Raping Amanda Bynes and Avril Lavigne Part 8


"Got anything to drink 'round here?" asked Lou as hewiped some sweat off of his forehead. "It's hot as amothafucka out there. "Lou had a deep husky voice, and he slurred his wordsquite a lot, which gave the appearance that he wasn'tthat intelligent. After some small talk while I pulleda couple of beers out of the fridge for everyone, I soonrealized that Lou was about as sharp as a sack of wetmice. Calvin was quite the opposite; intelligent andclearly in control of Lou as he seemed to put him downseveral times. "Shit man," said Calvin as he chugged half of his beerdown in one sip, "Mikey boy, ol' Steve here says you gotthe girls holed up in here. You must be fucked out bynow man, so I'm guessing you're ready to pass thetorch. ""Uhhh, yeah, I've been having myself a blast. " Ireplied, still trying to weigh the situation out. "Well Lou here's been jackin' off to some teeny boppermagazine all the way up here. Fuck man, that AvrilLavigne is one hot fuckin' little chick. " Calvin said,but Lou quickly stepped up to correct him. "Hey Cal, I didn't fuckin' cum man, I saved my balls,sheeeiiiiitt man. " Said Lou as he polished off his beer. Steve chuckled and patted me on the back. "Guys, this is Mike's place, and since he's the one whoknows his way around, I think it's about time that hegive us the royal tour, what do you say Mike old pal?"I nodded my head, but decided that I wanted to controlthe situation a little bit.

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  "Sure Steve, you bet, there's just one thing guys. " Isaid, causing all three men to stop and focus in onwhatever it was I was going to say. Their guess was asgood as mine. "I think that I want a few minutes inthere alone to kind of prepare them for you coming in. They know that a friend of mine is coming, but when theyget a load of the two of you, well, they're going topanic, so I. . . "Before I could get a chance to finish, Calvininterrupted. "Prepare them? What the fuck are yougonna prepare them for Mikey, it's not as if they have afuckin' choice about what we're gonna do to them!""Yeah Calvin, I know that, but I just wanted to see theexpressions on their faces when you walk in. It mightbe, ummm, kind of fun. " I said. "Fuck that. I want some pussy. " said Lou as he lookedover at Calvin for approval. "No wait Lou," thought Calvin outloud, "Wait up.

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   HeyMike, are those cunts undressed right now?"I nodded causing Calvin to smile again. "Get thosebitches dressed up. Eating a banana's no fun if youcan't take the fuckin' peel off, get my drift Lou?" saidCalvin. "Fuckin' A man, fuckin' A. " Lou replied, although itseemed to me that he would go along with anything hisbuddy said. "Great guys. " I replied, happy to know that I would havea few minutes of time alone with the girls before thingswere sure to get quickly out of control. "Give me a fewminutes and then we'll bring you all in. ""Oh yeah. This is gonna be priceless. " Replied Calvinas he nodded in anticipation. I unlocked the door to the bedroom I was keeping my twolittle slaves in, and then quickly closed it shut behindme. "Girls! I want you to both get your fucking clothes onnow. " I commanded as I helped gather their items andtossed them down in front of them. "Wh.

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  . . what's happening? Are you letting us go?" askedAmanda, as she looked at me with a large round set ofpuppy-dog eyes, as if that would help me answer her withthe response she was hoping for. As Avril started toslowly dress, I pulled Amanda into the corner of theroom, out of Avril's earshot and began to whisper toher. I could see that Avril was trying to dressquietly, wanting to listen in to what I was saying toAmanda, but I spoke quietly enough that I knew shecouldn't hear us. "Amanda, listen to me okay, this is extremelyimportant. " I said to her as genuinely as I could makeit. Her eagerness to listen made me realize that shestill trusted me that I wouldn't take her virginity awayfrom her. "Amanda, sweetie, there are some men here. . . ""What????" Amanda said loudly, but I shushed her andquickly resumed my conversation with her. "Shhhhh, Amanda listen to me. . .

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  I don't want them totouch you any more than you do, but I have a plan okay? And if you go along with my plan, there might be achance that I can protect you from them, okay?"Amanda quickly nodded, believing that I could protecther, but it was not going to be easy. "Okay, now here's the deal. I just might be able tostop them from fucking you, but you'll probably have tosuck them off, just like you've done to me. Now itwasn't that bad with me was it?" I asked. "Yes!!! It was awful!!" replied Amanda, "I hated it, Ican't do this, please!" she said, starting to panicagain, so I had to grab her shoulders and shake her abit to make sure she was concentrating on me again. "Amanda listen! What's worse, getting repeatedly gangraped or swallowing a bit of sperm?? Think about it! And if possible, I'm going to get you out of here,tonight, okay sweetie?"Amanda nodded quickly, excited at the thought that shemight be able to leave this nightmare. "But you have to follow my lead, and do everything Itell you to okay? Starting with this. . . I'm going totell them that you have your period, and that shouldhopefully keep them out of your pants. If I can turntheir attentions over to Avril, I am going to make youwhip her and dominate her, and that alone mightcompletely take the focus off of you and onto her. Now,these men are only going to be here for a night, sohopefully they won't end up fucking you, okay? Do youunderstand?"Another nod. "Good. Now remember, by doing what you're told,especially by me, you may very well prevent yourselffrom too much harm coming to you, okay?" I asked as Ibrushed away a tear that dripped out of her left eye anddown her cheek. "Yes.

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   Please, don't let them hurt me, please!!! I'lldo anything you want!""You'll suck them off if they want Amanda?" I asked,hoping that she was going to go along with this. "Yes. " She said defeatedly. What else could she say?"Good. Okay, I will do EVERYTHING in my power to keepyou safe. I promise. And then I'll take you home. Okay?""Okay. " Said Amanda, dreading meeting the men that I hadbeen talking to her about. "Good. " I smiled at her, and then told her to put herclothes on, as I returned into the kitchen. You couldjust see the lust in the eyes of the men. Showtime. . .

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  "Ok guys, they're all dressed and ready for us. But,uh, there's just one thing. "Calvin and Lou looked at each other as if I was about togive out some bad news. "Amanda Bynes. . . she just got her period, but Avril'sripe and ready to go. ""Shiiiiit man," laughed Calvin out loud. "And here Ithought you was gonna say that they're fucking dead. Alittle bit of Kotex-Koolaid aint gonna fuck me up noneman? Besides, her ass aint bleedin' right? Enoughdialogue brother, take us to the meat!"Well my heart sunk. I knew there was nothing I could doto save them from touching Amanda. Well at least Itried. All four of us entered the room in a quick line, and thelook on Avril's face was completely priceless. Her eyespractically bulged out of her head, and she ran to thecorner of the room, where she sunk to the floor, sittingon her little butt. It was as though her mindcalculated exactly what was about to happen.

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   Theexpressions on Calvin and Lou's faces didn't do anythingto persuade Avril that they were here for any otherreason than to sexually abuse her body in the same way Idid. Although these men were huge compared to me. Ithink she was in shock. Amanda reacted much differently. Rather than coweringin fear like Avril had, Amanda simply remained sittingon the bed as she had been when I left her just momentsago. "Hello ladies. " said Calvin in his best Barry Whiteimpersonation. "Now which one of you is Amanda andwhich one of you Avril? All you white bitches look thesame to me. "Amanda looked over at me, and I nodded my head just afraction, which caused her to reply: "I'm Amanda. "Avril didn't respond at all, she just sat huddled andpanicking on the floor, with her head buried in herhands. "Well hello Amanda. " said Calvin as he walked up to herand sat down on the bed next to her. I couldn't believethe size difference between the two of them; it wastotally monstrous. Amanda wasn't even 100 pounds! Itwas hard to believe that men as large as Calvin and Louwould be physiologically able to have intercourse withpetite women like the ones they were presently lustingover. Amanda flinched slightly as Calvin gently brushedher bangs away from her eyes with his thick fingers.

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   Calvin tilted his head to take in all of Amanda'singenue beauty. Lou wasn't as patient. Within seconds, Lou had walked his large obese body overto Avril, and picked her up underneath her armpits asthough she was a toy ragdoll. Avril started goingcrazy. "Don't fucking touch me!! Please, don't do this, I wantto go home!" cried Avril as she looked into Lou's coldsadistic eyes. "You be goin' nowhere bitch, except to the end of mymothafuckin' dick. " said Lou crassly, as he put Avrildown and forced her to walk in front of him to the bed. Pushing her down, Avril bounced onto the bed, andquickly cuddled up to Amanda, who still hadn't moved. "Fuck her!!!!! That faggot still hasn't fucking touchedher!!!!" cried out Avril as she pointed her finger atme. "Shut that fuckin' hole before I crack your ass bitch!"said Lou sternly as he started to unzip his fly andbegan to take down his pants. There were some collective gasps as everyone got a lookat what Lou was packing under his trousers. His cockhad to be at least nine inches unerect, and at least asthick as a Coke can. I had never in my life seenanything like it, except for on the Internet when I hadseen pictures of horses; it was completely unbelievable. "Holy Christ!" said Steve as he too was gawking at Lou'shuge cock. Lou looked over at me.

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   "Does this bitch suck cock or amI gonna have to knock her fuckin' teeth out. ""Use her at your own risk. " I said, aroused at thethought of voyeuristically watching Lou plunder Avril'ssoon to be devastated pussy and ass, but also consciousof what Calvin was doing to Amanda. He was sniffing herhair and her neck like some pheremone-crazed dog. Ifelt an incredible sense of jealousy start to come overme as I watched Amanda looking up at me as if to ask mefor assistance. "Mmmmm baby, you smell so fuckin' good. " murmured Calvinto Amanda, who didn't respond. Lou wasn't following Calvin's slower delayed lead, butrather, he grasped Avril around her waist and throughher down onto her back so that he could start to tearher jeans off of her. They were practically torn toshreds as Lou went through the denim as though it waspaper. Avril kicked and put up her best effort to fighthim, but she didn't stand a chance against Lou, and weall knew it, including her. "Noooo!!!! Don't do this please!!!" begged Avril,completely afraid of getting raped by this monster whowas quickly exposing more and more of her firm, tightlittle body. In less than a minute, Avril wascompletely naked, except for her socks. Louunceremoniously rolled onto the bed, causing thebedsprings in the mattress to creak and strain from allthe weight. Steve had his cock out and was jacking off as he watchedin fascination as Lou spread Avril's legs apart andknelt down closer in between her silky smooth thighs,gawking at the reddened swollen orifices between them. "This bitches holes have been fucked up!" said Lou as helicked his fingers, then jammed two of them hard upAvril's puffy red pussy lips and into her still verysore twat.

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   Avril screamed bloody murder, and I had toconvince Lou that the room was completely sound proofedbefore he continued.
    Calvin gently turned Amanda aroundso that she could watch the action next to her. Lou's body was completely hairless with the exception ofhis flabby pubic area, and he had a sheen of sweat onhis skin. As his fingers continued to probe insideAvril's pussy, Avril had her teeth tightly clenched andher head shaking back and forth. Her hands were bothwrapped around Lou's huge wrist, as though she weremaking the impossible effort to try and stop him fromtouching her. Lou seemed to really be getting aroused at fingering thetiny rock star under him, as his cock was growing at aquick rate. It looked like time lapse photography ashis massive tool began hardening right before all of ourvery eyes. Well, except for Avril's, because hers werecurrently shut tight. "Hey Lou," suggested Calvin, "Why don't you make thelittle cunt suck you off a bit before hiding thesalami?""Fuckin' A man. " replied Lou as he layed down on hisback and opened his legs up. Oh my God, I have never seen anything more repulsive inmy life than looking at an obese black man's opencrotch. His huge balls hung down low from under thebase of his cock, and came down to rest on top of hisasshole, which although crinkled up, looked like a darkbrown mini donut. The outer part of Lou's anus was allpuffed up, as though he had a huge ring of hemmorhoidsaround it, and the smell. . .


      . completely disgusting, likean odor of sweat, shit and God knows what else emanatingfrom his body. "Lick my cock bitch, and get my ass while you're at it. "ordered Lou to a nearly hysterical Avril. I just had totake a quick dig at Avril as she stared in horror at thehorrible sight before her. Leaning in, I whispered intoAvril's ear: "Faggot huh? Well at least I don't have tobury my tongue in that. Enjoy slut!"That felt good. Pulling away, I looked over at Avrilwho was obviously trying to refuse to do what Lou hadasked. That approach didn't last long as in a suddenmovement of Lou's hand, he slapped Avril hard across herface, knocking her face to the side, and causing her lipto split a little as her bottom incisors took a littlenick out of it. "NOOOOO!!!!! Don't hit me please!!!!" begged Avrilpathetically. It was obvious just how scared she reallywas right now, and I couldn't believe my eyes, but shewas actually going to lick Lou! I believe the properphrase here would be that Avril was broken. She knewthis was all inevitable, and she didn't want to gethurt. I watched with arousal as Avril knelt in between Lou'smassive legs, and started to lower her face to his cock,which was now over eleven inches in length, and as thickas my fucking wrist. It was times like this that Ithanked God I wasn't a female. With utter contempt, Avril brought her face only afraction of an inch towards Lou's cock, when she pulledaway.

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      "It fucking stinks!!!" said Avril. Ahhhh, was that oldspunk coming back into her? I hoped so because thelonger Lou and Avril played around, the longer itappeared that Calvin was not going to start into Amanda,as he was too busy laughing and commenting on Avril'sactions. "Oh yeah Lou, she thinks you fuckin' stink too man, justlike everyone else!" taunted Calvin, but Lou remainedunphased at his insults. "Come on bitch, you 'barrassing me. Get thatmothafuckin' tongue on my cock or I'll be stickin' itelse wheres!" said Lou as he watched her impatiently. The moment that Avril's tongue actually made contactwith Lou's sweaty cock was a sight to behold. She gaveit a quick lick and then wiped it off on the side of herarm, totally repulsed. "Shit!!!!" said Avril as the salty taste of Lou's sweatregistered in her taste buds. "Hey dude!" Lou said to me, "Shove her fuckin head up myass, and don't take no for an answer from that honkybitch. ""No problem Lou!" I answered happily as I grabbed astartled Avril by the back of her head and literallypushed her head in between Lou's legs so that her entireface was crammed into his globular butt cheeks. His asscrack was totally rank, but I had great fun wipingAvril's face all around it. The mmmpphhhhs and themoans coming from Avril's mouth indicated that she wasprobably screaming, but of course, it was impossible totell with the sound waves being muffled by Lou's Ass ofGibraltar. With a quick yank, I pulled Avril's headback an inch, giving her the opportunity to voice heropinion. "Oh GOD!!!!! Let me GO!!!! Fuck off!!!!!" blabbedAvril, causing me to shove her face back into Lou's ass. Lou grabbed some of Avril's long brown hair and used itto wrap around his cock, and he started to jack off withher hair while Avril's face was being used as a spongebath.

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      "Fuck yeah mannnnnnn. . . . " cried out Lou as he laid inecstasy. My attentions quickly changed over to Amanda, as Calvinwas now slowly getting her to raise her arms so shecould take her top off. Again, my mind began cyclingfor some idea to stop it, but things were looking prettyhopeless. "Time to fuck this bitch. . . " said Lou as he sat up andpushed a squirming Avril onto her back. . . ***PART 9 COMING SOON!!!***Thanks to the many readers who have sent me emails aboutmy stories. Your comments, criticism and feedback arealways welcome and appreciated.

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      Once again, to all authors out there, thanks for yourgreat contributions. And to all readers out there,hopefully you'll be inspired to contribute stuff too. I'm certainly not a polished writer by any means, just alayman trying to give a little back. My belief is thateven poorly written erotic literature is better thannon-written erotic literature. And writing this stuffis not only surprisingly simple, but it's also a lot offun. So keep writing out there!Best wishes,Dave Haugen, dave_haugen@hotmail. com , msn messenger.