On Camera

Cyber Sex

If I masturbated once thinking of Heather, I did a hundred times.   Heather is my wife’s best friend and she is gorgeous – plain and simple.   Heather is 33, a few years younger than me and has that sexy ‘girl next door’ look.   She stands about 5’ 2” tall, has short dirty blonde hair and blue/green eyes and a body that makes my head spin.    She must have the tightest little bum I have ever seen – it is all I can do not to stare openly at it when she is around.   She has the cutest sexy laugh that makes my knees melt and my cock twitch….

If it isn’t obvious by now – she has me spellbound, and I would have given my left nut to see her naked – I wouldn’t have dared imagine it would actually happen, and that more was in store than just a look……….


One night last month Heather and her husband Grant were over at our house for dinner.   Heather was unintentionally driving me crazy again, running around in a pair of tight shorts and t-shirt. As always, I had to make a conscious effort not to stare at her exceptional frame.   My wife, being very jealous, would have had a fit if she knew what was going through my mind as I snuck glances at Heather. I was in a constant state of semi-arousal as I fantasized about Heather naked and what I’d like to do with her.


Grant mentioned that he would be ‘batching’ it for a few days soon as Heather had to travel to a seminar in a city about 3 hours away.   We told Grant he was welcome to come over whenever he wanted if he got tired of his own cooking.   I guess I wasn’t thinking straight because I never put it together that I would be out of town that same week – and I was going to the same city!  My wife Terry had wanted to come along with me but couldn’t get the time off work.   It was Terry that remembered I was going to be in the city when Heather was going.

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“Brent … You’re going to be there that week too”, Terry said.

“Huh?. . . Really?” I answered, coming out of another fantasy. “The week of the 23rd?”

“Yes”, Heather replied, “Are you there then?”

“Yeah, I am.   I’ve got to take a course for work. ”

“Cool, I don’t know anyone there…. Maybe we could get together for dinner one night. ”

“Sure, lets” I responded, proud of myself for keeping a non-committal tone – I was already deep in fantasy mode as I considered what I would love to be doing ‘one night’ alone in the city with Heather.


I loved these trips away from home – trips alone that is.   Every so often Terry would come along with me - those trips were not near as much fun.   I have only once cheated on my wife physically, but when I get the chance, I love to have cyber-sex or watch women ‘play’ online.   I always take my laptop with me when I go away –  when I have a hotel room to myself I can play and watch as much as I want – no fear of Terry coming home and finding me with my camera on, my cock in my hand, watching some woman get off online.   I would have loved to fuck on camera while people watch online like lots of couples do, but my wife would never agree to that.

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  Â  I envied the men I saw online, watching their wives suck them off while they typed in the chatrooms – lucky bastards. Whenever I went away, all my spare time was spent online. I was however willing on this trip to give up an evening of play to be with Heather.


The days drug on forever as I anticipated my trip, but eventually I was on my way. Heather had left the day before and was expecting me to call when I got to the city.  

At 4:00 I checked into my hotel, unpacked and hooked up my computer to make sure the internet was working.   I couldn’t resist a quick look into my favorite chatroom.   As soon as I logged in I started searching for open cameras in the sex chat rooms.   After looking around for a few minutes, I found a woman who was generously showing everything, much to the appreciation of the men in the chatroom.   She wasn’t playing with herself, just showing off, but judging by the conversation she was carrying on, she was not far from it. She would regularly move back from the desk where the camera showed her face and chest, and show her full nakedness. She would smile and laugh and then sit down again to see what people’s reactions were.  Since I was planning to call Heather at about 6:00,  I decided on a little play first.   I was way too horny to be alone with Heather anyway – she would surely catch me gawking at her.

I stripped down, placed my camera on a stool under the desk, focused it on my half erect cock and sent her an invitation to view – which she accepted.

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‘mmm Nice cock’ she messaged me.

‘TX, nice everything’ I sent back.


I sent her a few more messages but she was not typing.   She was obviously starting to become more and more excited and was showing off less, spending more time at her desk.   I could tell by the movements of her shoulders that her hands were busy but not on the keyboard. She, like me, was playing with herself while watching others do the same.


I sent her another message – ‘Can I see what your playing with?. . . lol’

She never responded but her camera was soon adjusted to show exactly what I wanted.   I could now readily see her pussy in close view – her fingers moving slowly over it.   Even with the less than ideal resolution of the webcam I could see how wet she was – her fingers were glistening.  I reached onto the desk for the lubricant I had brought along and squeezed a liberal dollop onto my cock.

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‘thank you’, I sent.

‘you’re welcome’


As is typical, we never typed much as we continued to play.   She was now moving her fingers more and more quickly over her pussy now and occasionally slipping one and two fingers as deep into her pussy as she could reach.


My hands too were glistening as was my fully erect cock.   Precum was beginning to leak from the slit of my cock, mixing with the lubricant wetting my throbbing organ.   She was getting into it completely now, and I could sense by her more frenzied play and the way she was rocking against her hand she was close to cumming.   Ahhh, I loved that.   My favorite thing in the world is to see and/or hear a woman cum.


I was not ready to cum yet but seeing her getting so aroused was making me closer.   My cock was throbbing and rigid and I could sense cum welling up in my balls – and then…. .


‘RING RING’   the phone.


‘Damn’, I thought.

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   ‘Terry calling to make sure I made it ok. ’



“Hi Brent. ”  It wasn’t Terry, but Heather – that was a pleasant surprise - and here I was with my cock in hand.   Since I was already close to cumming, the sound of Heather’s voice almost put me over the edge.

“Uh …. Hi Heather!” I stammered, my voice almost betraying my arousal.

“My seminar is only across the street, when I saw your truck here on my way back I thought I’d stop by – I’m downstairs. ”

“Oh…. uh…ok. ” I replied.

“Still doing dinner tonight”

“uh, sure” I answered as I continued to stroke my cock - more and more aroused as I listened to her voice.

“Great!” she sounded as happy as I was. “Umm, Brent?”


“Kinda embarrassing, but do you mind if I use your bathroom? I hate public ones – my hotel is across town – I don’t know if I’d make it. ”

“ummmm…. .

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  â€ panic, I’ve got to clean-up fast…. “ok…sure …. Room 118. ”  Damn, why didn’t I have a room on the 10th floor or something.

“Thanks …. . be right there” she said and the phone went dead.


I quickly slammed my laptop closed and threw the lubricant on the desk into a drawer.   Jetting to the bathroom I quickly wiped my hands and cock on a small towel and ran back out.   I was slipping my pants up over my half erect cock when there was a knock on the door. I threw my shirt on and opened the door while trying to remain composed.


“Hi!” Heather smiled, “you’re a lifesaver, thanks. ”

“No problem – right in here” I waved my arm to indicate the washroom.


‘Whew’ I thought, ‘that was close. ’  I glanced around the room and saw that the camera was still set-up.

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   It was obvious what it was aimed at, being under the desk.   I quickly unplugged it and threw it in a drawer.   With one last look around the room for evidence, I turned on the TV, and sat on the sofa in front of it.   Heather was a few minutes in the washroom, and came out smiling - Man she was attractive!  She wore a very businesslike skirt suit, a white blouse, and moderate heels.   Her make-up was not overdone nor her hair - she was striking.


“Thanks again. ”

“Oh, you’re welcome.   Anytime. ”

“So what time do you want to eat? And where?”

“Oh, doesn’t matter much to me. ”

“Me either – but you have to help me celebrate tonight. ”

“Oh? …. . Why’s that?”

“I just found out that I’m in this seminar because I’m getting a promotion” she said with that giggle that melted me.

“Really?! … Good for you! Champagne it is!”

“Aww, thanks”, Heather said with a smile that men would crawl over glass for.

“Let’s go then” I returned her smile.

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   “I just have to clean-up a bit – 5 minutes?”

“Ok, quick like bunny – I want to celebrate!”


I stepped into the dressing area grabbed a change of clothes and quickly washing up got dressed.   I noticed something sitting on the counter in the washroom however.   Picking it up I saw it was a eyeliner pencil.   Obviously Heather had touched-up her make-up while she was using the washroom.   Had her leaving it behind been on purpose? I wondered.   Not likely, I conceded – nice thought though… I stepped into the main room and found Heather lazily flipping through the TV channels.  


“Ready to go?” I asked.

“Yep, I’ll just take one more pit stop before we go” she replied and moved toward the bathroom.  


I pretended to look at the TV, but once Heather was past me I studiously watched her tight little ass walk away from me. God, that is a nice ass! I reminded myself as I stared. As she turned the corner into the bathroom I noticed the dressing mirror.   It had been right in front of her as she was walking to the bathroom – had she seen the reflection of me watching her? That would be a bit embarrassing I considered, but – what the hell – she had to be used to men gawking at her.  


She stepped out of the bathroom with a little smile that made me question it’s motive and said, “Lets party!” and moved to the door.


I turned out the lights and was right behind her when I noticed the bathroom light still on.   I stepped in to turn it off and noticed the eyeliner pencil conspicuously still on the counter.

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  Â  She had to have seen it there.   She HAD to have left it on purpose – YES!!”

I followed her out the door with a new frame of mind.   Maybe Heather liked to get away as much as I did.   Leaving the eyeliner is non-committal she could come back for it or not – her choice – but I loved the thought that she was giving herself the option.


To make my choice an easier option for her I suggested we have dinner at the restaurant here in my hotel.   She smiled and agreed. “They’ll certainly have champagne here” she grinned.  

“I’m sure they will” I smiled back.


We chose a table that was out of the way near a window.   There were quite a few patrons in the restaurant and as we walked in every male head turned to catch a closer look at Heather.   She appeared not to notice the attention she was attracting.   These men, like myself, were away from home and felt safe to look, something they can’t do at home.


I pulled out a chair for Heather and after she sat I took one beside her.   We had a view of both the restaurant and the front entrance to the hotel.


A waitress was soon to our table.


  Â  She offered us menus and asked us what we’d like to drink.  


“Champagne!!” we answered in unison. Heather giggled her sexy giggle through her teeth and placed her hand lightly on my forearm “That’s so funny!” she said.


Her touch was unexpected and very appreciated.   She let her hand dwindle a little longer than I thought she would then she stroked my arm lightly and removed her hand.


The waitress smiled and promised to bring the champagne right away.


Heather laughed all of a sudden as the waitress walked away.  


“What’s so funny?” I asked, smiling at her laughter.


“Well …. What do you imagine anyone would think if they saw us sitting here in a hotel restaurant, drinking champagne?” she answered with more giggles.


“Ha …. ” I laughed, “I guess you’re right.   I bet every man here is jealous of me. ” I continued – then immediately was concerned I had crossed a line.


“Awww ….


  . Thanks Brent…. ” Heather replied with a little smile, “That is a nice thing to say. ”


“I mean it though…. . Just think.   Most of the people in the restaurant are staying in the hotel right?”

“Uh, huh – likely. ”

“Well, if they are away from home, they likely miss what ‘home’ has to offer…. . ”

“And that is?” Heather replied with a smirk as the waitress appeared with a champagne bucket and bottle.   The waitress removed the wire and asked me to open the bottle. It popped loudly when I pulled the cork from it  - Heather let out a little cheer and giggled again.   She was sure in a giggly mood tonight, and she hadn’t even touched the champagne yet.


I poured us each a flute of champagne and held mine up to present a toast.


“To Heather – Congratulations on your promotion, you’ve done yourself proud.

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   You have been recognized above your peers as a leader…. . Oh yeah, also congratulations to me – the envy of every man in the room” I finished with a smile that was returned in spades.


“Thank-you Brent” Heather responded with her sweetest smile, “for both comments”.


“You’re welcome” I smiled.   “I’m honored to share this celebration with you.   I imagine Grant would rather he be here tonight than me though”, I ventured.


“Oh, maybe …. . He would like the promotion side of it – I’ll be bringing home more money …. as for the second part … I don’t think he’d be as proud. ”


“Really? Why do you say that?” I asked as I took another sip of champagne.

“Well…. . how can I say……Ummmm – He doesn’t look at me the same as some men do….

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   Especially when they think I don’t see them. ” She grinned at me then held her glass in front of her face to hide a giggle.


I blushed – I could feel it.   I had nothing to say.   Obviously my sheepish look said enough and she laughed out loud unable to control herself.   I was completely embarrassed and tried to come up with something to say.


“Ummmm …. . guys do that huh?”


“Yes” she answered with a tone that said it was ok. “I saw you watching me tonight Brent …. . honestly, I’m flattered…. . ”

“Flattered, but you likely think I’m a jerk though……”

“ummmm …. .

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   nope…. . Just flattered” she answered with a smile.  


I must have still looked a bit guilty though because she placed her hand on my arm again and said “Honest Brent, it makes me feel good – as long as I don’t feel threatened or anything.   I know you wouldn’t ‘attack’ me or anything. ”


“Are you sure?” I grinned.  

“Sure I’m sure.   You wouldn’t hurt me …. Would you Brent?” Her expression and tone of voice was different as she said that, unlike any time I’d known her. It was a flash of inviting passion that I remembered seeing on women’s faces when I was single.   A kind of look that opened a door but protected against rejection. In a second it was gone.


“No … of course not”

“See”, she giggled, “I’m not worried.   But I wouldn’t let Terry catch you looking – she is very jealous of you”.

“I know”

“I don’t blame her though”

“Why is that”

“Well lots of women would …… you know….

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  . ” she said sipping the last of her glassful.

“Uh huh, I’m sure…” I answered sarcastically. “Women don’t look at me the way men look at you”.


The waitress appeared at the sign of Heather’s empty glass. I finished mine as she poured Heather’s then finished the bottle in mine, I asked for another bottle.


As the waitress left Heather picked up the conversation where we left off.


“Many women notice you, it’s just that women are more subtle and not just visual anyway.   We are also listening to what men say and how you say it – and believe me you get more than your share of attention, I’ve seen it. ”

“Really?” I asked in mock excitement “When? Who?”

Heather laughed, “Not telling. . ” her eyes were dancing, I could see she was having a good time, the champagne had put her in a playful mood and as sexy as I always thought she was, the giddy mood she was in now was even more appealing.

“Why not tell me?……”

“It would inflate your ego. ”

“Yeah, likely…. I like being humble….

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  . I’m extremely good at it” I teased.

“Ha ha…. . You’re so funny…. Which is another thing women find attractive by the way” she said over the brim of her glass.

“Really? … Well … did I tell you the one about……. . ”

Heather, while taking a sip of her champagne, laughed abruptly.   Some of the drink sprayed onto her and me, mostly on me. In the commotion she dropped her glass breaking it on the table.

Heather, while trying to control her giggling, reached for a napkin.

“Oh, I’m so sorry”, she spoke through her laughter while wiping my shirt with the napkin.

“It’s ok,” I replied, laughing myself, “self induced I guess. ”

Continuing to laugh, Heather dabbed at my shirt “I’m afraid that is going to show.

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”Yes, I suppose it will…. I really shouldn’t sit here with a wet shirt should I? I’ll run to my room and change. ”

“Well I can’t sit here by myself after this scene!” Heather said as she looked sheepishly around the room.   A few people were ignoring us, others were staring openly. “Besides, my skirt is wet as well, and my clothes are across town. ”


The waitress came over help clean-up, carrying our second bottle of champagne.

“Thank-you”, I said “Would you please charge this to room 118 and send that bottle and a room service menu to my room. ” I handed her a $10 bill.

“Certainly, right away”

Turning to Heather I spoke ‘We can eat in my room if that’s ok with you – maybe your skirt will dry by the time we’ve eaten. ”


“Ok. I’m really sorry about this Brent” Heather said as we rose from the table.   Heather had a cute little blush that displayed her embarrassment.   She took my arm as we started out of the restaurant, all eyes on us.

“Don’t worry about it a bit” I whispered to her, “All the men were looking at you anyway, now you’ve given them an excuse. ”


We quickly crossed the lobby, and made our way to my room.

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  Â  Unlocking the door I opened it and moved aside to let Heather lead the way into the room.   I held back a couple of steps so I could gaze at her glorious ass as she walked in front of me.


She took a seat on the sofa and I sat on a chair almost facing her.   I could sense some tension from her, she was still embarrassed, and her smile had faded to a grin.


“Well” I said “That was an experience”.


Heather laughed loudly throwing her head back.   “It was that…. ”


We continued to laugh, talking about how the people had looked at us and what they must have been thinking, especially when we had the bottle sent to my room.  


“It has been years since I’ve been in a hotel room with anyone except Grant” Heather said “let alone, another man!”

“What would Grant think about us being here together?” I asked.

“Umm, …. . let’s not tell him ok?” she said with a grin. “He isn’t really, really jealous, but ……”

“It does look suspicious, doesn’t it?  Imagine what Terry would say?” I said rolling my eyes.

“I can guess …. .

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   we’d better keep this our little secret” she said with a little wink.   Just then a light knock came on the door.   I stepped to the door and opened it for room service.   He wheeled in a cart that had the champagne an ice bucket and two glasses.   Also on the cart was a little card with some chocolates, it read ‘With our compliments enjoy your evening’.


I read it out to Heather.   “It seems everyone is getting the impression something is going on here.



“Well, let them think what they want …” she said as I poured us each a drink.


As I handed her a glass I said “I’m going to change my shirt, ok?”


“Sure. Must be nice. ” she teased, “I’m decidedly uncomfortable sitting in this wet skirt. ”


“I can lend you a t-shirt and a pair of shorts if you’d like – they’d be a bit big though. ”

“That’s ok.   Can you imagine what Terry and Grant would say then, me in your clothes in a hotel?” she chuckled. “But what they don’t know……”

“That’s right, our little secret” I said.

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   “In the drawers there”, I pointed “you should find a couple of shirts and pairs of shorts, take your pick. I’m going to change now” I said as I went into the dressing area closing the door.   I removed my shirt and put on a clean one. Then I stepped into the bathroom washed my face, brushed my teeth and hair and then opened the door into the main room.


I was surprised to find Heather already changed. She sat on the sofa with a smirk, wearing my old Nike shorts and a Budweiser t-shirt. It was the sexiest sight I could remember. Gorgeous little Heather in my baggy clothes sitting in my hotel room.

“I took the chance that you would be a minute or two…. . ” she grinned, her eyes devilishly sparking over her glass.


“I’ve got to learn how to change clothes faster” I teased as I sat down.

“Yep…you’re too slow…. ” She said then continued, “So, Brent?………”


“Umm, I looked in the wrong drawer for the clothes … It seems that you have ‘other’ secrets you won’t be telling Terry about…. ”


I immediately knew she had found my camera and lube that I had quickly stuffed in the drawer earlier.


  Â  I was mortified… and speechless.


Heather just sat there looking at me with her little grin, I stewed in my embarrassment for a few seconds before she broke the silence,

“I guess we both have been embarrassed tonight” she giggled.   “Me, quite publicly - you, in a more, ‘private’ way. ” She was loving that I was totally embarrassed.


“I understand the lubricant, but why the webcam?” she continued.

“Umm … I uh…” How could I explain it delicately? This was way too embarrassing. I could not bring myself to simply say “So other people can watch me jerk off!”

Heather was chuckling at my discomfort, “Ok, don’t tell me … I can probably figure it out” she said with a coy grin.   “Does Terry know you have a webcam?” she asked with raised eyebrows.

“Um, no” I murmured behind my glass.

“Uh huh…” she continued, “you not tell her because she is too jealous?”


“Does she know you buy lubricant?” she was loving this, her eyes were dancing as she sipped her glass and watched me squirm at her inquisition.

“I don’t imagine. I never told her. ”

“So I’m guessing you go online and look at pictures of women?. . .


  . . ”


”Don’t be embarrassed Brent, I imagine all men do. I imagine most men also …. um …. do things that makes them like to use lubricant” she said with a coy smile.

“I would guess so, but they don’t often talk about it with their friends”, I said still totally embarrassed.

She laughed, “I guess not … or spouses either it seems” she added.   “I know Grant never talks to me about it when he does, and since we’re being honest, I don’t tell him either. ”


Now THERE was a visual.


I took her lead on the direction the conversation was going. “So, um…. how often ‘don’t’ you tell him?” I asked with a grin.


“Oh, that was clever …. “ she chuckled.

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   “I … um, don’t tell him…. . about twice a week,” she admitted,  “And you?”


“Oh about the same I’d think … except when I’m away…. then its two, three times a day. ” Her eyes widened and she laughed.


“You said ‘honest’. ” I told her.

“So pictures of women turn you on that much? Wow!…”

“Well yes, pictures do, but what I like to look at are women showing themselves online” I neglected to mention, showing what.

“You mean women do that?!” she seemed amazed.

“Yes, all the time. ”

“They show everything?!”

“Yep, they sure do”

“Wow, that’s something” she said, “Ah ha!!. . . . ” she continued, “That is why you have a cam! You show yourself online too!” she seemed proud to have figured it out.

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  Â  I was embarrassed somewhat, but she didn’t appear to be disgusted or anything which was a relief.

“I can see why you never told Terry”, she laughed. “I never thought of you as an exhibitionist Brent, not that I have a problem with it I guess, it just surprises me. ”

“I never thought I was either, but once I went into these chatrooms, it seems that lots of people are. ”

“Wow, it’s hard to believe that so many people would be showing themselves to complete strangers. ”


Heather was very interested in the concept. She was sitting forward on the sofa, and her eyes kept moving from me to glance over to the computer sitting on the desk. I was pretty sure I knew what she was thinking, so as I poured us each another drink I said, “You seem to have doubts. I guess I’ll have to show you then” and I went over to the computer and turned it on.  


Heather immediately jumped up from the couch and pulled a chair beside mine at the desk. I felt the heat of her body beside me and I could smell the light fragrance of her hair, I was already becoming aroused.


I maneuvered through the menus and when I got to Yahoo I decided to create a new login name.   “What name should we use?” I asked her.

“I don’t know anything about this – you pick”.

“Ok” I thought for a few seconds and typed ‘cpl_like2watch’

“Oh that’s clever” she giggled.

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“Thanks.   Are you sure you want to see?  There is pretty much ‘no holds barred’ in these places. I wouldn’t want you to be shocked or embarrassed. ”

“No problem, I’m not easily shocked”

“Ok then – here we go. ”  I had always wanted to be with a woman while I went into the sex chat rooms, but my wife would freak if I even asked, and here I was with the woman of my fantasies, about to share it with her.


Logging in as a couple was a good idea.   Immediately after we got in a room there were messages wanting to chat.   Heather sat intrigued as I answered the questions people asked.  

“Are you ready to see something?” I asked?

“Sure, lets!”

“Not everyone will let ‘anyone’ watch, you can chose people or leave the camera open for everyone.   We’ll try this one, but you never know what someone is doing you know…. ” I warned her as I clicked on someone’s camera icon, not even looking to see if it was a man or a woman.   The window opened covering about a third of the screen.   We got a perfect view of a guy’s cock close-up. He was feverishly stroking it with his hand.


“Oh my GOD!!” Heather exclaimed wide eyed.

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She moved closer to me to get a better view of the show and was leaning into me just as the guy let loose with squirts of cum for the world to see.

“Holy Shit!!” Heather laughed.   “Is this for real?!”


“Yep sure is, guys cum on camera here all the time. ”

“Do you?” she asked, not taking her eyes off of the guy’s cock as he milked the last of his cum from it.

“Uh huh…. All the time”

She turned to me “Really?!
”Yep. Guess what I was doing when you called me this afternoon?”

“NO WAY!!” she laughed and stared at me curiously.


“You were masturbating, when I was on the phone?”

I smiled “Uh, yes I was”

“So did you, umm, ‘finish’?


“Oh…” she snickered, “I guess I barged in. Sorry for interrupting”

“You should be” I told her with a smile.

“Well no wonder you were staring at my ass when I came over then. There’s nothing like being all wound up then no release……”

“True… but to be honest,” I lowered my voice “I stare at your ass all the time. ”

“I’ve noticed” she replied with a smile as she turned toward the screen.


The window that had shown the guy’s cock went black as he shut down his camera, I closed it.

A new window opened as someone asked us if we had a camera.   I replied that we did, but it wasn’t on.

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‘Woman 42 here’ she told me, ‘I want to see some cock’


Heather laughed, “Boy people are NOT shy here!”

“No they’re sure not.   Let’s see if she is a player, after all you got your show shouldn’t I get one?……” I replied as I typed.


‘M 41 here.   I want to see some pussy’

”Brent!! You’re as bad as they are!!” Heather laughed.

“I know”, now you’re seeing the secret side of me that even Terry doesn’t see”

“I was kind of thinking that myself. ” Heather said as she smiled at me curiously.


‘My husband likes to see me play, wanna see?’



A window appeared and it showed a woman who was slightly overweight but quite attractive. She was naked. She was not alone though, a man was with her, he too was naked and watching her at the computer. Her camera was set to the side so we could see her completely.   She was occasionally typing and occasionally playing with her pussy.

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   Her husband behind her was lazily stroking his cock.  I could feel my own cock swelling in my pants.


“WOW” Heather said, “This is so cool!”


            I sent ‘very cute’

            ‘thanks – now you show’

            ‘if my wife knew I was here – she’d kill me’