Topic: It was getting late. . .
    I was camping in southwestern Connecticut. I had been out fishing the whole day, and was getting tired. I didn't wish to go to sleep yet, however, because someone I had met over Craigslist was supposed to meet me. I had never seen her, but I have talked to her over the phone. She had the most seductive voice ever, and all I could think about was this girl, this woman, Kim.
 At about 11, I was ready to give up, go to sleep, and let my dreams of getting laid that night fade away. When I was cleaning up from dinner, a car suddenly pulled onto the campsite. I couldn't really see who was in it, but I had an idea of who it might just be. Then, the door swung open, and the two most beautiful pair of legs emerged from the 2004 Altima. I walked over, and was surprised by who I saw in the car. It was Kim Kardashian, the sexiest women alive!
 "Is this campsite 15? I was looking for Mike" she said. My heart almost exploded. It was her on Craigslist, and I had the possibility now to not only have sex, but with one of the most beautiful women in the world.

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   "That would be me, and by the look of things, I'm guessing your Kim. " She gave an akward smile. " I just didn't want anyone to know it was me, or they would have wanted me for the wrong reasons. . But you! You took my breath away, and I knew I had to meet you" She ran up and gave me a giant kiss.
 I was in heaven! Her tits rubbed up on me, and I grabbed her ass. She looked up "So are we going to fuck now, or later?"That was enough for my ears. Although not very large, my 6 inch buddy stood tall. Her face lit up, and I lead her to the tent. It was rather large, with a king sized air mattress. She stripped, exposing that very large ass, great tits, and the best looking pussy I've ever seen. I whipped my pants off, as my shirt was already off. She got on her knees instantly and took me right down to the balls.
"Whoa! Someone knows what they're doing, huh?" She smiled, and then started massaging my balls. After 18 minutes of the best blowjob ever, I came.

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   I shot so much, that her mouth couldn't take all of it. She swallowed what she could, but the rest dripped down on her tits. I wanted to film this so bad, but I learned my lesson from her and Ray J. After I had recovered, I took her legs up licked her pussy just enough to get her wet, and shoved my dick in her pussy. She moaned, then screamed, and soaked my bed. I continued on until she hit another orgasm, which drove me to my second also. I lade on my back, while she got something out of her jeans. It was KY, and I knew what was about to happen. She rubbed some on the head of my dick, then on her asshole. Kim positioned herself right over my dick, and just dropped. She moaned, and I could tell she has done this several times, as her ass was very loose. In no time, she came again, just intime for my anal creampie.   She dropped down, my dick still in her ass, and we fell asleep.
 The next morning, I awoke, and she was gone. There was a note:
 "Dear Mike,
     Sorry I left without saying goodbye.

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   I had to make it to New York to make a photoshoot. The sex last night was awesome, and I will definitely be coming back tonight.
    Love, Kim"
 I smiled, went back to sleep, filled with anticipation of what was to come!
[Entirely Fictional, will make a sequel if reaction is positive]