seducing daughterinlaw-2


I asked Kavitha to bring two glasses so that we could enjoy the wine which I had kept it for a good occasion, Kavitha objected and said it is wrong to have wine, I told her that being a fatherinlaw as good as a father when I am telling you to drink why do you have reservation, we cheered each others and we started sipping,  and went to my son’s bedroom and sat on the bed and started watching the tv which they had kept it fixed on the wall, we had two rounds and then I brought the shrikand which had kept in the fridge, the baby started crying that is when Kavitha took the baby and lifted her nighty to feed the baby,that is when she asked me wow you have brought shrikand I like it very much, and she inserted her fingers and started tasting, that is when I told her that this shrikand will be smeared on her and I would lick it, she said so you have made up your mind to make love to your daughterinlaw when her husband and your son is out of town, is it not cheating, I asked her how was it last time why did she allow me to go ahead and why did she not complain about me to my son or my wife, she then she was starved since she had not had sex with Rahul almost for 3 months, she said she enjoyed every movement, that is when I  inserted my hands under her nighty and started feeling her thighs and went to her panty and removed it and took some shrikand and inserted it into her pussy, Kavitha asked me what was I upto that is when told her it would be nice to suck your pussy with sweetness.

Kavitha removed her nighty and she made me remove my dress and we both were nude that is when I took shrikand and applied on her boobs and started smearing it on her sweet navel and thighs, Kavitha applied the shrikand on my dick, I started licking her shrikand on her thighs and slowly went upwards to her navel and started licking, she was moaning she was getting excited, she said suck my nipples, do like you did last time be rough with my boobs, press it hard I rubbed my mouth on her boobs for quite some time. I took her hard pointed nipples in my mouth and sucked them one by one. She held me tightly moaning sexily. She kept on caressing my hairs and sighed all through. Then I moved down to her crotch and thighs once again and did the same thing that I did earlier.  

She was vibrating and wriggling her sexy looking young body like any thing.

Her young nude body had become very hot. Then my mouth again sifted to her crotch and thighs. I kissed her smooth and silky thighs and crotch. I brushed them with my lips again and again. Kavitha was writhing her sexy body in ecstasy and joy. I went on doing so. She then told me to take her to bed “….

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  . then Kavitha started taking my dick into her mouth and sucking them, we were in 69 position and started sucking her pussy which was filled with shrikand, she was sucking my cock, she was sucking it so fast that my body started trembling, I started fingering her pussy with my fingers, she started moaning and started requesting me to make love. A sudden pressure of my discharge did not allow her to understand what had happened and she had to swallow my salty liquid and remaining started spilling out of her mouth which she cleaned with the bedhseet.

The curves of her lustful body was making me mad and wanted to enjoy this heavenly body and it again brought my dick in its full length and hardness. I moved towards her and grabbed her from her thin waste and started kissing on her juicy lips and squeezing her boobs harshly.  

     I put my dick tip on the opening of her juicy pussy and applied a little pressure and it slid inside and then I gradually increase my pressure until it reached deep inside her tight pussy.  
I was pumping hard and fucking her wildely. Her moaning and shouting made me more horny and I increase my thrusts into her pussy. Soon she recovered the pain and responding positively and started enjoying my dick into her deep pussy.  

Soon I controlled myself, as I did not want to cum quickly. I wanted to prolong my sexual encounter with a sexy and hungry woman so I slowed down my movement.   My lips were constantly busy extracting honey from her sweet lips, my hands were completing their basic and important task to ride and slid to an from her peaks and valleys and my throbbing iron-rod was making its way throughout her wet, hot and tight pussy, making her fly in the open sky of lust.  We slept next to each other till morning in the morning Kavitha said she enjoyed every moment last night with me and she will never forget the pleasures I gave her




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