After weeks apon weeks of torment harassing an mistreatment of Mickie James by Micheal mccool an Layla it was time for Mickie James to finally get a measure of revenge as she would get her shot at Micheil mchcools title at the 2010 royal rumble

apon coming to Smack Down in late 2009 by way of the tri-brand Divas trade, Women’s Champion Michelle McCool has made Mickie James’ life miserable

• Michelle and Layla viciously cut Mickie’s ring attire with a pair of scissors.

• In Michelle’s personalized version of “Old McDonald” the nickname “Piggy James” was spawned.

At Survivor Series, James earned a measure of revenge when Team Mickie defeated Team Michelle in a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match.

Then, despite a valiant effort from Mickie, Michelle came out on top at WWE TLC.

In 2010, Michelle never let up.

• After Mickie was beaten up in a match with Beth Phoenix on SmackDown, Michelle and Layla finished the job with an even more vicious assault.

• At a SmackDown going away party, Mickie was smashed in the face with A pig shaped cake, beaten and covered in punch.

as heat went off the air it ended with a promo featuring our two resident mean girls during this promo Michael mchcool an Layla did the typical piggy James routine saying how she was fat an they where going to win tonight at the royal rumble 'the same old same old'
though something interesting did happen

before the promo ended maria came out an said. you know you like to come down here an make fun of Mickie an call her a pig an say she fat or can't wrestle as good as you?
well for the past couple of months you've madeMickie's life a living hell
in fact you made her life a night mare.
Well i think it's time that me an mickey make your life a night mare tonight a very pain full embarrassing night mare!

an seeing as how it's about valentine's day you know that magical time of year where love is in the air?

I think it's time that we show you the kind of love you shown Mickie.

so we've got A little surprise for you some what of A a present to help show that love an what we thank of you

Infact I think it's time that me an Mickey show you what we as well as all of these pepole think about you 'small cheer follows

then her music played an she left an as she left Layla an mchcool where still laughing some but she also left a some what confused look on there face

as the 2010 royal rumble began j. r an king began talking about the match's an running down the match card

as the Evening progress the time came for the match between Mchcool an Mickie

in A short interview Michail cole ask Mickie james how she fell she said well I fell great because I know that I'm beautiful!
so you know what Cole you don't need to be asking me how I fell in fact the only person you need to be asking that to is mchsheel mchcool after I get done with her skinny ass tonight.
because through it all I'm doing this great.
but i can promise you this much cole i don't know or care how she's felling but after my match with her tonight she will never ever be the same again

Following that statment mccool an Layla attack Mickie from behind an mcshell mchcool siad you like talking about me huh "piggy" JAMEZ well will see if you'r talking after our match want we

Layla said see you in the ring. an they walk away an as they where walking away Mickie seem to have small smile on her face

as mchcool enter the ring king said look at that on look up on the titan tron. .

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j. r said well that layla king said look an that's maria. maria was yelling insults at layla an layla ran after her an follow her in to a dark storage room an some one attacked her from behind.

mchcell was in the ring looking on with confussion at what was happening

then mickie jamez music hit an she got a huge pop from the crowd they cheered relly loud an she skiped to the ring in her signature school girl skirt an accidentally revealed a Little camel toe

as the match began Mickie took at straight to mchcell stomping her in the turn bukles an then running in to mchsheel boot but micking then agian quickly counter it by siting up on the turn buckles an wrapping her thick smoth legs an thigh's around mchcools head an giving her a hurricaneranna a Little while latter mchshell regain the advantage by kicking Mickie right in the cunt an then psycotacly laughing about it.
she then got her in a head lock but Mickie nearly power out of it as pepole started clapping an chanting let's go mickie but mchcool then pulled by the hair an threw her down to the Matt

then on the titian trone it showed lalya tied up in a chair

as mchcool look on mick rolled her up for the pinn she pulled tights so far you could see a litle crack

as the match progress mchshell gave mickie james a bronco buster then she pulled her tight's down revealing her thong as she went to give mikie a stink face forcing mickie to kiss her ass

mikie bite her ass an than mickie kicked mchshell in the head an pinned her but mchcool barley kicked out at two as that happen Beth phenoix started to walk down the ramp mcchool thought she was there to help her instead she waited till mchsheel had the advantage to interfere mchcool hit her finnister an beth interfered hiting mchcool with a monsterous close line before Michele could pin her an went back stage

then Mickie hit a DDT on mchcool an nearly got the three before mchcool kicked out

then out came phenoix agian with lalya tied to some sort of chair that look like a cross between a gynecologist chair an a barbra chiar the match continue for a Little then maria came out on the ramp an as mchcool look on Mickie jamez got up an kicked her in the head pin her an got the three

king. . . hey look thats maria up on the stage hey look shes got a microphone in her hand

J. R. . . well i guess maby she got something to say i don't know

KING. . .

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   stop talking j. r lets Liston

J. R. . . fine you'r majasty


Maria said hey mchcool I know I said I had a surprise for you tonight AN I do but you know me an mickie was thinking what do you get the two bitchs who have nearly every thing

we thought maby a soul but I don't know where you would get one of those I mean do you know you should since you like destroying them so much but never mind all that

so i was thinking you two "DIVAS" like to stay up on the curent trend's don't you?

mchcool wispher under her breath yeah so what

well we know what to do what get some on like you

you like plastic surgery don't you well i can see by looking at you that clearly you do mr's botox

the camra change to mchcool she look confused

well you heard of Labiapalsty haven't you

as the camra change back to mchcool that look of confusion she had quickly turn to fear she still seem Little confused as to what they where getting at even though deep down she knew all to well

oh you still look a litle confused you know this new trend of women going out getting there labia trimed what they like desighna vaginas

as the camra change back to mchsheel mchcool shook her head in fear an strug wisping no I don't know

with a smirk she said yip that it that exactly what they are

an you she me an mickie decided to get you a desighna vagina

wh'ere going to give you A circumcision mchcell mchcool siad give me a microphone an siad a litle shy at first siadno thanx that seems like a great gift but i don't need a desighna vagina since i like it the way it is an all the camra change to mickie who was standing on the orther side of the ring she siad in A voice that seem low because she did not have a microphone i like my body just the way it is to

than maria siad well that's ok where going to give you one any way's

than mchsheel mchcool got mad an the real bitch inside kind of started to come out an she siad look there is no fucking way you an that fat pigg is giving me a circumcision

an maria siad oh yeah wanna bet?

an beth went up the ramp in to the ring

an mchcool try to run but mickie block from getting out of the ring then she ran the orther way an beth phenoix catch her she try to fight beth but beth hit her an then hit the glam slam on her

they then dragged mchshell mchcool up the ramp to where layla was tied up an the chiar of vaginal torture which was exactly like a regular barber chair acept with a thing like you would see no a bed in the doctors ofice to allow women to put there feet up durring a gynacollagy exam acept there was a big space in between it

they than sit her in the chair an than they place each foot on the break like part of the chair an straped her ankles to it they then put it in recline mode an it made her lay back with her legs spread Eagle

she was now ready to be circumcised

maria said oh don't worry where get to you'r litle freind over there in A little while right now you'r the center of atention in a cramed pack coliseum an on pay per view an with million's watching going to give you a make over you'r never forget

so beth phenox gave a razor to nurse maria an she slowly cut down the front of her top she then said piss you'r self what siad mchshell maria then quickly replyed piss you'r self or i will cut off you'r nipple she strained an in a few seconds her tight's an thong where stain an she had urion coming out of her tights mchshell was so embarissed she had pissed her self on national TV

than maria slowley cut down the side of mchcools tights she then pulled the tights out from under her she then cut down the center of mchcool thong as the razzer was littery a hair way from mchcools bare cunt she than pulled her thong out from under her tight firm ass mchshell mchcool could not beleive it her pussy was exposed for every to see

her pussy was compleatly shaven it was a litle red from it her labia was like velvet red an just barly poked out of her smoth pussy mound

nurse maria then handed the razzer to Mickie who expertly an with great skill begun the circumcision

but first mickie pinch mchcools labia to make sure she was aleart an could feel all of it

then she began circumcising her

it was like gutting a fish

mchools eye open wide an her toes started to wiggle an cringe

then when she finish they did the exact same thing to Layla an yes scary spice was differently scared an with good reason

when she finish circumcising them she patted there pussy's an siad OK i let you keep you'r klittys an you'r hoods but if you ever make fun of me again i'm going to rip out you'r overies

hmm siad mickie tomaria she got some nice hair ain't she yeah it's all blond an every thing maria smiled A litle an siad let shave it off mcshell siad save what off then in that fack anoying southern accent she said NO NOT MY HAIR!

mickie got a electric razor from the late 1800's out from the box where she got the razzor they circumcised them with then beth phenoix held mchshells mchcools head back an mickie started shaving her head

an with in seconds those golden blond locks where off an laying on the floor with her labia an the razor she used was so russty it nearly scalped her an an before you knew it this dumb blond head was not only as empty as her newly circumcised cunt it was all so as bald

the camra turn to the anoucer's

king Oh my god what have we wittnes here to night J.

    J. R I'll tell you'r KING I think we just saw the pig nearly steralize the farmer.

    as the night progress we learn that TNA has bought out WWE

    before the show went off the air the camra turn to the anoucers on more time

    KING wow what A show

    J. R boy i tell you'r we saw A first to night orton was crown new world champion after he kicked cenas head in to the crowd the NWO Invaded an beat the hell out of DX

    J. R an i'll tell you somthing else we saw tonight we saw a first tonight on live TV we saw two cunt's get circumcised

    KING an by the way J. R When you say two cunt's are you talking just about there vaginas


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      R no I mean there two cunt's

    J. R Well be sure to tune in tomorrow night on WWE RAW IS WAR to see if eric bishof an dixie carter are going to make good on there promise they made last thurseday on TNA IMPACT an castrate vince mchmhon with A wooden spoon.

    THE END? for now