Gianna Michales catches a peeping tom


Gianna Michaels catches a peeping tom
By lilguy lilguy4174@yahoo. com
Cuckold, femdom, tease and denial fun follows

Ted was your average day Peeping Tom pervert. He took picture of porn stars and celebrities without them knowing and publishes it on his website, Dirtybastard. net. Gianna Michaels was one of his targets. She was a gorgeous and wild porn start, with huge breast and black hair. She stood 5. 10 and was known for her thick ass and big breast and just a wild slutty demeanor

She had a wide mouth, and perfect blow jobs lips, as well as a cute button nose. Ted was ready. He had found where she lived, hopped the fence and climb up in the tree. He had been watching the places for days waiting to strike. He held the camera to the window. She could see Gianna from her bed room. Nothing kinky happen for hours. He just watched her in blue bath robe that showed plenty of cleavage. She put the zoom on for great affect.

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   Still it was nothing X-rated. That was until she brought out her friend. Gianna laid in bed and pop in a porn movie. She took out a long pink vibrator that was shape like a cock. Her face blushed as she drove the dildo deep inside her. She licked her hand and spit on the toy to get it lubed up

“That’s more like it bitches” Ted Said

He took out his cock and began stroking. Meanwhile Gianna was going faster and faster. She took the remote and turn up the TV. Ted could here a girl climaxing on film. She was using two hands to drive the dildo in. She was humming trying to hold in her scream of pleasure

“Oh fuck yea you bitch” Ted Said

He said it too loudly. Gianna turn


She started him. He fails out the tree, and hit a couple of branches on the way down. He was knocked out.

He woke up tied naked to a chair that was nailed to the floor.

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   He found himself with a wicked hard erection. His vision was dazey

“What the hell” He Said

“Gave you a little serum…to make sure you up and ready to go all night” Gianna Said

His vision came back and he saw Gianna with a skimpy bra barely, holding in her soft warm globes. The bra was small and blue. She had G string underwear with lacey fabrics

She squeezed her breast mooshing her soft breast into pancakes. His cock almost was ready to burst.

“Do want to touch these” She Said “Want to suck my big juicy tits”



She slapped him across the face. He would of fail down is the chair was nailed to the ground. 4 more slaps hit his face leaving him whimpering. She grabbed his hair and stood over his face. She spit on him leaving a goob of spit. Gianna licked her hand and put her hand in a stroking position. She moved her hand up and down inches from his cock

“Bet you wished I was touching you cock doesn’t you. Bet you wish had my sweet warms lips wrapped around you throbbing cock, filling my throat with your juice. Well never going to happen SLUT”

She slapped him again and walked in from of him. Her big booty shook as she walked.

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   She took some baby oil and squeezed it dripping it on her ass. Her ass glisten with the oil, making ever curve popped out. She rubbed her cheeks together putting it inches from his face

She pulled her G string up, wedging it between her pussy lips. He could see the wetness of her pussy dripping down on the g string. She slipped her finger deep into her pussy, parting her lips. The smell of her pussy juice went through her nose.

“Like that baby, want this big ass in your face. Want to fuck it” She Said

She gave herself a slapped on his ass. She turns around and ran her sticky finger across his lips

She pulled off her G string and tossed it across the room. Her pussy was perfect, nice and shaved and dripping wet. She grabbed his hair so he could take the sight all in. She walked away from him turn around giving him a view of her ass cheeks as she made it slapped together. She snapped off her bra, giving him a view of her back. She gave her ass a little jiggle.

“Please just let me touch it”

She laughed

“You so fucking pathetic.

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   I wouldn’t touch you cock if it came money” She Said

She bent over showing off her smooth buttocks that were now glistening with baby oil. She turns around showing off her rock hard nipples. Her nipples were round and pink, and she had sexy tattoos on her body. The oiled poured over her body, creating a water fall between her tits. The oils ran down her long luscious legs. She massages the oil into her breast driving him wild. Worst let he couldn’t even touch himself to enjoy it. She smirked knowing it was torture

Gianna put a nipple in her mouth, sucking it and massaging her other breast with her free hand. Her lipstick was bright red, and her tongued licked across the bottom lip. She slowly moved her hand down between her thighs and plunged and finger deep into her pussy

“Mmmmmmm” She moaned “You will…NEVER. . EVER…EVER get to fuck this…because you’re not a man”

She started to moan as her plunged faster and faster

“Yes…. yesss”

She bit her lip and her face began to blush. She came, as her body shook. Pussy juice sprayed like old faithful, drenching the poor man’s face.

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“Ahhh Did I make a mess, let me wipe it off” She Said

She slams her breast into her face smothering him only releasing it till a second before he would have passed out. She did it again laughing at him. She continued this titty torture till she was satisfied her was properly scarred

“Like that you little pussy” She Said

She straddled his lap, his cock pressed against her ass

“You want that cock inside my ass baby; you want to fill my tight hole”

“Please just let me, touch you little bit”


She grabbed his neck and squeeze

“Could kill you slut…could snap you neck right now”

She twisted his balls with her other hand.

Gianna spit on his face again. His face was getting blue as she continued to squeeze his neck. He could feel his cock sliding between her butt cheeks but not entering. Her butt cheeks clench his shaft sliding up and down faster and faster

She let go seconds before it would have been too late. Another hard slap cross his face, then a slap turns into a punch. She laughed wildly and took a long lick of his face.

“Your mind…. nobody even knows you here. Going to make my assboy, going to use all my toys and turn you out. You will cum when I Tell you…could be NEVER!!!”

She nibbled on his neck, leaving long and deep hickies. She took his cock and rubbed it against his pussy. She bit his lip stretching it.

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“You feel that, you want my pussy lips milking that pathetic cock of yours. Know you watch my movies slut, know you jerked that pathetic cock, shot your little jizz. Well that the last time you’re going to cum in a long. . . long time you blue balled wimp”

The bell rang Gianna spit on him as she got up.

“Think my friend came over” She Said

She went down stairs. Ted didn’t see anything but he heard a lot of laughing. It was her and a man voice. Gianna gave up with a big smirk on her face. She was holding the hand of male porn star TJ cumming. He was wearing Jean and white shirt with buttons open showing off his superior muscles. Gianna had a glass of scotch in her hand.

“Is this the Wussy pervert” He Said

“Yea” Gianna Said

She put the glass down on the bed. Gianna kissed him, the two of them swap spit as she unzipped his pants and took out his massive cock.

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“Should kick his ass” He said

“Don’t worry, already did…fucking pussy” She Said

She took finish off the glass of scotch.

“Oh are you thirsty” She Said

She took the glass and put it on the floor. She hovered over in and took a piss in the glass. Ted tried to close his mouth as she approach. She grabbed his and kneed his balls


She made him sipped it all down.

    “Don’t spit it out”

    In the background TJ was already taking off his clothing, getting naked. He took laid down and Gianna got into 69 positions. She moaned as he ate her pussy. Gianna took his cock in his mouth, taking the long length of his cock deep into his mouth till it hit her mouth. She gagged on it and bit and started milking his cock faster and faster, fisting it when ever it was out of his mouth. Her hand massage his cock making TJ moaned as she sucked the balls.

    “This is how a REAL man cock looks like” Gianna Said “Not that pimple you call a cock”

    TJ tongue twirled around her pussy like a tornadoes. His tongue ran back and fourth with expert ease zeroing in on all her sweet spots. Gianna screamed as she started to cum.


    She was tit fucking him licking his shaft

    “Cum in my face….

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      cum in my face you fuck” She Said

    She looked at Ted

    “Don’t you look away, watch it, watch me take this cock of a real man” She teased

    He came a stream of cum, shooting it deep in her mouth. Gianna gargled it in her mouth letting it dripped down.

    “Fuck still hard, you’re a beast” Gianna Said

    She licked her lips opening her mouth so Ted could see the cum dripped. Ted struggled, pulling as hard as he could but the ropes were tied to tight. He pulled till he had rug burns.

    TJ got up and place her in the doggy position on bed. Her pulled her hair and was slamming it deep in. His cock filled her just enough before the breaking point, where it got to painful. She could hear the sound of his balls slapping her ass, and the smell the sweat dripping down both their bodies.

    “Ohhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooood” She Said “Fuck me…fuck me harder”

    Ted never saw a woman in just ecstasy, getting her pussy pounded so hard. He was putting him to shame. TJ grabbed her luscious breast and grinded into her. Her ass pressed against him, feeling her warm skin against her

    “Cumming” She screamed

    She came down on his cock, but it just pounded her, making her pussy overflow with cum. She grabbed her arms and had she wrapped her legs around him. He stood up holding her up by her arms as slammed the cock in her pussy some more.

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    “That…just ridiculous” Ted Said

    “Shut the fuck up whore. Watch it…watch this real man. . . fuck my pussy. You will NEVER ever have this you dumb whore. ”

    Ted so wanted to switch places with him. He could only watch as he made her cum again and again, feeling her up with his seed. Both Gianna and TJ was soon drench in sweat. Gianna tits were bouncing up and down. They perform ever position they could think off. For 2 hour straight the fucked.

    Gianna lay on the bed, both her whole dripping with cum. Her tits were drench, overflowing with TJ jizz. She took a hit of a cigarette and smiled.

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    “Damm that was good”

    “Anytime babe” TJ said

    TJ was putting his clothes on

    “What you going to do with the wuss” TJ said

    Gianna blew smoke through the air.

    “Oh got plans” Gianna smirked

    10 Days later

    He was tied up in the basement, chemical that kept his cock hard was in his body. It kept him in a constant state of arousal. A TV played Gianna porno 24/7. He heard someone walked down.

    Gianna turn on the lights. She was wearing tight leather jeans and belly shirt. Both were red. She had up a glass with yellow liquid

    “Hey slut. . Time for your drink”

    The End

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