The First Time


I have been friends with Lisa forever. Though always sexually attracted to her, nothing ever became of it because I was intimidated by her sexuality and experiences. I knew her to be the most sexual and sensual person I ever knew and thought if we ever did cross a line, it could ruin a lifetime friendship. Once I got married, Lisa and I would never happen and that was cemented by the fact that she was fairly good friends with my wife. Last summer life changed. Lisa's sister and mom came in from another state and invited my wife and I out for dinner. My wife had previous plans but encouraged me to go. Since it was going to be at a local eatery I liked, I accepted the invite. I hadn't seen Lisa in months. We all met up at around 7 for dinner. Lisa got out of her car and she floored me. She had this great tan and had the perfect clothes on to compliment it. She saw me do a double take and smiled at my recognition of how good she looked. I even remarked how great she looked, half kidding that if I wasn't married that I would be chasing her. It made her blush. Little did I know that the remark I made to her was going to alter our histories forever.

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  During our trip to the salad bar, Lisa leaned over and whispered that she wanted to be with me and my comments made her want me more. I was completely stunned. The rest of our night nothing was said about it and we said goodbye without touching on the comments she made. Summer turned to fall and Lisa called me one day, asking me if I knew of a specialist when it came to a car problem she had. When I told her I knew of this one guy who I was good friends with who did that type of work, she asked me if I could make plans to get her car to him. I planned it out and two night later I met Lisa at a local diner parking lot to take her to my friend's shop. We spoke about life and for whatever reason, we found ourselves complaining about our partners, her bf and my wife. It felt good to able to vent. I told her about all the things my wife does and doesn't do for me while Lisa did the same about her boyfriend. It seemed like my complaints were worse and Lisa called the things my wife was doing emasculating. You could see she was angry. We got to my friend's shop and all he could do was try and come on to Lisa instead of fixing her car but in the end he did and refused to take money for his work. We left and she offered to buy me dinner for my troubles and especially now that she got the job done for free. I told her since it was running really late that I would take a rain check. When we got back to the diner parking lot, Lisa confessed that she felt awful for me and what my wife was doing.

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  When I said it was okay, she asked me if she could do something to brighten things up. I said sure, not knowing what she had in mind. she completely shocked me when she unzipped my pants, reached in and pulled out my cock. My initial thought was to pull her hand off but she was right. I did need someone to appreciate me even if it was just a simple hand job in a parking lot. She looked at me as if to ask me if it was okay and did it feel good. My only reply was that it was wrong. When I said that I thought she would stop but instead she bent over and put my cock in her mouth. It was mind boggling. I had never even kissed her and here she was sucking me off. She placed my hand inside her blouse to prod me to touch her. As I did, her sucking me got intense. It only took a couple of minutes but all of a sudden I felt this very powerful urge to cum. I felt so weird so I announced it and when I did, Lisa shook her head as if to say go and then she took it up another notch. I exploded like a nuclear weapon in her mouth.

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  It felt like I was cumming forever. I do not know how or why I came that much but it was the best BJ I ever had. Lisa came up and smiled, knowing that I did enjoy every second. Her next words were that she knew it was really wrong but if we were in a more private place, she would have done a lot more than just blow me, mainly fuck me. She asked me if my wife was as good and I confessed by saying no. Her final remark was that wait until we get a chance to fuck. Then she said she will really impress me. she laughed as she said that, mainly because I think we both knew that could never happen.

On Columbus Day, Lisa and I both had the day off from work while my wife had to work. Lisa called me the night before and asked me if I wanted to take a ride and see the fall foliage on Columbus Day with her. Since I had nothing to really do that day. I agreed and even told my wife about my plans. Sexual stuff never even entered my head. We met at 9 AM and headed north. It was a dreary day with drizzle and clouds.

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  We drove about 50 miles north and realized we saw enough foliage for this year. When Lisa asked me what she thought we should do now, I suggested a movie but she said she had a better idea. She said to get a nice bottle of wine and just hang out. Since it was a long trip to either of our houses, she suggested we just check intothe nearest nice hotel and make a day out of it. It seemed innocent enough, even if it involved liquor and a hotel. The entire day our conversation was void of sex so I felt cool about this. We got our wine and found a brand new hotel about 1 mile from the liquor store. It wasn't until we got inside the room did I feel awkward. It was a beautiful room but with only a king bed in it. She looked nervous too. We both assured each other this was okay. We opened our wine, and toasted to many great years as friends. Lisa then came up with an idea. She wanted to watch TV but also wanted to get comfy at the same time. She suggested we play strip poker.

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  She giggled because she thought I would decline the idea. I thought it was harmless fun so I agreed. We didn't have cards so we used paper money as our cards. I think in about 2 minutes we were both down to hardly anything. She looked very embarrassed. I was too but hid it well. She said the game was over when she was down to her bra and panties but I challenged her to remove it all. It stunned her as it did me but we did the unthinkable and got 100% nude. We stared at each other for a moment, taking in what we never saw before. Her butt, famous for it's roundness, was something she knew I wanted to see so she spun around and showed me it. We stood next to each other and looked in a mirror, just to confirm this happened. She looked at me and asked me if we should at least cover some parts up and I thought at this point it was silly to do that. The thing I couldn't hide was that seeing her nude gave me a rock hard cock. When she saw that she told me it was flattering. She suggested I take a cold shower but then thought we should shower together.

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  It was like she dared me but it didn't work and I agreed. We went into the shower and I felt her pressed against me. I wasn't sure what to do or if she wanted me to anything. I knew she felt the same way at first. We just hugged and confessed how nice it felt to be this close after so many years. It did feel nice even if it wasn't right to do. Without saying a word, Lisa kneeled down and repeated what she did in the car with me just a month earlier. Though I knew I could easily cum, I pulled her off of me inside a minute and just hugged her. I think she understood.

We dried each other off, stayed nude and put the TV on. We talked a lot and hugged a lot too. My cock was hard the entire time and since we had no blanket on, Lisa noticed. She rolled over on top of me and just out her head on my shoulder. I was more turned on than I ever was but was she or was she just enjoying a tender moment?In a matter of seconds, she answered that question. She moved down a bit and in a nano second, she slid my cock as deep as it could go in her.

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  Silence permeated the room. She whispered in my ear that if she stopped now that we could say it never happened. I told her that once I was inside of her, it happened. She hugged my neck and we threw out all our years of inhibitions. With each passing moment, we got more into it. She was very noisy and very good. We stopped at one point just to confirm we were really fucking. We looked at each other and she said if neither of us cum, then it really did not happen. ten seconds later, Lisa came like no other partner I ever was with in my life. This was incredible. We went at it for a few hours, I think just to make up for years of not doing it. I didn't cum though. I felt so funny. When Lisa realized she had cum 8-18 times to my none, she went into overdrive. As funny as I felt, in seconds Lisa had me primed to cum and when she told me to cum, I had no choice.

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  Cum I did and unlike something I ever did. When I thought it was over, it just kept pumping. It was unreal. We had to lie there to compose ourselves for about 18 minutes. We both kept saying whew!When the reality hit us that we just fucked for 3 or more hours, we both got a wee bit embarrassed and got dressed. It was truly an awkward moment.

We drove home and were both at a loss for words. The only reference she made to what we did was how she felt cum dripping down her leg from me. When I told her that was because I came so much, I don't think it was what she wanted to hear. When we got to my car, we kissed each other but on the cheek. She looked at me and said not tow worry because it was awkward and she needed time to digest what we just did. It eased things for me. The next day she called me and confessed that she felt the way she did because of how incredible I made her feel and she knew what we shared would be a one time thing. I was hoping for more I told her but she did not want an affair with me. That was last year.

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  How has this yeargone?Stay tuned.