mock oral sex


I work for a large corporation. They had serious regulatory problems with the Federal Government in another city. They sent about 60 people from all over the country to that one city, for 6 months,to help straighten things out; or at least create so much paper work that the government regulators would lose there way.
I was about 50 but kept in shape and looked much under.
They local managers teamed me up with a very attractive female of about 35. Loretta really kept in shape by running at a health spa for an hour every night after work, and even competed in half marathons in her home city. I was afraid for my job so I worked late about an hour every night. After Loretta’s run and shower we would meet up and go to a restaurant for supper. We had lunch together. Within days we were inseparable, we did everything at work together. We were so tight people called us Spandex, behind our backs.

Within days Loretta explained to me that she did not cheat on her husband. He had a really high power 6 figure job, had played 4 years of college football. He had even tried out for a pro-football; team but was cut after summer tryouts. I told her I did not cheat either. We had a lot of fun having supper in different restaurants, and drinking Sangria after supper.

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   We would get plastered and tell each other funny stories and jokes.

Our corporation did not want any problems so they had all of the females from other cities in one hotel and the males spread out in a bunch of other hotels. After a few weeks Loretta told me that she had 30 years of Mad Magazine on her Kendal. I was crazy about Mad Magazine as a teenager so I had to see this. Each night after we would get rip raving drunk, after supper, we would go to Loretta’s hotel room to read Mad Magazine on her Kendal, and laugh for hours. Every night around 18 O’clock I would leave to drive back to my hotel across town. Loretta was very attractive so I would end out masturbating.

After about a week of the hotel room visits Loretta admitted to me that even though she never cheated on her husband, she had been using a vibrator on herself after I left. I told her I do not cheat sexually on my wife. She told me that we do not have to cheat sexually but that we could still have a lot of fun, even without the Kendal. After that we would have a half hour session of kissing, hugging and toung-swapping before I drove back to my room. Within two weeks this progressed into me rubbing her nipples, through her cloths, while we swapped spit. Soon the make out sessions started as soon as we got to her room, and lasted until her eleven PM Wake up call, when I would go back to my room to masturbate. Within a week I was giving her fully clothed back rubs and leg massages in addition to rubbing her breasts while swapping spit.

After about a week of the massages Loretta again informed me that she does not sexually cheat on her husband; and that she was glads I did not cheat either.

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   After that she started to unfasten her bra, and move it out of the way so that I could rub her breasts through her blouse of dress. She also told me that as soon as I left she would get out her vibrator and bring her self off. I was still driving to my hotel room and masturbating also.

A few weeks of this and I could not take my eyes off her at work. The corporation extended the work week to six days, so now we could only go home on every fourth weekends. Loretta and I would meet for Sunday morning breakfast, and then up to her room. Loretta informed me that we could still have even more fun by doing mock oral sex. She had to explain this to me.

With a pair of slacks on, she would cup both her hands over her cunt, positioning them so that there was a slit between her two index fingers. I would get down between her legs as though I actually eating her cunt; but, would just lick between the index fingers while she rubbed the base of her thumb against her citreous.
This would get both of us very worked up. Within minutes, I could feel the heat in her pussey, and she would start her body vibrating. Loretta would look absolutely bottleful as she had an orgasm, with her mouth wide open and making sounds as though she was having an asthma attack.

In exchange for me performing mock oral sex on her Loretta would perform mock oral sex on me; by rubbing her face against my hard cock still covered by my clothes. Loretta would rub her cheeks, her chin, and her nose against my hard cock while it was still covered by mu cloths.


   I loved this mock oral sex. I really really did; but it could not make me come right in my underwear. So Loretta would get on top of me and we would dry hump fully clothed to make me come in my pants. I would rub her nipples as we dry humped. This was really a great way to spend Sunday afternoon. The other temporary workers would always ask why we could not meet them for golf or paint-ball.

Loretta could not go back to her husband every fourth weekend with her slacks having that old familiar smell; so after a few days of thisLoretta started putting on her gum shorts, instead of her business casual slacks, when we dry humped and performed mock oral sex on each other. I Loved this change of format; It have me a chance to rub my face against her bare legs. Her bare legs had smooth clear skin and were covered with light blond care that was like peach fuzz. Between the sweet from running and the female juices from sexual excitement her gym shorts smelled marvelous. Soon Loretta was opening her blouse while we dry humped so that I could lick her nipples, and give her a nose nipple rub. All this excitement did not stop us from having every meal at a restaurant on the company’s expense account. I hated it when that job assignment ended.