10 Inches To Ruin, Part 3


I hurried to Mrs. Bentely’s and got there right on time, although my half hard cock was an impediment to my journey, I arrived none the worse for wear. Little did I know this would be the opening salvo in a new pastime for me. Eloise met me at the door and ushered me inside. It was a little dark and subdued in her foyer, but it was light enough for me to see an astounding sight.

El as she insisted I address her, was wearing a sheer gown that was reminiscent to me of the kind of costume Elizabeth Taylor wore playing Cleopatra in the movies. It was a double-layered deal that was gathered at the shoulder with a broach, the other shoulder bare. It encased her glorious tits and clung tight to them and every curve of her incredible figure. She had some sort of a chain for a belt drawing the material tight at the waist. It came to just below her ample asses’ curvature where it met the tops of her thighs. Through the double-layered sheerness I could still see the goodies – dark nipples and the outline of her breasts. She was wearing very high heeled platform shoes. I marveled at her appearance.

El started in cooing at me and showering me with little kisses. Her breath was sweet and hot on my neck. She led me toward her bedroom again with little time wasted on niceties, which was fine by me.

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   My cock was heavy and cumbersome as I tried to walk and the sooner I was naked the better. As we climbed the stairs she told me she had a little surprise for me. She took my hand and led me into her bedroom and I got the shock of my life. There was her husband trussed up in the corner of the room. He was on his knees, his ass back on his haunches. He was bound with his arms behind his back and a gag in his mouth. His knees were bound together with a leather belt
“Here is the cock that has replaced you Dear,” El purred at him. He looked at me and sort of smiled through the gag in his mouth. “I guess I need to explain” El offered. “Uh, yeah, that might work,” I replied. “My dear husband is what’s known as a ‘cuckold. ’ Do you know what that means?” she asked. “Sort of,” I answered. “Isn’t that when a woman cheats on her husband and they used to say in the olden days that his wife cuckolded him?” I asked, trying to show my now rising junior year status in school.

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“Very nice Andrew,” she replied rather teacher like and proud of my knowledge. “A cuckold is a man, who in more modern terms, enjoys watching his wife have sex with other men. Robert and I have been married quite long and it is only recently he’s decided he wants to see me and other men having relations. It gives him a thrill and really spices up our sex life when we are alone. It has breathed new life into our marriage. ” She paused for me to take it all in. “Would you be comfortable having sex with me in front of Robert? If not I can send him away while we make love,” she offered me.

I thought a second and kind of got off thinking about him watching me plow his old lady with this big fucking cock of mine. I got a bit of a thrill from the thought. “It’s fine if he watches El,” I said. “Does he join in?” I asked. “Only if you like Andy,. ” she replied. She could see me mulling that one over and considering my tender years added, “Perhaps this time at least it’s best if Robert remains bound in the corner while you fuck me with that monster in your pants. Give him a good show, will you dear?” I smiled and replied “I’ll do my best. 

  ” She smiled and kissed my forehead in a motherly manner. “Just make sure we are positioned as much as possible so that he can see us clearly. I like doing this so that I can glance over and see his little penis harden as other men fuck his wife. It makes him crazy…in a good way,” she added with a big smile
El took off my shirt, unbuckled my belt and slid my jeans down. My cock popped free and hit her in the chin as she leaned over to slide my pants past my feet. She smiled at me, looked at Robert and said “See Honey, this young man has a huge cock. He is eager to put it in me Honey. When he’s finished with me I will never even be able to feel your little prick in me. It’ll take a day or two for my well stretched and bruised cunt to recover. ” You’ll just have to beat it for yourself for a day or so…do you mind dear?” she playfully asked.

El gingerly turned me so I was facing him. She led me to him and standing inches from his face she rubbed my cock. “Maybe, if Andy does not mind, and he has some extra cum, he’ll let me jerk his cock all over your face. Would you like that Dear?” He eagerly nodded he would.

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   His eyes were locked on my cock, and I was beginning to get the gist of the deal here. I was entertainment for him and her too I guess, although there was no doubt she wanted Johnson for sure. It was okay with me. I had been fantasizing about all kinds of indiscriminate sexual encounters. I’d heard men will pay big money to suck a cock like mine and while I was not queer, I was open to making money with good old Johnson. I figured how bad could it be? I could close my eyes and imagine a beautiful woman sucking him.

El then fell to her knees and she placed her left hand on his little cock while she scooped my cock into her mouth with her right hand and those talented lips and tongue. She began by licking up and down the shaft, then placed her head under me and licked my balls. I squatted a bit and she put her tongue up my ass. She then withdrew from beneath my ass cheeks and licked his face. “He tastes so good, doesn’t he Honey?” she prodded. He nodded again, although he’d not tasted anything, but the more she abused him mentally the better he liked it. His cock was hard as a rock as it poked from between his bound legs.

She then returned to pole vaulting my cock with her mouth. On more than one occasion she took all she could get into her mouth.

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   She would stop and breathe deeply and try to swallow more of it. She took both of my hands and placed them on the back of her head as she withdrew from my cock and then took a deep breath and swallowed again. She got a bit more than half of it in her mouth. She looked up and me with watering eyes. She withdrew again and told me to gag her, as Robert liked to watch his cock sucking whore wife gag on another man’s dick. She swallowed again and I forced her down. She gagged a bit and withdrew spitting and saliva dripping from her mouth in large gobs. Her make up around her eyes began to smear and smudge and she looked up at me again and swallowed once more. This time I pushed her head like I meant it. She made a guttural sound from her throat and I pushed more cock in her. She withdrew and gagged again, spitting, saliva draining from her mouth and now her nostrils.

Then she licked her lips and used her hands to scoop it up and smeared it onto Robert’s face. I almost came from the filthiness of this woman. She was huffing in labored breathing as she looked to Robert and asked him if he liked seeing his “prim & proper wife” sucking a 18 year old boy’s huge cock? He nodded absentmindedly.

“Ya know Dear, his cock is twice as big as yours.

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   He gets places you’ve never dreamed of getting with that puny little dick Honey. ” It would seem this lauding his inadequacy over him was part of their little game, but what the fuck did I care? She looked at Robert. “Now he’s going to fuck me and I will enjoy it more than I will ever be able to tell you Dear. Enjoy the show as this young man with this mighty cock wrecks my pretty little pussy, and maybe, if you’re really good, I’ll have him impale my asshole with that thing. Would that make my little man cum on himself?” Robert eagerly nodded, looking a bit pained at his bindings.

El stood and led me by my cock to the bed. She got on her hands and knees and I mounted her, she guiding me in with those dainty and feminine little hands of hers. “Watch this Robert,” she encouraged as she guided my cock into her soaked cunt. “Look how tiny my hands look holding his cock Robert!” I slid into her and she immediately began to push back against me. Within about 60 seconds the whole thing was in her and her fat, pretty ass slammed against my smooth and flat belly. Within a few minutes she was groaning and cumming. She would smash against my belly and reach behind her to hold my ass in place as she rocked with wave upon wave of orgasm. “Oh fuck!” she growled as she threw her head all the way back until it looked like her neck was near broken.

Robert groaned in delight at the sight. Her waves of pleasure subsided and I withdrew Mr.

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   Johnson. She flopped onto her belly and then flipped over onto her back. Then El opened her legs and placed each hand on her inner thighs as if to pull her legs even further apart. “Fuck your pussy Andy,” she encouraged. “Fuck it so that little dick over there will be jealous and know how inadequate his ‘alleged manhood’ really is. ” I made note that the more excited she got the more she abused him verbally.

I knee-walked to her and held her ankles. The sheer gown laid on her belly and her tits were falling out of the wrappings covering them. I let my cock slide over her entire pussy and clit. I took one hand and slapped it against her clit and labia. Little droplets of her cunt juices flew all over her, me and the bed. I then plunged into her all the way. She gasped and scooted up a bit. I grabbed her ass cheeks and let my weight fall onto her pussy and shoved into her farther. She screamed.

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   I pushed harder and she screamed more. I began to pull all the way out and them collapse my weight and penetrate her to the hilt again and again. Her screams became rhythmic moans. This continued until she squirted all over me with her piss as she gushed. She was flailing her head, her tongue was hanging out, her eyes rolled back in her head. She bucked and rocked until she was spent. I pulled out and got off the bed.

I ordered El and told her to remove her sheer wrappings. She did as instructed. “See how well I obey big cocked young men, Robert?” she teased him. She stood before me nude but for the shoes. I sat on the corner of the bed closest to Robert, a mere 5 or 6 feet from him and I laid back. El climbed onto the bed, faced Robert and squatted onto Mr. Johnson. She gasped as he slid into her and she lifted up once and allowed her weight to collapse her all the way down.

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   She grunted approvingly as Johnson filled her all the way. Her now naked tits slipped to her sides as she leaned back a bit and rocked onto my cock. I reached up and grabbed both fat tits and kneaded them for Robert to see as my cock filled his wife. She began cumming again and she remained all the way down on my pubic bone as she ground herself forward then back. My balls felt soaked as her warm piss dribbled from her quim all over the bed and down my thighs and calves.

“C’mon Andy, let’s really give him a good show. ”After she calmed from the orgasms she climbed from my cock and pulled me up. “Let’s stand over him and fuck. Would you like to stick Him in my asshole Andy?” she eagerly inquired. I smiled and replied “I’d love to fuck your fat asshole El!” She walked to Robert and put her hands on the wall above him. He looked up, his face inches from her cunt as she spread herself above him.
    “Fuck my asshole Andrew. Fuck me for a good math grade Dear,” she added.

    I took my hand and slapped at her ass and cunt lips with Johnson’s head. Then I wiped my cock up and down her crotch soaking her with her own fluids.

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       Her asshole was puckered and opening for me. I lay Him onto her sphincter and gently pushed some. Her ass opened and the head slipped in. She moaned and growled in a voice as if from Hell itself “Fuck me! Use me!” I did. I kept pushing and after a couple minutes and two dozen or so thrusts I was all the way into her bare asshole. She was a woman possessed.

    “Fuck me!” she screamed. I put my hands on her hips and started slamming into her ass. Now she was screaming incoherently. I thought she might want me to stop but whenever I slowed fearing I was too much for her she would scream “Fuck me hard!” I did. This lasted a good 4 or 5 minutes. I was tiring, what with standing, my knees getting wobbly and weak, and my nut was building. She rolled through repeated anal orgasms as she also rubbed her clit fiercely. She was repeating “fuck my asshole, fuck my asshole. Abuse me Andrew.


       Fuck me!” she screamed.

    I pumped as hard as I could for another half minute or so and announced I was close and I wanted to come on her face. She slid from me, my cock popped out with a plop and she turned and collapsed onto her knees, leaning on a still trussed and prostrate Robert to support her as her legs had gone rubber.

    El looked up at me and stroked Johnson as she licked the head begging for my cock snot. I tickled my left nipple and said “Oh fuck!” She pulled and opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue in a very sexy manner. She looked me dead in the eyes and I began to gush. My cum shot all over her face, hair, neck, shoulders and sumptuous tits. She was covered in hot sticky cum as it ran down her naked body. Even her upper arms were covered in my cum. I had given her 7 or 8 excellent spurts. I held onto the wall as I near fainted from exhaustion and release. She then took the head into her mouth and sucked me as I almost fell to the ground in extreme pleasure.

    El stood and began kissing me passionately. Her tongue probed my mouth is an eagerness that didn’t seem subsided by her release of multiple waves of orgasmic pleasure. She fondled my cock as she kissed me and then threw her arm around my neck and started rubbing her tits against me again.

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       She led me back to the bed and I laid on my back, she mounted me facing me and asked “Will you bite my nipples Andrew? When I am near orgasm the pain is such a release for me. She mounted my cock and leaned forward holding herself up on her arms. She swayed side-to-side, her fat nipples brushing my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked each in as it passed. She made sounds of pleasure as I sucked each fat orb into my mouth as much as I could. I had a third of first one then the other of her generous fleshy mounds in my mouth. I sucked hard and she wiggled on my cock. I then used my tongue to push her tit around in my mouth until her nipple was between my teeth and I bit down gently. She chirped in mild pain and encouraged me.

    I did that to each orb alternating from one to the other. Finally as her orgasm from my cock again approached I took both tits into my mouth, and bit down on both nipples, I opened my lips and grabbed her chin so she would look down at her nipples between my teeth. She started cumming again. I kept my teeth on them as I sucked then released, causing her nipples to run over my teeth. The varying of the intensity of the pressure on her nips drove her wild.

    She came and came and collapsed her sweat covered upper body onto my chest.

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       She was breathing hard as her mouth was against the nape of my neck. I was still holding her ass and pulling her hips down onto me as I neared my own release. “Oh fuck El!” I announced. She held herself dead still as I spurted into her cunt filling her. Then she whispered. “Is it okay with you Lover if I let Robert eat your cock juice?” “Sure El, that would be hot!” I added. She kissed me very passionately and thanked me for the best fucking of her entire life. She then slithered from on top of me, crossed to Robert, removed the gag and said “Eat his cum you pencil dicked worm. Taste what a real man leaves in a woman, even another man’s wife. ” She bent over while facing me and planted her ass against his face. She pushed back against him and I could hear his head hit the wall as she pushed, then pulled away, then pushed again. “Eat it all Robert. Taste a man’s cock Robert. “ He sucked her cum filled cunt for all he was worth.

    El then removed herself from him and turned. 

       “Now you sit here and you think about what he just did to me Robert. I am going to bathe my master. You sit there and know I am naked and showering attention on the new man of this house!” Then she shocked me when she added “He is now the cock that rules my life and yours Robert. I will only fuck you when Andrew allows me too, if he allows it. Do you understand?” He said yes in a whimpering voice.

    We got in the shower and El bathed me. We talked about the master thing and she assured me it was part of their little games. We made plans to meet again next week. After we showered she dried me and led me back into the bedroom. Robert looked spent and worn from the experience and his bindings, but he thanked me for taking care of his wife and the “mother of my children” as he never could. I dressed and El looked at Robert “Stay right there Honey,” and she laughed. “I might be back if Andrew permits me to fuck you, you little worm. ” She led me by the hand toward the door. “Say goodbye to your new master Robert!” she commanded. He did.

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       “Goodbye master and thank you for servicing my wife. ” He smiled a bit and I nodded. This sure was weird, but hey, my dick was well fucked and I got a “C” in math, so I was good with it.