queen of the sun


queen of the sun
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Fourteen year old Kay Panabaker sat in the passenger seat, nervously drumming her fingers on her thighs as the car cruised south on Pacific Coast Highway. Her mom was driving, and while she seemed calm enough, Kay knew that she was nervous too. They were on their way to what could turn out to be the most important event of Kay's life.
Don't count on it, though,
"Remember," Mom said as they passed a sign that said Welcome To Huntington Beach, "you don't want to be too excited. You're a professional, you do this kind of thing all the time. It's important, but it's not a huge deal. That's the attitude you want him to see. "
"I know, Mom," Kay replied. Her mother had been giving her the same advice now for three days. It was starting to get on her nerves.
"You can do it, of course. I know you can. You've got the talent. And from what Jason said, you're exactly what he's looking for. " Mom looked at Kay out of the corner of her eye, as if to compare what Jason had said to the reality sitting next to her.
Kay just looked out the window and watched the beach go by.

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Mom found a space and pulled into it slowly, put the car in park, shut off the engine, and then just sat there, staring at the restaurant where Jason had said he would meet them. Kay sat there too, wondering if her mom was planning to get out of the car anytime soon.
"Wow," Mom finally said, "this place looks expensive. "
"Yeah," Kay agreed. "But we don't have to worry about that. Jason said it was his treat. "
"That's not what I mean," Mom said. She looked at Kay. "It takes money to eat at a place like this. We couldn't afford to eat here if Jason wasn't paying for it. "
"I'm not sure I'm following you, Mom. ""Kay, we're in a different world now. We're in a world where people spend more in one evening than I make in a week. A world full of wealthy people. " Mom took Kay's hand in hers, squeezed it gently.

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   "Right now, we're just guests in that world. But if this deal works out, we can become one of them. "
Kay had always thought her mom was beautiful, with her reddish brown hair and her small dark eyes, her still youthful face, and she was thinking so now as she looked at her. But she was also thinking about what else she saw there; the years of her life as a working mother, the sacrifices she'd made and the countless cheap meals, the years of making do. There was wanting in her mother's lovely face, longing. She needed this. Maybe even more than her daughter did.
"I'll get the part, Mom," Kay said. "I promise. "
They stopped in the restroom first, to check both of their appearances. Kay stood next to her mom in front of the bathroom mirror, looking at herself and suddenly not feeling so confident. She was pretty, she knew that, but she also knew that her prettiness was a young girl's prettiness; her chocolate colored hair was too straight, her dark eyes too large and innocent looking, her face was too round, and her nose was the nose of a ten year old. In fact, with her hair in a ponytail like it was (which suddenly seemed dumb), if she didn't have boobs she could easily be mistaken for a girl of at least ten. The only thing that saved her, in her own estimation, was her lips; they were babyish too, even pouty, but men tended to think that was sexy.
She looked at her mom's reflection in the mirror and thought, She's the knockout, not me.

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   Mom was touching up her lip gloss but stopped when she noticed her daughter looking at her.
"Don't worry," she said, giving Kay a little smile. "You're perfect. "
Kay just rolled her eyes in reply.
Mom gave the hostess their names and the hostess escorted them to a table that seemed deep inside the restaurant, where Jason Welling was waiting for them. He stood up as they approached, smiled greetings to both of them, and when Mom got close enough he held out his hand. Mom held hers out too, but Jason only took her fingers in his as he said, "Hello, Mrs. Panabaker, it's a pleasure to meet you. "
"Thank you, it's a pleasure to meet you too," Mom replied, a big enchanted smile on her face. She turned slightly and gestured toward Kay. "This is my daughter, Kay. "
Jason turned his attention to her, said, "Hello, Kay. "
He was pleasingly tall (Kay only came up to his collarbone), and very handsome, with sandy blonde hair and gleaming white teeth that reminded her of a toothpaste commercial. He took her fingers in his just as he had with Mom, and as they shook hands his eyes traveled over her appraisingly. She hoped he liked what he saw, because she sure did.

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"Hi," Kay said. She felt herself smiling as well and hoped that she didn't look like a total goofball. Her heart was pounding in her chest.
Jason gestured to the table with a sweeping hand and said, "Please sit down, ladies. "
Kay followed her mom, sliding into the booth on one side while Jason slid in from the other. The waiter appeared instantly with the menus, took their drink orders, then just as instantly disappeared. Jason and Mom made small talk while they decided what to eat, mostly about Mom and her job and what it was like to be a single mother. They didn't start talking about Kay and the audition until after the food had arrived.
"What I had in mind," Jason said as he cut into a remarkably thick steak, "is this one part in an upcoming show we're putting together for the WB. A one hour drama, set in a Southern California beach community. Very summery atmosphere. In fact, the working title for the show is Summerland. Three kids come from Kansas to live with their laid back aunt after their parents are killed in a car accident, and they have to adjust to their new environment and lifestyle. The oldest sibling is a sixteen year old boy, then there's your character, Kay, her name is Nikki and she's thirteen, and then the youngest sibling, another boy maybe around nine or ten. Now, the thing is, none of these kids are really typical kids.

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   In some ways, yeah, but they're a little more mature, maybe more wise than most kids their age. And Nikki, she's a brain, very very smart, and philosophical. "
Jason paused to pop a piece of steak in his mouth and chew, and Kay said, "I could do that. Sounds easy. " She looked at Mom, who was looking at her and nodding slightly. Jason finished chewing, swallowed, and said, "I'm sure you could. I've talked to a few other people and they say you've got the talent. That's what I like to hear. " Kay couldn't help but smile at that. "But see, there's another angle to this part. Because the show is set in a beach community, you're going to be wearing beachy type clothes most of the time. Nothing overtly sexual, of course, but, you know, a little revealing, subtly sexy. Probably a bikini every once in a while. "
Kay looked at her mom but all Mom did was raise her eyebrows as if to say, "It's up to you. "
"Do you think you'd be comfortable with that, Kay?" Jason asked.

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"Sure," Kay replied, proud of herself for sounding so confident. She wanted to add, I'll do nude scenes and soft core porn if it'll get me the part, but decided that might be pushing it.
"Great," Jason said, giving her a huge smile. "That's what I like to hear. A girl with confidence. Somebody who knows herself and knows what she wants. And isn't afraid to go after it. " He looked at Mom. "A girl like that can go far in this business. " He returned his gaze to Kay. "So, here's the deal. The audition is tomorrow. You show up at the studio at ten o'clock, you go through the whole auditioning thing just like all the other girls that'll be there, but you'll already have it in the bag. I can set that up tonight. "
"You can?" Kay asked.

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   She looked at her mom, then back at Jason. "Then why don't you just do that? Why do I have to go ahead with the audition?"
Jason shrugged and said, "Make it look good. Make it look legit. Which it is, I'm just saying, we've already got the audition scheduled, and if I just call it off, well, a lot of people will be upset. It's just fewer headaches this way. "
"Okay," Kay said, although she was feeling guilty now because "all the other girls" would just be wasting their time. She didn't feel too guilty, though; after all, she got the part. She looked at her mom and smiled. "Guess I'm gonna be a TV star, Mom. "
The rest of the dinner was pretty boring, at least for Kay. There was a little more talk about the show, but mostly Jason talked about the business in general, all the stars he knew and the big shots he'd worked with. He was obviously trying to impress Mom, and Mom was obviously impressed. They were even flirting with each other a little bit, and Kay began to suspect that Jason was working toward asking her out, but then, when dinner was over and they were making their way toward the door, Jason said, "I only have one more thing I'd like to get taken care of. "
"Oh?" Mom said. "And what's that?"
Jason motioned with his head for them to go outside, and once they were out in the parking lot, said, "I have some wardrobe items I'd like Kay to try on, to see if they fit.

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   I was hoping she wouldn't mind coming with me to my place to check them out. "
"You want me to come with you?" Kay asked. She looked at her mom, who was looking at her with the same wondering expression.
"It's kind of necessary," Jason said. "We want to make sure we get the right fit, and the right image. "
"Well. . . . " Kay said, unable to decide. She knew, of course, that Jason was full of shit; he wanted to check out more than just the wardrobe. And seeing that suddenly sad and resigned look on her mom's face told her that Mom knew it too. "I could, I guess. What do you think, Mom?"
Mom glanced back at Jason, then returned her gaze to her daughter and said, "It's up to you, sweetheart. You do what you think is best.

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So there was her answer: the absence of a flat NO meant yes. If she thought it was best.
Kay had the window down and the warm summer evening breeze was blowing her hair all around as Jason drove confidently along Pacific Coast Highway. He was talking again, this time about his boat, which was what he'd meant when he'd said, "my place," but Kay wasn't really listening. Her mind was on other things. What lay ahead, for one. She was going to have sex tonight, to lose her virginity. To a man who was charming, successful, wealthy, and very good looking, and yet was not someone she loved. She hardly even knew him. But he had the power to launch the career she'd always dreamed about. She had to do this, not just for herself, but for her mom too.
And her mom. She'd approved of this whole thing, signed off on it like she was okaying Kay's latest report card from school. Her lack of concern confused Kay; on the one hand, it was a good thing, because it meant that she believed Kay was mature enough and responsible enough not only to make a decision like this, but to handle its consequences. But on the other hand, Kay felt disappointed, let down, because why didn't Mom come to her defense and say, "Absolutely not! You're not going to take advantage of my baby!" Or words to that effect.

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   Instead, she'd sort of abandoned Kay, left her to her fate, handed her over to a stranger from Hollywood, for the sake of making a fortune.
My mom just pimped me out
"You're kind of quiet over there," Jason said, looking at her out of the corner of his eye.
"Just thinking," Kay replied with a shrug of her shoulders. "It's not every day I get offered a part in a TV show. I guess it's kind of boggling my mind. " She looked out her window and watched the shoreline race past.
"Well, at the risk of boggling your mind even further," Jason said, "you should know that this can be just a first step for you, Kay. You can spend four or five years on this show, and use that time to break into films. " He took his eyes off the road to openly look over her body. "I see many teen comedies in your future. "
"I don't think that's what you see," Kay replied, but when he asked her what she meant she just shrugged her shoulders again and kept silent.
They finally arrived at the Newport Beach Marina. Jason found a parking spot, then led her down to the dock where his boat was parked. The sun had just gone down and the horizon was a purplish orange. There was a cool breeze blowing in from the water and it made Kay feel refreshed and energized.


   She found herself looking forward to going to Jason's boat, despite what she knew was in store for her.
The boat was much larger than she'd expected, although she hadn't really known what to expect. It seemed overly long, and wide, and tall, as if someone had taken the design of a normal sized boat and made it one and a half times bigger. The name was painted in black script on the back: Queen of the Sun. Cool name for a boat, she thought.
"I've never been on a boat before," she admitted, unconsciously crossing her arms in front of her breasts.
"Really?" Jason replied. "You grew up in Southern California and you've never been on a boat? That's a crime. "
Kay shrugged and said, "We never had the money for a boat. "
"Well, now you'll have enough money for five boats. Come on. "
Jason helped her get from the wharf onto the deck of the boat, then led her to the cabin. Another surprise: while it had looked too large from the outside, once she was in it the cabin seemed to Kay to be quite small, close and intimate. Almost cramped. She was also surprised to see that it had been set up like any typical bachelor pad, with a small sofa bed, an entertainment center complete with TV, VCR, DVD player, CD player, etc.

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   There were movie posters all over the place, a dinky refrigerator and a mini bar set against one wall, and not a plant in sight.
"Nice digs," Kay said, mostly meaning it.
"Thanks," Jason replied. "You want something to drink? How bout a beer?"
Kay opened her mouth to tell him that she didn't drink, but instead said, "Sure. "
She sat down on the sofa with her hands in her lap. Jason opened the little refrigerator, pulled out two bottles of beer, and handed her one.
"Stay right there," he said, then went over to the entertainment center. Kay figured he was going to put on some mood music, but instead he opened a cabinet she hadn't noticed before, above the entertainment center. He pulled out a small bundle, shut the door then turned and came back to her. He stood directly in front of her and held out the bundle. Kay took it, realizing that it was a set of clothes. A pair of blue denim shorts and a light blue tanktop.
"Oh," she said. She looked up at him. "So, you really meant it when you said you had some clothes for me to try on.

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  ""Of course I did," Jason replied. "What did you think I meant?"
"Well. . . . um. . . . never mind. " Kay felt mortified; she'd assigned the worst possible motives to a man who so far had done nothing but promise her the moon if she was only willing to work for it. She examined the clothes. They were brand new. The shorts looked like they just might fit. The tanktop, though, emblazoned with the words Girls Rule in dark blue script, looked a little too small.

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   It would probably be a fairly snug fit.
"Go ahead and try em on," Jason told her as he sat down next to her on the sofa.
"Okay. " Kay looked around. "Is there a bathroom I can use?"
"Right over there. " Jason pointed to a door in the corner, on the other side of the entertainment center.
Kay got up and went into the bathroom. It was, like the rest of the cabin, surprisingly small. There was barely room enough to stand up while she took off her clothes and put on the shorts and tanktop. Once she had those on she checked her appearance in the mirror. She looked okay, she decided; the tanktop was snug like she thought it would be, and there was a gap between the top and the shorts, showing off her bellybutton, but otherwise it was fine. The only real problem was that she'd left her bra on, and now she could see how stupid that looked. She took off the tanktop and her bra, then put the tanktop back on. Better. She took a deep breath, let it out, then turned and left the bathroom.

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Jason was sitting on the sofa drinking his beer when she returned. His eyes lit up when he saw her and he smiled and said, "Wow, you look just as gorgeous as I thought you would. "
"Thank you," Kay said. She stood there with her hands together in front of her, feeling a little embarrassed. Get used to it, she told herself. You're going to have to do a lot of this once you're famous.
"Let me have a closer look," Jason said. He put his beer on the coffee table, got up, and came over to her. He stood very close to her, looked down at her as he put his hands on her shoulders. Kay looked up at him, but his eyes weren't on her face; they were staring directly down at her cleavage. "Let me try something," he said, then brought his hands down from her shoulders to her breasts. He took hold of them, squeezed them once, then with just his fingertips he began to tweak her nipples.
"What are you doing?" Kay asked, although it was obvious.
Jason didn't reply immediately. He continued to pinch her nipples for another few moments, then let go, stepped back, and examined her chest.

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   Kay looked down and saw that her nipples were now very visibly poking through the tanktop.
"I did that," Jason said, "because the show will be using your sex appeal to attract viewers. Not on a regular basis, of course, or even often, but on some rare occasions we'll be showing you off a little bit, and I needed to know just how it might look. " He nodded his approval. "Very nice. "
"Thanks, I guess," Kay replied. "Is my character going to be having sex too?"
Jason surprised her by laughing lightly.
"Not on your life," he said. "This is technically a family show, and besides, even suggesting that underaged characters are having sex is almost against the law these days. No, Nikki won't be getting laid any time soon. I don't think I can say the same thing for you, though. "
"What do you mean?" Kay asked. Another unnecessary question.
Jason stepped close to her again, this time looking down into her eyes. His hands came up to the end of her tanktop and lifted it up over her head.

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   He tossed it onto the floor, then placed his hands on her bare breasts. "You want this role very bad, don't you?"
So she was right after all. She was going to have to go all the way with him. If she wanted the part, anyway.
"Yes," she said, her voice sounding to her like a little girl's. She wasn't afraid, exactly. Just. . . . she didn't know what.
"Of course you do," Jason said. He let go of her breasts and took her hands in his. He brought both of them up to his lips, kissed them. "Everything is up to you, Kay.

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He led her over to the sofa and motioned for her to sit. When she did, he started to undress. Kay sat with her hands in her lap, her naked breasts feeling the sudden chill in the room and, she noticed, her nipples still hard. Once Jason was naked, he stood before her for a moment and Kay looked at his cock. It was impossible not to, since it was practically sticking in her face. It seemed remarkably long to her, though she had nothing in her experience to compare it to. Finally, Jason sat next to her and took her face in his hands. He kissed her mouth tenderly, then told her, "Go ahead and lay down. "
Kay laid down on the sofa. She rested her hands on her stomach and kept her legs together. Jason knelt down next to the sofa and deftly unfastened the fly of her shorts. He pulled them down over her slim hips, down her legs and over her ankles, then did the same with her panties, leaving her completely nude. Jason's eyes narrowed and there was obvious yearning on his face as he examined her body.
"My God, you're lovely," he said. Kay didn't know whether to say thank you or not.

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Kay had rested her head on a throw pillow, and it elevated her enough that she could watch him as moved from the floor to the sofa. He touched her legs, spread them wide, then brought his head down between her thighs.
He kissed her first, then began to lick her, burrowing his tongue between the two soft full lips of her cunt. Kay gasped at the sudden and surprising jab of pleasure that coursed through her. Jason continued to lick her, sliding his tongue up and down the length of her cunt, crawling in between the lips, slithering in circles around her clit. A delightful warmth spread through the lower part of Kay's body, flowing outward from her cunt to her chest, her arms and legs, and despite herself she began to murmur soft cries of satisfaction. She closed her eyes and, without really thinking about it, began caressing her breasts, pinching her hardened nipples.
Jason continued to lick her for a few more minutes, and eventually the pleasures swirling inside of Kay's body grew and intensified to a point where she couldn't contain them anymore and they burst, pouring all through her from head to toe, and she cried out as she came.
Jason spent several more moments just laying there with his face buried in her cunt before he pulled himself up. He crawled over her and laid on top of her gently, like he was afraid she might break. He settled himself between her still widespread legs and took her in his arms. Kay felt his balls nestled against her cunt and his cock laying over her lower abdomen, snaking all the way up to her bellybutton. Jason kissed her again, passionately this time, and as he kissed her he explored her body with his hands, touching her all over, sliding his fingers down her sides, over her butt, back up her sides and over her ribs, and ending up on her breasts. He caressed and squeezed them lovingly as he pushed his tongue in and out of her mouth. At the same time he moved his hips, rubbing himself against her, and Kay felt the base of his cock and his balls moving up and down over her cunt and her clit.

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   She could feel him getting more and more excited, and Kay felt her own rising heat and desire.
Jason seemed to sense this, or at the very least couldn't control his own desire anymore, and he reached down between their bodies and took hold of his cock. He guided it forward until it touched Kay's cunt lips. Kay took in a deep breath, held it, and a moment later the head of his cock began to enter her. It pushed past the lips, stretching them until they hurt, then stretching her further inside, and further and further. The pain was like a pinprick at first, not really that bad, but then it became sharper and deeper as more and more of his cock slid into her. Kay had to let her breath out, then sucked it in again, held it again. She felt Jason's cock nudge up against her cherry, then force its way through, breaking it, tearing it. It felt like he was stabbing her, and she couldn't keep from crying out a little.
Jason didn't even slow down. He just kept pushing into her, until his entire cock had made its way inside. It was more uncomfortable than Kay had expected, more invasive and overwhelming, but she kept herself calm by reminding herself that it wouldn't stay like this, that her body would get used to it soon.
Once he was inside of her, Jason paused and kissed Kay's cheek.
"Oh yes, you are so beautiful," he breathed into her ear. "A gorgeous queen of the sun.

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  " He slowly began to pull his cock back out of her. That hurt too. He only went about halfway, then abruptly pushed himself all the way back in. He moved slowly, gently, but as he continued to push in and out of her he began to pick up speed, fucking her, and the more he fucked her, Kay noticed, the more the pain receded.
So this is what it's like
, she thought as she held onto him and felt him moving inside of her. This isn't so bad. In fact, it's kinda nice. Jason held her and kissed her and fondled her breasts. even sucked her nipples as he took his pleasure with her, sliding his long hard cock deep into her cunt. Kay began to move with him, the pain inside fading to nothingness, replaced by a rising tide of pleasure and satisfaction. Jason's cock thrust into her faster and faster, harder and harder, and a ripple of orgasm began to stir in her cunt, growing like a sudden storm in her belly. Kay wondered what her mom would think of her right then. She was, essentially, whoring herself for a part in a TV show. But more than that, she was getting fucked and liking it.
Jason had propped himself up on his elbows and was looking down at her, watching her as she became immersed in the first and most important sexual experience of her life.


   Kay was gasping and sighing, crying out softly now each time he plunged into her. Jason shoved his cock into her again and again, until finally Kay went spiraling over the edge and down into the warm well of orgasm. Her entire body trembled and shuddered with wave after wave of brilliant, almost magical delight. She cried out again, this time kind of loudly, but she didn't care. She was coming, and it was fabulous. .
Jason continued to fuck her and she held him close, let him ride her with abandon until he reached his own point of ecstasy. He buried his face in Kay's hair, grunted in her ear, and she felt his cock throbbing within her and his come spilling into her cunt. It was only a few moments but it seemed to take such a long time. Finally, he was finished, and he collapsed on top of her. They were both breathing hard, their hearts were pounding, and their bodies were covered with a light sheen of sweat.
Kay cried, of course. She couldn't help it. She was no longer a virgin, no longer the same person she was before. She was a woman now.

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   No matter what happened to her from here on out, whether she became famous, whether she became rich, even if she got the part in Summerland or not, that fact would never change.
Part of her expected him to treat her badly afterward, to tell her to put on her clothes and get out or something like that, but Jason was not only kind to her, he was sweet and attentive. He held her for a long time after they were finished, then took her into the bathroom and helped her shower and get cleaned up. After that he sat and drank beer and talked with her for a while, almost acting as if they were on a date. When he finally pulled the sofa out into a bed, he gave her a very pretty nightgown to wear, and held her and stroked her hair as she fell asleep.
In the morning, Jason made love to her again, slowly and tenderly, then drove her to the audition at the studio. He took her around and introduced her to everyone, billing her as the WB's next big star, and though she had to do the audition just like everyone else, in the end she was the one selected to play the role of Nikki. She got everything he had promised she would get, and more so, and for that Kay was grateful, even though Jason told her several times that she'd earned it all. And at the end of the day, when she saw her mom again, she smiled. embraced her, and told her the same thing.
, she thought, but as soon as those words came into her head she rejected them. she told herself, repeating her mother's words. This could all come to nothing. Except Kay knew in her heart that it was something; an opportunity, a rare opportunity, and she was going to take full advantage of it. She was going to do whatever she had to do.

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Sex escort Budapest is your best bet for an amazing time in the Hungarian capital. You will have the fun of your life thanks to their attractiveness, wit, and professionalism.You can have a sweet evening with a pretty date or a wild night out on the town. There are a lot of choices for you. Many escort services in Budapest offer personalised tours that are made to fit your wants and interests. This means that you can enjoy the city in the way that works best for you, with a gorgeous escort by your side.

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Hiring a professional escort in Budapest ensures that you'll have someone with expertise in offering tailored assistance during your trip. They are flexible and can cater to your interests, whether you want to see the sights or experience the city's exciting nightlife.Thus, there's no reason to hold off. Make plans for an escorted tour to Budapest now for the pinnacle of sensual enjoyment. The ladies here are eagerly awaiting your arrival.
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Our escorts are ready to accompany you to events, restaurants, or even just to hang out in your hotel room whether you're here on business or pleasure. Our ladies are bright, cultured, and experts at making you feel like a prince or princess.Finding an escort babe in Budapest is a surefire way to make an impression. Each of these ladies has been carefully selected for her beauty, brains, and charm, and they are committed to making your time with them memorable. An escort girl can fulfil all your needs, whether you want a quiet dinner for two, a wild night out on the town, or just a companion to show you around town.

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