Romeo and Jennifer, Part 1


Location: England
Date: 1355
He closed the space between them and framed her face in his hands, making her aware of his power and strength, and her fragility. His mouth was on hers, hot and hard and demanding.
Jennifer did not pull away, though she knew she should. She was a married woman, married to a man she hated and feared. Romeo’s tongue slid smoothly into her mouth, stroking in and out repeatedly. A wet warmth gathered between her thighs, a forbidden heat. In a moment of clarity, she knew she should stop this before it was too late, but instead she gripped his muscular arms and returned his kiss.
“What did you wish to talk about?” he whispered against her lips.
She clung to him. She could not think. “Romeo. ”
His hands left her face and slid down her body, lightly caressing, soothing, coaxing. “What? Tell me. ”
His hands circled around to her buttocks, gripping them, separating them, finding her feminine heat through her clothing. Suddenly light-headed, Jennifer shuddered, wanting him so very badly. His hands on her were arousing, exciting, driving her mad with need.

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   He continued to caress her feminine folds through her clothes, until her knees began to buckle and she realized her will to resist Romeo had fled.
Desperately, Jennifer clung to his shoulders until her breath came in choking gasps and she was trembling like a leaf.
Abruptly he tore his mouth from hers and stared at her, as if trying to read her thoughts. Then he smiled. She exhaled a strangled breath when he gripped her arms and propelled her toward her bedchamber. She stumbled. He swept her into his arms and carried her through the open door. Then he set her on her feet, slammed the door, and turned the key in the lock. He was still smiling as he crowded her backward toward the bed.
The husky timbre of his voice warned her that there was no turning back this time. “’Tis time, sweet Jennifer. I gave you ample warning. ”
Sunlight streamed through the windows, illuminating his dark face. His expression was ruthless, and grimly determined, overwhelming in its intensity. Though she had resisted his masculine appeal thus far, she had always known this day would come.

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   It mattered not that she was a married woman. The church did not consider a marriage legal until it was consummated, and Daniel had not bedded her. She had made certain of that.
“Do not think, Jennifer,” Romeo said, as if aware of her thoughts. “This was meant to be. Patience is a virtue that I lack. ”
He drew his tunic over his head and tossed it aside. Then he loosened the ties on his hose and his manhood burst free. She stared at him, and the incredible length and hardness of him. She had felt his male part inside her, but had never seen it in the light of day. He was massive. She saw the veins along the sides throbbing and noted a tiny drop of fluid on the tip.
Her cheeks flamed as he pulled off his hose and tossed them beside his tunic. She caught her breath. He was magnificent.

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   Tall, powerfully built, and virile, he was everything she knew he would be, everything she had dreamed about.
Abruptly his hands moved to the neat braids she had plaited that morning and wound around her head. “I want your hair down when I make love to you. ”
She nodded and began pulling wooden pins out of her hair. When her braids hung down her back, Romeo began to unravel them, spreading the silken strands out with his fingers until they fell in shimmering chestnut waves down her back.
Romeo drew her hair aside and kissed her nape. “I love your hair,” he murmured huskily. “When you were a child, I thought it was hideous. I must have been blind. ”
Jennifer recalled how Romeo had teased her about the color of her hair, calling her Carrot Top and other unseemly names. But she had not cared, for she had loved Romeo then, with the kind of love only a child was capable of giving.
“Take off your clothes. ” His voice sounded urgent, raw. “I want you, Jennifer. Now.

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   It will be different this time. There will be no pain. I will take time to please you. ”
Jennifer swallowed a smile. Did he not know he had pleased her the first time despite the initial pain? Slowly, watching his expression change from appreciation to fierce need, she began to undress. When she moved too slowly to suit him, he grasped the neckline of her chemise.
“Nay. Patience, my lord. I cannot afford to lose a piece of clothing when I have so few. ”
“I will replace it with a dozen others. ” Then he tore it in half, tossing the pieces aside with a growl of impatience.
Jennifer quailed beneath his fierce perusal. She might have turned and run had he not gripped her arms and pulled her roughly against him.
    Breast to breast, hip to hip, his heat scorched her and left her wanting. When she felt his staff throbbing against her, she cried out her own need.

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    “I cannot wait!” Shocked by her outburst, she turned bright red.
    “Ah, sweet Jennifer. How your impatience pleases me. We will go slowly, my lady. I want to learn all your secrets. ” Then he bore her backward onto the bed.
    Jennifer’s mind ceased functioning. His gaze was pure fire, flaying her everywhere it touched. He cupped her breast. His mouth found her nipple. He sucked it into his mouth, hard, wringing a cry from her. Her hands were on his shoulders, his back, his thighs. His touch, his taste, his scent, all combined to bring her the kind of greedy pleasure she had no right to claim. Not with this man, who was neither her betrothed or her husband.
    She trembled violently beneath the kisses raining down on her body.

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       His mouth was hot, his tongue hard, firm, every flick sending unspeakable delight surging through her. She felt him sliding lower on her body and feared he would not stop until he reached…
    He knelt between her outstretched thighs and looked up at her when she screamed his name. His eyes flashed silver and he gave her a dazzling smile. Then he bent his head and stared at her intimate flesh as if it were a feast he could not wait to devour. She nearly lost control as his talented fingertips stroked up her inner thighs to the lips of her sex, spreading them for his pleasure.
    Then he kissed her there.
    Jennifer could not breathe, could not think. “Please. ” She did not know such things were permissible, much less wonderfully arousing.
    He hesitated, looking up at her. “Shall I continue?”
    “Nay…aye…I know not! ‘Tis sinful. ”
    “Aye,” Romeo agreed. “Deliciously sinful. Tell me, Jennifer, do you want me to stop?”
    She could feel his hot breath against the tender folds of her womanhood and feared she would die if he stopped now. “Nay, do not stop.

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       Take this to the end. ”
    He lowered his head and slid his tongue over her wet, swollen flesh. She tried to embrace him and realized their fingers were entwined and her hands imprisoned at her sides. His tongue flicked over a place so sensitive it wrung a cry from her. Stunned, she arched violently upward,. He freed her hands and they immediately fell to his shoulders, her nails biting into his flesh. A joyous emotion bubbled up inside her. It was so strong, so powerful it was like a volcano soon to erupt. And then it did.