loving a vampire the right way ( part 5)


YES i will emmett. i said looking at him loving
good in a couple of days i will change you if your not pregnant. he said looking at me with loving eyes
no not yet please i want to wait a while. i begged
ok baby. he said happily
i layed my head back on the pillow
do you want to sleep esra. emmett asked couriously
yes i would like that. . . . i smiled
he pulled out of my pussy it making a big pop he smiled and kissed me sweetly
he picked me up and pulled down the covers he layed me down on the bed and covered me up he then layed down beside me i put my head on his cheast and smiled as i fell asleep i selpt for what seemed like days
are you awake esra. . esme asked
i opened my eyes and smiled at her
yes ma'am i am. . . . i said
please call me mom .

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  . she said smiling
ok mom. . . i said smiling
i began to move only to scream out in pain
owwwwwwwwwwwwwww shit that hurt. i said
i was coming to get you to take you to get a massage. . she said happily
she took me to alices room where alice put a light blue sundress and blue flip flops they carried me to the massage parlor in port angeles they massaged me then put me in a mud bath then they bathed me and and got me dressed me and alice and esme took me home they layed me on their coutch i fell asleep and woke up to a very bright room
i leaned up and vomited all over the floor
esme ran in and began to massage my back
whats going on. . . i said couriously
we are running some test you have been in and out throwing up every five minutes. . . esme said
i grabbed my stomach
well it seems that you are pregnant . .

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  . . . carlise said
OMG REALY. . i said happily
emmett looked at me with sorrow filled eyes
your remember what happened to bella your in a riskful state i love you esra. . . . emmett said
over the next four weeks i was getting huge i looked at emmett in a different light
i woke up and looked over at him
i stood up and went to the kitchen and was starting to fix me some food when i felt water running down my legs
i looked down
Emmett i think my water just broke. . i said scared
everyone rushed in to get me

part 6 up soon.