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Showing off Wendy

We had been married for about 7 years and had a great relationship. The sex life had been kind of dropping off over the past couple of years though. We were trying to spice it up a bit and I suggested we make a home movie. To my surprise my shy conservative church going wife said ok.

We set everything up and it was some of the best sex I had ever had. She did anything I wanted the entire time. When we had finished I asked if she wanted to see it and she just said no get rid of it. So we put everything away.

In a couple of days I was home alone and got it out and watched it. It made me so horny to see her like this I loved watching her. I would watch it every chance I got. I begged her to make more but she would just say you did get rid of the other one didn’t you?  I would just smile and say yes.

About six month later my best friend was at the house David. Wendy was in the shower when he got there so she had no idea he was in the house. He and I were watching a game on tv when she came walking in. All she had on was a pair of sheer white lace panties and bra to match and robe that she had not tied that was wide open.

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   She was talking and looking down and did not see David yet but his mouth dropped.   You could see everything her nice trimmed pussy hair followed by her beautiful tits you could see her nipples very clearly and pointing right at us.

I came to my senses and yelled Wendy! She looked up and said OH MY GOD!!!! And closed her robe and ran out. I jumped up and followed her into the bedroom and she was so red she looked like a tomato.   She yelled at me why did you not tell me he was here! I said I didn’t think you would walk out like that. She calmed her voice and said could he see anything? I just laughed and said well yeah but do not worry you look great it happens he seen women naked before.   She laughed and said yeah but not me. I can’t face him again. I said just get dressed and I will go talk to him.

When I walked in David just laughed and said is she ok. I said yeah just embarrassed. She said she can never face you again. He just laughed and said damn man she should be proud I had no idea she looked like that. SHE IS FUCKING HOT.  Realizing what he said he started to apologize.

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   I said don’t worry about it.   I think so too.   He said she always wear conservative or baggy clothes I had no idea that was underneath.

She came in and said I am so sorry David that really embarrassed me. He said don’t worry about it I really did not see anything. She said Really he said no just forget it. She said ok then and said she was going shopping and would be home later.

As soon as she left David looked at me and said think she bought it I said yeah probably. He said God I cannot get that picture out of my mind I never thought she would look like that or wear those kinds of panties. I said what do you mean? He said well I always thought she was kind of a prude.

I got a little mad and said Dude you do not know her at all. I said she can get wild at times. He said I do not believe it. Then I said it you want to see? He said how? I’ve got a video! He just said hell yes. My heart sank what do I do. 


I went I can’t show you that. Why not ? It is my wife. So I just saw her. This is different she is not just naked we are fucking. He said I do not want to see you but would love to see her I just do not believe it.

Then my phone rang and I got up to answer it. It was Wendy she said is he still there. I said yes she said did he say anything. I said yes she said well go in the bedroom I want to know what he said I can not believe I did that. I said OK and put my hand over it and said my God David you got her all tore up. All he said was I would like to. I sat back down and said I am back. She said well what did he say is he embarrassed he saw me like that. I said do you really want to know what he said you may not like it. She said he thinks I am fat? I laughed and said no he thinks in his words you are fucking hot.

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    David started to laugh and I said shut up she will hear you.
    She started the normal no he didn’t stuff. After about five minutes she said she would be home in about 2 hours I said ok and hung up.

    David said so what did she think about that? I said I think you made her wet and started laughing. He went do you really have a video? I said yeah we made it about 6 months ago but she thinks I got rid of it. He started begging me to watch it and swore he would never tell anyone he just wanted to see her like that.

    I got up and did not say a word and put the disk in. I looked at him and said no cracks about my dick size and if you tell I will let your wife know a few things you have done. He said I swear just let me see a little of it.

    As the video came on I start taking her clothes off. David just said What the Fuck She is so fucking hot. He could not take his eyes off it. There on the TV in front of me and my best friend was video of me and my wife fucking.  I could tell by the giant bulge in his pants he liked it. When it was over he kept saying what a great looking wild wife I had.

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       Then he said I have to go and left.

    All I could think about after he left was how seeing Wendy that way affected him. How bad he wanted her. I just sat there and thought a bought it watching the video over and over. My phone rang it was David and he said he had jerked of 3 times thinking about it. He then told me how bad he wanted to fuck her. I did not say no and told him that I was thinking about him fucking her to. Then Wendy pulled in the drive and I told him I would call him later.

    The first thing she said when she walked in the door now you had better tell me the truth about what David said. So I told her that he got so turned on I could see a Bulge in his pants and he could not stop talking about how hot she was. She asked me if I was mad at him and I said I was at first but then I knew why he thought that and she is hot. So I reached over and started Kissing her she was on fire. As soon as I got her pants of I could see how wet she was.

    I asked if the thought of David seeing her like that made her this way and she just said no I just want you bad. So as I am fucking her I said are you thinking about David She said no.

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       I said he called and told me he jacked off thinking about you and she just exploded on me. When it was over she said he did not say that I assured her he did.




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