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Jo Joyner was your average 18 year old girl, a part from being insanely beautiful and the popular girl that all the boys around her wanted to fuck. She had long blonde hair and nice, perfect petite tits, a slender five foot 9 figure and perfect smooth legs with a nicely rounded ass which had gradually formed over the past few years. She was on her way for an interview with an agency to discuss her future career as an actress and wanted to make a good first impression more than anything, so she had dressed in a black mini-skirt to show off her legs and a shirt with it’s top buttons undone so she could show a bit of her black bra. She used this trick to get what she wanted with her teachers whenever she had a bad grade, and if they disagreed, she would show them her thong by opening her legs just wide enough.
She entered the building and soon found herself alone with a 40 year old man called Mr. Burton who owned the company and was obviously very shy and uncomfortable around Jo. “Mrs Joyner, I am sorry, but there is no way I can become your agent and try to get you acting jobs, as your skills just aren’t good enough”, Mr Burton stuttered out. “Please Mr Burton”, it was almost as if she was in school again as she started to open her legs and watched the mans gaze immediately fall to her thong. She continued in a sweet and innocent voice, “Please, if I show you my skills, will you let me in your agency”. She stood up, and went over to him behind the desk, and before he could react, she spun the chair round and straddled him cowboy style. He looked at her, red in the face, unable to speak. She leaned over and whispered in his ear, “I’ll do you a deal, each month I am allowed in your agency, I’ll give you the best fuck of your life. Each time you get me a job, I’ll come up here and give you a taste of heaven.

If you agree, we can start and I’ll fuck you right here, right now. Do we have a deal Mr Burton?”. “Yes Mrs Joyner” replied Mr Burton.


   With that she started to unbuckle his belt and in a matter of seconds he was stripped naked on the chair in front of her as she undid her top and dropped her mini-skirt. On the floor was a pile of their clothes and soon it was joined by her bra and her thong. They both were now naked and Mr Burton’s 7 inch cock became instantly hard as he saw Jo’s perfect tits and tight, shaven pussy in front of him. She climbed on top of him and put her knees by his side. “Do you want me?” she whispered into his ear. He nodded and with that, she slowly sat down on his cock and felt it go into her tight, wet pussy. They both let out a moan as it went in as far as it could go, and Jo slowly started to move up and down, and after a minute had picked up the pace and was riding the man cowboy style. Her tits were bouncing up and down with each time his dick thrusted into her tight hole. She was now moaning loudly and carried on riding him until he said, “I’m gonna… cum”. She slowed down and was riding him like she was in the begging and she said “Not yet, I’m not done with you yet”. She climbed off of him and went over to the desk, his near orgasm had subsided, but his hard-on remained. She bent over the desk and said “This time, I want you to fuck me in the ass”. Mr Burton had never had anal sex before, but was delighted to get the opportunity with this young beauty. He got up and positioned himself behind her. He lined his cock up with her butt cheeks and slowly started to push it into her tight ass.

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   This proved to be very difficult at first and he was surprised to be fucking something that was tighter than her pussy had been. She moaned and screamed in pain as her arse hole was ripped a part by this mans cock. Soon he was fully inside her and picked up the pace with fucking her butt, she let out moans and screams of pain and pleasure as her orgasms became more frequent and her juices were dripping down her legs. It must have been twenty minutes before he slowed down with pounding her ass and he said “Can I cum inside you”. She smiled at the thought of what was about to happen deep inside of her and replied with, “well, you are the boss”. With that he let go and streams and streams of his hot, sticky cum filled the inside off her ass. They stood still for about two minutes as he came. She bit her lip as the cum finally subsided and his throbbing cock was pulled out. Mr Burton fell back into his chair as was panting heavily. He viewed the ass he had just fucked. His own cum was dripping out of it and he could see her juices were slowing dripping out of her perfect teen pussy, down her legs. Jo turned around and went down on her knees and reached out and held his cock in her hand. It went hard again after she spent a few minutes massaging it and she took it in her mouth. Mr Burton moaned out load as Jo gave him the best blowjob he had ever had. Her head bobbed up and down as his cock went deep inside her mouth.

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   She could feel his orgasm building up, so she brought her head up to the head of his penis, but still kept it in her mouth. She was surprised by how much cum he had left over and only managed to catch around four loads as they were shot to the back of her mouth, the others went all over her face. She swallowed the hot sticky cum, and then wiped the cum off her face with her hand, and licked it off. She got dressed and used her thong to clean her legs, then decided she would walk home without the thong on, so left it behind. As she was leaving out the door, she turned to Mr Burton who was still left in the chair naked and panting and said “See you in a months time Mr Burton”.   


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