Drunken Beach Sex Bash -01


Paul Walker and Jessica Alba have been dating and screwing one another since their last movie. Tonight they were invited over the Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s house for drinks. The two couples had been friends for some time moving in the same Hollywood circles and Sarah had a little bit of a thing for Paul.
After some drinking, and getting pretty drunk, the two couples head to the private beach near the house. Sarah and Paul are first out to the beach while Jess and Freddie follow behind. Once Sarah sees that Paul has a better six pack then her husband she couldn’t resist but to jump on him as he went into the water and exchanged some playful banter. Walking down to the beach Freddie noticed just how gorgeous Jess was and how long it had been since he fucked someone new.
When they got the water they all started screaming wrestling around, playing chicken, all the usual water sports. Needless say Freddie and Jess had also brought the cooler down from the house. Off to side Freddie and Paul talked about swapping girls, at the time it wasn’t that bad of an idea, after all most ideas don’t seem that bad when you’re drunk.
As the four are sitting on the beach Paul starts to make out with Jess prompting Freddie and Sarah to do the same to keep up.
Paul and Jess were lying in each others arms kissing on another, their tongues were playing with one another as he began to massage her breasts. It wasn’t hard for him to remove her small bikini. As he lay on top of her grinding his cock up against her pussy she slid down his trunks to release his cock. Jess just loved feeling Paul’s hard ass and was eagerly waiting to be fucked.

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Freddie began the same as Paul, except didn’t wait for Sarah to take off his shorts. He then got down and removed Sarah’s bikini and sucked on her nipples, he loved to arouse her by playing with them. Then Sarah pulled him up to her face as they started kissing.
As Paul and Freddie look at one another as they are now on top of their girl each gives the other cleverish grin and swaps. Paul is now on top of Sarah and Freddie on Jess. Each girl didn’t really mind. Both guys were gorgeous and had fantasized about the other.
Paul’s mouth was busy with Sarah so he moved his hand slowly down to her pussy, he didn’t want to rush it so he used his ring finger, and middle finger to rub her, and then finally insert them into her pussy. Once he did that she immediately started moaning in ecstasy. They were at this for about 18 minutes then he got on top of her, kissed her, then slowly moved down her body with kisses, every kiss arousing her more the closer he get to her pussy.  He placed his head in between her legs kissing her inner thighs and around her clit, and then finally stuck his tongue in her warm delicious pussy, he lapped up all of her juices and used his other hand to open up her pussy and get better access. He must have hit the g-spot on her because she went into an instant orgasm and grabbed his head and pushed it into her pussy. He was sticking his tongue all up in her pussy, giving her a maximum oral experience.
Freddie looked at Jess. She put her hands on his face and drew his lips to hers.

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   Breaking off their incredible kiss she ran her mouth down his neck, and stopping on his chest to tantalize his nipples. She proceeded to lick the rest of his hairless chest down until she got to his cock with well trimmed pubic hair . His cock must have been 8" at least! She looked up and saw his eyes closed tight in anticipation. Leaning forward she flicked her tongue over the head of his wonderful dick then took all of it into her mouth. Deep throating him was something he would never forget. She sucked as hard as she could and fondled his balls. Freddie was lightly thrusting into her mouth and so she sucked harder. She heard him gasp as if for breath and timed her breath intake with each of his thrusts. Feeling his balls tighten, she braced herself for the taste of his cum. She positioned herself right at the tip so she would be sure to get every last drop. His whole dick stiffen, she closed her eyes when he came so she could concentrate on swallowing every bit. She could resist going back down on his dick before he had even finished cumming. She sucked which brought out more cum.
Paul and Sarah continued to kiss, his hands never leaving Jessie's wet pussy. And he was soon back, standing proud.

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   He took a look at her and just slowly maneuvered his ragging cock to the very out side of her tight pussy. He started thrusting in and out of her as they lay on the sand. Each thrust causing him to roll his eyes in ecstasy, and her to moan in pleasure. "I want you Paul, I’ve always wanted you!!!" She shouted while digging her nails into Paul’s back, he hardly noticed.
    Finally he quickened the pace and started pumping back and forth motivated by her moaning. Each time he thrust he would look into to her eyes to see the pleasure of her getting fucked by the man of her dreams. She didn't stop moaning and soon reached further down and grabbed his ass. As he pumped harder and harder. "OOOOOHHHH GOOOOOD!!!" Sarah yelled as her whole body shook, but Paul kept at it not ready to quit. As her pussy contracted in orgasm he almost lost it, but held on strong. Continuing to ram her hard just like the star he was. Soon he felt the tightening in his balls and knew he could last much longer, but not wanting to cum in her he whipped it out and put it right in her face. Getting the message Sarah grabbed his cock with both hands and began vigorously stroking it right in front of her face. Paul couldn't take the sight of her beautiful lips any longer and blew all over her, wiping it off of his fingers and letting her lick them.
    Freddie kissed Jess, took her had and went over to nearby rock.

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       He started kissing her running his fingers up and down her slit until they were wet.  He then started rubbing them up and down the crack of her ass while kissing her lower back.  Eventually, he inserted on finger slowly into her ass. Jess moaned in pleasure, she always wanted to be fucked up the ass, but Paul was always against it.  He worked it in nice and slow and eventually used two fingers. She was getting really into it and was moaning more now.  He started rubbing his cock against her crack and made her lean over onto the rock so he got into a better position. Then, he gently pushed the head of his cock against her hole.  It was a little rough at first, buy as more entered she began to relax and began to really enjoy his cock being thrust up and out of her ass.   She was in sheer bliss as he could fall the weight of his slam against her. After about five minutes he began pulling his cock all the way out of her hole and slamming it back in. She began bucking back against his cock.   She could feel an orgasm coming on.   Her ass tightened up and as she hit her peek he blew his load in her ass.   They just stayed like that for a minute with his dick fully rammed in my ass and cum leaking out of it.

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        Afterwards, they lay back down and he began to suck her nipples again.   Soon he was hard again and she started stroking his dick.  Once he had her turned on again she climbed on top of him and straddled his cock.   She bounced on his rod for a couple of minutes and got off of him.  She lowered her head down and began sucking on his balls.   She pleasured his balls with her tongue with gave him a hand job.  
    If you have liked what you have read so far, post some good comments and I will write the conclusion that involves some lesbian and foursome action.



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