India and an old friend

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6/5/20106:27:52 AMBunnneh Himeyou make me want to as well and i have never wanted to in a long while. . .
6/5/20106:28:05 AMDev~quiets, leaning his head down and nuzzling her hand~
6/5/20106:28:39 AMBunnneh Hime~lays her head on his chest, fingers playing softly over the skin of his cheek~
6/5/20106:29:34 AMDevi guess you were right about the horn dog thing.
6/5/20106:29:39 AMDevI do want you.
6/5/20106:29:46 AMDevlike, all the time.
6/5/20106:29:52 AMBunnneh Hime~blushes~
6/5/20106:29:55 AMDevbut that's just an animal urge.
6/5/20106:30:02 AMDevit is a low-functioning
6/5/20106:30:03 AMBunnneh Himeand i want you too. . .
6/5/20106:30:05 AMDevand stupid
6/5/20106:30:12 AMBunnneh Himeand i agree
6/5/20106:31:48 AMDev~closes the distance between them, wrapping himself protectively around her, his fingers brushing the back of her neck~
6/5/20106:32:38 AMDevhow do I not look like a dumb animal then
6/5/20106:33:28 AMBunnneh Hime~cheeks become a dark pink as he not onl seems to cuddle her but wrap himself around her. Her body shivered at the touch to the back of her neck causeing a small gasp from her lips. ~
6/5/20106:33:57 AMBunnneh HimeB-Because. . . You are Devin.

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  . . My Devin. . The one I love most in this world. . .
6/5/20106:36:23 AMDev~'s eyes swim with darkness, trying to find that in her own. he stares deep, carressing down her spine, brushing his palm against the small of her back, the other arm curled around her in a sheltering embrace~
6/5/20106:38:54 AMBunnneh Hime~'s eyes meet his but there was no darkness to them just the lgiht that is love. . . Another shiver brought another sweet sound from her lips as he touched the small of her back. Her own hands found themsleves already under his shirt and letting her nails claw lightly over his back. ~
6/5/20106:43:36 AMDev~felt her playful fingers and his torso arched a little, pleased sigh escaping his mouth, softly parted and pressed to her collar, her neck, her chin, the corner of her mouth. his body rises, settling over hers, little red crescents forming in his back where her nails dug in, his pelvis slowly coming to rest against hers.

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   she would feel that familiar shape, his throb, drawing a very quick reaction
6/5/20106:48:34 AMBunnneh Hime~'s ears loved the sound of his gasps as it stirred something deep within her. His lips felt so good against her skin, all the way from her enck to the corner of her lips where she would turn her head to greet her beloved with a sweet kiss. Her claws continued to make those cute red crescents until his hips rested against hers which just made her stop and hold onto him whimpering from the
6/5/20106:50:07 AMBunnneh Himefeeling deep inside her and the thoughts rushing throguh her mind. In that instant her kiss turned from sweet as candy to needig. Her tounge moved from her lips slightly to rn over his as she closed ehr eyes getting lost in the moment that belonged to them. ~
6/5/20106:55:28 AMDev~licked back shyly at her tongue at first, though he eventually gave in to the kiss, her mouth warm and soft, everything he could ask for. he ran his hands along her sides, brushing his fingers down her ribs and clutching her lovely waist and hips, exploring her body underneath that t-shirt. her whimpers spurred him, making him want her worse than he ever had. just being in clothes still was>>
6/5/20106:58:15 AMDev>>torture in and of itself, he yearned for some kind of release. but for now, cuddling was enough, though the throb in his loins took a while to subside to a dull ache. he gave off a frustrated sigh and then settled, still on top of her~
6/5/20107:02:22 AMBunnneh Hime~blushed deeper as his tounge meet hers and gods it felt so good. Why had she been mad at him? she didnt know nor in this instance did she care. Her tounge swirled around his and then explored his mouth as she grinded ehr hips with his, enjoying the feel of his hands on her bare skin. Her won hands did the same, moving to run her fingers over his ribs and the sides of his hips. But then, with
6/5/20107:03:37 AMBunnneh Himea frustrated sigh he had backed off.

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   Her body screamed for him wanting more, acheign for it. She clung to him and whimpered agin not wanting it to end like that although she wouldt force it if he didnt want to. ~
6/5/20107:11:09 AMDev~grasped her hips, eyes closed as she wriggled her body into him, brushing up against his most intimate region. he broke their kiss only long enough to reach down and pull her legs and butt up, tracing his thumbs around the hem of her panties until he had snagged them. with reverance, he slowly eased them down off her hips until they lay tangled above her shins. then set her back down and resumed>
6/5/20107:14:17 AMDev>their kiss from where they had left off. his lips swept away from hers momentarily, peppering her neck with mini kisses, dotting her body with them. his hands found hers and slowly guided them over to his special place, making sure she felt every bit of him in her fingers before she would feel it inside her. he was not yet out of his boxers, the thin material barely containing that thick bulge. ~
6/5/20107:17:27 AMBunnneh Hime~blinked as he broke their kiss only to find him pulling off her panties to reveal her perfectly shaved private area that was already more then a little wet and had such a sweet seductive scent. She blushed deeply, looking away suddenly feeling shy until he put her hand on the crotch of his boxers where she could indeed feel him. As she was feeling him throguh the cloth, come how it makanged to
6/5/20107:19:18 AMBunnneh Himeslip out. Never before had she been so nervous. She looked up at him as if asking permssion before her fingers started to run over the tip of him, playing with him slightly as if he could grow any bigger. In the mean time, their lips had somehow meet again and she continued that needing kiss.

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6/5/20107:26:57 AMDev~closed his eyes, breathing in her smell even as they kissed in stormy passion, realizing how aroused she had really become in so short a time. when he felt himself freed from his clothing, he raised himself up a little, a rush of cool air felt against his sensitive cock, only to be replaced by her gentle hands. he moaned urgently into their kiss, quite big in her grip, she could feel his heart>>
6/5/20107:30:54 AMDev>>hammering in his chest and touch the pulse all through the trunk of his penis. He knelt so that he lay perfectly even with her, waiting for her to guide him in. he was almost breathless, the only sign he was still getting any air coming in short, shallow pants, throbbing in her hands whenever she chanced to tease. ~
6/5/20107:35:02 AMBunnneh Hime~bit her lower lip at the sound of his moan thinking that it could have possibly been the best sound she has ehard in her life. She could feel just how big he was and could even feel his pulse and it was as if her own pulse speed up to match his. As he lay on her, she looked at him, thinking just how cute he was like this. She leaned up and kissed his cheek before she lead his penis to her
6/5/20107:36:41 AMBunnneh Himesensitive area that has been ignored for he past few months. She was slick and wet and knew he would be able to push himself in once liined up correctly. Even with just the feel of the tip of him she let a small moan and whimper escape her lips that were still wet with his kiss. ~
6/5/20107:45:08 AMDev[India, sweetie i'd love to continue but I'm about to pass out]
6/5/20107:45:25 AMBunnneh Hime[lol okies same here anyway ~blushes~
6/5/20107:45:40 AMDev~we'll pick it some other time, yeah?
6/5/20107:46:35 AMDev[you're so cute. . . ]
6/5/20107:46:56 AMBunnneh Hime~nods and pulls his boxers and shirt off as well as her shirt and panties and pulls the covers over them while snuggleing up to his bare skin, loving his warmpth and the feel of it against her~ heh.

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  . . thankies for calling me cute. . . .
6/5/20107:47:15 AMBunnneh Himehowever youre the one that is majorly hot
6/5/20107:49:20 AMDev~comes to her without a stitch of clothing between them, backing out but still resting against her thigh. a low rumble sounds from him, appreciating her softness~
6/5/20107:50:01 AMDevI'm almost never this way. it takes a special girl to get me in the mood.
6/5/20107:50:26 AMDevyou should rest. . .
6/5/20107:50:54 AMDev~slips his arms around her real tight~
6/5/20107:51:48 AMBunnneh Hime~blushes deeply~ Heh. . .

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   it's weird. . . because that is the way it is for me. . . you are the exception to the rule. . to all my rules. . . you're very perplexing to me. . I know you so well and yet i dont. .

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  . it drives me insane. . ~giggles~ and you should sleep too my love
6/5/20107:52:03 AMBunnneh Hime~kisses his lips softly~ goodnight. . . er. . morning
6/5/20107:53:08 AMBunnneh Hime~snuggles into him, using his bare chest as a pillow. She finds the spot in his chest that seemed to be made just for her and relaxes, falling asleep on the world most comfortable pillow and the world most awesome boyfriend. ~
6/5/20107:56:04 AMDev~leans over her and whispers~ If you wake up with me inside you. . . just relax and let it happen, okay?
6/5/20107:57:54 AMBunnneh Hime~couldnt help but giggle~ alright my love. .

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  . I wont mind as long as its you. . . besides. . . i sure itll feel incredible inside me. . . ~blushes and shivers at the thought before clinging to him further~ Mine. . . ^-^
6/5/20108:00:09 AMDev~nips her neck, cradling those rounded hips in his hands beneath the covers with a smile. his chest rises and falls against her cheek as he starts to drift off~
6/5/20108:01:32 AMBunnneh Hime~watches him sleep for a while before drifting off to sleep aswell a wide smile decorateing her lips~
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