Honeymoon Suite Pt.1


With that Steph got on the floor of the limo and unzipped Hunter’s pants, she reached inside and pulled out his now growing member. She slowly stroked his cock with nice short strokes that were getting longer as his cock grew. She waited until he got fully erect before she started to lick the base of his shaft and up to the tip of his cock, she darted her tongue inside the tiny hole on the tip of his dick. Steph put the first few inches of his cock inside her hot mouth, slowly jacking the rest of his dick. Hunter began to moan as she did this and he slid his hands thru her hair, pushing her head down slightly. She lifted his cock up and began to lick his balls and suck them into her mouth, while she was doing this she was stroking his cock. Steph was getting really hot, so she pulled up her skirt, which revealed her nice round ass, and she began to finger her dripping wet hole. She began to suck Hunter’s cock again this time going twice as far as she had the first time.

Hunter hated when she teased him, and she knew it, that is probably the main reason she did it. Steph decided to quit playing games and took all of his 7-inch long, 2-inch wide cock inside of her mouth, she began to suck Hunter’s cock and caress his balls much faster. She felt his cock begin to pulsate so she took him out of her mouth and began to jack him off, it only took a few seconds and Hunter began to shoot his load on her face, she let two streaks hit her face, then she put out her tongue and swallowed the rest. She wiped off her face and pulled her skirt, and sat back down next to Hunter. “Well, if that is anything like what is going to happen tonight, then I can’t wait. ” Hunter said with a smile as he leaned over and kissed his wife. “Oh, you have no idea what’s in store for you tonight. ” Steph said with a slight is my first story so please give me whatever critiscim you feel nessecary.

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