From good girl to sinner in less than 5 days


I am what most consider you average American girl. I am 5'7", 117 pounds, brown hair and green eyes. My boobs are a small C cup and most guys say I am attractive. I also am someone who has prided herself on being considered a good girl and never one who has ever slept around. My reputation took a major hit one week though.

One night I had to go visit a my friend's brother for some papers he had I needed for an assignment. When I got there, my long time friend was there too, visiting his brother too. It was always a treat to see Bob, especially since he recently married and our get togethers were few and far between. by 10:30, I was running out of steam and called it a night since I had stuff to do the following morning. Bob left too and was going to escort me to my car. I was glad because it was late. we stopped about a half a block from where my car was parked as we chatted about silly things. It was something we always did. What Bob did next changed my world forever. With no warning he took his hand and brushed it across my chest, feeling enough boob to shock me in the process. I was shocked, to say the least.

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  I was speechless. He then leaned over and gave me this huge kiss, which I willingly accepted. I knew it was wrong, especially since he was married and I was a friend of his wife. I didn't think it was a good idea to continue this make out session in the street so I suggested we go to my car and suck face some more. I had no idea what was going to happen next.

When we got into my car, we started doing some serious kissing and his hands were all over my blouse. It was very arousing for me, especially since it had been a good 4 months since I had been a guy. I think he really blew me away when he whipped out his cock. I actually didn't know how to respond. I didn't expect it to get this far but it did. He put my hand on it and as I did, I felt it grow and grow. As bad as it was to be doing what we were doing, it felt great to make a man hard again. I was very turned on but did my best to conceal it. Bob pulled me on to his lap and I continued to stroke his cock. The windows in my car got very foggy.

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  I could feel his cock get harder but then he did the unthinkable. He pulled aside my undies and slid his cock into me. My initial response was stop, stop and stop. Those pleas to stop quickly changed to feelings of wanting it to continue. All I could think about that I was in my car, fucking my married friend and not stopping it. He suggested we get into the backseat to make what we were doing easier. I went from total shock to not being able to jump into the back quickly enough. He mounted me and put his cock right back in. Oh how I forgot this thrill. I wasn't sure if I could cum from this but I guess my curiosity was answered quickly. I really didn't want to cum because I did harbor some guilt but what I was doing was too intense to avoid cumming. I could barely utter the words but when I told him I was about to cum, he turned it up another notch and I started my cum fest. As I did, I felt Bob start to explode too. How great it felt to cum with him at the same time.
    It felt like it lasted an eternity but what an awesome orgasm I had.

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    As soon as it was over we both jumped back into the front seats. I looked at him and asked him what motivated him to do this and did he expect me to respond like he did. He said he honestly had no idea why he did it and never expected it to end up with us fucking. He asked me if I was angry and I told him that if I was I would have stopped him much sooner. I still thought what we did was wrong but I admitted that what he just did for me was exactly what the doctor would have ordered. I told him it was like 4 months since I did anything like that. He laughed and said he now understood why I was so hot in the car. We both promised to keep what we did that night our secret. I guess what really surprised me was what he said before the night ended. He said that next time it would be fun for us to do it on a bed and not just get it over with in less than 18 minutes. I told him he was crazy for assuming there even would be a next time. I was serious about that. After all his wife was my friend and he was still married. Was I curious to see what a complete bedroom session would feel like with him?Yes, but I wasn't sure I could do it again with him.

    I thought I could never be a worse sinner than this but in PT ll I think you will see what I mean about being as bad as bad gets.