My wife and I had discussed her having sex with another man many times. It seemed to turn her on as we were fucking and it defiantly turned me on. I asked her many times if she wanted me to find a big dick for her to fuck with her saying no she would find one. This went on for a while and I had to go out of town for a couple of weeks. She called me one night telling me she found someone to fuck and to get on Skype if I wanted to watch. I was pissed off but curious as to what was going on. We connected and she was naked telling me that she had to get ready for Carlos. She had the camera set to view the bedroom and into the bathroom. She went to the bathroom and started the shower the doors were clear so I could see all as she soaped her body. As she shaved her pussy she worked her clit with her fingers. She dried off and lotion her body and went to her slut clothes drawer. She comes back to the camera and asks me if I was ready to see her get fucked I looked at my hard dick and said yes. With that she turns around and started to get dressed. She put on a white see through nighty with matching g-string. Her nipples were hard as she came to the camera modeling it for me and said he would be here shortly. A few minutes later I hear the door bell and she left the room.

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   I tried to talk to her but she had turned the speakers off and her cell phone. All I could do was watch and listen as they came into view. They were kissing as they lay on the bed. His hands were all over her she spread her legs for him giving me a view of he shaves pussy. He took his clothes off and seeing his dick made me jealous. It was at least 18 inches and Miryan couldn’t put her hand all the way around it. She knelt on the bed bringing him close and started kissing and sucking on it. She couldn’t take much in but was working on all she could. I could hear her say she always wanted a big dick to fuck her. She worked on it for about 5 minutes and was getting most of it down her throat and he said she was a fantastic cock sucker. Sitting her up he takes of her top and lays on top of her sucking and kissing her tits. As she starts to moan he moves down to her pussy and tares her g-string off and starts to work on her pussy he eventually gets 3 fingers in her and is fucking her while sucking her clit. Miryan is in heaven and starts her first climax of the night. She calms down with Carlos holding her legs up he puts his dick just inside her pussy and works it slowly going deeper with each stroke. He finally has his dick all the way in her and starts to fuck her getting faster and harder with each stroke.

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   She screams fuck me I want to feel you cum in my pussy. After about 18 minutes he is moaning and I can see his pre-cum and her juices mixing as he says here I cum. He holds his dick in her and moans as his juices fill her cavity and over flows out of her pussy. They make out and she tells him thank you but she is not done yet. He goes to the bathroom and she gets in front of the camera and tells me she has found someone to satisfy her and to watch he is going to stay the night. I watched all night long my wife getting fucked over and over again he was a sex machine. Two days later I got home and they were on the couch. Miryan tells me to get cleaned up and hurry she was ready to show me how she was to be satisfied. As I return she reaches over stroking his dick while giving him a deep kiss. My wife of 18 years tells me it’s bigger than mine as she unbuckles his pants releasing a 18 inch monster. He stands up and lets her finish taking his clothes off. She kisses his body as she disrobes him stopping at his nipples sucking and biting on them. Her hand slowly works his hard member sitting him back down on the couch. She turns to me and does the same thing whispering that she is going to fuck him all night and I am to clean them up when requested. Sitting me back down she turns her attention back to Carlos.

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   She starts a slow striptease leaning into Carlos kissing the head of his solid rod. As she releases her tits she leans over letting Carlos suck and bite her nipples as they become erect. She lifts her skirt showing me she has no panties on and her moist pussy. She turns around facing me and with a wink she slides her skirt to the floor giving Carlos a full view of her shaved cunt. Carlos leans forward kissing and sticking his tongue in her waiting pussy. She tells him to show my husband how to please a slut. After a few minutes of Carlos working her cunt she turns around and sits on his lap. His dick was trying to get into her pussy but she wouldn’t let him in saying not yet I want to taste your cum. She motions me next to her and made me sit next to her. Miryan started to slowly suck on his hard rod. I could see the pre cum coming from between her lips and his dick. As Miryan engulfed his 18 inch member I slid under her eating her pussy. I had a good view of her giving him a blow job. He started to moan as his dick shot the first of many streams of cum into my wife’s mouth. As his dick finished she slid down and my dick entered her pussy.

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   She slowly worked her hips giving me a kiss of his cum and told me to swallow it. She got up before I unloaded into her pussy saying time for a real dick. Miryan told me to look at his dick it was still hard and ready for a pussy to be wrapped around it. She turned her back to him and lined up his shaft working the head into position. Her pussy was soaking wet and she slid down engulfing his dick. She told me to kneel in from of them as she worked his shaft slowly. She pulled my head to her pussy and told me to suck her clit. As Carlos was shoving his dick into my wife she leaned back and he took advantage of her tits pinching her nipples hard. It wasn’t long and Miryan was moaning with pleasure as she started to have an orgasm. I let her clit go and started licking and sucking on his balls as he filled her pussy with his cream. She started to squirt as his 3rd shot entered her pussy. His cum and hers was mixing as they slowed down. She grabs my head and pushes it into her pussy I started to lick their cum as it ran out of her. Carlos dick started to soften and slide out of her pussy releasing his cum from her used pussy. I licked and sucked the cum from her as I felt his dick being pushed into my mouth.

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   She said clean us up good for the next round. I cleaned Miryan pussy out and then started on Carlos hanging member. After I had them cleaned they got up and went to the shower telling me to stay there and don’t jack off. I waited for about a half hour listening to them play in the shower. I hear her say I told you my husband had a little dick and he would do what I tell him. They came back to the living room and sat back on the couch and he told me to go fix them some drinks. My dick was raging and leaking as I went to the kitchen. I heard music start to play returning with the drinks they were embraced dancing slowly. His dick was solid again my wife looked at me and asked for her drink I handed it to them and he told me to get on my knees. He stood in front of me and told me to get started. I was so humiliated but the rod in front of me had me mesmerized. Miryan sat on the couch and told me to do a good job. I started sucking his dick I couldn’t get much in my mouth he was so big. He looked at me and said Miryan needed to teach me how to suck a dick. She just laughed and told him to teach me how to suck a dick.

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   Carlos grabs my head and forces his dick down my throat. He fucked my mouth like it was a pussy. I could taste his pre-cum as he held my head making his dick disappear down my mouth. My wife told him not to cum she wanted to see him fuck my ass. He let go of my head letting me fall to the floor trying to catch my breath. He went to the couch and raised Miryan legs and penetrated her pussy again. He said that he needed some lubricant on his rod before he fucked me. He slow fucked her and I finally got up off of the floor. Miryan said sit on the couch and she started jacking me off while Carlos was fucking her. Look he is soft and can’t get it up. Carlos said he must be a pussy. He pulled his dick out of Miryan wet pussy telling her to hold my legs back. He wiped his dick on Miryan pussy moving over to me he started lubing my ass. He went back and forth a few times and said it should be lubed enough. With that he began probing my ass until he got the head in.

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   he slowly inserted every inch of his dick until I felt his balls on my ass. He said I’m going to make you cum and started to fuck my ass. He began slowly and went faster and faster until I heard his balls slapping my ass. My dick came alive as he fucked me and I was ready to bust a nut. Carlos told Miryan to watch as the pussy was going to cum. He pumped a few more time and held his dick in me moaning as he filled my ass with his spunk. My dick started to jerk and I shot load after load hard enough to hit my face. Miryan laughed and said he is a cunt. He pulled his dick out of me I could feel his cum running down my legs. My ass was sore and felt stretched. He took Miryan by the hand heading for the shower I saw he get on her knees and suck his shit dick clean. They went to the bedroom and closed the door. I got up with cum dripping out of my ass down my legs I went to the shower and cleaned up. I heard them having sex for hours after that as I sat on the couch waiting. It was quiet in the room for about an hour as I opened the door to look in they were both asleep in each other’s arms.

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   The next day when they got up she made me put o a pair of her panties and nitey and told me to make them breakfast. At that point I knew I had created a monster and had become hers and Carlos bitch. As they eat breakfast I had to get under the table and clean out her pussy from the cum he had deposited the night before. But I figured a life as a bitch is better than no life at all.




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