Justin Timberlake's Heartbreak


Joel stared out the window seeing Justin desperately looking for his limo. "Yeah he looks pretty bummed out. What do you say we invite him for some partying?" Joel asked looking as if he had a bright idea. Mike was already snorting his cocaine. He rubbed his nose and laughed. "Hell yeah. Let's invite him. He needs a good party right about now. "Joel rolled down the window and whistled at Justin. "Hey! Justin! Come here man," he said loudly making people turn around. Justin was weary about going to talk to Joel. He had nothing in common with him. He slowly walked over to the limo hoping he wouldn't be made fun of. He stared at Joel's handsome face and his dark hair, which was died red in the middle. "Yeah?" Justin asked in an almost frightened tone. Joel looked into his blue eyes and smiled.

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   "Listen, we are going back to the hotel and we were wondering if you'd like to come join us at a party. "Justin shrugged. "Oh I don't think it's a good idea. I'm really not in any mood to party. ""Oh come on! You won like three awards tonight. You should feel damn good about that!" Joel said never taking his eyes off Justin. Justin blushed. "Yeah I guess, but I got other things on my mind. "Mike stuck his head out the window. "Hey Justin," he said in a soft voice. Justin waved and looked back at Joel. "Listen, don't be thinking about that bitch Britney. Just forget about her. Everyone knows she aint innocent. You can do better dude," Mike said so comforting.

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   Justin nodded. "Yeah you're right. Look there's my limo over there. I'm gonna go tell the driver that I'm leaving with you guys. ""Alright!" Mike and Joel shouted. Justin walked over to his limo driver and instructed him to just go home for the night. Justin adjusted his dark green suit jacket and nervously walked back to Mike and Joel's limo. He felt so shy around them since he knew they were party guys. He knocked on the window and Joel opened the door. He stepped inside the dim lighted limo and saw the line of cocaine. He sat down slowly in front of Joel and Mike never taking his eyes off the white powder. His eyes had fear in them and the guys just smiled at him so wickedly. He took the seat in front of the guys. "Would you care for some?" Mike asked. Justin nodded.

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   "N-no t-thanks. " "Aww he's scared dude," Joel said laughing. Justin swallowed and scooted towards the door. "Hey we're just joking. You don't have to do any if you don't want to," Joel said reaching out and putting his hands on Justin's. Justin felt Joel's warm touch that almost aroused him. He now looked a bit relieved and made himself comfortable. The limo took off and they were riding in downtown New York. The night was awesome. The air was crisp and all thee guys were talking about their awards. They were having so much fun just joking around, that Justin was slowly forgetting that humiliation he'd gone through earlier that night. "So what kind of girls do you like Justin?" Joel asked taking a sip of champagne. Justin shrugged his shoulders. "I don't have any specific preferences I guess. "Mike snickered.

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   "Yeah right. I see that girls you go out with. They are all slutty looking. "Justin laughed. "No, that's not true. "Mike offered Justin a glass of champagne. "Here ya go. If you don't wanna snort with us then at least drink with us. "Justin took the champagne. "Thanks. "Joel kept eyeing Justin. He had a secret crush on Mr. Timberlake ever since he was with Nsync. He loved the fact that Justin looked so damn innocent. "What about Christina Aguilera? Do you like her?" Joel asked curiously.

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   Justin blushed. "No. She's just a friend that's all. "Mike bursted out laughing. " A friend? Oh whatever! I know I'd fuck her!"Joel nudged Mike and then turned back to Justin. "What about guys? Do you like any guys?"Justin turned beet read. "G-guys? N-no way! I don't go that way. "Joel stayed calm. He took a sip of his champagne and winked at Justin. "How do you know? Have you ever even been with a guy?"Justin put his glass down. "No. I don't plan on it either. "Mike began to put away the cocaine in a small little plastic bag. "Hey don't knock it until you try it," he said wickedly. Justin began to feel so uncomfortable.

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   These guys obviously had bi experiences. He heard a lot of rock band guys did. Not him he would never do that. The thought of being with a guy was just down right disgusting to him. "Hey don't get scared man. Being with another guy aint nothing to freak about," Joel laughed. Justin wanted to leave at that moment. It was bad enough to have his ex, who he still cared about, kiss another woman up on stage and now these guys were trying to make the move on him. Justin stayed quiet and the guys were whispering things to each other. His eyes widened as he watched Mike and Joel begin to kiss. It was not just any kiss. It was a hot deep kiss that only true lovers would share. Justin felt his cock harden just watching their tongues glide in each other's mouths. He was mesmerized and so turned on. The guys broke their kiss and looked over at him.

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  Justin was aroused but he quickly made an awkward face. "Hey listen we're sorry. We didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable," Joel apologized. Justin felt relieved. "Hey that's cool. Just forget about it. ""You still wanna party with us right?" Mike asked. Justin nodded. "Yeah I do. Very much so. "As they drove down to the hotel, all Justin could think about was kissing either Joel or Mike! They had made him think about being with another guy. Justin had gotten many hot fan letters from males that deep down made him hard. They were all quiet for a while and Joel moved over to sit next to Justin. Justin felt Joel put his arm around him and just smile deviously at him. Justin's heart was racing full of curiosity and excitement.

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   "You know that Britney bitch lost a lot when she gave you up man," Joel said softly. Justin blushed and looked down. He couldn't stop from smiling. "T-thanks," he replied shyly. Mike sat in front Joel and Justin and watched Joel make the moves on Justin Timberlake. He couldn't wait to get a piece of Justin himself. Joel stroked Justin's face cupping his chin and making him look into his eyes. "There's no need to be shy Justin. It's just us. Is it OK if I kiss you?" Joel asked moving towards Justin. Justin nodded shyly. He felt Joel's lips on his. His lips felt so warm and wet. He obviously knew how to kiss really good. Justin found himself opening up his mouth to invite Joel's tongue inside.

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   Their tongues massaged against each other's so seductively. Mike felt his cock harden just watching them two kiss. He knew Justin had this image of being so innocent and now here he was making out with another guy. Justin felt Joel's hands caress the back of his neck so gently. His hard on was definitely growing and throbbing. Justin put his arm around Joel and the two were now kissing so intensely. Mike grabbed his cock over his pants and massaged it as he watched the two guys make out. Justin found his cock growing hard with each kiss that Joel offered him. They were swapping saliva and Joel moved his hand down to rub on Justin's cock. Justin moaned immediately. "So this is turning you on huh?" Joel asked wickedly. Justin nodded breathless and pulled Joel back towards him to offer another hot kiss. Mike couldn't resist. He moved over to the two guys and put his arms around both of them. Joel and Justin stopped kissing and stared at Mike.

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   Their eyes were all full of lust. Mike took both guys and pulled them together and then towards him as they began to share a hot three way kiss! All three tongues were caressing one another and their lips were barely touching. "Mmmm. Hey Mike, I think it's time Justin learns," Joel said in between kisses. Mike nodded and looked at Justin. Justin's blue eyes were full of curiosity. "Yup it's definitely time. "Joel joined Mike down on the car floor and both were on their knees in front of Justin. Justin was breathing hard and his heart pounded not knowing what to expect. Before they could go further, Joel reached over and pressed a button. He talked to the driver. "Hey we have a change of plans. Don't go to the hotel yet. Drive us around town for a while would ya?"The driver agreed and Joel went back to his business. Mike reached up and rubbed Justin's cock over his pants.


   Justin closed his eyes and moaned. He loved the feel of strong hand on his cock. "Hey Joel, feel how hard he is. I think he's ready to get sucked off," Mike said in a sexy little tone. Joel didn't reply. Instead, he just reached up and started to undo Justin's pants. Justin opened his eyes and watched the two guys pull out his swollen member. Immediately, precum splashed all over the guys' hands. They both laughed softly but then Justin gasped as he watched them both lick his cock at the same time. Mike on the left, and Joel on the right. Their tongues glided up and down his throbbing cock. Justin watched almost astonished on how hot these guys looked licking his cock. "Mmm nice cock you have here Justin. I think I want to take more of it in my mouth," Joel said seductively. "Yes! Take it," Justin replied shocking Joel and Mike.

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  Mike snickered. "Ah he likes it! I knew he would. Here let me pull out your cum filled balls. I'm gonna suck on them. "Justin shifted his body down a bit letting Mike pull out his balls. He felt Mike's tongue slither on his balls. Justin groaned with heat. "Ah yes! Suck on my nuts!"Joel smiled up at Justin before engulfing his huge cock. Justin was now squirming in his seat. He felt the warmth of Joel's mouth just sucking hard on his cock. "Hmmgghh oh my! Keep sucking me. Yessss!" Justin moaned. Justin looked down watching Joel's luscious lips moving up and down vigorously his long shaft. Mike's tongue was wiggling all around his engorged balls and his lips would smack up against them every now and then. Joel's eyes met with Justin's and there was a moment full of passion between them for those few seconds.

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   Justin tilted his head back and moaned. He could feel his cock twitching harder inside of Joel's mouth. His heart was pounding full of excitement and enjoyment. Never in his life had he been sucked off this good. Justin was lost now in his own pleasure when he felt a different warmth on his cock. He looked down and saw it was now Mike who had his cock in his mouth. Joel was now busy sucking and licking his balls. It went on for a few more minutes. The guys kept taking turns sucking on Justin's cock and balls. Justin felt his whole body tighten and then he trembled violently. "I-I'm going to c-cum!" He said in a shaky voice. He tossed his head back and felt his balls swell up full of cum ready to shoot out into Joel and Mike's mouth. Hard long ropes of cum shot out of his cock. He opened his eyes and gasped watching Joel and Mike both trying to catch his cum in their hungry mouths. They stuck out their long tongues catching strings of warm cum.

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   After having finished his amazing orgasm, Justin watched Joel and Mike kissing and passing wads of his cum back and forth into each other's mouths. It was the hottest thing he'd ever seen. "Mmmmmm," Joel moaned as he kissed Mike. Justin shifted his body and watched the guys kiss. He looked and saw his cock was still hard as a rock, which was almost unusual after having come. He was breathing heavily and slowly recovering from his orgasm. "Damn that was good. You're cum was not as salty as Joel's," Mike said playfully. Justin laughed. Joel flipped Mike the finger and they continued to kiss. Justin felt them making their way up. He felt soft kissed going up from his stomach to his chest and then his lips. He kissed both guys and could faintly taste his own cum in their mouths. They shared long wet kisses and sloppy three way kisses. "I think it's our turn to cum," Joel announced looking into Justin's curious blue eyes.

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  "Yeah I know I need to blow my load," Mike added. Justin took turns looking at both. "W-what did you all want to do?" He asked nervously. "Well," Joel began running his fingers on Justin's lips, "I know you haven't had it up the ass have you?"Justin shook his head. "N-no. ""Are you willing to let go of your inhibitions just for tonight?" Joel asked calmly. Justin knew that it was now or never. How often would he have a chance to be seduced by two hot guys like Joel and Mike? He wanted it up his ass and knew that it would hurt but damnit he wanted it!"I-I'm willing to," Justin replied with a small smile on his face. Joel smiled. "Ok Timberlake, turn around with your pants down and bend over. "Justin gulped. He did as he was told and felt so strange being in that position but yet so turned on. He looked to the side and saw Mike smiling down at him. "Bet you never took it in the mouth too eh?" He asked wickedly. Justin nodded.

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   "Never. ""Well there is a first time for everything," Mike said unzipping his pants and pulling out his huge seven-inch cock. Justin's eyes widen as Mike's cock approached his mouth. Justin felt reluctant at first but then he opened his mouth inviting Mike's cock in. Mike's salty precum quickly lingered in his mouth. Mike grabbed Justin's innocent face and shoved his cock in more. He wanted to make sure Justin swallowed all his cum. He'd always dreamed of that. Joel was kneeling behind Justin ready to ram his aching cock up the pop stars ass. He licked one finger and slowly slipped it in Justin's tiny puckered hole. Justin squirmed and moaned. Only muffled sounds were heard since Justin had Mike's cock in his mouth. "Keep sucking Timberlake, don't fuckin' stop!" Mike groaned. Justin's squeezed his eyes shut. It did feel good to have Joel's finger up his ass but then again, it hurt some.

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   Joel kept fingering Justin's forbidden hole and at the same time stroked his own cock ready to enter and deflower Justin's backside. "Yes! Keep sucking me!" Mike grunted looking into Justin's blue eyes. He looked so damn hot sucking a guy's cock. Never in a million years would anyone believe that he got his cock sucked by the teen heartthrob. Justin moved his lips up and down Mike's long thick shaft. He couldn't believe that he was sucking a guy off. He'd fantasized about it secretly but never thought he'd actually do it. He loved the taste of Mike's precum. Joel pulled his finger out of Justin's ass and moved closer to the pop singer. He aimed his cock to the tight little backside hole and began to enter it very slowly. He heard Justin whimper but he didn't stop. Little by little every inch of his cock was entering Justin's ass. Justin felt his eyes want to pop out of his eye sockets. He'd never felt such pain and yet he was so excited. He felt Joel's cock splitting his asshole open with determination.

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   "Ahhhh fuck! Yeah! Hey Justin you're so fuckin' tight! I think I'm going to cum fast!" Joel yelped with excitement. He began to thrust his hips ramming his cock hard and fast up Justin's ass. Justin moaned into Mike's cock getting his first taste of cock and anal sex. Mike continued to move Justin's head back and forth to the rhythm of his satisfaction. Justin felt his whole body stuffed with cocks. The pain was slowly fading and Joel was now able to fuck Justin's ass more easily. Joel smirked and then did a light slap on Justin's ass. Justin shuddered at first. The sting of Joel's slap left his ass tingling. Then again…SLAP!"Mmm you like that Timberlake? You like getting your ass slapped?" Joel asked in a husky tone. Justin just moaned in deep pleasure. "Yeah he likes it! Oh fuck he can suck cock so good!" Mike groaned. "Yeah he does like it. You do don't you motherfucker?" Joel yelled spanking him again. Justin nodded and moaned louder.

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   The sound of cock sucking and balls slapping was all that could be heard. Justin sucked Mike's cock hungrily as if he wanted to milk all of Mike's cum. "Hey I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna blow my load in your filthy mouth you fuckin' cocksucker!" Mike shrieked. He felt his balls swell up full of cum. Then his cum shot out furiously into the pop singers mouth. He looked at Justin almost gagging on his cum but he kept his cock in his mouth to make sure he swallowed it all. "Drink it up! You better swallow it all Timberlake!" Mike ordered. Justin felt long hard shots of sperm shooting in his mouth. He swallowed it all. He almost choked, but still he managed to swallow it all. It was his first time drinking another guys cum and he loved it. Mike left his cock in Justin's mouth until he was finished cumming. Then she slipped it out and playfully slapped Justin's face with it. He stroked the pop singers face and leaned down for a long wet kiss. "Oh yeah! You suck cock good Timberlake.

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   Now get ready to milk Joel's cock. Squeeze your asshole on his dick. Do it!" Mike demanded. Justin grunted and squeezed his asshole clenching Joel's cock. Joel felt his balls on fire. "Ahhh shit! Yeah! Oh fuck I'm g-going to cum!" Joel shouted. He plunged his cock harder and deeper into Justin's ass and felt his cock releasing all his cum. "Hmmmgghhhh Arrrggghhhhhhhh! Take my cum Justin! Take it!" Joel screeched. Justin felt hot shots of cum spurting inside his ass. Joel held on to Justin's waist and kept pumping until his cock was ready to be reloaded again. Justin let his head fall to the seat and was breathing heavily. His heart was racing from the excitement and thrill of having been with two guys. He felt Joel's cock soften and slowly exit his aching asshole. Joel pulled his pants back up and fell back on the opposite side. Mike sat next to Justin stroking his face.

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   All three were breathless and tired. "Damn that shit was good," Mike said breathlessly. Joel smiled and his eyes met with Justin's. "Are you ready to go party and forget all about that Britney bitch?"Justin raised his body up slowly and shook his head. "Britney who?"All three laughed and partied out that night. Later on they fucked all night. Justin never thought about Britney ever again. His heart is all well and mended. .



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