Wife Performs at our Pool


I have always wanted to see my wife with another man. Even when we were newlyweds, I use to love to rent pornos where the wife would sleep with men while the husband watched. As we got older I began to tell her about my fantasies. At first she was shocked and little by little she would get turned on. My wife still has her shape, D cups and an ass to die for. She always get stares, especially when she wears tight pants or a tight shirt. We have been married for 18 years, so I am very secure in our relationship.
As I said I have always wanted to see her with another man, I could only imagine what it would be like. Would she look sexy? Would she be turned on? Would I be turned on? Would I be jealous? I would always joke to her about our neighbor, Travis. He had a girlfriend living with him, but he would take long stares at my wife and his girlfriend would get upset at his stares. She never liked talking to my wife and you could tell she was jealous. It was obvious he had a thing for my wife. I knew he did, but again, I was secure. I would tell my wife how he would stare at her and how it turned me on. I would love it when I was outside our house talking to him and as my wife came outside; he would forget I was there and focus on her. My wife would get turned by this as well, but she never indicated if she would push it to the next level.

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   I figured maybe she was too scared, but I was totally wrong.
One day, she called me at work and told me to come home early at 3. She told me to go to the kitchen and look outside at the pool to see her show. She wouldn’t answer any more questions and I was nervous for the rest of the day. .
I got home and didn’t see anything different. I went inside the house expecting to hear something but it was quiet. I went to the kitchen just as I was instructed and looked out the window. I could see my wife in a white sun dress she was walking towards the pool with Travis behind her. The dress was tight and showed off her slim waist and large boobs. I noticed Travis trailing behind her staring at her ass. Travis was dressed in swimming trunks, no shirt.
All of a sudden, she stopped turned around and began kissing him. She initiated the kiss and her hands made their way to his shorts. I kept thinking to myself, is she really going to fuck him? Travis had his hands on her ass, lifting up her dress revealing her black g string.

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   By this time, she had his trunks down and she was stroking his well endowed cock. She lifted one leg up around him and he hugged her waist and began to kiss her neck and tits. She looked so sexy and I honestly think for this moment in time, she didn’t remember she was married. She was lost in a lust of passion. My cock was getting harder, despite the fact that I wasn’t crazy about the kissing. I didn’t mind him touching her, but I wasn’t crazy about the kissing.
The window was opened for some reason; she must have opened it for me. I heard her tell him, that she wanted to suck his cock. She told him she had been wanting to suck his cock for a long time. I was shocked because she rarely sucks my cock. She started slowly licking his balls and then the head of his dick. She slowly placed his large cock in her mouth; Travis was in state of pleasure. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I could hear him telling her, you like my cock don’t you? She answered yes. Travis grabbed her head with both hands and began to push his cock in her mouth faster and faster; he was basically fucking her already.

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   I was going crazy by this time. She has never done this with me and can’t stand it when I grab her head.
She got up, and lifted her dress up.
    She then, pushed her g string aside and put one finger deep in her pussy. She took it out and placed in his mouth and told him, come taste this pussy. With this, he placed her on the lawn chair opening her dress and releasing those boobs. He grabbed and sucked those things like there was no tomorrow. He began to kiss her neck again. I couldn’t help but get jealous for some reason. What’s weird I that I can handle her sucking his cock, but it bothered me to see him kiss her neck. She lifted her legs up as he made his way to down to her panties. As he took off the panties, I could see her smiling. He started licking her pussy and she arched back and moan with pleasure. She was screaming so loud I was worried his girlfriend might hear.
    She started telling him that he could lick pussy way better than her husband and that he was going to fuck another man’s wife… It sounded very slutty; I couldn’t believe my wife was talking like this.

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       He could take it anymore. He got on top of her and slowly pushed his large cock inside of her. She moaned very loud when he inserted his dick. I kept thinking to myself, there is no turning back now. He was fucking my wife and there was no turning back. Again I couldn’t believe how turned on I was, to see her in immense pleasure, not a care in the world. She was getting filled with a large cock and she was enjoying it. By this time, I couldn’t help myself anymore, I had cummed already. Travis didn’t last much longer; he must have been turned on. He pulled out, and shot his load on her stomach. I figured this was it, but she told him, I want to suck your cock. She lay on her back still and he moved over and placed his cock in her mouth. I can imagine he still had cum on his cock, but it didn’t matter she wanted it.
    He told her he had to go. I quickly ran upstairs to our room.

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       She came into the room, smiling from ear to ear. Before I could say anything she asked me if I enjoyed the show. I told her yes, with that she told me that she loved me.