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When Laetitia disappeared into their tent I was curious to say the least. Ten minutes pasted and she didn’t come out. By now, my imagination was running wild. I decided I had to investigate and see what was going on. As I made my way quietly towards their tent I thought, “There’s got to be a perfectly innocent explanation to why she’s in there. ” Then as I was about ten feet away from the tent I heard faint moans coming from inside. I couldn’t believe my ears, so I carefully peaked in. My heart was racing and I was shocked by what I saw. There was Laetitia, completely naked and on her knees, taking turns sucking on two big black cocks. The two men were naked and their bodies were thin and cut. They both had big pitch-black cocks; I would guess they were around eight inches long. One cock was slightly thicker with more of a rounded head. I never saw two big cocks like that at once before. Laetitia had her hands wrapped around the base of each of those big dicks. She would suck on one, deep throating it, while stroking the other one. Then after a minute she would switch, she continued to rotate back and forth between the two black cocks.

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   She looked like an experienced cocksucker and the guys were very much enjoying her blowjob. The third guide was also naked, kneeling right behind Laetitia. He had a similar body as the other two but I couldn’t see his dick. He was fondling Laetitia awesome breasts with both of his big hands and kissing her neck and shoulder. Her tits were big, round and firm, and she had the perfect size puffy pink nipples. He then slid one hand down her flat stomach to her surprisingly thick, but well-groomed, brown bush. His hand began to work her pussy and she let out a few soft moans. He looked up at the other two and said something that I couldn’t understand. One replied back and they all had shared a laugh as Laetitia masterfully continued her doubled blowjob. I figured they must have been talking about her pussy and how they were going to fuck it; I couldn’t wait to see that. Having her pussy fingered, caused Laetitia to bob her head up and down on those big black cocks quicker. She also rotated between the two of them much faster. Then as she had one cock in her mouth the other one erupted. Before his first burst of cum shot out the guy tapped Laetitia on the head and grabbed hold of his dick. He franticly jerked-off and before she could take his cock in her mouth he hit her square on the nose and corner of her eye with a thick glob of cum.

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   He deposited the rest of his thick semen inside her mouth, which was eagerly wide open. By time he was finished her mouth was filled with his white cum. Then Laetitia closed her mouth and swallowed his cum down to her belly. She had a little difficulty getting it all down, but when she opened her mouth not a drop was left. For some reason that shocked me more than what I had already seen. I never would have guess that Laetitia swallows. The next guy then blow his load, hitting her on her left cheek before she could wrap her full lips around his swollen member. She placed her hands on his firm ass and milked him for all every drop of cum he had. She was still having her pussy worked over and she was sucking him off like she was possessed. The guy was grunting very loudly and the guy next to him gave him a nudge and said something. I assume he was telling him to be quieter because he lowered his volume. He grit his teeth as he continued to send his cum down Laetitia’s throat. He placed his hands on the back of her head and pumped her mouth; it sure looked like he was ejaculating a lot. When he finally removed his shiny cock from her mouth Laetitia almost looked like she had an upset stomach from all the semen now in her belly from those two black studs. Being a super model I bet she hadn’t ate that much in one sitting in weeks.

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  Now the guy on his knees stood up and I got my first look at his cock. It was huge! It was the biggest dick that I’ve ever seen and he had a big set of balls that hung an inch below it. It was fully erect and had to be at least twelve inches long. He had Laetitia lay down on her back and he position himself on top of her. I couldn’t wait to see that monster devour her cunt and Laetitia looked just as eager to have that monster fuck her. I thought, “There’s no way that thing fits inside her. He’s gonna rip her apart!” He slowly began working it in her vagina. Laetitia’s whole body tensed up as it sank deeper into her wet pussy. When his cock was about ten inches deep she placed her hands on his chest, a signal for him to wait. He didn’t stop though, not until every last inch was buried in her pussy. Then he waited motionless with a look of sheer pleasure on his face, while Laetitia struggled to adjust to the girth of his manhood. After thirty second she lowered her hands from his chest and on cue he wasted no time fucking her. Laetitia ached her head back and moaned, “OOOOHHHH!” Not only was she enjoying having that huge cock fuck her cunt, but she also looked like she was ready to cum within minutes! The guy was going easy on her at first, with slow long strokes. I watch his pitch-black dick come out until I saw the head then he would steadily slide it back in. She had the sweetest sounding moans, “AARRR…AARRR…AARRR!”I know Laetitia was on the verge of a big climax when I saw her legs stiffen and her toes curl.

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   She momentarily stopped moaning, closed her eyes tightly and scrunched her nose. Then her whole body shuttered as her orgasm hit her. Her black lover saw this and started pumping her pussy much faster. She started moaning again only much louder. Her orgasm must have lasted a good five minutes and she was still cumming when he withdrew his huge cock from her over-stimulated cunt. He had only been fucking Laetitia for ten minutes, but he couldn’t last any longer. He was kneeling over her jerking off very fast. Within seconds the floodgates opened and stream after stream of white cum shot from his huge black cock. Laetitia’s perfect body was being covered with his cum. She was rubbing her clit as cum continued to splash against her tits, stomach and even her face. The two guys watching were hard again, but the other guy wasn’t finished with Laetitia yet. Once he finally stopped ejaculating he pulled Laetitia to her feet. Without saying a word he lay down on his back and held his long spear straight up. Laetitia knew exactly what he wanted and straddled him. Cum dripping down her perfect body.

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  Her pussy was very sensitive and she let out a deep moan, “OOOOWWWW!” as she lowered herself down on his big dick. She was slowly moving up and down on it, but that was satisfactory for him. So, he grabbed Laetitia by her hips and started driving his black tool up into her. She leaned forward extending her arms out to his muscular chest. Loud noises came from her pussy with each upward thrust. To my amazement, Laetitia was once again enjoying a big orgasm. She had her head tilted upward and her eyes closed as she moaned in ecstasy. One of the other black studs apparently got tried of waiting for his turn to fuck the super model and positioned himself behind her. He was about to fuck her ass and she had no idea it was going to happen. I didn’t see what he used, but he had greased his black pole with some kind of lube. He spread her ass cheeks apart and started to penetrate her with his big round head. It was a very tight fit, but with one big push it sank into her little asshole, well not so little anymore. Laetitia let out a loud scream in obvious pain. The guy fucking her ass quickly reached around and covered her mouth. Her moans were muffled as they were both fucking her.

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   Watching those two big black cocks fuck each of her holes nearly sent me over the edge. I couldn’t help thinking about how a group of my friends laughed at me once when I was the only one during a conversation about sex who couldn’t figure out what an Oreo was.
    For those of you who don’t know it’s when a white woman is sandwiched between two black guys, getting fucked in both holes. I was witnessing my first Oreo and it was the most erotic site I’ve ever seen!The guy up her ass was fucking her faster than the guy in her pussy. The hand was removed from her mouth and Laetitia was now grunting loudly as they fucked her roughly. She wasn’t complaining or resisting though and even seemed to be enjoying the experience somewhat. Her tits were hanging and moving back and forth. Both guys were moaning intensely and they got into a rhythm fucking her. I couldn’t believe what a slut Laetitia Casta was! The third guy, either to quiet her or because he wanted some of the action too stuck his hard-on in her mouth. He placed his hands on her head to hold it in place. He moved his hips back and forth, fucking her face. Laetitia had been getting her cunt and asshole fucked together for close to ten minutes and now she had a third black cock in her body. As the three men used her body the stimulation must have been overwhelming for Laetitia. The guy fucking Casta’s cunt started to cum, followed moments later by the guy stretching out her asshole. Feeling their warm semen jet in her body set off Laetitia for another round of orgasms.

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       The three of them were cumming simultaneously and Laetitia stopped sucking on the cock in her mouth while she climaxed. I could tell her asshole was being over-filled because cum oozed out as that black cock continued pumping her ass. It was the most incredible site I’ve ever witness watching the three of them so engrossed in each other! When the big dick was removed from her gaping asshole her hole quickly shrunk back down, but not before a thick glob of cum gushed out. Then the huge twelve-inch cock was removed from her used cunt. The third guy got behind the exhausted super model and immediately shoved his black tool in her sloppy pussy and started to jackhammer her. Although Laetitia looked worn out she was a real trooper and didn’t complain as the guy fucked her doggie-style very hard. Her tits were rocking back and forth as she moaned intensely, “AARRR…FFFF…AARRR…FFFF…AARRR!” over and over. All of a sudden I felt someone tapping me on my shoulder. I was so startled that I nearly jumped out of my sneakers. I was so into watching Laetitia’s mini gangbang I had tuned out everything else. I spun around quickly removing my hand from my shorts, where it had been since I first started watching. To my horror, it was the photographer. He said very sternly, but quietly, “What the hell are you doing?”I meekly responded, “Umm…I was…a…”He interrupted me and ordered, “Go back to your tent right now and you never saw a thing! Understand?”I answered, “Yes. ” And quickly headed back to my tent, completely mortified that I got caught watching Laetitia getting her brains fucked out. I looked back and noticed that he was now peeking in, enjoying Laetitia’s show.

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      When I got back to my tent I couldn’t get the image of Laetitia Casta fucking those three well-hung black men out of my head. I couldn’t help but wonder how they were fucking her right at that moment. I masturbated until I couldn’t cum anymore and then I finally fell sleep. The next morning, Laetitia, despite her activities of the past night and the fact she probably got very little sleep, was her typical upbeat and playful self. Our three black guides were once again talking and laughing amongst themselves while watching the super model’s every move. Only this time I knew exactly what they were talking about. .



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