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i was riding out to oklahoma with my mother in law deb. i have to say that she is hot!!she has 36D tits and wears a size 7 thong (i have sniffed them many times from her dirty clothes when i have visited. ) i kept getting great looks of how good her tits looked with the seat belt strap going between them. i know that she caught me many times getting a quick look at them. my dick was so fuckin hard i think through the entire state of missouri. we finally go to oklahoma when it was night. i was glad. i could slightly rub my hard cock in the dark. i could not wait till we got to our hotel so that i could jerk off. we ended up not getting there till extremely late and i passed out as soon as i climbed in bed.

the next morning i got up and showered. i couldn't wait to see my wife that night so i could fuck the hell out of her. i was so horny. i shaved all up in the shower knowing that i was flying out in 5 hours to see her. i was out of the bathroom and shaving my face at the sink when my mother in law woke up. she asked if i was dressed so that we both wouldn't be embarrassed when she rolled over.

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  not thinking i blurted out "the only one that will be embarrassed is you ifyou saw it"she gave a smile and said "oh you actually think so. i have seen a man's dick befor you know. " i laughed because she didn't know what i had done. i walked over to her still lying in bed and dropped my shorts. her eyes widened in amazement. she said that she never seen a pierced cock before. she then asked if it hurt. i said no but was worth it for the pleasure that it gave a woman. i told her that if she was that interested in it that she could touch the piercing to see that it didn't hurt. curiousity she reached up and pushed the barbell back and forth. my cock immediatly started to harden. her soft hands were a fantasy touching my cock. she started to laugh a little and i told her that i was sorry but she was honestly a huge fantasy of mine. she told me she knew that i sniffed her panties and found my dry cum in her crotch before. she also told me that she saw me staring at her tits the entire trip and made her so wet knowing how much i desired her.

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  she then began to stroke my cock back and forth at a more rapid pace and asked if i could keep a secret. i obvisouly said yes. she told me that we had an hour before she had to start getting ready and that anything i wanted i could have but could never leave the room.

i pushed her back on the bed and got on top of her. i kissed and bit her neck and whispered in her ear that i have wanted her for so long. she smiled and said she knew but i was wasting time by talking to her. our mouths met and we started kissing. i slid my tongue in her mouth and she started to suck on it. i reached down between her legs and felt her pussy. her thong was soaked. she then told me that it was the pink pair that she found many times with my cum on it. we sat up and she took her shirt off. her tits looked so nice in her black bra. i reached around and undid the clip so that they fell out. she grabbed her left one and kind of held it up and told me to suck on it.

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   as i flicked my tongue out and started to suck on it she grabbed my hair. i squeezed the other one with my other hand. i bit her nipple and told her i wanted her to suck my cock. she told me she thought about me cumming in her mouth all day yesterday and couldn't wait to taste me. i laid on the bed and watched her get on all fours beside me. she took her tongue and slowly licked the pre cum off of my dick. then i felt her lips pass over the head of my cock. i almost came right there. she went the entire length of my cock then pulled her lips off. she started to flick cock ring with her tongue. she told me it was the most interesting thing she saw and couldn't wait to see how it felt in her. she then took me in her mouth again. i felt her as she ran her mouth up and down the entire thing. she then took it completly in her mouth and stopped. i felt her tongue then start to lick my balls with my shaft in her mouth.

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  i told her just to suck i wanted to cum. as she pulled back a little i start to pump my hips in her mouth i told her i was about to cum. she had just the head in her mouth as i left out the first of 5 spurts. she started swallowing them. she kept up and drained my cock completly of my cum and swallowed it all. i told her that her daughter didn't do that and was over 4 years since a girl swallowed my cum. she smiled and said it won't be that long again and winked.

i told her that i wanted to lick her pussy. she said no. that we didn't have much time. i told her how bad i wanted to taste her. she laid down on the bed and took off her pants. i told her to leave her thong on that i wanted to fuck her with it on. i rubbed and started to finger fuck her. i was suprised to see that she was completely shaved.

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   her 48 year old pussy was really tight. my dick was immediatly hard again. i pulled my fingers out and licked them. mmmmm debbie tasted so good. i asked her how she wanted fuck. she told me she didn't care but wanted to be on top first so i could watch her tits bounce up and down. i took my cock anyhow and wanted to see what it would look like sliding up and down her slit. i teased her with just the head and rubbing the piercing on her clit. she was so hot and so wet. i never knew that i could have wanted an older pussy so much and it look so good. i then laid down and told her to get on top.
    she straddled me. i watched her awesome thighs go over my head. they weren't skinny but they weren't fat. just the perfect round size.

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       she slid her pussy to the head of my cock and reached down with her hand. i felt my cock slide right in. god she was tight!!! i never wanted it to end. this was the woman that i jerked off to so many morning in the shower. here she was on my cock as i watched it slide in her. i watched her rub her nipples and squeeze them as she was moaning her name. she then reached down and begin to rub her clit. i squeezed her ass and told her that i wanted her to cum on top of me. she started moaning louder and said she was close. she leaned forward and i took one of her nipples in her mouth. she told me she was cumming and then i bit her nipple. this drove her over the edge as i felt her pussy clamp down on me. she collapsed on me as we kissed. i told her that i wanted to cum now.

    she rolled off me and got on all fours on the bed.

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       god i loved her ass. it was so plump and sticking up in the air for my taking. i pulled her thong to the side and shoved my cock in her pussy. i loved that i was in control and could go as fast as i wanted. i dug my fingers in her ass. it was so hot looking down and seeing that thong on her ass as my cock glistened with her cum. i knew that i wasn't going to last long and told her that i was going to cum soon. i asked her where she wanted me to cum since i didn'thave a rubber on. she told me that it was up to me she didn't care. she wasn't expecting what i did though. i gripped her ass shoved my cock as deep in her pussy as it would go and came deep in her pussy. she felt shot after shot filling her up. as she collapsed on the bed i pulled her thong off. i spread her legs and started stuffing her thong in her pussy. she asked what the hell i was doing.

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       i told her i was taking this with me and wanted it soaked in OUR juices. after i let it in her i pulled it out. to my surprise she took it in her hand and licked some of the juices off. debbie got up and headed for the shower. the thought of her naked and soaking wet in the shower made my dick twitch again. as i got hard i started stroking my cock and walked for the shower. i looked at the clock and we had a little time before we had to leave. i walked in and startled her a little in the shower. i got behindher and loved feeling of our wet bodies rubbing together. i asked her if she washed her pussy yet and she told me no. i immediatly dropped to my knees. i spread her ass cheeks apart and shoved my tongue in. she spread her legs and turned around. i was so glad to finally get a lick of her pussy. i just shoved my tongue directly in her.

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       i could taste my cum and her cum all in one. She threw a leg over my shoulder so that i better access to tonguing her. mmm she tasted so good. i could tell that she shaved right before the trip. i didn't know if she was expecting this to happen or not. i then slide a finger in. her pussy was so full of our juices. i make a "come here" motion with my finger to rub on her g-spot. i could tell that she was getting close. i started to lick her faster and finger fucker her harder. she dug her nails in my shoulders as i felt her shudder and cum with my tongue in her. as she relaxed i stood up and kissed her. i could tell she loved tasting our juices on my tongue. she told me that was the best oral she had in a long time. i told her i didn't want this to stop.

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       she smiled and told me that she couldn't wait to have me eat her pussy again.