Wizards of Waverly Place Inescapeable Lust


This is my first story. This story is a work of complete fiction and any connection to persons and or events is purely coincidental, honest. Please rate and comment and if you like part one I will post part two when I get done rewriting it cause right now it’s a bit crap. Thank you all and enjoy. Ps no comments on spelling, sentence structure, grammar or anything of that nature, any way enjoy.

Chapter 1

Alex Russo used to believe her sole purpose in life was to annoy her older brother Justin. Calling him names and making fun of his hobbies was an everyday occurrence in the Russo household. But lately Alex wasn’t getting as much pleasure out of annoying her brother as she used to. It had been quite a while since the Plan B fiasco where Alex, Justin and there younger brother Max had been asked to come up with an alternative should they fail to keep there wizard powers at the end of the competition. Alex and Justin had put themselves together in a band and played a concert at the substation, their family’s sandwich shop where they sang there own song called Make It Happen. Ever since then Alex looked at Justin differently, like some how her brother wasn’t the annoying geeky boy she had grown up with but quite a confidant guy capable of getting and keeping a girlfriend.

Alex looked at her phone, there was still about a half an hour to go before the end of her last lesson with Mr Larry Tate. She sat for a moment thinking to herself about how she had been quite recently tricked into becoming a cheerleader, and then inspiration struck. She raised her hand to get Mr Larry Tate’s attention and she put her new plan of escape into action. “Excuse me Mr Larry Tate”, Alex said in her sweetest little girl voice. Mr Larry Tate sighed and looked at Alex, “yes Russo what is it now.

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  ” “I’m not sure if you know or not Mr Larry Tate but I have very recently joined the cheerleading squad” she said with a smile. Mr Larry Tate’s face turned from Alex is trying something to utter shock. “Russo in order to be part of the cheerleading squad you need to be upbeat, peppy and full of school spirit which I know from past experience you are not”. Alex looked at him with pleading eyes, “honestly Mr Larry Tate, I’m trying to redeem myself for all my years of bad behaviour, and after all isn’t there nothing more beautiful than cheering our basketball team to victory”. “Well Russo Your right but I really don’t see why you’re bothering me with this now. ” Well see it’s like this I still need to learn and practice all the cheers ahead of the big game next week, so I need to get out of class a little early today, please Mr Larry Tate” Alex said sweetly. “Well even though I still can’t believe it I already knew that you’re a cheerleader and the rules say you can go, so off you go”. Alex stared for a moment in confusion, thinking she would have to stay, before an uncontrollable feeling of pleasure washed across her lips. “Thank you Mr Larry Tate” Alex said happily. She packed up all her books and skipped, keeping up her peppy appearance, out of the classroom. Gently closing the door behind her Alex still couldn’t believe that her plan worked. She made her way to the girl’s bathroom and went inside. Checking to make sure the bathroom was empty she took a deep breath and transported herself home.

Alex appeared in her bedroom a few moments later. She threw her back pack on the floor next to her bed.

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   She loved Fridays because it meant that she didn’t have to work downstairs in the Substation. Alex had the rest of the day to her self and unlike most Friday afternoons today she felt like having a little fun with her self. Alex sometimes liked to picture herself as a stripper in a sleazy club which was always a good way to get herself in the mood for a little self exploration. She started to dance like she was on stage slowly lifting off her top, a purple t shirt with a barbed wire pattern over it, gently teasing it up her body she pulled it up and over her head throwing it at the chair on which was a 4 foot teddy bear she had won in a carnival game a few years back, she often pretended she was giving it private dance. She danced a little more before she slipped a finger underneath the clasp on the front of her sheer black bra and with practiced ease spun herself around, andlooking back at the teddy bear unclipped her bra bending forward a little spanking her ass with both hands, and letting the bra fall open. Slowly Alex leaned backwards and her bra slid down her arms stopping at her wrists, she held it out with one hand and turned herself around again facing the teddy bear with her free arm covering her ample breasts. She spun her bra around above her head like a lasso and threw it at the chair. Alex played with her nipples a little gently squeezing them between her fingers and slowly caressing around the edges with her finger tips. She smacked her breasts a little and began talking as if she were really in a backroom, “is this what you like to see baby”? “Does it turn you on when I play with my tits”? Smiling at the bear and seeming pretty pleased with her performance so far Alex turned around once again sticking her ass out a little and bending forward running her hands up her legs to her tight black leather skirt, she looked back at the bear again and teased the zipper all the way down. Slipping her fingers underneath her skirt Alex moved them round from her inner thighs to her sides and sexily she pulled at the skirt, jerking it just enough for the top of her matching G string panties to show. “Would you like to see my tight toned ass baby”? Alex smiled and once again jerked at her skirt this time just enough to loosen it, “well there you go”, she let go of the skirt and it slid down her legs to the ground. She stepped out of her skirt and kicked it back underneath the chair. Bending her knees Alex slowly lowered herself till with open legs her ass was an inch off the floor, supporting herself with one hand she moved forward lowering herself down on to her knees and she simultaneously ran her other hand up her ass giving it a little smack. She seductively played like a jungle cat, rolling onto her back and moving her hands up and down her body, she moaned kicking her legs up then spinning them around till she was once again standing up in front of the bear. Alex sensually licked her lips and motioned towards the bear with her hands.

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   “Do you want a lap dance honey? Do you like it fast and hard or soft and slow? Well then soft and slow, you ready”? She walked one foot in front of the other like a model to the bear, opening it’s legs slowly she put a knee in between and straddled it's leg. Alex slowly moved her hips back and forth sensually; gently grinding, she put a hand behind the bears head and brought it forward to her breasts shaking them in its face. Alex couldn’t help but let out a small giggle as the bears soft fur tickled her bare chest. She moved turning her body around to face away from the bear, sitting between its legs she leaned back resting her head next to the bear’s. She wriggled around grinding her ass against the bears lap, then sliding an arm up her body and around its head she whispered in its ear, “My panties are kind of wet is it alright if I take them off? “Thank you”, she brought her legs up placing the heels of her black knee length boots on the edge of the chair. Alex teased at the string on her left pulling it down as far as would go and repeating the process on the right wiggling her hips the whole time. She loved the feeling of the thin silk strip slowly being freed from her pert cheeks as she tugged, guiding the last of her clothes up to her knees letting them fall to her feet before she slid her heels forward of the chair and placed her feet on the ground. Alex got up off of the chair bending forward as she did and touching her toes, her ass now in front of the bears face she rhythmically moved her hips as she stepped left and right out of her panties consequentially wiggling her ass in the process. Picking up her panties, she sat back down and leaned back against the bear again. Resting her head on its shoulder she brought her still warm panties up to her mouth, kissing the wet spot on the front and then licking her lips. She whispered in the bears ear again, her tone sultry and soft “I just love the way my sex tastes, sweet ,creamy and best of all it makes me feel so very dirty, and thatmeans I just can’t resist playing with myself. It’s against the clubs rules but I really want… need to, do you mind honey, hang on then”. Alex got of the chair and took her mobile out of her book bag and once again sat in front of the bear. “Sorry about the wait baby but I’m all set now”.

She would always use her phone’s vibrate function when she was extra horny because she was too scared to get a real vibrator in case her parents found it, besides which it was surprisingly powerful.

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   Alex wrapped the bears arms around her upper, body relaxed her self and draped her legs on the arms of the chair. She placed her phone on the chair’s left hand arm and trailed her hands up and down her body, finally resting them on her breasts. After toying with them for a while she moved a hand down to her virgin slit and traced her outside lips with her fingers, slipping them across, and then sucking on them. She moaned a little more loudly when her fingers finally found her sweet swollen clit. She gently worked around her clit, light feathery circles to start. Feeling more aroused she rubbed harder in a figure 8 motion until she was well and truly wet.
    Alex sucked the delicious nectar from her fingers once more before tracing her fingertips down her body and giving herself the sweet satisfaction of penetration. She gasped slipping a lone finger between her lips into her tight virgin hole. Starting with small soft strokes, exploring herself intimately, she closed her eyes mentally mapping every touch and stroke imagining the customer behind her being so incredibly turned on by her innocent yet forbidden display of self gratification. All the time her other hand was toying with her breasts, rubbing them and pinching her nipples. Using her thumb to tease her clit at the same time it wasn’t long before her sweet slick slit was wet enough to allow a second finger inside to intensify the experience. Alex moaned with pleasure at every stoke of her fingers, every trace of her clit, often having to bite her bottom lip in an attempt to lessen the devilishly sultry music that escaped her pouting baby pink lips. Alex felt the pleasure well up inside her body, her free hand reaching for her phone, quickly flicking through the options till she got to the incoming call screen and scrolling down the options till she reached alert type. Hesitantly she moved the phone close to her clit, closing her eyes she switched the option from melody to vibrate and endured the longest pause of her. Catching her somewhat unaware Alex shrieked as the vibrations surged through her undeniably sensitive clit, the vibration passed and the only sounds coming from her now were the short shallow breaths she was taking in an attempt to ready herself for the encore.

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       Again the vibration surged this time making not just her clit but the rest of her body quiver. Again and again and again pleasure washed over her entire body, until for some reason the vibrations wouldn’t stop. Letting a half way loud “oh my god” pass her lips she looked down at her phone and saw Justin’s face. She realized she was getting a call from him and consequently the vibrations wouldn’t stop until she answered. She tried to reach the button but her hands would not move, she didn’t want the sensation to stop, her thoughts turned to her brother, riding her body, his long thick member ripping through her virginity, she knew she shouldn’t be thinking it but there was nothing she could do to hold back the thought, or the orgasm that had built up inside her. Her body quivered so much that she lost her balance and fell forward off of the chair, instinctively her fingers left her slit, she dropped the unanswered phone and landing on her hands and knees she relaxed her whole body, staring at the unbelievable sight between her legs. Unlike every other orgasm in her life this one erupted out of her like a geyser spraying her juice onto the floor, a puddle formed beneath her and she couldn't help but lower herself down to it. With her lips millimeters from her sweet nectar she tentatively touched the warm liquid with the tip of her tongue savoring the first taste. She licked her lips again and like a cat with a saucer of milk began licking up as much of herself as she could, never having tasted anything sweeter and richer in her entire life. Alex crawled over and sat with her back to her bed panting and deeply confused, looking at the aftermath, “I love Justin but I can't be in love with Justin, can I”?




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