as I was searching the stations, I came across Discovery Kids and a program called Endurance. The first thing I noticed was how young these boys and girls were. Average age between 18 and 15yrs old. The girls especially were gorgeous.
The idea of this game is for teams of 2, male and female, compete against each other in various tasks. The winner of each task is safe from elimination and gets to pick 2 teams to go to the temple, where one team will be eliminated. These teams are also color-coded such as red, blue, yellow green, purple etc. . .
When the ends is near there is usually 3 teams to compete where for the final 2 spots to get the ultimate winner.
My dream has the blue team and purple team girls together comforting each other. The blue team has a 18 yr old named Amelia, a cheerleader from the south and the purple team has a 18 yr old named Daniella, a softball player from the east.
Amelia is just drop-dead hot. She is about 5'2  with the best legs and ass you would die for and what very healthy breasts, look like a 34c. Daniella is about the same size with nice legs and perky breasts a little smaller than Amelia's.
During the course of the shows I've seen, Amelia and Daniella are close.

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   When one gets into trouble the other is there for comfort. Always hugging and holding one another very close. Every now and then they would give you a little revealing looks at their tits and asses. One time Daniella was going to talk with her partner, Jon, and leaned forward and you could catch a nice glimpse of cleavage. I almost lost it on that one. Another time Amelia was stroking Daniells hair and you could see how well built she was.
Anyway, my story takes place when Daniella finds out she is going to the temple for possible elimination and is crying at night. All the girls sleep in the same little cabin. She is laying on her bed dressed in a short shirt with only her panties on sobbing. Amelia who is in the next bed wants to comfort her. She is wearing a longer shirt, loose fitted and panties. Both girls and it's obvious have no bras on.
Daniella is laying on her left side when Amelia comes up and sits on the bed. Talking with her softly to comfort her, she gently rubs her long hair. Daniellas right arm is down to her side.

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   Amelia then leaves Daniellas hair and starts to rub the top of her shoulder and then moves down her right arm. Ever gently talking to her. Daniella turns a little to her right then Amelias hand is now rubbing right on the top of her tit. She slowly moves her fingers down farther so now she feels Daniellas right breast. She squeezes her tit and Daniella moans. Amelia now finds her nipple and between her thumb and forefinger rubs them together. The nipple hardens under her touch. Daniella is now totally relaxed and has stopped sobbing, with little moans from under her breath. She turns to lay flat on her back and then Amelia puts her hands under Daniellas shirt. Pulling it up until her perfect tits with hard nipples are exposed. Daniella then pulls off her shirt while laying on her back. Amelia then runs her hands down to the top of Daniellas panties and gently rubs her hands over the wetness that has set in. She puts her fingers inside the panties and inserts one finger between her slit. Inserting her finger in and out very slowly. Daniella arches her back in pure pleasure while she climaxes.

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   Amelia just smiles and leans in to kiss her on her mouth and Daniella accepts her by putting her tongue as far as it would go in Amelias mouth. as they break apart Daniella wants to help repay Amelia. She tells Amelia to turn around with her back to her. She complies and as she does Daniella starts to massage Amelias shoulders and back. Amelia leans back against Daniella, arching her back in the process, showing off her wonderful tits. Daniella looks down and sees that Amelias nipples are very hard and long. Geez she wonders a 18 yr old girl with those tits. Her hands are now on top her shoulders and slowly move down the front. As she does that,Amelia comes up to meet them.
    Lower and lower until Daniella is now massaging her tits. My god they are bigger than my hands and she squeezes them and feels the nipples grow under her touch. She then lets go and goes under Amelias shirt from behind, going up the sides until she reaches near the armpits then goes forward. There she feels the tits from both sides. She squeezes them and the nipples are erect and very long. Amelia is beside herself leaning as far back as she can go.

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       Daniellas hands then go down Amelias stomach to the top of her panties. She rubs the outside at the top then works her fingers under the waistband untill they are inside feeling the slit to her wet pussy. Amelia then moans and spreads her legs farther apart. Daniella is then able to insert one then two fingers into Amelias pussy. Daniella suddenly stops and gets off the bed, standing in front of Amelia. she pulls the shirt up over Amelias head and pushes her back on the bed. She then takes both of her hands and pulls off Amelias panties exposing the feshly trimmed pussy. Daniella starts to kiss up Amelias legs to the inside of her thighs until she reaches her destination. She brings out her tongue and tastes the juices from Amelias pussy. She inserts her tongue and is moving all around her clit until Amelia has this huge orgasm. Amelia at this time has her arms behind her head and arching her back so her tits are straight up with her nipples pointing out. They both become completey exhausted. Daniella climbs on the bed and wraps her arms around Amelia. Both breast are meshed together as they squeeze each other. Tit on tit nipples on nipples.

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       Daniella looks at Amelia and says thanks for helping her not think about elimination. Amelia, kissing Daniella softly on the lips, says we will always be friends.
    Anyone else ever dream about this let me know. Your comments would be appreciated. I also have one about 7th Heaven with Lucy and her little sister mmmmmm. . . . .