Zack and Cody Rape Max


Topic: 1Zack and Cody where having a sleep over with their friend Max (who despite the name is a girl). They were all sleeping in the twin’s room in the hotel. Zack and Cody’s mom was a singer and was doing her late night show. “Zack will you get me a glass of water?” 
“Sure Max you want me to kiss your feet as well? 
“Just do it and I may even give you a kiss when you get back” Max was maturing; she now had c cup size breasts and due to their friendship harmlessly flirted with the boys. She was wearing a long t-shirt that covered her panties. Zack went into the living room/ kitchen and poured a glass of water. Unknown to Max he slipped one of his Mom’s sleeping pills into it and dissolved it in the glass. He took the glass to Max and she gulped it down “Mmm posh hotel, posh water only thing that isn’t posh is these crappy camp beds” She laughed.  “Shame Tapeworm couldn’t come” 
“Yeh real shame he preferred math homework to us” Tapeworm loved math and always did twice the homework needed.  
After a couple of hours they went to sleep. Zack and Cody got up and opened there bedside drawer and pulled out four sets of handcuffs. They crept over to her camp bed and carried her onto Zack’s bed. “She better not wake up” Cody worried.  
“Don’t worry Moms pills are for her late night performances and she never gets up till noon” They lowered her onto the bed and cuffed her hands to one set of bed posts and her legs to the other. They also slipped a contraceptive pill there Mom had thought she dropped into Max’s mouth.   They splashed some cold water onto Max’s face.

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“What the fuck are you to doing LET ME GO” She screamed half in anger half in fear.  
“We forgot to tell you Max due to the thick walls in this hotel it’s almost impossible to hear people screaming” Zack said Sadistically.  
“Plus there’s  no one in any of the rooms next door” Cody added. They slipped the long t-shirt she was wearing up as high as they could and used scissors to cut it off.  
“What are you two doing?”Max said fearing the answer.  
“We are going to fuck you max in every hole possible” 
“Bu…. but I’m a virgin” She stammered  
“Well call us virgin killers” They found she was wearing a lacy bra and a G-string thong. “Well you little whore nice thong” They cut the bra off. “Now we are going to take off the handcuffs but we will not rape your ass unless you run” She nodded. Zack and Cody got undressed. They both had roughly same sized cocks at 5inches a piece and not much pubic hair. Max had a medium amount of pubic hair around her virgin pussy and her breasts jutted out. Zack undid the handcuffs and told her to get on her knees. “Now suck my cock and it will not hurt your pussy as much” 
“NO” She screamed. Zack pinched her nipple causing her to scream in pain.

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“Now if you don’t do as we say I will put a close peg on your nipple” He said half wanting to put the close peg on her tender nipple. She opened her mouth taking his cock in and rubbing her tongue on the tip. “Wow Max your good” Max’s mouth felt so full. She felt disgusting sucking Zack’s cock His orgasm was building. He held her hair making her deep throat the cock almost choking on it.  
“When will I get a turn” Cody asked.  
“Well I think she has room for two in this slutty mouth of hers” Zack said. Max was horrified her friends could do this to her. She had been forced to give her brother blow jobs since her tenth birthday but she had never taken two cocks in her mouth at once. Cody slipped his cock in. They could barley fit in her mouth so all she could do was run her tongue over them. The boys were about to orgasm. Cody grabbed her head and pushed it onto their cocks. She had to breathe through her nose. She was gagging on their cocks and the tightness of her mouth caused the boys to cum.

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   She was choking on their cum. It tasted disgusting so she spat most of it out. “Bad girl you should have swallowed it I think it’s time the clothes pegs came out”“Nooooooo please” She begged. Zack brought out to clothes pegs and went over to Max.  
“If you resist you will receive a second punishment and if you resist the second we will rape your ass” Max broke out of Cody’s grip and slapped him round the face. There was now a red mark on his face.  
“I thought I was your friend” She screamed. Zack went over and put the handcuffs back on and said  
“Time for the punishment I promised” He opened the clothes peg and fastened it onto Max’s nipple. She screamed like a banshee while Cody fastened the other one. Zack then flicked one of the clothes pegs giving Max a new wave of pain in her breast.  
“Nooooooooooooooooo” She screamed. There was even some blood coming from the nipple.  
“Cody do whatever you want with her she slapped you therefore you can punish her”  
“Okay gimme a proper blow job and if you let my cock go I will stick my cock up your ass” Max opened her mouth and started sucking his cock for all it was worth. Max felt a liquid in her mouth. She did not think he could have cummed already.

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   It wasn’t cum. It tasted very very bitter and made Max feel sick. Cody was pissing in her mouth. Max tried to squirm away but Cody was holding her head in place. “Don’t swallow till I tell you to” Fearing for her ass Max did as she was told holding the vile liquid in her mouth. “Now if any of this liquid leaves your mouth I will fuck your ass raw” Cody finished pissing in Max’s mouth and withdrew his cock. Max was sitting on the bed naked with her mouth full of piss.   Zack went over to his bedside table and picked up his camera phone.  
“Noooooooo” She mumbled. Zack took photos from all different angles. One with her mouth open so you could see the piss, a close up of her boobs and pussy and one of her tear streaked face.  
“Swallow it all” Cody said. Max, happy to get the bitter liquid out of her mouth swallowed it. Cody’s erection grew at watching Max swallow his piss. Max threw up.

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   The aftertaste had overwhelmed her. It was only a little bit but Zack ran to get a towel to wipe it off the bed. “You stupid bitch lick it up and if you throw up again I will piss in your ass” Zack stopped wiping and got the camera phone back out. Max still felt dizzy her mouth had already been violated so it couldn’t be that bad. She bent down and licked the small puddle of vomit. Cody pushed her face into the puddle. Max would have thrown up again if she didn’t control herself. Cody looked at her satisfied. Vomit was dripping off her nose, ears and out of her mouth. Max felt disgusted. She had lost all her dignity and self respect.  
“Now time for the main attraction stripping Max of her virginity. We must make you wet first. Zack went next to her and stuck a finger into her pussy. Max couldn’t control herself and started to moan 
“So you do like this” He stuck another finger in, he was fucking her fast with two fingers.

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    Max felt like she was in heaven. It felt like every inch of her pussy was being pleasured. In reality Zack was barley into her pussy. He was not even near her hymen. Zack put in a third finger. Max felt pain beginning to creep in. Zack was now prodding parts of her pussy trying to cause her as much pain as possible.  
“This hurts please no more” Max cried.  
“Okay I will take my fingers out” Zack said as he withdrew his fingers. Zack climbed on top of her positioning his cock above her opening. He pushed his cock into her. The pussy juice from the fingering session helped but she was still tight. Zack was already about to orgasm and hadn’t even properly started fucking her. Zack reached her barrier. “Hope you enjoyed being a virgin” It took Zack two attempts but he ripped through her barrier.

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   Max was now crying. She had lost her virginity to her best friends sd they raped her. Zack felt he was in heaven. Her pussy was tight but due to her pussy juice it was well lubed. Max’s legs where covered in blood and her own juices. Max was in constant pain. Zack felt his orgasm coming so fucked her even harder. Max was feeling pleasure now. The pain mixed with the pleasure making her even hornier but she would not tell them that. Zack orgasmed. He felt if he had died and gone to heaven. He had his biggest orgasm ever. He cummed for what felt like minutes coating the inside of her pussy with cum. Max was now crying. She had just lost her virginity and her pussy felt like it was on fire always finding a new way to hurt her.

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   Zack withdrew his cock.  
“Now it’s my turn” Cody said sadistically. .



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