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 Tom was a 19 year old male who liked the older woman, females his age didn’t do anything for him he found them more to be a bore than anything else. He loved looking at the mature womans body, his eyes would roam over the aged skin down to there chest which he would observe while getting an erection.
His friends mum often flirted with him, wearing her robe while he was at there home and sometimes she would bend over allowing him a look at her deep clevage. It didn’t take him long to get turned on, and moving in the seat was always a give away to her and she would smile at him knowing what she had done.

One morning tom was chatting to an older lady, she was 45 and was on web cam and was sucking her nipples for him. He pushed down his shorts, and began to jerk himself off while watching the woman sucking on her tits then all of a sudden she stood up. To his suprise she wore nothing, and right away opened her pussy and showed him her wet box before pushing a finger inside. His cock was as big as it was going to get, and he was also close to shooting his load but stopped jerking when he heard a noise behind him. Turning round he was it was sally, she was stood in the doorway watching him jerk off in a summer dress with the front open.

Right away he let go of his cock, and started to pull his shorts back up but sally stopped him.

“ well you might as well finish. ” tom had shut down the computer, so the screen was blank. “ oh you don’t have anything to look at do you. ” she shocked him even more than being caught by her, she stood by him and opened her dress and revealed her big breasts.

he gasped as he looked at her puffy red nipples, then she squeezed her breasts together pinching her nipples. "Go ahead, and stroke your cock" tom didn’t need asking twice, he grabbed his cock and began stroking again while watching her play with her tits.

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   “ you’ve been wanting to see these in a long time havnt you,” “ oh yer I have, but how did you get in here. “ the back door was open, but don’t worry when I saw what you were doing I locked it. ” his eyes never left her fingers playing with her nipples, nore did he stop jerking off. Looking down at his cock she let out a moan, then looked at him and dropped her dress to the floor. “ now you can take full advantage of me. ”

Pushing her breasts to his face, tom almost cum there and then but instead he opened his mouth and sucked on a nipple. Making sure each one was erect, he moved over to the other but at the same time he dropped his hand between her legs and left her pussy. it was so hot and wet, sally moaned and thrust against his hand as he continued jacking off while rubbing her wet pussy. "Stand up" he quickly obeyed and stood facing each other, and she reached out and took his cock into her soft hand and stroked his cock.

With tom fingering her, sally started to moan and groan then all at once let out a sharp gasp and climaxed.

    her body shaking as she climaxed, and he could feel her juices running down her thighs. "oh god im not going to last long sally, im gonna cum. ” “ oh yes please I want to see you cum. ” moving back from him, she took hold of his cock and started to pump him off. Her hand was moving so fast that he knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

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    Knowing he was close, sally got down on her knees and pumped him off over her large tits. There was no way she was going to miss this, not for anything so as he got close she brushed the head of his cock onto her breasts and made him shoot.
    Coating her breasts in cum, sally lowered her head and licked some cum before getting to her feet and smearing the remainder into her skin. “ mm that was really nice tom, just what I needed and I think you did to with the looks of all this on me, so who was the woman on screen. ” “ just someone I talk to that’s all. ”
    “ mm and I see makes you swell nicely, but you don’t need her anymore tom. ” “ I don’t understand, she makes me feel so good. ”
    “ I can make you feel a lot better, the real thing not something on a screen or in a porn magazine. ”
    “ my god you mean you want more of me. ” “ more and more, I knew this day would come soon but I think you can also help other women out as well with that big cock. ” sally pulled on her dress and stood looking at him smiling. “ do you know what I mean tom, when I saw help other women out. ” “ erm yes women who need sex. ” “ mm you’re a quick learner, but not just any women im talking about my friend, but before I let you loose on her I need to feel more of you. ” sally moved closer to tom and kissed him before parting away.

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       “ come round in an hour, we can talk more about it. ”
    As soon as sally was gone, tom pulled on his clothes and sat thinking about sexy sally and what they got up to.



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