my wife fucked by a stranger in a restaurant


we were in south france and we decide to go to a nice little restaurant, we chose one nearby the seaside, my wife was dressed with a nice flower dress long till the halfmiddle of the thighand beeing tanned and blonde was really sexy to see. We enter in the restaurant and the ownersaid to us that we can sit where we want. So we decide to sit in a table that was three step higher than the floor with mirror behind. The owner looks like a carribean and was about 30 years old with athletic body and a nice face, he was wearing a tight T shirt (that enhance the image of his muscle!)and flax large short trousers (not tight). We take place and then he come to our table asking what we want to drink, while he was talking to us about fact that the restaurant was specialised in DOM TOM cookingand that his wife was the cook I have seen that my wife was looking at his bulges! so I have had a look too and was really impressive!! due to the large trousers he was possible to see this bulges going almost near the middle of his thigh! He has seen our sight so smiling he moves against the table and doing it seems to see the cock on the table. Both me and my wife we were hipnotize by that cock so he turn and he moves away to get drink for us. My wife ask to me which size could reachthat cock beeing hard ans I have answered "no idea" but there could be a way to discover it, I was surprised from myself about my sentece ! I was supporting my wife to discover another cock !! So I have seen Tommy (this was his name) speaking with his wife that was looking at us, thenTommy get the drink and moves to us, I turn my head and I said to my wife to take away her panties, so she get the panties with her hand and slowly remove, I was looking at the mirror behind my wife that Tommy that was coming looking at her, now it was at him to be hipnotized!! Coming to us was clearly visible that he was getting hard because his cock was pushing against the trousers and now not near the thigh!
He come at the table with a really huge erection , he put the serving dish on the table, my wife turn a bit and open the legs showing the blonde pussy to him and touching, at first with her forefinger the head of the hard cockand then with the thumb too to get the size,I was getting hard too and Tommy.
while my wife was touching his cock Tommy put his right handunder my wife's dress and his finger was soon inside her wet hole digging and then rubbing her hard clit. She unfastened his belt buckle and started to unzip his pants when he quickly took over getting his pants down around him ankles. what we have seen !! His cock was so HUGE! It was at least 18 inches long and pretty thick !!
My wife took hold of his horse-sized dick with both of her hands and began sucking on the enormous head then she began sliding her mouth up and down the entire length of his cock , she lick and kiss the big balls, then using his tongue all along the long cock. I turn my head and I have seen Tommy's wifecoming from the kitchen , she closed the door of the restaurant and come to us, she bentin front of my wife;She took away tommy's finger and put my wife’s legs up in the air, wide open and started giving her a massive oral sex.

My wife’s high heels were moving with the moving of herhead. Within some second my wife was sucking wildly on Tommy's cock. Then more she sucked, the bigger he got until she truly had a mouthful. I have never seen my wife so wild giving a blow job, she was in ecstasy, she was even moaning sucking the huge cock!!. moreover Tommy's said dirty words to her like : " suck it white whore, do you like the black horse deep in your mouth ? mmm go on .

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  . . " it was clear that he was appreciating my wife's job !! ? I was surprised and excited seeing my wife servicing another man with a huge dick and so I pulled my hard dick out of my shorts and start to wank. After some minutes Tommy's wife Celinewas saying : " this white whore is cumming and she is enough wet for you". So Tommy put my wife on the table, pulled my wife skirts up, downblouse the dress of my wife squeezing her tits; so I could see my wife's nipples were big and hard.
My wife's legs lifted high in the air and wide apart, Celine open and got both legs with her hands,Tommy began rubbing her pussy lips with the big head. He did this for a minute before pushing his cock a short way into her wet cunt. The pussy lips opened like a rose andI cannot believe that a so big cock could enter my tight wife's pussy. She let out a scream andfixing Tommy's eyes was screaming: " go on please fuck me deeper". I tried to put my hard cock in her mouth but she refused ! She want to concentrate all his body on that horse cock.
Celine was still holding the legs of my wife, my wife'sjuices flowing out of the bald pussy and make Tommy's cock wet and slimy. By every inch filled up her pussy she groaned of joy, he slid halfway in; my wife let out a moan-scream and Tommy stopped. I thought no more inch of cock can enter in my wife pussy, but Tommy push and so she had 3/4 in. She was red in face and I heard her say: "Oh my God, it feel so good. " I didn't think She could take any more when Tommy push more and began pumping all 10" hardon meat into my wife.

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  She wrapped her legs around his ass when he fucked her hard. Tommy was goingIn and out with his cock and my wife lifted her hips upward to have it deeper than possible.
The harder he fucked her, the wilder she got as she screamed his name and told him "fuck me deeper, fuck me harder".
Tommy continued plowing her. My wife's body went into sexual convulsions and she trembled and shivered in uncontrolled lust that only a woman in illicit sex could feel. Soon She moves the legs from the ass and shewrapped her legs around his waist and both her arms were around his neck pulling him closer and thighter to her . Tommy's cock kept pounding and ramming her. Celine was saying " what a hot slut we have here". About 18 minutes until Tommyfinally exploded filling his pussywith his hot cum. She groaned and I moaned and she keep Tommy tight to her. I saw the cum coming out from my wife pussy with Tommy's big cock all in.
Then Tommy moves away, my wife look at me and keep my head pushing me to her pussy, I said "but" and she said " shut up and lick". So I was licking my wife pussy still flowing out Tommy's cum ! Then she move and she kept in the hand Tommy's cock , she kiss it and move it to my mouth, with the other hand she push me to Tomm's big cock, Tommy said "suck it both of you" so in a while I had my first bi experience with a big cock in my mouth. Me and my wife we kiss and lick the cock that soon start to become harder. I felt the warmness of his cock and incredibleI like it !.

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   My wife said to Tommy “fuck my ass” so she move doggy on the table and Tommy rubbed his cock up and down the crack of her ass, teasing her by pushing it agaist his tight hole. This drives her crazy,then Celine put butter in my wife asshole. Tommy push a bit but his size was too big and cannot move in. My wife was saying "please try another time", but impossible to go on , even Tommy said was impossible "too tight this asshole !". So he was excited and moves his cock to the pussy and he fucked her from behind, he play with her ass by rubbing his finger in circles around it and gently pressing into it without going in. I move to the other side and I put my cock in my wife mouth that now accept it, so she was fucked from both side. Tommy said to her a couple of time "if you want my cock in you ass you should fuck with your husband for some dayin the ass and then you can come back to me".
My wife was cumming and cumming when Tommy put her on the table face to him and start to fuck her mouth, he gave some push in and out and then he was cumming, my wife try to move the head but he holdher head saying "drink my milk white slut",he filled her to overflowing, I have seen some cum coming out from her lips and the throat pulsing while she was oblige to swallow his loads. Tommy moves to Celine and they were kissing one each other ; then she said "now it's time you got a hot ass" and she bent on the table ,Tommy had (incredible) another erection, he push his headcock on the asshole and soon the big head disappear, he was in and out and after some minutes both they were cumming in front of me and my wife completely estonished seeing that big cock in a asshole.
My wife dress up and we move out of the restaurant, Tommy remember my wife to train her asshole. We walk on the street and some men look at us because my wife was walking close to me but she moves with her legs trembling, she has no more forces ! moreover some cum was still cooling on her legs.
Believe me has been an unforgetable day for me and for my wife and a hot week before coming back to Tommy.