Seduced,screwed landlady


Seduced Kavithabhabhi(landlady of the house)
By skyclear

Hi I am Satish married and have a wife and 2 children, my wife is working with a State Government Organisation and we live in Pune, I am working with a Multinational Company, the company was expanding and had started work at Jammu, I was asked to handle the project and had to go there that means missing the family since my wife’s job was Permananent and did not want to lose her position and children education would be disturbed, but since I was a senior management person took up the challenge since this was the way I could reach the higher post & after some enquiries with friends we were given a families address at Jammu who would help me in getting an accommodation. I reached Jammu and met the family Mr. Rajeev Verma and his Wife Kavitha Verma, they welcomed me at their house and then we exchanged our introductions that is when Mr. Rajeev informed that they have a small accommodation on the terrace which if I liked it could be given on rent since I was to stay alone accepted the offer and then got to know the family, Mr Rajeev Sharma was a Director in a Pharmaceutical company and basically was from Haryana and his beautiful wife was from Rajasthan they had a son whose name was Rahul, both the couple seem to be around 30-35 age and my age was also similar so our thoughts and our wavelength matched.

I took the place and then visited the site and the work had started, I also was returning in late hours and had hardly met the family, On Sunday I got up early and after completing my bath had just covered with a towel that is whenheard a knock on the door Kavitha was standing, she looked at me and smiled,she invited me for breakfast and after dressing upI followed, Rahul was playing with his toys and went and sat with him and started playing with him that is when Kavitha brought the breakfast, since I was sitting down on the carpet she bent and gave me the plate that is when saw her lovely boobs and was excited,when enquired aboutRajeev, she informed me that he was out of station and will be coming in the night, she also sat downwe were chatting and having the breakfastthat is when observed her with interest, she was pretty & exciting, she must be around 5 feet 2 inches fair having wheatish complexion, long hair and had a gorgeous figure, her breasts were firm & shapely and were protruding out of her low cut blouse, she was wearing a blue chiffon saree which showed her sweet navel and also her complete body structure could be felt, her buttocks swinged when she walked which was also exciting. We discussed on various topics and about my family and hers, that is when I felt that she was not too happy since Rajeev ignored her and did not give the required time to her and her son, he was more into work and work and hardly had time for his family she asked me to have lunch with them so agreed and went back to my room thinking of Kavitha,I visited again for lunch, she started serving me while doing so her body was completely touching my shoulders and her legs were touching my legs, wow it was so nice that is when asked Kavitha to sit and then we can have lunch, but she wanted to serve the guest first, after serving she sat next to me that is when her legs touched me do not know whether it was accidental or purposely but I liked it and felt that her knees were touching mine, it was good to feel her, after lunch she took all the plates inside the kitchen and started washing them that is when I went to the kitchen and helped her to put the utensils and plates in the right place, this made her more free with me and she started coming close to me & was taking keen interest in me and intentionally engaged me in talking to her. We started exchanging jokes, discussing various subjects, exchanging novels & magazines. While we chatted we at times turned to the subject of sex, I praised her beauty and her figure & always made it a point to inform her ashow she had maintained her sexy figure,She started talking tome directly looking into my eyes. Step by step she came closer to me. She started sending her son to play with me and (in absence of her husband), later on she would come and join playing with us, usually this all happened in the late evening hours since that was the time I was available, when she would come to my room she would wear clothes which would excite me. The sexual teasing continued between us for some while and I was getting very impatient to get my leg over her. I always flirted mildly with her, trying to make her blush, or at least respond positively to my interest in her body, which she didn't seem to mind. Sometimes she responded to my harmless flirtation. In fact, when we were alone I was now seeing passion for me in her eyes. She was as desperate for it as I was. Doubt and maybe some fear was holding her back, after all she was a married lady!

At times she would come near to me from the back and press her boobs on my shoulders or arms, this would make me want her and would fantazise fucking her, Intentionally she would let the saree fall down from her shoulders thereby exposing her sexy & lovely boobs, while playing she would bend so much that the whole protruding boobs could be seen, at times she would wear silky nighty which would show almost all her sexy curves, this was exciting me more and my urge to have her was also increasing, At times she would put her son to bed and again come to chat with me, one day she asked me to play cards with her, immediately an idea came to me and then informed her that we will play on one condition who ever wins will ask the other person to do some work for which she agreed, purposely lost the first game, she asked me to massage her back, touching her back was like a electric shock, she moaned at the touch of my hand on her soft back, I massaged her waist line for almost 5 minutes and she enjoyed it, the next game I won and asked her to open her blouse and bra for which she obliged,Her eyes started talking some special language, and said "You're naughty.

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  " she pulled back her hand from mine. But she was smiling and her eyes were glittering. Was she playing with me? Flirting with me? Or, did I see love in her eyes, love for me? "No, It was an invitation and without hesitation, I took it. "
She was blushing from head to toe, looking me in a strange way. Victory was in sight!

I pulled her to me and sat her on my lap; she was looking like a doll in my lap, this was my first attempt to touch her. Kavitha Bhabi was softer and warmer than my wildest dreams. She was reluctant and tried to get up but couldn't because of my embracing arms.

Her breast, though firmly held in place by her fabric, touched my body. I was in heaven. She looked at me for a few seconds with big sad eyes, as she was like in a trance, Her face grew red instantly as I leaned my head over her and whispered: Kavitha Bhabi you are so soft, so full, so ripe, so hot, so humid. " As I looked down, our lips were just a couple of inches from each other's. I had no hesitation whatsoever in planting my lips on hers as she grew stiff in my hands. I put my lips on her lips and kissed her. Even though I was sucking her lips, she didn't respond as I expected. I placed my hand on her breast and started palming her nipples feeling them erecting under my gentle touching.

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   I squeezed her breasts, she was breathing heavily, panting for breath. I simply could not believe that it was not a dream. I grabbed her hand again, I pulled her to me, and she snuggled up close to me. Immediately I felt her warmth and I was breathing in her intimate body aroma issuing from her sexy body. Her body molded into mine and I savoured the feel of her warm body for the first time in the last 5 months had stayed in their house. We groped each other for a few minutes;I allowed my hands to touch her and trace her smooth body, only then noticing that she was trembling as much as I was. Then, just as abruptly she got up from me, and said Rahul is sleeping and Rajeev is expected any moment, She whispered making a play-acting look of angry disapproval.

I laughed and said, "I am doing nothing just holding my sweet Kavitha close to me, and I know that the Rahul is sleeping. And your husband is still to come, maybe his flight is late. "

Next day when I returned from work it was little Rahul who opened the door and when asked for his mom he took me inside to the bedroom where Kavitha was lying on the bed and when asked for she said that she had sprained her legs and it was aching & was unable to move, first I sent Rahul outside to play and thenI asked her where actually it had sprained she lifted her saree upwards till her knees and said the pain is unbearable, that is when I took Moov ointment and sat on the bed and started shifting her saree upwards and started massaging her leg calf muscles, as I put pressure she started moaning, further my hand rode on her knees and then towards her thighs, my god it was damn sexy and she was enjoying my every move, massaged herlegs thoroughly but wanted to insert my hand upwards that is when Kavitha said that there was pain in her thighs also and requested me to massage there also I was getting hot and my dick was erect, as I shifted the saree upwards I could see her panties while massaging my hands were moving upwards towards the heaven and felt the pubic hairs and then fingered her pussy she started moaning and was enjoying I felt her body melting into my hands. She couldn't hold it any longer. She responded me and kissed passionately on my lips. Her legs opened so suddenly I was lying in between them. My heart leapt with joy! For the first time Farida Bhabi allowed me to kiss her passionately, with sexual feeling. It was a long kiss. 

   Her lips were the softest I'd ever felt. Our lips parted, and I felt her tongue, warm and soft, caressing mine. Her mouth was moist and she tasted clean and fresh. Her arms were clenched tightly around my neck, her eyes filled with both fear and desire. Both of us were breathing heavily, I hugged her tightly and she held me firmly as well. We began kissing each other like mad. Our tongues began wrestling furiously after which I kissed her cheeks, neck and shoulders. Her breasts pressed against my chest. I tried to put some distance between us while I kept sucking her tongue so that I can squeeze her breast. But could not, as she was holding me hard against her body pressing her breasts against me. My beloved Farida was mine.

I was kissing and licking her checks, eyes, nose, neck, ears and shoulder. Kavitha Bhabi was breathing heavy and slightly moaning at each kiss, at each caress, her body trembling, passing on the message of her desire for me. Her hands were clutching, embracing me tightly. My cock was hard and was touching her mound, knowing she could feel my love message to her.

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   For how long we were in that position I don't know. I was squeezing her breasts, she heavily breathing, moaning, working her hips against me, feeling my rigid hardness, increasing her wetness, she knew as I did that her cunt was ready for my rampant cock!
we were mad for each other and wanted to quench our thirst but at that same time there was a bell of somebody had come, immediately Kavitha got up and made herself presentable and went running to open the door, I quietly had left forupstairs to my room, after some time came down to enquire that is when saw Rajeev sitting on the sofa watching the tv, I went and said hello to Rajeev who invited to join him and watch the cricket match, Kavitha entered the hall with a bottle of Scotch and 3 glasses to my surprise she was wearinga Yellow chiffon saree and a low cut blouse, which made her more sexy,Rajeev expressed that he was exhausted and was tensed with the workand informed that he will be leaving by morning flight to Mumbai, I was surprised by 3 glasses, but Kavitha poured the scotch in all the 3 glasses and added Soda and gave it to me and Rajeev and said cheers, she was also having, we had 3 rounds when suddenly Rajeev asked Kavitha to go to the market and get 2 kg Badam since he had to take the same for his boss, Kavitha expressed her fear that it was already late that is whenI volunteered to escort Kavitha to the market for which Rajeev agreed and asked to bring some other items. I started the motorcycle and Kavitha sat and we started for the market, it was already dark I took off with speed that is when she held me at my waist and her boobs started bouncing on my back, on the way at many places applied urgent brake so she would collide on my back, she knew that I was on fire, she dropped her hands from the waist towards my crotch, immediately my prick started throbbing, wedid the shopping and were returning back it started raining heavilyand both of us were drenched completely, Kavitha had clung to me from behind. Her boobs were fully pressing on to my back. I was feeling the softness of her full sized spongy boobs which were being crushed between me and her. Already I was excited since she had kept her hand on my crotch and the heat and urge to have her was increasing, while driving I tried to feel her thighs by my left hand, she said wait until tomorrow when Rajeev leaves there will be no one to disturb us, when we reached her saree was completely drenched and it was sticking to her lovely body, her clothes had become see through, all her curves and her boobs were visible clearly, her boobs were inviting me to suck it, they looked more opulent may be because of the designer bra she was wearing, her nipples were visible and she was trying to cover the same with her pallu, the curves of her boobs were clearly seen, I admired Kavitha to have maintained a good figure and also said that she looked damn sexy, I pulled her to me and hugged her, she escaped from my clutches &she ran inside the house and changed over to a better dress, I followed her but went upstairs changed my dress and again joined Rajeev for a drink since I required it badly, Rajeev was already high and wanted to finish his dinner and go to bed, Kavitha came back wearing a silky nighty and served food, she had a naughty look, could see mischief & lust in her eyes, half way Rajeev got up struggled to go to his room that is when myself and Kavitha helped him to his room and returned to complete our dinner, after that she brought me fruits to eat, I was in a mood to listen to music when she came near me an idea struck me and asked her whether she would like to dance with me for which she readily agreed, she gave me her hand and we slowly started dancing on the romantic song which was played, I kept my hands on her hips and started dancing to which she also reciprocated and came more closely to me, I once againadmired her for maintaining such a figure, she smiled, I could smell and feel her fragrance, I pulled her more close to me and planted a kiss on her neck for which she gave a small moan, my dick was already ready to shoot at her & it was rubbing her thighs and her boobs were brushing on my chest, I gave her a long passionate French kiss she reciprocated and was enjoying it, my hands started feeling her naked waist and moved my hands towards her sexy navel and tickled it, she was also on fire, I pulled her to me and She snuggled closer and hugged me. Now she could feel my hardness, feel what I had to put into her. The heat of her body was divine. We embraced tightly, carreasing each other's bodies for a moment, just quietly enjoying our intimacy. Each moment a moment treasured.

She pulled herself as close to me as possible, which meant that her breasts pressed against my chest, I could feel the warmth of her taut nipples against my chest. Her breasts were soft like a lump of molten butter. We lay like that for maybe five minutes, maybe longer when she asked, "Have you gone to sleep?"

I laughed, " No, although to sleep like this in your arms I would want to do forever. "

"If you want to, sleep like this, I mean, I have no objection. " She said laughingly.



"You are teasing me again, My Bhabi! How can I sleep? We had waited long enough. I needed to be in you and you needed me to be in you, and we didn't mess around. " I put my hand on Bhabi's hip, and my iron cock, protruding, pressing and rubbing against her Mound-of-Venus. Gentle fucking motions, which she was responding to. Telling me she wanted my cock inside her.

"It's good to see you happy. " she replied.

"Aren't I always happy? I said.

"No, most times you're a sad man pretending to be happy. " and gave me a little peck on the lips, "Only because I know you. " She added.

"Well, now you know me a lot better. "

She stirred and moved back against me. Leaving my one hand grasping on her firm breast. My hands cupped her firm and round pair of her breasts and pulled them up.

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   Farida Bhabi was excited as I was, She breathed deeply, Her body shivered again and again and my heart was pounding like a jackhammer.

Soon my hand was exploring, first her tummy and finger walking, caressing on down her inner thighs, her legs opened for me to give me access to her mound. Feather touching her cunt and felt the lips opening through her shilwar. There was no barrier of panties. Her crutch was wet with her secretions and I could smell her sex now and wanted more, more, much more. It was the elixir of love. I soon had my hand down the waistband of her shilwar, finding her cunt to be baby smooth she had recently shaved it, for me?

"This belongs to my husband, your friend," she whispered. "But I have to oblige today; this is your gift from me. If I'm right, you wanted it?" she said.

I gasped in excitement before running my fingers up and down her wet slit and said, "I'm much oblige of my sweet bhabi for this. Bhabi, this is the best and most precious gift that any woman can ever give!" I said. "

"I'm happy if you accept it from your bhabi," bhabi said huskily.

My fingers had no trouble moving between her legs to the hole of her hot and so juicy pussy and I slid a long finger right up inside her snug fitting passageway. The passageway I was now desperate to get my prick into, desperate to fuck!

I feverishly unknotted the waistband of her shilwar, sliding the silky garment over her hips, whichKavitha lifted willing, just as eagerly as me. Now the doors were open she was just as keen to fuck as I was.

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   Now it was carnal lust. She helped me to slip the shilwar off her feet, which she kicked, away to the rear of her. The way was clear. I stripped as I slid her shilwar down. Removing my own shilwar. Now we were both naked. We were both hot and lusting for each other. I placed my hand high on her thighs and started to caress them in a circular fashion. A soft moan escaped bhabi. I took it as a sign of pleasure and continued to caress those fleshy, spongy thighs. It felt so great! Her skin was so smooth! I was slowly moving upwards and was now caressing her inner thighs. I could feel the heat that was flowing from the door to heaven that was between those thighs! I nearly came thinking about her hot and wet pussy! Encouraged by her response, I then slowly caressed her pussy.

I slipped my hand between her legs to her pussy to finger her up. My index finger slid into her already well-lubed pussy. She panted her hands reaching to grip my hard erect cock.

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   And she touched my cock; touch of her fingers was electric shock for me I felt I would die or at least I would shout out. I controlled myself. She grabbed it in her delicate hand, her soft fingers encircling it and murmuring incredulously, She slowly, tremulously worked my rampant cock up and down, feeling its whole length and thickness. " It's so big and so hot! It is better then Rajeev’s, I'm not sure I can accommodate some thing that size," She said while slowly began to move my dick back and forth her thumb caressing the tip of my cock' head. The warmth of her hand against my stiff rod was exhilarating. We fondled each other for quite sometime and thenBhabi Slowly opened her legs apart and pulled them towards herself so that they were bent at the knees, and that was clear signal that she wants it now. The moment had finally arrived. My cock was hard and in need of attention, and Kavitha was more than ready to be fucked. It was time to fuck the sweet pussy that no man other then Rajeev had ever defiled before,I wasn't able to stand much more of that so I quickly moved over her, on top of her between her widespread thighs, and rested the head of my cock at her entrance. When I touched the very tip of my dick to her pussy I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy. "I have dreamed of this moment since I saw you first and I want to savor each second of it. " I said but kavitha didn't reply but in response only lifted her ass to give my cock a clear target at her pussy hole.

I was rubbing my hard cock into her slimy slit; teasing her. "Do it" Kavitha said in a half whisper "Stop teasing and put it in me. " I couldn't believe what was happening? Was I dreaming? I felt her movements and had guessed that she spat on her fingers, and then once again her hands reached down feverishly to grip my hard erect cock, "oh, I was right that was her saliva," she spread the saliva over my cock, the best lubrication.

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   Then She placed my cock head in betwixt her gateway to heaven, as she felt my knob she bucked her pussy up to meet it. There was not saying, 'No' now. I had broken this shy, conservative and gorgeous woman of my dream, and I would now ride her for my complete pleasure. Now all my dreams were coming true. All my fantasies were distilling themselves into this wonderful creature beside me. She wants me to do what I have been itching to do since I first saw her.

I was a tentative to her needs, being gentle, controlled and loving. I was keen to make this moment an item of onward repeated; time and time gain desire for her to have, to beg me for.

The head of my cock touched her warm pussy lips. I paused a while, then I leaned over to gather her in my arms; I slowly, but steadily drove my cock into its new home of my dream woman's tunnel of love. Kavitha’s muscles of her vaginal vulva and its inner lips squeezed and nibbled my cock head. My sensitive flesh began to throb with life and urgency. I moved a little and pressed down into pussy barely two inches. She quivered and moaned a little. bhabi pussy wasn't loose like I thought it would be, but felt pretty tight.

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   I froze for a moment to let her feel my cock inside her. I was savoring this moment too. She raised her hips up off the bed and my prick slid fully up her until my balls nestled against her asshole. I groaned as I felt her pussy close to grip and squeeze me. Bhabi was hot. Her cunt was boiling with liquid heat. I relaxed again and feltBhabi's inner walls nipping my rod, which felt so nice. All of my cock was now buried deep inside her. A sigh of pure ecstasy came over her mouth as I lay over her. I didn't move. I just lay there with my cock buried up to my balls deep inBhabi's pussy, savoring the feeling. Then slowly I started to move. Just slow short thrusts, my whole length just moving inside of her. My Bhabi was happy and so I was happy too. I did not feel conquest, just a deep warm love for her and my sheer joy for the precious gift she was bestowing upon me.



I slowly thrust in and out, in and out. Farida bhabi was trying to keep her emotions to herself but her body betrayed her, She moved her legs a little more widely for me. So I could get all the way in I grabbed her leg and bent her knee and brought it by my side. I pumped back and forth with a slow pace several times, Very slowly all the way out and all the way back in. She was sighing and gripping me tightly, her legs striking the air at each gentle inward thrust. I felt my knob knocking on the door of her womb, which made her grunt. I was getting now pace. . Her cunt sucked my cock like a baby sucking a feeder nipple.

I kept moving within her, in a steadily increasing pace. I felt like I was getting harder and harder inside of her, like my cock was tied in a knot and couldn't find release. I loved the feeling of my cock sliding into her; I felt extreme sexual pleasure the way her pussy muscles clenched tightly onto my cock. Her pussy walls parted as my erect cock penetrated deeper and deeper into her warm interior. The exquisite sensation of sliding in her warm pussy over my cock was incredible. The inside of her pussy felt so wet, so warm and so tight as if moist velvet vice gripped my cock.

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   I pulled out and sated for a moment and then with one courageous hard push, the entire length engulfed my erect cock into her pussy. It was heaven for me! I felt the restriction around my knob, it felt like I was entering and leaving her very womb! I wanted to make each stroke in, as deep and satisfying as possible. Bhabi was taking deep breaths and making soft moaning sounds.

I started thrusting into her cunt, forcing excited moans from her throat. My strong fingers gripping her shoulders tightly, holding her down in place while I gave her the fucking of her lifetime. It was obvious to me that she had never had a cock the size of mine in her entire life before. Bhabi started to flow as her natural flow was a river overflowing. Her ankles were locked and digging into my ass, actually pressing into my butt crack. She was panting and trying to grab my hips and pull me in further. Her pussy was so wet with her natural cunt lube. So by this time I could hear my cock sloshing around. My balls were slapping against her ass and my dick had reached new depths where her husband had never gone. We were deeply involved and never noticed that we werebeing watched by Kavitha's husband Rajeev who had comeback due to cancellationof his flight the story continues with threesome.