Forestwind Manor


Forestwind Manor
Lindsay Lohan sighed deeply as she looked out the window of her car. A couple of days earlier she had received an invitation to some great getaway called Forestwind Manor. Lindsay’s never heard of the place before, but her agent told her the place was brand new and out in the middle of nowhere. Other celebrities, such as Raven from That’s So Raven, Britney Spears, and Amanda Bynes, would also be there, along with many others. Rooms were going fast so Lindsay was more then happy to accept the invitation; she really needed some time off.
“My God, this place better be good. This was a six hour drive. ” Lindsay muttered as she Manor finally came into view. She seriously wondered how she could have missed it for this long. Forestwind is HUGE and looks more like a huge resort then a Manor. Forestwind itself was of very old make, looking to be made sometime within the early 18 th century. The large structure could easily hold every celebrity still alive today and she wondered how many would be there.
“Not many, I hope…” Lindsay said and pulled into a parking lot, which was full of maybe ten or twenty cars so far. Lindsay’s car is not that showy or expensive, she just wanted something she could drive. But all of these cars look like a celebrity’s husband had been hit ten or twenty times by a rich family. She turned her car into a parking spot and turned it off.

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   Almost instantly a boy, whom by his attire obviously worked here, walked up to her car when she got out. “May I help you with your luggage, Ms. Lohan?” The young man said and Lindsay forgot to answer for a second, just staring at him. “Damn, he’s hot!” Lindsay thought to herself.
“I think I’m going to like it here…” She muttered to herself and smiled sweetly at the person. She saw the name “Daniel” sewed into his shirt and replied, “Yes, thank you, I’d appreciate it. ” Lindsay walked forward and had to walk past him to get to the trunk of her car. Daniel really is a hot guy, with a well-built body that proves years of hard work; she wouldn’t be surprised if he has military training, and with an expensive looking shirt that looked to be the dress code for the employees here. Her mind briefly thought of what he might look like under the clothing but that dirty thought left her mind almost the instant it appeared. “This is definitely not the time!” Lindsay thought silently and mentally slapped herself.
She unlocked the trunk and began handing luggage’s to Daniel, who, still with a smile on his face, took all four of them without a single problem.
“Sorry that there’s so much…” Lindsay apologized as she locked her trunk back down and began walking with Daniel to the awe-inspiring Forestwind Manor. “Compared to the other celebrities that have arrived, you’re traveling extremely light. ” Daniel replied and chuckled slightly. Lindsay was half tempted to pounce on him and shag him senseless but killed the thoughts again.

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   “I just met him. ” She tried to rationalize in her mind. “Besides, I’m still a virgin, and I have no wish to give it to a complete stranger. ”
Lindsay looked at him again and almost said aloud, “Who cares!” but held it back. It took them only a few minutes to reach the door and Daniel opened it seamlessly with his right hand although he was carrying to suitcases in that hand. Daniel didn’t move and it took Lindsay all of twelve seconds to realize he was letting her in first.
Lindsay walked in and came into the main hall. This room alone took her breath away. The entire ceiling had a painting on it that resembled a beautiful woman relaxing back in an old chair with a butler serving her. The picture alone wasn’t too unusual; it was the butler, who was bent with a hand behind his back and a serving tray being held up by the other. His face looked to be smiling a little wider then it should be able to and his eyes were closed tightly. It was the smile that creeped her out. “That’s an odd painting. ” Lindsay said, turning to look at Daniel who was standing beside her, still holding her suitcases. “What painting?” Daniel asked, looking around.

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Lindsay pointed a finger to the ceiling, “That pain-“ Lindsay looked up and was surprised to find the ceiling completely cleared, the painting completely gone, and replaced by a chandelier hanging from the gold colored ceiling. “ting…” She finished and raised an eyebrow in confusion. Daniel followed her gaze and looked up at the ceiling. “I don’t see anything…” Daniel said after a few moments of searching. Lindsay shook her head and looked at the ceiling again, the painting still gone. She must have been on the road for too long, she surmised.
“Nothing…never mind…” Lindsay said and Daniel just shrugged, pointing to the front desk. “We have your room reserved already, but you should go and talk to the guy at the desk first. His name is Nathan, he’s new, and sometimes very dramatic, but he’ll do whatever you want. ” Daniel explained and Lindsay thought she could here something in his voice but Daniel was already gone, starting a huge trek up the staircase. Lindsay took that moment to look around the room. Several attendants, and she took note that every attendant is extremely cute, and celebrities she knew stood about, either waiting to be taken to their rooms, or mingling amongst each other and talking excitedly.
She could see Amanda Bynes speaking to Hilary Duff, two popular young stars, just like Lindsay. Lindsay walked slowly up to the front desk where Nathan was taking his few seconds of respite to bang his head on the desk with loud thuds. “Umm, hello?” Lindsay said and he immediately stopped and rose up his head, looking at her and smiling.

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   It didn’t seem too genuine. “Hell, Ms. Lohan, I’m Nathan, as you can undoubtedly see on my shirt. ” He said, pointing at the name. “I am here to spoil you rotten whilst receiving lousy pay and no tips. How may I assist you this evening?” Lindsay couldn’t help but laugh slightly at the young mans bluntness.
He may be young but he’s still older then her, maybe about a year or two, and he was the only one in the room that didn’t have everything remarkable about him like every other employee. For some odd reason she liked him above everyone else. “Well, you don’t have to spoil me, I’m here to get away from that and just relax…” Lindsay answered and Nathan smiled politely, but his face said he doubted her claim. “Well that’s good to hear, but almost everyone has said that and I have already had to use extra expenses to redecorate many of the rooms to the celebrities liking. The Boss told me to not worry about the expenses and give the guests as much as they want. ”
Lindsay nodded and looked around the room again, so far she hasn’t seen a single male other then the attendants, who were only male. “Excuse me, but were any male celebrities invited?” Lindsay asked and Nathan shrugged. “I haven’t seen a single one. ” He replied.

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   “I’ve only seen the other employees but all of the guests have been female. I’ll ask the boss about it later. ” Nathan finished. “Who is your boss? It never showed his name or picture in the information I got on this place. Nathan scratched the back of his head and replied, “He mostly keeps to himself. He’ll introduce himself at tonight’s dinner, though, so you can meet him in person then. ” The phone suddenly rang and Nathan instantly picked it up,
“Front desk…” He said automatically and after a few seconds he nodded and hung up the phone. “Your room is all ready, Ms. Lohan. If, once you see it, you wish to mingle amongst the people that have arrived, most of them are straight down this hall,” He pointed down a hallway which seemed to stretch on forever, “And go to your right. There should be a door to your left leading to our outside swimming pool and a door to your right leading to the indoor swimming pool. Most of the guests are relaxing in either area. But just in case…” She was relieved when he handed her a map, detailing each and every room, and even had the names of the celebrity staying in them. They must have been planning this for a long time.

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  ” Lindsay said and turned to leave but stopped and said, “And call me Lindsay. ” She walked off before he could say anything. Nathan smiled and looked up at the ceiling, where the chandelier was gone and replaced with the painting of an old butler serving a woman.
    The butler was frowning.
    Kate Beckinsale really loves her new room, it’s much bigger then her rooms back home, and she didn’t have to pay for it. Kate just had a really long flight and felt like taking a quick shower before going downstairs to meet the other guests. Her hair is still cut in the same way it was in Underworld and she still basically looks the same as in the movie, minus the fangs and the leather. Kate walked to the bathroom and after looking around, she wondered if she should take a shower or a bubble bath. She chose the bubble bath and turned it on, the bath quickly filling with water. She discarded her clothing and moved her hands up and down her soft and incredibly sexy body.
    She’s been horribly turned on the entire flight and planned to make this bubble bath a little fun. Kate slowly stepped into the bath and pressed a button to activate the jets, lowering herself into the water and sighing deeply as the jets pushed the water quite pleasurably over her body. “God, I’m horny…” Kate said aloud and reached a hand up to her nice tits and began to squeeze them hard, gasping under her breath when she felt herself get turned on ten times more very quickly.
    “She moved her other hand down and began teasing herself, moving her hand up and down her thighs and circling two fingers around her very aroused pussy. For some odd reason each little thing kept on turning her on so much more, more then it has ever done.

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       That was the last thing on the woman’s mind however as she slid the two fingers inside of herself. Jolts of pleasure shot through her body and she moaned loudly, suddenly squeezing her tits as hard and as painfully as she could.
    Her arousal shot up fast and hard and she found herself adding a third finger into her tight cunt and pounding all thee in and out as hard as she could, pain from her tits rippling through her chest and Kate herself was surprised to find herself trying to had a fourth finger. “Mmmm! Omg! What’s happening to me?” Kate managed to say through her loud moans but the thought was instantly gone as one of the jets somehow pointed straight at her pussy and began to blow hot water on it really hard, not only shoving her fingers into her harder each time she pushed in but also widening her up with the force of it and blowing it inside of her, causing her to yell “Oh fuck!! Omg omg omg!!!” And squeeze her tits hard enough to leave bruises.
    She pulled her fingers out of her and used both of her hands to open her tight cunt and allow the pleasuring water to push into her. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Kate yelled over and over again. She was too lost in the pleasure to feel the water pushing into her solidify into the shape of a cock and begin to shove in and out of her wildly. Even if she had been noticing, it wouldn’t affect the images of one of the attendants fucking her in that bath like a maniac. Her moans increased and she began to fuck back against the water, moving her hands up and through her hair, going almost insane from the pleasure mounting more and more by the second. If she could have had a conscious thought she would have thought it was weird that her arousal grew so quickly in a short amount of time. But such thoughts do not come easy to a woman being fucked really hard.
    “Yes, fuck me!! Fuck me harder damnit!!” She yelled and pushed back hard, her cunt squeezing really hard and then with a moan that probably could be heard all over the building, she shot her load out into the tub, wanting to moan but not finding the breath. Kate came for a long time, she didn’t know how long, then finally sunk back, completely finished for what she felt the rest of her left. Kate turned off the jets and everything calmed down. She took several minutes to think clearly and several more to get the feeling enough to stand up and get out of the tub.

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       She walked over to the mirror and wiped the moisture off of it. Suddenly a voice came to her mind, one she dismissed as maybe an intercom within the building.
    Welcome to Forestwind Manor



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