1

You: im tall and I like em short

Stranger: i like tall guys ;)

You: good

You: i like long strait hair too

Stranger: so is mine :)

You: cool

You: are you loud?

You: or lets start this a different way

Stranger: im a moaner ;)

You: you are walking, are you walking up to the door of your best friends house, through the mall or into a bar?

Stranger: friends house

You: ok

You: you knock on the door because it is locked,

Stranger: okay

You: it has never been locked before (is your best friend a girl or a boy)

Stranger: girl

You: ok so you anyways you knock on the door

You: and after a minute someone aswers

You: is it her, her hot brother, or her dad?

Stranger: brother

You: he opens the door and is kinda surprised to see you

You: you see him looking down your shirt a little

You: he says "hayle<your friend> will be back in a bit

You: come in and sit down if you like

You: you follow him in

You: you check out his butt as he walks to the stair

You: s

You: does he wink at you and walk up stairs, pull his shirt off and invite you out to the pool, or come back and mention he never noticed how hot you are before

Stranger: comes back and says he never noticed how hot i was

You: you smile and slyly let your shirt down a little lower

Stranger: :)

You: you can tell he is quite interested in you

You: he leans in really close and says "hayle may be a while after all"

You: do you grab his package, kiss him or smile and say "oh, what shall we do till she gets here"

Stranger: kiss him

You: he kisses you back

You: lots of tonge

You: he rubs up against you he is really hard by now

You: he reaches out to grab your boobs

You: do you let him, make sure he gets under your shirt, or start to unzip his pants

Stranger: under my shirt

You: he grabs more than he was expecting

You: "oh wow" he says

You: those are really nice.

You: he pulls away and starts to pull your shirt off over your head

You: then he goes to unhook your bra

You: do you help him with the bra

You: slap his hand and tell him to beg

You: or lean back and smile

Stranger: beg

You: he frowns

You: and acts like a scolded dog

You: and says I really want to see your um chest naked, what do I need to do, I will do anything

Stranger: he has to get naked first

You: he steps back and starts to really put on a show

You: he has some good moves taking off his shirt

You: and pants a

You: and he can dance in his underwear

You: once he gets down totally naked he comes back

You: grabs your hand and puts it on his cock

Stranger: mmm

You: then he says "your turn to do something for me"

You: do you start to stroke it, put it in your mouth, or take your bra off?

Stranger: in my mouth

You: he smiles

You: and lets you lick a little

You: then he grabs your by the back of the hair and pushes you down on him

You: he lets go really quickly

You: then he steps back and picks you up

You: and carries you over to the couch

You: he gently sets you down and starts to undo your pants

You: and says "my turn"

Stranger: mmm

You: he gets your pants off

You: so there you lay on the couch

You: bra and nothing else on

You: he puts your legs up on his shoulders and begins to lick you

Stranger: this is so hot

You: he licks you for a while

You: then he stands up

You: and presses his massive tool up against you

You: and smiles

You: do you beg him to put it in, ask to suck it some more, or just relax cause you know what is about to happen

Stranger: just relax

You: he starts to slide it in

You: and he goes all the way as deep as he can

You: slowly and passionatly

You: you connect so deep

You: he leans in and takes your bra off while your eyes are closed

You: he slides back out and starts back in again

Stranger: mmmm

You: he grabs your hips and lines them up just right on the couch

You: he starts to go faster

You: he slaps your ass just for fun

Stranger: ooh;)

You: he gets going faster and faster your boobs are bounching all over

You: you grab them to keep them still

You: he tells you to play with them

Stranger: im squeezing my nipples

You: he feels you cum all over him

You: that makes it go even faster and harder

You: he goes all the way in and stops

You: and asks, do you want cowgirl, or doggy next?

Stranger: cowgirl

You: he pulls out

You: and lets you go

You: then he lays down on the floor

You: and commands you to "ride me baby"

You: as you get in place he grabs your boobs firmly

You: when he begins to penetrate you his hips rise to meet yours

You: going very deep

You: you start to bounce up and down harder and faster

You: he moves his hands from your boobs to your ass

You: and slaps if a time or 2 just for fun

Stranger: I've just came;)

You: then he grabs your hair and pulls (do you want me to stop)

Stranger: keep going;)

You: he pulls hard

Stranger: if you want

You: just hard enough to make you arch way back

You: slamming deep inside you

You: leaning up to lick your nipples

You: its all you can take you cum again

Stranger: mmm

You: he smiles knowing you are having a great time

You: he askes "doggy, or should I stick it between your tits now?"

Stranger: my tits

You: he smiles

You: and rolls you back to the floor

You: he gets up to slide it between them 
(how big are they anyways)

Stranger: 32c

You: he tell you to push them together and open your mouth

You: (nice!!!)

You: you comply, you are having too good a time not to.

You: he slides up and down between your perfect breasts for a minute or two when he utters "oh god"

You: you know he is going to cum soon, do you: stop quickly and grab his balls to try and get him to stop, just let him go where ever, or make sure you get your lips all the way around him

Stranger: :) my lips all the way round

You: he starts to blow his load

You: he cums way more than you expected

You: but you are able to keep it all in your mouth and swallow it

Stranger: of course i do ;)

You: then. . . . you hear the back door open. . . . .

You: (i think I'm done there)

Stranger: you are gooood:)

You: thanks

You: do I get a picture for my efforts lol

Stranger: haha, it was a very good effort:)

Stranger: http://tinypic. com/r/mt712h/5

You: good pick

You: those are only Cs?

Stranger: c/d

You: ok that's what I thought

You: lol

Stranger: its amazing what a good bra can do though;)

You: yea

You: I call those hand bras

Stranger: haha why?

You: cause hand bras are the best

You: cause that means your shirt if off

You: is

Stranger: haha okay:)

Stranger: where you from?

You: us

You: you?

Stranger: uk

You: cool

You: english woman

You: :)

You: so you are into dirty sex?

You: lol

Stranger: Scottish lol

You: ok scottish

Stranger: and I've only been with one guy but i have fantasies:)

You: i see

You: I could show you around lol

Stranger: i bet ya could ;)

Stranger: my hair longer now though.

agencies, agency 

  . http://tinypic. com/r/mt712h/5

You: that is the same one

You: I was hoping for one without clothes

You: lol

Stranger: its not naked lol, won't let me paste it though

You: ok

Stranger: ah i won't let me copy it :/ thought you here for pics haha

You: im just here to talk

You: but if you are sharing I dont ,mind

Stranger: http://tinypic. com/r/l8oz7/5

Stranger: haha fair enough

You: you are rather pretty

Stranger: thank you:) so what do you think you could teach me about sex?

You: hmmm

You: there is an art to sex

Stranger: one you've mastered?

You: its not just about sticking his parts into your parts and moving them around

Stranger: you seems like you'd be an amazing lover ;)

You: thanks

You: in real life I would have cum at the same time you did

Stranger: mmm :)

You: and I always make sure my partner gets hers :)

Stranger: so do you have a girlfriend just now?

You: no

You: so as far as sex tips?

You: when you give a bj, make sure to play with it

You: lick it up and down

You: mess with the tip

You: don't just act like a vacuum

Stranger: haha i will do :)

You: play with his balls (warning he may cum fast)

Stranger: okay:)

Stranger: any more?

You: i like a girl that rides

You: when you do lean back

You: put your legs more up front

You: if you are "showing off" play with your own boobs a little, maybe touch your clit

You: if you are down for your fun just ride it

Stranger: you're turning me on again just reading this :)

You: ok

You: hmm

You: (some) guys like back door action

You: if you don't want it

You: say no

You: be firm

Stranger: I've never done it

You: if you do, use lotion or oil first, make sure he knows what he is doing

You: nothing hurts worse than an inexperianced guy rough fucking a dry ass (ew) just saying

Stranger: nah, doesn't sound good (/

Stranger: :/

You: its not

You: but if he is gentle and knows how to get it going it can be really good

You: regular doggy is awesome too though

Stranger: so i guess you're good at it then?

You: :)

You: oral oh yea

You: find out if you can, some guys like to see you swallow, some want you to wear it

You: its messy but hot

You: so if you dig him

You: let him do it every once in a while

Stranger: what's your preference? swallow or wear it?

You: hmmm

You: usually get the spitters, but I would love to blow a load on a nice pair of tits just once

You: :)

You: oh yea

You: don't scream unless you mean it

Stranger: nice:)

You: faking sounds it a turn off

Stranger: im a moaner, not a screamer

You: ok

Stranger: i will remember your tips :)

You: what positions have you done?

Stranger: you'd call it cowgirl, missionary, doggy

You: ok so the "big 3"

You: favorite?

Stranger: cowgirl:)

You: yea I like that one