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Look it's supposed to be that one right next to them but it’s occupied!" The flight attendant apologized but did not give much care to what the girl was saying and seated her in the up-till-now empty seat next to me. Her face was flustered and her straight black hair was in her face but she still looked sexy. She was about 5'7, tanned, and very slender. Her tank top showed cleavage and her boobs were very nice, big, and perfectly round, probably a C cup. I looked down at her tight jeans and saw her perfect round ass. This girl was hot and my pants were getting tighter. embarrassed by the bulge downstairs I pulled down the lap tray and started fidgeting with my laptop. She seemed aware of my nervousness and started conversation. "Hi", she said in a flirty voice. "Hi ", I replied in a voice much unlike my own. ”Ugh don't you hate it when they mess up stuff like that?" she gushed. "Hehe, yeah", I lied. "Oh by the way, my name is Lana. " "Carson", I mumbled. For the next hour we talked and Lana kept laughing and patting my leg which was unbearable. Soon the captain dimmed the lights and everyone drifted off to sleep.

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   We watched a movie together and there was a sex scene. I couldn't help but ask if she was a virgin. She seemed unabashed by this question and simply said "No". The sex scene in the movie got intense and even though we were wearing headphones I could tell she was breathing slightly heavier from her chest dropping and lifting slowly. We were both horny and at the same time took off the headphones. In one swift motion I pulled shut the privacy curtain of our seat blocking out the people and the light leaving just our TV's dim flickering on our faces. She smiled at me in a sexy and innocent way and licked her lips. I grabbed her and we both started making out passionately. It was unbearable, I wanted her so much. I pushed her backward and we kissed and kissed, rubbing each other everywhere. I slid my hand up her top and squeezed and rubbed her boobs. She moaned and started breathing heavier. She came up for a moment and she quickly pulled her top off revealing luscious breasts bulging from a low cut, lacy maroon bra. We plunged back into the wet kiss and I undid her bra freeing the creamy, soft, tanned breasts. I pushed her back again and immediately started sucking like a baby on her round, puffy, golden, nipples.

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   She stared down at me and was surprised at how hungry I was for her breasts, as if I had never seen any in my life. Well, none like hers. They felt like butter and I buried my face in her chest trying to get as much of her silky breasts in my mouth as I could. "God!" I whispered as she moaned softly. I wanted to just suck and suck and suck. I moved up to her face again and kissed her hard again, humping her body. She pulled my shirt off and ran her hands against my arms and abs. She slid both hands into the back of my pants, feeling my hard ass and rubbed a manicured finger up and down my anus. She lifted her waist wanting me now, but I started kissing her neck teasing her while she gasped. "Oh please", she whispered unable to speak in ecstasy. "Not here" I said. We stopped for a moment and quickly, covered with our clothes, slipped into the small bathroom behind our seats. I pulled off her pants and then we both slowly pushed down her panties as I slid my face down her entire smooth body stopping at the beautiful puffy lips of her vagina. Before I could make a move she pushed my face into it and I plunged my tongue in flicking furiously. I licked and licked until my jaw was numb and I stood up and stared at her sexy face and body again completely in awe.

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   How could I have gotten such a babe? I lunged forward and grabbed her ass tight. Then I took a moment to take in the smoothness of it and leaned it to kiss her again, all the while rubbing her asshole and buttocks, clutching them and squeezing them. She (with a bit of a struggle as I didn’t want to stop) pushed me back and slowly reached my pants and unzipped them, carefully pulling them down and then doing the same with my boxers. When they were off she stared down at my beautiful 7 inch and reached her hand out and grabbed it. This made me go insane. It was hard to fully comprehend that a beautiful model like girl was holding my dick in an airplane lavatory and we were about to have sex while my family was just 18 feet from the door. This got me even hornier and in my thoughts I hadn’t noticed that she leaned her head onto my shoulder closed her eyes and just rubbed my dick as if relishing it. Then she bent down and took it all in her mouth in one move. It felt so good. She kissed my balls and gently rubbed them and then got up and slid her slit over my rod. We went back and forth slowly until my entire dick was soaked in her juices. Then after twisting her nipples and kissing her I lifted her up by her ass and positioned her on the sink. I wet the tip of my cock with her pussy which was dripping like a faucet and slowly slid my dick in. The feeling was amazing, it was a soft wet tunnel into her pussy and I enjoyed the ride. She moaned almost screaming in pleasure and I had to muffle it with a kiss.

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   We went in smooth strokes and went faster and faster jumping in the cramped space so much I had to lift her off the sink and pump my rod into her while she bounced with her boobs jiggling against the wall. It was a beautiful moment, I was about to blow my load and she was smiling and kissing me and I was biting her nipples. It was amazing. I wanted to marry this girl. I wanted her to have my kids. I wanted to have her to fuck every night. Then all of a sudden she couldn’t control herself and she screamed as she burst into an orgasm like a dam exploding. We were going so fast now that I thought the friction would start a fire in her pussy besides the one we were already making. I fucked her and fucked her and fucked her harder than anyone I ever fucked in my life. She screamed again (“Oh FUCK!”) and then I let go and blew my load into her burning sexpot. She lifted up and cum dripped from the inside of her pussy. Her nipples were rock hard and her face was flushed. She took a finger to her cock filled vagina and licked the cum off it, smearing it all over her breasts. We slowed down and she leaned on me, gasping for air. That was the best sex of my 18 years.

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   I stayed in her for 18 minutes and we closed our eyes and kissed. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and a flight attendant was asking if everything was alright. We had accidentally pushed the help button while fucking and she said she heard screams. “Uh fine, just was talking on my cell phone, sorry” I managed to blurt out. “Oh ok then, but please don’t shout, the passengers are sleeping” said the confused female attendant. Lana and I started laughing and I came out of her. We put our clothes on, cleaned the mess, and left the lavatory one at a time. Everyone was luckily asleep and not awakened by our screaming and banging. When we got back into our seats we kissed passionately and then she fell asleep on me. Wow I thought to myself, that was just the plane ride. Ok well tell me if you liked that, and I should be writing the 2nd part soon which has the Olsen twins in it. If you have comments e-mail me at sparklechic5000@aol. com.