Harry potter


Fun at the Park
With Dumbledore dead, Harry was back at the Dursleys' contemplating what he has to do. He could only think about killing Snape and Voldemort. He also knew Hermione and Ron were determined to go with him. He thought about running for it but he knew they would track him down because he had already disclosed where he was going to go. Godrics Hallow was where it all started for him. That is where Voldemort had killed his parents and tried to kill him.
Harry laid down in his bed staring at the shadows the street lights made through the window. Hedwig was off hunting in the night for some mice. All of the sudden Harry heard a loud crash then a scream coming from down stairs. Harry jumped out of his bed, grabbed his wand from the side table, and ran down stairs. He heard some commotion coming from his aunt and uncles bedroom so he crept down the hall to a slightly ajar door. Harry peeked inside and was shocked at what he saw.
His aunt and uncles bed was on the floor with them on it laughing. "Cheap ass beds" Vernon laughed," this is the third bed this year. " All Harry could think was "The beds aren’t cheap they just can’t hold all that weight. " Just then Vernon stood up and the blanket fell off and he was naked and so was his aunt.

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   With both of them standing there, they looked like the number ten. Vernon was a good 400 pounds by now. I know this is an old joke but he really did have more rolls than a bakery. Petunia was the complete opposite she had to weigh no more than 100 pounds and no tits at all. Vernon’s tits were bigger by at least 2-cup sizes. Vernon started to get an erection and that is when Harry knew it was time to leave.
Harry decided to take a late night walk around the park so he could avoid any other sounds that might come out of the house. He knew Dudley (Harry’s’ cousin) was out tonight creating havoc and thought he might be able to tease him. Harry walked over to the swings and there was Dudley and his "gang" of friends. They were laughing and talking loudly even though Harry could not hear them, he knew they were teasing someone lying down on the ground. Harry decided to walk over to see what was up. He got close enough to see and hear what they were up to but he hid himself behind a tree so they did not see him. Harry was not scared of them but he thought spying was much more fun.
What Harry saw surprised him; Dudley and his friends had their pants down to their ankles, stroking their cocks. On the ground was a girls who looked to be sixteen or seventeen naked as the day she was born laying on a picnic table blanket rubbing her finger in and out of her pussy.

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   "Wow your sister is hot Piers" Dudley commented while the other boys agreed with him. There was four boys plus Dudley, who was by far the biggest out of them, who formed a little circle watching the slut have her fun. The four boys were about the same build and age, none of them was over 18 and less than 150 pounds. Harry could take them all out and Dudley was just scared of Harry.
"I'm fucking this bitch first" Dudley proclaimed and it did not look like anyone was going to argue with him about it. Just then, Harry realized Dudley’s dick was the smallest he had ever seen. Dudley was masturbating with just his thumb and pointer finger. It could not have been more than 3 inches long. Harry held back a laugh as he watched Dudley climb on top and try to stick his dick in the girl’s pussy. Dudley tried everything from just getting on top to taking her leg up onto his shoulder and nothing seemed to work. His fat was just getting in the way of penetrating her. Dudley finally gave up, moved around to her face, and told her to start sucking. From what Harry could tell, she was a pro at this. Piers decided he would fuck his sister instead. He got down on top of her, spread her legs, and forced his penis inside of his sister.

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   He looked like he had done this before many times because he knew how she liked it.
In the meantime, Harry noticed the other three boys standing there with their cocks in their hands looking bored. All of a sudden, one of the boys got down on all fours right next to Piers sister and started sucking her tits while she grabbed his cock and started stroking it. Then there were only two boys left with nothing to do. So one boy grabbed the others cock and started stroking it. The second boy got hint and started playing with the first boys cock. Harry just stared at the big ass orgy and had an idea. He had turned 18 the day before and could now use magic. He took out his wand and (nvbl) said Imobulas and everyone froze. Harry came around the tree and put his plan in order. First off, he took the two boys that were pleasing each other, bent the first one over, and place the second boys cock in the first ones' ass. Then he said a spell to lock their ass and waist together. Then he picked the girl, put her by the tree, laid Piers down where she was, and stuck Dudley’s dick in his mouth. Then Harry took the third boy and sat him right down on Pier's cock. Harry held back laughing the whole time, he was enjoying himself after all those years of Dudley and his friends torturing him.

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   Harry said the spell and stuck them all together like that. The spell would wear off in and hour but unlit then they can keep each other warm.
Harry then decided that it was time to have fun with the girl. He figured if he fucked her in the ass he would not be cheating on Ginny. Even though he broke it off with her, she would not take no, for an answer and they were still going out but seeing all this he needed some relief. Harry bent her over, took out his six-inch cock, and spit in his hand to lube up his cock. He slowly pushed it in past the head and then it just slid all the way in. "this bitch is looser than Cho," Harry thought to himself.
He slid in and out of her with ease and it started to get boring after a little bit so he decided to UN freeze just her for the time being. When he UN froze her, she just seemed shocked and then she started enjoying it. She started moaning against the ground as Harry picked up speed and was really pounding into her. He started to feel his balls load up, took his cock out of her ass, and told her to start sucking. Harry was right she was good at it; she took all of Harry’s cock into her mouth. It was the best thing he had ever felt. Harry just let loose and grabbed the back of her head and pushed his cock all the way in her mouth and cummed all down her throat
That was the best blowjob Harry has ever had and he loved it.

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   The girl just seemed to pass out after ward and Harry got up and put his cock away. Harry walked halfway through the park on his way home, turned around, and unfroze everybody else. They all looked shocked as Harry walked away. "Get your cock out of my mouth" was all Harry could hear as he sprinted for home. Harry went into the house and straight to his room and laughed finally to himself as he fell asleep. Right before dosing off he heard Dudley stumble into the house and say, "we tell no one about this you got me Piers"
To Be Continued. . . . . . . . . .

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