home inprovement 2


Topic: home inprovement 2   Heid has moved in with tim and his family. tim built a spare room after she lost her apartment. They were all enjoying each other sexually untilan issue came up. Things would change for the better !
 Jill was cooking diner when Mark came in to the kitchen. Mom  will we stillbe able to play our family love games when grandma and grandpa visit ?  Honey nothing will change as she  patted Mark's cock.    Jill parents  were coming for the weekend They were still hot looking though in thier middle 50's . Mark , please go round up the rest of the family for diner. Mark went Heidi's room  where Hiedi was  almost done fucking brad, as soon as Mark walked in Brad  was pulling his cock out  Hiedi   so he could cum in her mouth.   Mark  walked over and  ask his brother to shae his cum.   Brad sprayed  his juice   all over Hiedi  and Mark's faces Then Mark and hiedi  exchange a long french kiss.   Hey  Heidi and brad  mom said diner is ready.   Mark  went to tell  Tim  and  Randy  , they were in   Randy's room  in the 69 position.    Hey  mom said dinner is ready Mark told them.     Hey son  can you give me a quick ass job, Tim ask?  Mark  was very eager  And began fucking his dad's ass.
   They were all att the dinner table, when Jill spoke up  . Guys after my parents go to bed   Brad and randy  will fuck  me in Randy's room while heidi  fucks  Tim and  Mark in her room after an hour  me and Hiedi will switch rooms.

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    The Hiedi Tim and the boys  said good plan mom. Little did they  Jill  washaving sex with her parent before she met Tim  and Jill was the one who plotted  brining the family sex  life together. She  plan ed for her parents to join fun.
   Jill's parents   arrived.   The y ate supper and talked with family for awhile the excused themselves to bed.   Jill  and her family went to assigned rooms.  
  Brad and Randy quickly  began sucking mamma,s breast < jill moaned with pleasure ahhh yes !! Randy  fuck me  Fuck me hard   !!!  Randy got into position  And fucked his mom  like a wild animal   Jill was  sucking  brad's cock, suck it mom suck it !!  ohhh !! after about 30 minutes  the boys switched and Randy was getting a blowjob wile Brad was fucking  his  mom,s ass.   After a few minutes Grandma waled in then The boys froze not knowing what to.   JILL spoke up  , Brad  Randy go help grandma get undressed , as grandma was already taking off her shirt. Grandma was finally naked, climbs into bed with hewr Family .   jill eats her mother's  pussy  Honey   come here  , Brad walks over to grandma   she eagerly begins sucking his cock. . jill  motions for Randy to come over towards them.   Son  fuck my mom good  , she giudes  Randy,s cock  into grandma; pussy  . This was toomuch The  boys wasted no time  in having huge orgasms filling grandma with cum.

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Meanwhile  Tim  and mark were Having a Heidi sandwich  Tim fucking Hieidi's pussy  and  mark   Fucking Heidi,s ass . mark  love  fucking asses do to his gay tendencies.    they were having so much fun They did here grandpa walk in  naked.
       High  May Join the fun ?   They were so horny they could not say no.   Mark stared at grandpa 's huge cock  , he just had to have it.   Mark  walked over and dropped to his knees and  Sucked his grandfather's cock Oooooh  Mark you suck it better that grandma.   Tim went back to fucking Heidi  .   Grandpa wented Heide but Mark requested he fuck his ass.    Grandpa  I  am bisexual  and pefer guys.    Mark    turned around and gave grandpa a perfect view of his hot young ass.   Grandpa stared  at Mark's  ass and thought it  was to inviting  to pass up he   would have plenty of time for Heidi  , later.     shortly therafter th ey   colapsed \ in exhaustion.   JIll   sugest  to the boys and grandma  that they shoud go  Heidi's room.   Brad and Randy   were  suprised to see grandpa in  with the rest of the family. Jil  sugested  they all go to the living room .

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         Jill    eplained the whole plot then walked  over to her dad  and began sucking his cock.    Jill's mother motioned  for tim to come over to her,  tim walked over and  was fucking  His mother in law's pussy.    hiedi  had   Brad  and randy  fuck her  pussy , she loved having to cock's in her pussy at one time.   Mark wanted   grandpa to suck his cock , grandpa  was so caught up with excite ment he decided  to try it . It was the best orgy in the Taylor house and the start  of real family togetherness.
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