Sheena wags school


Sheena sat there watching TV "That was easy she thought" she had waited for her parents to go to work and called school pretending to be her mother saying that she was sick.
It was now only 9. 10 am and she was board she decided to take a shower, while in there she shaved her legs and then thought "Oh what the hell" and shaved her snatch bald as well.
After getting out and drying off she checked herself out in the mirror she stood just 4'8" her B sized breasts jutted out like mountains on her small fully tanned frame,her long dark hair flowed down her back and over her shoulders coupled with her tight ass and flat stomach she looked amazing so she thought. She decided to put on a little foundation and then overdid it a little with the eyeliner and lipstick then rummaged through her drawers and found a crop top and little denim mini skirt put them on and went out to the lounge and sat back down.
"Still bored" she thought and stood up suddenly a smirk went across her face she moved both hands up and cupped her breasts it felt good she pulled her top up and started to squeeze her nipples which were becoming hard, her freshly shaved pussy started to ache for attention and she found herself rubbing that as well.
She pulled her top off and unzipped her mini skirt and let it drop to the floor she sat on the couch and pushed a couple of fingers into her wet snatch "God I'm horny" she thought as she pushed in and out of herself and closed her eyes for her first orgasm of the day.
Andrew Johnston a 30 something shift worker from next door had noticed the back door was wide open,thinking no one was home,put on his bathrobe over his naked body and went to investigate as he approached he could hear heavy breathing and moaning he snuck in the back door not knowing what to expect, his jaw dropped as he saw Sheena writhing on the couch fingering herself.
"Er sorry" He exclaimed ,Sheena opened her eyes "Are you perving at me Mr Johnston?" Sheena asked "Your a dirty old man ain't you?" As she stood up and moved towards him totally overcome by lust "I saw the back door was open and came to take a look" He quickly said "And did you like what you found?" She asked as she lowered herself to her knees in front of him "Looks like you did" as she started to undo his sash on his bed robe "I can't do this I'm married" He protested as his stiff cock sprang out "How old are you anyway?" He said "17 and I won't tell if you don't". Andrew realized then his cock was already in her hand as she began to kiss it and lick the head "Oh fuck.

" Andrew said as he watched his cock disappear between Sheena's ruby red lips as she started to suck in earnest Sheena lifted her head up and said "I take it Mr Johnston you want to fuck me?" He looked down at this young woman with drool down her pretty little face and totally lost himself. "Yes" came the reply he pushed her down to the floor and spread her legs and buried his face into her wet waiting pussy and started to lick and probe her with his tongue, Sheena came twice more before he would stop, lying on the floor drenched in sweat she looked up at her neighbor poised above her, he was about 6" tall well muscled, his chest, stomach and pubic area were thickly covered in hair "I'm about to have a real man" she thought as she raised her legs up to receive his throbbing cock she watched as he angled his large cock towards her hot wet pussy and noticed his precum oozing from the end "No condom" she thought as the head of his dick started to push against her pussy lips.
They both let out a moan as his cock penetrated her as she felt his weight baring down on her "Gez you're a tight one,aren't you?" He said "Just shut up and fuck me Mr Johnston!" came the reply.
Andrew pumped her hot slippery box for a few minutes then pulled out and lay on his back, Sheena sat up to see him beckoning her over to him "Climb on". Sheena straddled her far bigger partner and slid her pussy up and down the length of his wet shaft then propped up and sat on his erect cock "Oh god!" she yelped as he grabbed her hips and pounded her from underneath "Don't cum in me" She managed to blurt out.
As she reached yet another orgasm she felt her pussy clench around his hard member she could feel every contour and vein scraping the walls of her cunt,Andrews grip tightened on her as she felt a throbbing sensation deep inside of her "Oh Mr Johnston" she yelped as he let out an inaudible grunt the throbbing turned into a pulsating feeling as she felt hot jets of semen being injected into her, she then collapsed on top of him.

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"You just shot your load into me didn't you?" she asked "Sorry babe you looked so hot riding my dick I just couldn't help myself".
Sheena stood up and felt his seed run down her legs she scooped a little on her finger and tasted it "Next time cum in my mouth, anyway you better get back home before you're wife comes looking for you"
Andrew stood up put his robe back on and said "Next time? I'm looking forward to that".