I knew she had the hots for the neighbor


My wife and I have played with the idea of seeing her have sex with another man. I would always joke around about our neighbor Travis; she would joke back to me as well. She would tell me that he was going to visit her at night while I was out of town or how we would stare at her ass when she would pull up to the house. Eventually though the idea died out, but a few days ago it became a reality. I came home early from work one day. I didn't notice anything different as I walked into the house, but as I opened the door I heard giggling. As I entered the living room, I could see my wive's head bopping up and down. My neighbor Travis, was getting his dick sucked by my wife. She quickly got up and said honey, what are you doing here? I told her I fucking live here, what the hell is going on? She was dressed in her white mini skirt, with white stockings and her white "fuck me pumps". She only wears this outfit when we have a night of sex. I noticed her D cup bra on the floor, she had already removed it, actually he probably did. I could see her nipples from her white blouse. I kept thinking what the hell her explanation is going to be.

She told me she was going to plan something special for me. She invited Travis over to surprise me, and she was trying to show him the outfit she was going to wear for me and one thing led to another.

I was mad, at the sight that I saw but at the same time turned on.


   She apologized to me. I thought about how turned on I felt and told her that she may as well finish the job.

So there my wife stood in front of me, kneeled down sucking this guy's cock, while I watched! I could not believe what I was seeing. She had her hand wrapped around his cock, and I could see that she left her wedding band on. She took his cook all the way in her mouth. I had a little of jealousy and horniness, but was OK. The guy released his load in her mouth and soon cum was dripping from her mouth. From there I decided it was my turn. She began to suck me. She liked my balls and my shaft. Her tongue worked my cock, she slowly, seductively looked into my eyes and told me, "Are you enjoying your fantasy?" I told her hell yeah. She slowly whispered, "Are you ready for the next part? Are you ready for Travis to stick his cock into my pussy?" I whispered yes. She again seductively told me, "Are you ready for him to fuck me? Are you ready to see your wife get fucked?" I told her I couldn't wait and I lost my load my load in her mouth.

My beautiful wife climbed on top of him. I could see his cock enter her wet pussy lips, her eyes closed as he entered her.

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   She began to ride him like a slut; I could see her wild side come out. I couldn't believe my eyes! My wife was fucking someone in our house! I could see that she was enjoying it and I smiled at her. I whispered “I love you. . ”

My wife began to get tired so they began to fuck her doggie style. My wife was in ecstasy, this guy was fucking her hard, balls hitting her ass. She would always tell me she wanted to be fucked like this, but I was more of a gentle lover I guess. Her beautiful boobs were dangling. I kept thinking about how lucky I was to have those, but now I was sharing them with the neighbor, well now I was sharing the whole package with him. I could see that she was enjoying it and I smiled at her again. She began screaming his name out and she has never done that for me, but I don’t fuck her like the way he was. Soon the Travis had cummed all over her ass; she turned around and licked his cock dry. I thanked the neighbor, and told him that I hope we could do this soon. He told me that my wife wore him out. He told me, next he would invite his wife over next time.

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   My wife kissed me, as we both showered. I wondered if things would change between us, and couldn't wait for Travis to bring his wife over. . .



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