The one night stand


I walked up the stairs to the sleazy motel room, “what am I doing” I thought to myself, “I’m about to have a one night stand with someone, I don’t even know what he looks like.
I paused at the room numbered 18 “what a good sign” I thought aimlessly, I shoved the key in the lock, held my breath and quietly turned the knob I opened the door and in the corner of the room is a man around 30, I can tell by his voice, he is in the shadows so I cant see his face. I start taking off my clothes but he sits in the chair and watches he tells me to lie on the bed naked so I do; he gets out of the chair slowly with a raging hard on “god fuck me now, I’m so horny”
“Be patient,” he says with a hint of amusement at my desperation.
“How can I be patient?”
And all of a sudden he gets on his knees and starts sucking my love bud while slipping one…two...Three fingers into me it feels so good but just before I climax he stops, “damn teaser” I say to him in a rather annoyed tone.
He gets up on his feet and takes his clothes off while I hop into the bed even with no light in the room I can still see his smug look or at least I can feel it.
He slides under the quilts and starts kissing me rather passionately I feel for his member and almost scream thinking he bought a python in the bed I start playing with it until I can feel he is about to cum and I stop “smartass” he says to me, suddenly he gets on top of me and puts his Mr.

Happy at the front of my entrance I’m so wet that its easily slid in he started sliding in and out in and out slower then faster until we both came simultaneously.
We collapsed after another 3 hours of orgasms and my vagina could take no more of his seed so we both slept until the next morning, when the light was streaming through the motel windows I see his face, this man OMG I knew him and it all made sense we decided to meet up in Detroit because he had work and I was attending wrestlemania JOHN CENA I couldn’t believe the man that I had been talking to online for almost a year was someone whom I had been watching on TV for years.
He woke up to me staring at him and he just smiled, “guess you really are a wrestling fan, now if you don’t mind I have to go and get ready as I have work soon”
“Smartass” I say to him and all he does is smile.