Fooling around with a celeb's daughter


Topic: Fooling Around With a Celeb's DaughterHope you like this story as it is pretty much totally true.   Going back a ways here in my memory so I'm gonna have to embellish a bit, but I'll do my best.
Few years ago I was living in L. A. , working at a bookstore in Santa Monica.   It was a pretty shitty job, but I was happy to at least be working.   Besides, I enjoyed most of my coworkers, and I pretty much had the run of as much reading material as I could get my hands on.   Another little perk was all the celebrities who used to cruise in there from time to time.   Don't wanna sound like I'm some starstruck dork, but it was kinda cool all the same.   
I'd been working there a couple of years already when my manager presented a very cute young woman for me to train as this was her first day.   The way it worked was whenever a newbie showed up, each floor's lead bookseller would pass the person around throughout their shift, and by the end of the day, they would've had a little time on each floor, getting a chance to peruse all the sections, and get introduced to many of their new colleagues.
She seemed like a really nice young girl.   Gonna use some fake names here.   I introduced myself as Sam and she introduced herself as Singer Bernsin.   I noted her last name as it was the same last name of a very famous actor who has had a couple of very long running sitcoms.   Good show too.

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    She was much cuter than him though!  But as cute as she was, I had just broken up with a girlfriend, and honestly, my personal taste is for ummm, how can I put this, darker women.  
Loved her style though.   She dressed like a little indie rock chick, and just seemed really on the ball considering how young she was.   Hey, rich private school girl, must've done something right.   She was definitely a bright girl, and knew her way around.  
As I mentioned before, I had just broken up with my girlfriend and she also told me that she was recently single.   We used to sneak smoke breaks and all we'd end up doing was bitching and whining about our exes, and how much we missed them.   But more than that, we were getting to know each other, and she was just so easy to talk to, we ended up getting along together very well.
The conversations ended up getting a little more candid as we went along.   She would tell me about her dad, growing up as a celebrity's daughter and many times, the conversations would get around to sex.   Boy, this young woman got around a little!  She would talk about all the crazy parties she'd been to, and all the wild stuff she'd done.   Many times chemically influenced.   Random sex, lesbian sex, there wasn't a lot this girl hadn't already done at such a tender age.   At the time, I was surprised.   Maybe I was a little naive, even though I had almost a decade on the girl, frankly my sex life up to then wasn't too far from fairly ordinary.

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Usually though, our conversations wouldn't get too wild.   We'd just laugh and have a good time.   By then I'd found out she was 18, and even living on her own in an apartment.   Don't know what kind of arrangement she had, but while it was a nice place, I would've believed she could pay for it on her own.   That's the thing, she made it pretty clear that at this point in her relationship with her celeb father, she was on her own.   He had a new wife with new kids, and while he loved her, their relationship was definitely strained.   
We'd been working together for several weeks now, and got along swimmingly.   And I was getting the feeling she had sorta developed a crush on me.   Hey I'm a pretty good looking guy who has a bit of charm I suppose, but lordy, I was just about to turn 26, and this girl was only 18!  I know, it's silly, but for me at that time, I thought that was too young for me.   I think I was going through some ridiculous morality thing.   Yeah, right.   In any case, I kept everything on the level, as much as I could, and we didn't go any further, strictly friendly colleagues.
I was working one night and she comes cruising in on her day off with her famous dad no less.   Heads turned, and I just had to chuckle to myself.   She even went so far as to introduce her dad, the man himself, to me.

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    We shook hands, exchanged pleasantries and I went on with my evening.   Hey, I was the only one she introduced to her hot shit dad, so I guess that meant something.  
So my birthday was coming up, and I was just about to turn 26.   We had a big party, the chemicals and alcohol were flowing and all was good in the world.   Even little Singer showed up late in the evening and brought me a gift.   I was rocked with chemicals and alcohol, but I was still very happy to see she'd shown up.   She was easily the youngest girl there, and people definitely noticed when she approached me.   It was a little awkward, and I definitely had some explaining to do the following day, but hell, all in all it was totally innocent, and it was just nice to see little Singer show up.   Trouble was, my ex was there, and I was still in ex-girlfriend mode, thinking we still had a chance.   Sucks when you've got a split mind when it comes to romance doesn't it?
Well, another week went by after the party, and Singer and I were working late one night, closing the bookstore down.   We were having our usual good time, and I'd mentioned that I had just got a new DVD, Royal Tennenbaums.   It was a studio copy, so it wasn't even out in stores yet, but through a friend in the business, I'd managed to get an early copy, for consideration purposes only. . .
She hadn't seen the movie yet, and pretty much invited herself over to see it after work!  She mentioned she'd love to get together for a couple of beers and a good movie.

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    Hey, I don't like to contribute to the illegal drinking of a minor, so that was definitely out of question, cough, cough. . .   But against my best judgement, I decided sure, let's watch a movie.
We finish up with work, and end up meeting at my place, not too far down the road from work.   Don't remember if my roomies were home that night, but if they were, they must've already been asleep as it was close to midnight.   I let my cute little colleague into my apartment, and aside from the massive sexual tension, everything was fine.   I pop in the movie, crack a Budweiser, and we both plop on the couch, ready to enjoy the flick.
Like the song goes, my mind was telling me no, but my body was telling me yes.   I surpressed the feeling and we continued sipping our drinks and watched the movie.   But damn, she just kept inching closer and closer to me, always having some excuse.   Wow was a I dumb guy back then.   I just didn't get it.  
Finally, about 45 minutes into the movie, and with her head on my shoulder, she finally flat out asks me, and I'll never forget it; "What do I have to do to get you to kiss me?"  I was stunned, but obviously very flattered and quite turned on.   I sheepishly replied something like, "geez, I didn't know you felt like that about me.

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  "  To which she responded, "you've got to be kidding. "  So I rose to the challenge.   I said, "well, how bout this. . . "  And we kissed.   It was terrific.   She was the first woman I'd been with since my break up, and it felt fantastic.   She was so young, and felt so small in my arms.   We kissed on the couch as the movie played on unnoticed in front of us.   The kssing got more and more passionate, and we both rose to our feet, and slowly walked to my bedroom.
Our kissing was strong as we embraced each other.   We were both standing and I looked into her eyes.   She looked so innocent, but I knew better.   I'd heard her stories, and I knew what she wanted.

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    She wanted me.   I couldn't believe it frankly, but I'm not gonna lie, it was a great feeling.
We disrobed each other.   She took my shirt off and kissed and rubbed my chest.   It felt wonderful.   I removed her blouse and gently massaged her breasts through her bra.   Kissing her neck I heard her breathing begin to deepen as I removed her bra.   My god, she had the most perfect little breasts with the cutest damn nipples I'd ever seen.   I squeezed them softly and licked and sucked on those perfect nipples as I guided her to the bed.   She loosed my belt and undid my fly as she grabbed for my pants to be removed immediately!  It was funny, she was so frantic, so aggressive, I couldn't believe it.   I kicked my shoes and pants off and she lunged for my cock which was already hard.   She began sucking and licking my fat dick and the sight of her sliding up and down on my cock was about more than I could handle.   Her little pink lips and tongue slid up and down my shaft as I ran my fingers through her hair.   I knew I couldn't handle much more and I had to have that sweet little pussy.   I tore through her belt buckle and slid her pants down.

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    Ripped her shoes and socks off, and threw those damn pants to the floor.   My god she was perfect.   In hindsight I remember thinking what a nice big butt she had for a little white girl.   It was a nice surprise.   I'd imagined her having a good butt when I saw her around work, but here it was, naked and here for my pleasure.   Nice little pop out.   Her skin was so smooth, so tight.   Even a little baby fat.   As I was 26, it had been years since I'd been with a young 18 year old, not since high school.   My god they have the best bodies, I can tell you that.   I licked her little toes down her calves, and up her thighs.   Gently grazing her pussy I went back up her tummy and started sucking those perfect pink nipples again.   I will tell you, that on my way back up, I noticed the girl was virtually completely shaved, just a very thinly shorn patch of perfectly manicured pubic hair above her sweet little pussy.   Her fair skin glowed in the dim light and she was the image of an angel.   We embraced again, kissing tightly, tongues entangled as I kissed down her breasts, her tummy, down to her sweet inner thighs until I finally wrapped my lips around that beatiful pussy.


    What a beautiful little pussy.   It was so pink, and she was totally wet with her sweet juices.   She actually smelled so fresh, a product of her youth.   I licked that slit up and down as she moaned and writhed in pleasure.   Flicking my tongue against her clit I felt her body shudder up and down as she grinded her hole against my face.   I don't know how long I was down there, but before I knew it, she was pulling my head up and begging me to fuck her.   I reached into the nightstand and pulled on a condom.   She turned my over onto my back and got on top of me, slowly inserting my hard cock into her tight, young pussy.   Mmmmm, it felt nice.   She braced her hands on my chest and began riding my cock.   Up and down, up and down, faster and faster, grunting and groaning.   I couldn't believe how into it she got!  She was like a little animal!  My ex was no dead fish in the sack, but this chick was damn near possessed!  I turned her over and started fucking her missionary.   She gazed into my eyes and her body was in full on orgasm mode as she bucked up and down on my cock, just pounding into her for all I was worth.   I couldn't last much longer and who could've blamed me?  I kept fucking her harder and harder until I hit that spot and oh my, I must've cum a motherload, filling that condom to the hilt, until I collapsed on top of her.   Our bodies breathed perspiration and we kissed each other lightly and gently.

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    We lay there for awhile until our minds came back from the edge of sexual lust.   She had to get home and I had to get to bed.   Gotta make sure I get a good night's sleep, right?  Shit. . .
Anyway, she went home, we kissed and hugged each other good night, and we both looked forward to the next time.   She said she wanted me to see her place, and I happily said, "sure, why not?"  And yes folks, there was a next time.   I would love to tell you all about the next time with little Singer, the celeb's daughter.  
Again, if you like this story, please let me know, and I'll get into our next time, as well as her identity.   Take care folks, hope you enjoyed it.  



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