Billabong Bang


Note: The following story is a work of fiction.

In a certain part of the Australian Outback, a group of campers were traveling in the radiance of a brilliant, red sunset. There was a gentle, steady wind that kept them cool as they trekked over flat terrain that was mostly dirt and rock.

The group consisted of eight people. There was Phil Redberg (45), his wife, Krista (43), their children, William (19) and Anna (15), and William's school buddy, Peter Dooken (18); Phil's friend, Ben Buford (35), a single father, and his daughter, Paula (13); and their Outback guide, Vern (31). The group was mainly from the USA, except for Krista and Vern. Krista had been born and raised in Australia, but went to college in the US, and after graduating and finding a job, ended up marrying Phil.

Krista Redberg had a body made for Baywatch, bushy red hair, emerald-green eyes, good sun-tanned skin, and a general busty ripeness that made her mature age a plus for milf enthusiasts.

The Redbergs were on a family vacation and had decided to bring their friends along. This year the Redbergs had decided to visit their wife and mother, Krista's, country of origin and see one of the main tourist attractions, the Australian Outback. They had trekked quite a distance that day and had seen a lot of spectacular Outback scenery. Now it was late in the afternoon, approaching dark, and they were glad that Vern had brought them to a billabong where they would be camping out for the night.

While they were setting down their backpacks and setting up the camping tents, Anna asked her father, Phil, "Where's the billabong, Dad?" He replied, "This is a billabong, the place where we're going to camp for the night, Cupcake. " "Oh," she frowned. "Then why do they call it a billabong?" Phil responded, "I don't know, really. But one thing I do know is that billabongs are places in the Outback that have a creek or pond, some kind of water nearby, and that water gives trees and smaller plants a chance to grow near it.

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   Animals also come here to drink from the water. "

On hearing the last sentence, his son, William, asked with fear in his voice, "Animals? Like wild animals? Dad, we should go camp out in the desert, if wild animals like to hang out here. " Returning from the nearby creek with fresh water collected in cannisters, Mrs. Redberg told her son, "Will, there's snakes and dingoes that run around at night in the desert. Do you want them dragging you off, in your sleeping bag, to their dark underground lairs so they could have you for dinner?" "Uh. . . " was all he could say in response.

As the others set up camp, Peter went with Vern to gather firewood to burn in the night. They had gathered a good bunch of tinder and tied them with rope made from quickly-woven wild grass, when Vern noticed something on the ground. "What is it?" Peter asked, setting down the large bundle of firewood he was about to carry. Vern was inspecting a footprint in the ground left by a four-footed beast. "Dingo tracks?" Peter inquired, squatting down beside him. "Nah. Dingoes would leave smaller tracks.

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   These ones belong to an animal much bigger?" "What kind of animal would that be? A Bengal Tiger?" "Close, kid. Very close. A Tasmanian Tiger, actually. They're supposed to be extinct, though. "

Peter and Vern got back to the camp with two large bundles of firewood. The tents, three in all, were already set up in a triangular configuration, and rocks had been placed in a circle in the center of the triangle for the fire to burn in. The place got dark and a fire got started in the designated center of the camp.

"A Tasmanian Tiger? Does it eat people?" asked a very worried Paula Buford. Her father, Ben, put her head to his chest and cuddled her, looking to Vern for an answer to his daughter's question. "Well, it's a carnivore, meaning it only eats meat," answered Vern. They were all sitting around the fire, comfortable, warm, and cozy.

"Dad, we should've brought a couple guns along with us. Now we're defenseless against this supposedly-extinct man-eater!" said William in a panicked voice. His mother tried to comfort him with a hug and said, "We don't know what its hunting habits are like. Maybe it doesn't go after creatures that are bigger than it, and most of us here are bigger than it.

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   Isn't that right, Vern?" Vern replied, "The Tasmanian Tiger was supposed to be about the same size as the more commonly known orange and black-striped tiger. Maybe it only hunts in a pack or - "

A sound of rustling grass came from the darkness, seemingly a few meters behind the Redbergs' tent. Peter had been sitting next to Vern, when he, Vern, got up to his feet in an instant, on hearing the noise. Vern went into his tent and came out, holding a machete in his hand. He looked in the direction where the noise had come from and said, "Everyone, stay here! I'm going to go take a look. Parents keep an eye on your children, and children, stay close to your parents; no wandering off into the night! I'll be back in a second with a report on what I've seen. " Tightly gripping his machete, he went past the Redbergs' tent and was soon swallowed up by the dark.

Everybody got to one side of the fire and huddled together. Peter found himself wedged between Paula and Krista. He wondered what Vern was doing right now. He's probably walking through the wild grass, making sure he steps softly so the Tasmanian Tiger doesn't see him first.

Then they all heard the rustling sound again, except it grew nearer to where they were. A yell from Vern came to them, "Look out! It's coming towards you!" The ladies screamed and the huddle tightened up, but Peter squeezed out of the pressed bodies to grab one of the bigger, harder pieces of firewood that hadn't been thrown in the fire yet. He turned just in time to see a large, furry beast burst forth from the darkness into the midst of their camp. The creature saw Peter standing and he became a target.

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   The beast sped towards him and two meters away from Peter, the hellhound lept with its dangerous canine teeth bared. Peter swung the piece of wood he was holding like a baseball bat and it struck the creature with an unmistakeable CRACK!

Peter was out of breath and brought his impromptu wooden club close to his face to inspect it. The wood hadn't been broken; just a splatter of blood was on the near-end of it where it had connected with the creature. He looked elsewhere and saw the beast, 4. 5 meters away on the ground, lying dead with blood oozing out of its cracked skull.


The dead animal's body had been dragged out of sight. Vern and Ben dug a shallow grave for it using sharpened sticks, dropped the carcass inside, then covered it with the dug-up earth and dirt nearby.

"So it wasn't a Tasmanian Tiger, after all; just an oversized dingo," said Anna, yawning in her father's arms. "Yeah," said Phil, "it would've been sad if the creature had been a Tasmanian Tiger and we killed it - the last Tasmanian Tiger. " Krista emerged from their tent and said, "Well, I'm glad we brought Peter. He saved our lives. Yay!" She went over to where Peter was sitting by the fire with William and gave him, Peter, a big hug and a big wet kiss on the cheek.

Peter turned red and felt an erection coming up fast. He adjusted his folded legs so his foot held down the rising member of his body. William gave him a pat and squeeze on the shoulder, then gestured for a high-five, which he granted.

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Vern and Ben came back from the quick burial and sat down by the fire. Vern said, "I can see the kids are getting drowsy. " He nodded at Anna and Paula who had already nodded off to sleep after the exhausting experience of huddling tight and being afraid in the night. "Alright," said Phil, carrying Anna into the Redberg tent.

Vern addressed the others remaining by the fireside. "I don't think we'll be coming across any more freaks of nature, like the one we just met and dispatched," he smiled and gave a grateful nod of approval to Peter, who thought if he swelled with any more pride, he might leave the ground and rise up into the night sky. "So we can all sleep as normally as we possibly can out here and leave any security measures to be taken to our trusty sixth senses. " With that said, he got up, bid them all goodnight with some unique, personal salute, and went into his tent to get some sleep.

A minute after, Ben said goodnight and carried Paula off into the Buford tent and zipped up the flaps. Before leaving for the Redberg tent, Mrs. Redberg said to the two boys, "Don't stay up too late, boys. We've got a lot of walking and sight-seeing to do tomorrow. " "Sure, Mom," replied William.

When William saw that it was just him and Peter outside by the fire, he said, "Dude, that was awesome! You taking that chunk of firewood and knocking the life out of that fuzzy monster! Cool! Then when I saw that thing fly and hit the ground with blood spilling out of its broken head, man! That was good times! Finally, I got to see some real violent action without my parents voicing their objections. " Peter told him, "If your parents knew what was going to happen right then, they would've had you shut your eyes.

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  " William shook his head and said, "I'm 19. I'm practically an adult and so are you! I'm so glad I'm going off to college next year. "

They discussed the near future for a while until Peter said, "I'm going to go take a piss in the bushes, then hop into the tent, and hit the hay. You coming?" William replied, "Nah, I'm good. I'll be in the tent when you get back. See ya and don't wander too far off. I won't bet on you doing too well in a repeat performance of what you did a while ago. " Peter smirked in mock confidence and headed off into the night to find a spot to urinate.


Returning back to the camp after relieving himself, Peter saw Krista just come out of the tent. She saw him and said, "Oh, Peter. I need to go to the bathroom - well, there's no such thing out here, but you know what I mean. Could you accompany me, since everybody else in our tent is asleep?" "Of course, Mrs. Redberg. " "Call me Krista, since you're practically an adult now," she winked mischievously at him, "Sorry. I overheard a bit of your conversation with Will.

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   The young man's got a will of his own, no pun intended. " Peter laughed and she smiled, glad to know that she could still crack jokes with younger people.

There had been a substantial layer of cloud cover in the sky earlier that night, but it had passed by, and now, Krista and Peter could see and walk clearly in the luminous light of a full moon.

She picked out a spot in the bushes and went there to do her business while Peter waited seven meters away with his back to a tree. After a short while, he heard her walking back towards him through the bushes. He stepped out from behind the tree so she could see him. When she saw him, she came to him and said, "There's this really cool thing I want you to see. " She led the way and he followed.

They came to a clearing that was populated with thick, wild grass. She turned and pointed to the grass as if it were the sight of a beautiful ocean vista. Peter cleared his throat and said, "Um. Yeah?" She told him, "Back when I was a little girl, I used to love playing in the tall grass that grew outside my family's backyard. I used to pretend that I was a tiny animal that lived in the tall grass and would hop around and just have fun in it. Then I grew up and well, I grew up. " She chuckled.

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"But tonight, after that wild animal attacked us, I remembered what I used to like as a kid, and I instantly thought about this spot. I saw it earlier on in the afternoon while on my way to fetch water from the creek, and I thought to myself, how much fun it would be if I were to let go of myself and get lost in this lovely little playfield. " She walked into the clearing and stood in the edge of the grassy cluster, feeling the individual blades with her hands. She waved at him to come to her.

"Feel this grass? It's soft on the edges and surface, almost like cotton. " Peter felt it and realized she wasn't exaggerating. "Yeah, it is soft. Wow. So you're an expert on tall grass?" he said arching an eyebrow at her in the blue light of the moon. She shook her head and smiled a very sexy smile, saying, "No. I'm just a tall grass fun lover. " Then she grabbed his wrist and ran, pulling him after her. She brought him to the center of the field, the grass reaching high above their waists. She turned to him and said, "This is going to be fun!" Then she pushed him and he fell back onto a naturally-made cushion of grass.

"Wow!" said Peter, realizing how soft and comfortable he was on the bent, tall grass.

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   "This is fun!" Krista giggled and said, "I wasn't just talking about the grass, young man. " With that, she pulled off her shirt and undid her bra before Peter in the moonlight. His eyes opened wide and he said, "Oh! You meant that kind of fun, er. . . . um. . . uh. . . . " He was looking for words to say. She smiled and tossed him a small packet.

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   He held it up in the moonlight and read the bold print. It read, "Kangaroo Pouch - an Aussie condom that is 100% safe and still lots of fun! Highly recommended for the outdoors. Contents: Five condoms. " The packet was bright yellow and had a picture of a cute light brown kangaroo on the front, giving a thumbs up to whoever was looking at the package; right now, that person happened to be Peter Dooken.

Krista collapsed beside him with a rustling of grass being pushed and weighted down. She was fully naked and resting her head on her elbow, looking at Peter with those emerald green eyes that sparkled wonderfully in the moonlight. She said, "Are you going to put one of those on? Because it would be awkward if we did it and I got pregnant; you would be the father of William's half-brother or sister. " Peter turned red in the face and Krista laughed when she saw his embarrassment.

She told him, "I know, I'm a lot older than you and you only recently turned 18. You have my apologies for putting you on the spot. " She puckered her luscious lips and brought a hand to her left breast, gently caressing it and rolling the nipple between her thumb and index finger. Peter saw this and by then, his erection was in full bloom. Krista noticed this and placed a hand on his trousers, directly over where his crotch was causing a bulge. She grabbed the hard stick and gripped it. Her eyes gleamed with lust and she said, "Hmm.


   Nice and firm. "

Peter removed his trousers and undershorts. Krista was now enabled to hold his stiff cock without restriction. She got on her knees and rested one hand on his abdomen, while her other hand moved up and down his cock shaft as she licked his cock head. Feeling her hands move over his body and her tongue on his cock, while hearing the licking sound she made as she gave her undivided attention to it, Peter moaned in ecstasy. She had her ass turned towards him as she sucked on his cock, so he decided to grab it. Then he stuck a finger under it and touched her pussy. He jiggled his finger around in that soft wet place and heard Krista respond with an, "Mmmm!"

She was now licking his cock, head and shaft, as she moved her hand rapidly up and down his length. He put his hand in her bushy red hair and gently ran his fingers through it. She let him know that she liked that, by rubbing his abdomen with the hand that wasn't jerking his dick. Peter pulled off his shirt and tossed it aside, allowing Krista's hand to move lovingly over his bare abdominal surface, over the six pack, down to his pelvis and back up to his six pack and then to his hard pectoralis major.

He continued to explore her bushy red hair with his hand, while the other hand moved under her buttox and cunt, fingering it and rotating his finger around in the pleasurably soft flesh. She continued to suck his dick, her pace more frantic, her mouth and tongue sucking harder on his cock. He groaned and his balls twitched as they released spunk to his penis and his throbbing member spurt white slimey fluid into his friend's mother's mouth. Peter thought she was going to spit out his cum, but she swallowed it hungrily and jerked his cock some more to coax the residual spunk in his penis out so she could claim it for herself.

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When she had sucked him dry of the first load, she straightened up and put one leg over to the other side of his hips and settled her buttox down on his pelvis and throbbing cock. Seeing Mrs. Redberg naked in the moonlight in this Outback setting was so erotic that Peter could feel his testicles getting busy, trying to make ready another load of cum. She moved down to his thighs and picked up the yellow packet he'd left beside him. "Let's not forget safety first," she smiled cheerfully and opened the packet, extracting a condom. She tore off the top of the clear plastic, pulled out the condom, and fitted it expertly on Peter's penis.

Peter looked at the condom and smiled at the color of the rubber. "Red?" he asked. She answered, "Yeah, red. Red for danger!" "Ooh!" he said in mock fear. She smiled at him and moved herself back up to his pelvis, raising her body and setting herself down gracefully, his erect cock sliding upwards into her descending cunt. She reached the end of his cock and was sitting astride him like a rider on a horse with Peter laying on his back on the grass-made bed. He felt as if all his nerves were on full alert and were focused on where his body and hers connected.

Connected to him, crotch to crotch, Krista placed her hands on Peter's solid chest and leaned towards him so her boobs were hanging directly in front of his eyes. She said, "You want to touch William's Mommy's titties? Now's your chance.

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  " He replied, "Yes, mam," and held her breasts in his hands. They were big and could not be contained in his cupped hands. He oggled them and muttered loudly, "Wow!" She shook her upper torso so her tits could jiggle in this young man's hands. He smiled widely and marveled at how they moved against his hands; they felt so wonderful and soft. He kept her nipples wedged between the junction of his middle and ring fingers. She jiggled her tits some more so he could feel the titillating friction of her soft skin against his strong hands.

Then she asked him, "Do you want to feel these puppies rub against your handsome face, Peter?" He said breathlessly, "Yes, please, Krista!" She told him to raise himself from his waist upwards, 22 degrees off the grass.
    He was leaning on his hands placed behind him and she leaned forward so her breasts bumped against his face. "Perfect," she said. She ground herself on his cock, and that movement caused her boobs to swing and brush themselves against his face. "Auugh! Krista, you're freaking amazing!" he told her. She grinned and held his head between her hands and jiggled her breasts against his face, making happy noises when she felt his tongue lap out to lick her tits. She continued to move her ass in a circular fashion on his lap, his cock getting grounded by her pussy and the weight of her busty frame.

    He looked up at her after she'd been grinding on him for a good while and said, "Mind if I take over the wheel here, a little bit?" She smiled in consent and said, "Not at all. " She placed her arms over his shoulders as he grabbed her ass.

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       He was still sitting semi-upright at half a right angle to the grass-cushioned ground. She also leaned against his body at half a right angle to the ground. Taking her ass, he lifted her, her cunt sliding up his cock until it reached the point where his head and shaft met. Then he slammed her down hard, she taking his full length and landing with a slap on his lap. "Augh!" she gasped in surprise and pleasure.

    She told him, "Do that again!" He replied, "I'm going to do a lot of that. " Still clutching her good-sized ass, he raised her and slammed her down hard on his cock. "Augh fuck yesss!!" she cried. He did it again; SLAP, her ass landed on his lap and her pussy got seriously filled with cock. She moaned as if she were a little girl trying to avoid punishment. Body Slap! She went down hard on his cock again. "Mmmm Fuck!" she uttered in a high-pitched voice. He shifted into automatic and repeatedly impaled her body, through her cunt, on his cock. She shut her eyes in excited pleasure and tightened her arms around his neck and pressed her face to the side of his head, and softly yelling at him, "Fuck me! Peter, fuck me! Yeah yeah like that! Yeah yeah right there, yeah that spot, yeah fuckk!!"

    Hearing his friend's mother, telling him to fuck her like she'd lost all control, was such a turn-on for Peter. He wanted to please her and when she responded with pleas for more, he gave her more and tried to do better than the previous givings.

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       "Fuck me, Peter! Keep it coming, Pete! Fuck yeah! I'm gonna cum on your cock! I can feel it coming. Fuck!! Yeah, Peter, give it to me like that! That's a good boy, Pete! Do what William's Mommy tells you! Fuck that pussy! That 43 year-old pussy, fuck it! Yeah, make it hurt! Yeah, fuck fuck, yeah fuck! Oh fuck! FUCK!!"

    Peter felt her water pour all over his lap as she climaxed on him. Wow! he thought. A mature older woman just ejeculated her juices on me! Krista slowly dismounted herself off of him and lay on the soft, flattened tall grass. Peter laid back and rested, his head on his hands clasped behind it. He felt her move close to him and lay her bushy red-haired head on his arm. She was looking at his face with her emerald green eyes and he was looking up at the moonlit sky,dotted with shining stars.

    He said, "I wonder how the condom did. I hope it held up under all that pressure we applied on it. " She glanced down at where his cock was semi-erect and said, "Mmm, yeah, it's okay. Should be good for the rest of the night. " He looked down at his red-condom-gloved cock and saw that it was still in pretty good condition. He asked, "What did they make this out of? Real kangaroo pouch tissue?" She laughed and said, "Nah. No kangaroos were harmed in the production of this condom. " He laughed at her disclaimer, then said, "Remind me to buy a box of these to take back with me to the States.

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    She took on a jealous tone, "Aw. You're gonna have sex with other girls when you get back?" He struggled to say something right in response, but she beat him to it and chuckled saying, "Don't sweat it, Pete. I'm just messing with you. You can have sex with whoever you want. I just wanted to be the one for you, tonight. " He breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Thanks, Krista. " She sniggered and said, "Don't mention it - really, don't mention it! What happens tonight between the two of us here stays between the two of us, got it?" "Yes, Mommy," he replied. She slapped him playfully on the chest and said, "Hey, don't talk like that! I've got enough children to worry about!"

    Peter noticed that his cock had become tough meat again. Krista noticed it too and began to fiddle with it and stroke his balls. While doing this, she turned his head towards hers and she kissed him, allowing his tongue to get into her mouth and mate with her tongue. Then she pushed his tongue back into his mouth with her tongue and forced her tongue inside, claiming his mouth as her territory. He more than happily surrendered this to her and she became gentle and loving with him, as far as kisses go. On the cock front, however, she was gripping, jerking, and pulling every which way she could, without causing him permanent damage.

    When Krista felt that Peter's cock had been fully primed, she pulled his arm and gestured for him to get on top of her. He thought she wanted him to do her in the missionary position, but she adjusted herself otherwise, by raising her legs and putting them over his shoulders.

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       He immediately understood what she wanted and semi-laid himself on top of/against her so her legs were pushed back against her body. He tapped his cock on her very moist cunt and she smiled seductively at him.

    Peter pulled back and pushed in, his cock sliding into Krista's pussy once again. "Mmmmm," she said. He went slow at first, then picked up the pace. "Ooshh!" he gasped as his cock penetrated her juicy vagina. He could see, by the light of the full moon, his glistening hard cock withdraw from, then plummet into the depths of this gorgeous mother's pussy. "Mmmnnnn," she said, looking down at what was happening to her cunt. She felt his cock pushing with substantial force into her cunt and she cried in pleasure. "Fuck me, Peter! Fuck me like that!"

    Peter pushed both her legs further backward against her with his hands and raised the angle of his descent into her pussy. "Yesss, oohhh, fuck!" he grunted as he went into her, hard and fast. "Shit! Fuck me! Yeah yess yess fuck oh fucking shit!" she yelled as he loomed over her and fucked her with an expression of intense concentration on his face.

    He then widened her legs apart so her pussy and his cock could be clearly seen by the two of them in the moonlight. He thrust aggressively into her cunt and she received his cock with cries of pleasure and pleas for more. "Pete, baby, go harder on me! Fuck me like a whore!" she told him.

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       "Alright," he said. He leaned down lower into her and her legs were now pressed against her torso, as he made quick mighty thrusts into her pussy. He leaned in to kiss her and she kissed him back. He ran his fingers through her lovely red bush and swung his pelvis like a pendulum against her cunt. She felt every inch of his cock plunge into her and then pull out, leaving her sore, then plunge into her again, and so the process went.

    He rapidly nailed her pussy until it was red from being pounded too much. Finally, he pulled out of and laid beside her. Krista, breathless and staring up at the sky, said, "Oh fuck! My pussy is sore. I should be okay tomorrow, but damn, I'll need some special gell for this. " She looked down at her pussy and petted it tenderly. Concerned, Peter said, "Let me have a look at it. "

    She watched as he went to inspect her vagina. Then he looked up at her and smiled, "I got this. " He placed his lips gently on her cunt and kissed her pussy lips. She heard him kiss it loudly like he were apologizing to it, and she giggled.

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       His kisses became quieter, but more wet as he licked the soft flesh and licked along the slit of her pussy. Then he raised both her thighs onto his shoulders while he lay on the grass, downward from her position, and pressed his face into her wet and hurting cunt. She felt his tongue lick over her flesh and then into her slit and deep inside it, between her pussy lips. She moaned in approval of what he was doing and urged him to continue and go deeper by caressing his head, pushing it down into that place between her thighs.

    Peter's tongue licked the inside of Krista's pussy and she squirmed and even thrusted her waist into his face, making his face wet, but he didn't mind. He continued to lick inside her incredibly soft inner flesh, spitting on it and licking with his saliva over every part. He was marking her by doing that, making a statement that he'd been there in that spot. He was also repairing the damage that he had caused inside her pussy, making it feel better and even healing the redness with his own fluid and oral attentions.

    Krista sighed and moaned happily with pleasure as Peter gave her oral sex that was therapeutic, as well as exciting, to her sore sex organ. She closed her eyes and let him work his mouth and tongue everywhere he could, and wanted to, inside the most private section of her body.

    He stopped, after over half an hour of exploring and pleasing her cunt. She pulled him back up to her level, and they lay in that soft tall grass, kissing each other passionately. They kissed and rolled around in the grass, non-stop for 25 minutes before getting up, putting their clothes back on, and heading back to the camp.


    The Redberg family and their friends, along with Vern, their guide, woke up the next morning, had breakfast, washed, and continued their trek through the Autralian Outback. At the end of every day, they got to stop at a billabong and set up camp.

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       Everyone had a great time in that family vacation, especially Krista and Peter, who became really close friends and shared a common interest in tall wild grass.

    THE END.



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