Harry Potter fith year


Chapter One- Summer
It had been the hottest day of the summer so far and it was finally drawing to a close. A drowsy silence filled privet drive. Cars were unusually dirty and the grass was yellow due the the hose pipe ban. All inhabitants of privet drive had retreated to their cool houses with their windows wide open desperate for a breeze. Only one person remained outdoors.
A skinny, black haired teenage boy named Harry was hiding in what he thought was an amazing spot. Not only was he out of his Aunt and Uncle's house he was hiding from his cousin Dudley and his gang. His uncle had kicked Harry out of the house so that he was unable to watch the news and try to catch up with the wizarding world. So Harry was tired of all the looks he was receiving from those who live in privet drive. So he was hiding in a spot where no-one could see him. He was in the flowerbed underneath the living room window which meant he was able to listen to the news.
After listening to the whole program and realizing that voldemort hadn't been up to anything that had effected the muggle world Harry was bored. He missed his friends. . . a lot.

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   He thought of Ron and what he would of said if he saw Harry now. He thought of Fred and George and all of the pranks that they had done the previous year. He thought of Cho's hot body and Asian face. Damn shes fit! All Harry could think about all summer was that girl. She was definitely one of the best girls in the school and HE has a chance with her!!! Although Harry was upset about Cedric he couldn't help but think that now he may be able to pop his cherry with that Asian goddess.
Thinking of this made Harry hard. He slowly reached down into his pants and started to quietly rub his hard penis so that his aunt and uncle couldn't hear him. He thought of Cho putting her hot, wet Asian mouth around the tip of his boner. . . He rubbed harder. . . He imagined Cho licking his gem gently with her wet, pink tongue. .


  . He rubbed harder. . . He imagined her pushing down on his throbbing cock with her warm mouth whilst sucking hard. . . He pulled his pants down to get more room. . . He imagined Cho rubbing his cock with her asian hand whilst she sucked his balls. . . He imagined her licking his shaft from bottom to top. .

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  . He rubbed harder. . . nearly there. . . He imagined Cho's head bobbing up and down on his cock. . . He rubbed frantically. . . so close. .

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  . He imagined hot white cum erupting out of the end of his penis into Cho's wet and sticky mouth, oozing out of the sides and around her chin. . . oh god. . .
"AHHHHHH CHO!"he cried as fresh, hot, sticky cum shot out of his six inch boner.
"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!!" shouted a furious Vernon.
"It came from outside. " was Petunia's reply.
"That bloody boy!" His head appeared out of the living room window- looking straight down into Harry's hiding place and seeing the boy with his still erect and wet penis with his trousers around his ankles. "What the hell are you doing Potter"
"Just listening to the. . .

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   the . . . erm. . . news. . . " he replied whilst pulling his trousers up as quickly as he could.
"Then why the hell were you shouting with your knob out???"
". . . erm. .

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  . "
"Put that thing away boy!"
"Get off me!" Harry shouted as he stood up and Vernon grabbed him.
"Come inside this instant boy. We cant have the neighbors seeing you like this. . . "
"NO. . . Get off me" Harry pulled his wand out and instantly Vernon let go. Harry, deeply embarrassed, ran out of the garden and headed towards the park.
He was angry with his friends and with Dumbledore. He wrote letters to them every day but they just kept telling him that they were busy and couldn't tell him anything. This infuriated Harry because why were they busy without him?
He reached the park and sat down on one of the swings. He could see Dudley and his gang bullying a little kid into giving them money.

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   On the other set of swings was a group of girls about Harry's age. They seemed to have some sort of alcoholic drink as they were all drinking something and they were all a little bit tipsy. There were five of them and as Harry watched three of them left to go home. This left just two. Both of them were very drunk brunettes.
Over the summer Harry had been very interested in looking for sexual spells and he had been searching for them in all of his spell books. One was mentioned in a book that Hermione had given him called Hogwarts:a History. It said that Salazar Slytherin had used the 'suscito' spell to makemuggle girls horny for cock. Harry was unable to find how to do the spell but he thought now was a good a time to use it than any. After all, the muggles that he's gonna use it on are hardly going to remember, there drunk.
Harry pulled out his wand. He walked over to the girls on the swings and before they could say anything he pointed his wand at the closest one a said "Susito". The girl drooped the bottle in her hand and turned her head straight towards Harry. He quickly pointed his wand at the other girl and did the same spell. She looked straight at Harry and then both girls walked over towards him.

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Wow it worked. . . thought Harry.
Before the girls got to himhe told them to follow him. He walked behind a bush and the ea gar girls obediently followed. Harry checked and they were well hidden. He told the two girls to pull his pants down and they got on their knees. Now that he got a good look at them he saw that they were stunning. One of the girls had darker hair than the other and the beauty in her eyes were magnified by the purple make-up she was wearing. The other had a beautiful face and her eyes were naturally big. Sunglasses were resting on top of her head and that just made her hotter.
The girls pulled down his pants far enough for his penis and balls to come out. The girl with sunglasses on top of her head immediately started sucking on the balls whilst the other girl put her wet mouth around the tip of his cock. Although Harry had had a wank earlier, it didn't take him long to get hard.

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   Harry started to moan as the girls (as if rehearsed) fluently swapped roles. So now the girl with purple make-up was licking his balls. The other girl started bobbing her head up and down on his cock and both pairs of eyes were staring directly at his. They did this for another 5 minutes- every now and then they changed roles.
Then Harry asked the girl with the glasses " How deep do you reckon you can take it?" She looked up at him and smiled. She started trying to deep throat him. And after another three minutes of her deep throating and the other licking and sucking balls Harry had his whole cock in her mouth. He started to thrust into her throat and gradually increased pace. This must be a dream thought Harry. . . he thrust harder. . . the girl started to moan as she couldn't breath.

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  . . this only made Harry thrust harder. . . Harry couldn't take it any longer. . . He pulled out of the girls throat and told her to open her mouth. He started to make noises as the two girls kneeled with their mouths wide open. . . he rubbed his cock hard. . .


   hot, sticky jizz left his cock and deposited onto the girls faces. Harry looked down at the work he had done, pulled his pants up and told the girls to lick the cum off of each other. They obediently did and that's where Harry left them because he heard Dudley and his friends nearing the bush. .