Fooling Around With a Celeb's Daughter II


Topic: Fooling Around with a Celeb's Daughter IIThis story, like my last one, is totally true.  Well, it's as true as I can remember as all of the events to which I will write happened about six years ago, and my memory gets a little fuzzier and fuzzier as time goes on.  Funny thing is though, is that now this celebrity's daughter is now a celebrity in her own right.  She isn't necessarily a household name like her father, but she definitely has a nice little career going for herself, the beginnings of one anyway.  So here without any further adieu, here we go with the latest installment.
After that impromptu first time together, my head was still definitely spinning.  Little Singer and I had become quick friends, and while I was still a little uncomfortable being a little older at 26, and her being fresh out of high school and only 18, I was always so comfortable around her, and we always had fun together.   
Time went on at the bookstore.  But unfortunately, she quit the store, and went on to another job.  But we stayed in touch, and it was only a matter of time before we would get together again.  Well, this time was only about another week later.  Pretty Singer comes into the store one night when I'm working.  She's looking very lovely wearing sandals, a nice Summer dress and light sweater.  It was a pleasant contrast to her otherwise "punky, indie rocker" look.  Absolutely as cute as could be.  I remember feeling the eyes of my co-workers as Singer approached me at the info booth.

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I remember very clearly those crystal clear blue eyes of hers as she asked me if I wanted to get together when I was finished with work.  Who was I to turn this beauty down?  Biggest regret of my life however is not taking our relationship more seriously and deciding to really try to make something work with us.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.   
It was already getting close to the time when I was scheduled to be off from work so Singer just hung out for a bit, talking with her newly former co-workers.  And soon enough, we were off in her car.  She wondered if I wanted to go out somewhere, go back to my place, or maybe see her apartment.  I was awfully curious, so we ended up going down to her place in Venice Beach.
Her place was a nice little bungalow style house that she shared with her landlord.  Nice thing was though, she had one side of the house completely to her own, and a separate entrance as well.  So privacy was never an issue.  Lucky for us!  
So we end up inside her house, turn on a little music and she shows me around her humble abode.  She had only moved in a couple weeks prior, so subsequently, there were a few unpacked boxes, and the place definitely had that unlived in look.  But it was pretty nice all the same.  We cozied up on the couch and she began showing me her photo albums.  Great stuff seeing going back in time and seeing her with her very famous pop in a more casual, familial setting.

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    But pretty soon, we were overcome with passion yet again, only this time, i was a little more prepared, and a little more at ease.
We began kissing on her sofa.  She had the most perfectly pink lips and was a terrific kisser.  It quickly became more passionate, and off went my shirt.  She ran her hands all over my chest which only got me more excited.  How on earth this young woman knew as much as she did about titillation is anyone's guess, but sweet Jesus, this girl was an absolute sex bomb.  I kissed her neck and her breathing quickened.  She wrestled free from her sweater and pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her pretty little bra.  My hands ran wildly over exposed body, roaming on her pretty little back and gently squeezing her breasts through her bra.  Her breathing was heavy and she became ravenous.  She tore at my belt with wild abandon, and unzipped my pants, immediately grabbing my already growing cock.  She pulled my pants the rest of the way off as I kicked at my shoes.  Soon thereafter she squeezed out of her dress and unhooked her bra.  The sight of her puffy little pink nipples was absolutely heavenly.  Funny thing was, this time, all the lights were on, so I had a very clear view of everything, and it was truly terrific.

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We stumbled into her bedroom and kicked off our underwear.  She climbed into bed on all fours, and like a hungry animal, I lunged at her ass and pussy, licking her from asshole to pussy.  She absolutely squeeled with delight, and pushed her ass against my face.  I'll never forget that, her loving me licking her little asshole as she pushed herself into me.  And damn, she's a white girl, but damn, she's got some serious bootie.  I don't know how on earth she managed that at her age, but she has got some unbelievable junk in that trunk.  Magnificent.  I flipped her over and got down to business on her sweet little pussy.  I can't even begin to tell you how pretty it is.  It's a lovely shade of pink, and she's totally shaved, although this time, it looked like there was a couple of days of stubble as if she was trying to grow a little "pubic mohawk".  I licked and sucked at her pussy as she moaned and moaned with delight.  I would catch her leaning up as if to get a better look at what it was I was doing down there as she forced my head deeper with her hands pulling me inside.  Locking lips on her clit, I sucked and licked her to an explosive orgasm as she flooded my face with her sweet, young juices.  She pulled my face up to hers and licked her own juices from my chin.  Her sexuality truly had no limits.

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    I got on top of her as she guided my rigid cock to her tight hole and slowly began fucking her.  I pumped my fat cock deep as her electric eyes stared deep into my own.  I knew I wasn't going to be able to last too long and I had to see that ass of hers again, so I flipped her over and started fucking her doggie style.  Her ass bounced hard against my crotch as I fucked that sweet box, looking down at her little asshole.  All the while, she grunted and moaned, begging for more.  I really couldn't believe this girl!  I wasn't gonna last, and I told her I was close to cumming.  She flipped over quickly as her mouth lunged at my cock.  Well, that was about the hottest thing I could've ever imagined at the time, and I exploded all over her face and into her mouth as she hungrily lapped up my streams of hot cum.  
We laid down on her bed in a sweaty heap and held each other closely, winding down from our exploration.  She nuzzled my neck and flat out asked me how on earth did I know how to eat a woman's pussy so well?  It was such a funny question, I didn't even really know what to say!  But she added that I could eat her pussy as well, if not better than some of the girls that she'd been with.  Yup, that's right.  As if I even needed an ego boost after that experience. . .  But yeah, did I mention before that she'd experimented with girls?  Yeah.

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Well, we decide to take a quick shower and get ourselves cleaned up from our sexual adventure, but I guess we both still had a little sexual energy left, because between washing up and rinsing off, those hormones began raging yet again.  I was behind her washing her hair, and massaging her neck as my cock began to stiffen yet again.  Hey, I can't help it!  She felt my cock occasionally bumping into her asscheeks, and decides to take it upon herself to guide me in her sweet pussy yet again.  So she reaches between her legs and eases her pussy back on my cock as I slowly begin fucking her.  She grips at the wall as I fuck her wildly, feeling that muscular butt bouncing against my crotch yet again.  I turn her around so I can look at that pretty face of hers and find her pussy again with my hard dick.  It doesn't take long.  I pull out and shoot off another load, this time aimed right at her belly, covering it another stringy load of my hot cum.   
That's it for us.  We finish up in the shower, and flop down on her sofa, where we watch a movie, have a few more laughs, and end up in her bed again for some sleep.  And that's pretty much it.  I woke up the following day pretty early, and said my goodbyes, running home and getting ready for another day of work at the bookstore.  Sadly, that was our last sexual adventure.  I was a total moron and couldn't get past my ex-girlfriend, and how this new girl would fit into my life.  I was really, really, really dumb.

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    Biggest regret of my life, well, regarding women anyway.  We tried to stay in touch, but I was so fucking dumb, I couldn't ever keep the connection going.  I told ya, I was a stupid guy of epic proportions.  But you never know, perhaps we'll find each other again one of these days.  She ended up going to school in New York, and began doing some acting there, ending up on a daytime soap, and later a teen show on nighttime ABC.  Her father's on another television show and life is moving on.  But damn, to be with her again and try to work something out.  We had a great connection all the way around, and I completely blew it.  But I do have a few pretty sweet memories. . .  



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