Re-igniting an old flame....


This is a true story of the first time i ever cheated on my wife. It hapened quite a while ago now. Only the names have been changed so i don't get caught!!

Her name was Karen and she was the first girl I ever fell really in love with. . .

I met her through my sister, they were close friends, and we hit it off straight away. She was 18 and i was 18. I asked her out, but she warned me that she was a devout christian and that i would have to accept that and all it entailed if we were to be together? I didn't care. . . she was hot and i wanted to be with her. . .

Anyway, we went out for 5 months. . .

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   at first she would only kiss, but over time i managed to get her to like fooling around and then one night at my place i got her fully naked. Just as I was about to mount her, I looked into her eyes and saw fear. . . it made me uncomfortable so i asked what was wrong? She told me she didn't really want to do "it" as it was against her christian beliefs, so i told her it was ok and we started to dress. Then i told her there was something else we could do without having intercourse? She asked me what it was and i told her about oral sex. . . I got her to strip and then went down on her for her first ever time. . . she was moaning and squirming around all over the place till i flicked her clit and she virtually went thru the roof!! Karen had experienced her first orgasm!!We did this on three other occasions but i was growing frustrated and wanted to fuck her something bad. . .

Anyway, i took her home after seeing a movie one night and convinced her to go to the local "inspiration point" at the beach.

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  . . one thing lead to another and we ended up in the back seat. . . i fingered her, then stripped her jeans and knickers off and went down on her again. . . i was sooooooo fucking horny that i decided to go for it. . . i moved up between her thighs and slowly rubbed my throbbing cock up and down her virgin slit. . . she looked at me and whispered softly "it's ok" and i pushed my hips forward.

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  . . my cock stretched her lips apart for the first time ever and i slid deep into her folds. . . oh god, i was finally doing what i had been wanting to for sooooo long. . . it felt right, i was madly in love with this girl and it just seemed a natural progression of our relationship. Little did i know the trouble this loving act would lead to?

I didn't get to see Karen till 2 days later and when i got to her place she was crying and wouldn't let me through the door? She was a wreck. . . having a personal crisis feeling that she'd betrayed her religious beliefs. . .

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   she told me we couldn't see each other anymore and that she was going to go visit her older sister interstate for a few months. . . I was devistated!! I begged her to reconsider but to no avail. . .

Karen left and after a few months i decided i had to move on. . . i had a couple of girlfriends but was afraid to try for sex incase they left me. . . then i met Ellen!!We were fucking from the second day, we were so hot for each other. . .

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   We'd been going out 3 months and i felt alot of affection for her, but i wouldn't say i was in love with her at that time? Then my world was turned upside down. . . Karen came back!!!

I was fucked up. . . i felt obligated to Ellen, but was still in love with Karen. . . I met with her a couple of times and we talked about getting together again. . . Karen told me that she'd changed when she went away. . .

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   no longer was she the demure christian girl. . . in her place was a sexy, pot smoking sex fiend!!I couldn't believe it. . . she said she'd been really confused when she left and that the friends she made in her new town convinced her to change. . .

Anyway. . . my sister held a party (our parents were away) for one of her friends b'day and also to welcome Karen home. . .

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   Everybody was drunk and at some stage, Karen was in the back yard and stripped off yelling to everybody to go skinny dipping with her in the pool!!I was very drunk, had been lusting after her all night so i yelled in agreement and started to take off my shirt. . . just then Ellen walked outside and saw what was happpening. . .


She landed a stinging blow across my chops!!! That made me pull my head in and i stayed away from Karen for a while. . . my sister managed to get her back into her clothes and we all headed to the lounge room to watch somemovies. . . there were about 5 of us lying under a blanket on the floor, i can't remember how, but Karen ended up between Ellen and I. I had my right arm up behind her head stroking Ellen's hair and was sort of leaning towards both her and Karen. I couldn't help myself and moved my left hand over to rub Karen's belly.

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   She didn't stop me, so i slowly worked her skirt up over her hips. . . i slipped my hand under the waistband of her pantyhose and down to her pussy. She wasn't wearing any knickers!!!

Anyway, there we were lying on the floor and i was fingering my ex-girlfriend under the blanket whilst stroking my new girlfriends hair!!! I didn't find out till years later, but Karen had wrapped her arms around Ellen's arm and hugged her tightly while i was doing this. . . Ellen thought she was making a move on her!!! (there'd been a lesbian rumour about Karen after she came back). I fingered her for about 25 mins till the movie finished then i headed to the kitchen. Karen followed me out and we began to kiss passionately. . . i started to finger her again and she was panting hotly in my ear. . .

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   she started rubbing my cock through my jeans and i was barred up harder than a diamond!!! we could hear somebody coming so we broke apart and she went to the bathroom and i back to the lounge. soon after ipretended i had to go to the toilet and went down the hall to the bathroom. . once inside, i locked the door and we were all over each other like 2 animals in heat!!

we didn't have much time. . . i tore her pantyhose open at the crotch and hoisted her up on the vanity. . . then i moved between her legs and we fucked. . . raw. . .

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   passionate hard sex. . . it only lasted only about 4 or 5 minutes before i was pumping her full of my cum!!! we had to go back to the lounge room, but arranged to get together and fuck all night long because she was staying at our house that night in the spare room. . Ellen must of smelled a rat as she nipped those plans in the bud!!! She took my car home that night and offered Karen a lift home. . . Karen left and i never got another chance to fuck her again. . . the next time we were together she told me she'd thought about what we did and felt too guilty. She said that she couldn't do it to Ellen. . .


   so that was it. . . .