Britney & Madonna - The Aftermath


And. . . could it be? No, she must've been imagining it. But she could swear that, as they pulled away, Madonna's eyes told a story of deep desire. Britney's mind was dazzled by the idea, but tried to shrug it off as a mere misinterpretation. But what was strangest of all was. . . if Madonna did indeed express a desire for her, Britney wasn't entirely sure what her response would be. It was suddenly very temp. . . KnockKnockStartled out of her thoughts, Britney turns her head to the door. "Who is it?"And then, with a tone of confidence and experience that could only come from Madonna, "Me. "Britney felt her heart stop for a second.

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   She swallowed hard, adjusted her hair, and tried to look as natural as possible. "Oh! Come in. "Madonna opened the door, stepped in and instantly locked her gaze upon Britney's eyes. Without watching she was doing, she closed the door behind her and turned the lock above the knob. She walked over to Britney with determination in her gait, and an expression that read: I see what I want and I'm going to take it. Britney, stuttering, and clearly unsure what's going to happen as Madonna approaches, tries to speak while turning to face her. "So, how do you think it-"Madonna places her right index finger vertically over the middle of Britney's mouth. Pressing her finger firmly against her lips, she says "Shhhh" while bring her face close to hers. She moves her finger out of the way, closes her eyes, and kisses Madonna with sheer erotic hunger. Britney's body freezes up at first, while backing up so that her butt rests against the edge of the counter. But then, almost instantly, she warms up and begins kissing back. Light moans of ecstasy can be heard coming from both of them. Madonna places her hands down on Britney's hips, while Britney places her arms on Madonna's shoulders, locking them behind her neck. Their heads shift from side to side as they lips caress each other’s, and Madonna lightly suckles on Britney's lips, alternating up and down. And then, finally- not being able to take it any longer- Britney lets her tongue slip out of her mouth and slide into Madonna's mouth.


   Madonna feels this, emotes a low mmmm before allowing her tongue to play with Britney's. Madonna's hands then begin to wander. Her right one travels from her hip, back towards Britney's backside. She lightly palms Ms. Spears' ass over the short white, ruffled skirt she had worn for the performance. Her other hand moves up and cups Britney's left breast. Madonna is no stranger to love with another woman, being very public about her bisexual tendencies. And Britney is more than happy to let Madonna explore her. If there was ever a woman she would explore sex with, it would be her. Madonna then places both hands on Britney's butt and lightly pulls her up, sitting her on the counter and pressing herself between Britney's legs. Madonna pulls her mouth away from her younger counterpart's, and slowly makes her way down her chin and onto the her neck. Britney's grip around the back of Madonna's head stiffens as she gets turned on even more by the sensual kisses and suckles she is receiving along the nape of her neck. Madonna pulls the long, evangelical necklaces that Britney has draped over chest, as part of their performance. She begins the kiss the exposed tops of Britney's breasts, making Ms. Spears gasp, and forcing her pussy to throb with hunger.

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  With Britney now at her will, Madonna begins to un-do the semi-corset Britney is wearing. And then, she pulls it open, as if opening the double doors that lead to The Promised Land. Madonna' eyes widen as Britney's tits become exposed. The question of whether or not she's had implants now means nothing. The beauty of Britney's breasts make Madonna's mouth water. She licks her lips. Madonna takes a deep, sensual breath while cupping both hands on the lower halves of her tits, and then lunges forward. She lashes her experienced tongue over Britney's left nipple, sending a shockwave of pleasure up and down Ms. Spears' spine. Madonna then gently clamps her mouth onto her tit, and it tightens slowly until it becomes a delicious nibble on her nipple. She does the same on Britney's other breast, as Britney’s head shoots up and her eyes clench from how amazing this feels, her mouth hanging open with shock. Madonna's mind is on fire. She wants to fuck this girl real badly, and Ms. Spears seems ready to be taken. She suckles on Britney's tits some more before grabbing Ms.

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   Spears' hands, backing away, and bringing her to the leather sofa a few feet away. Britney is practically hypnotized, and follows with no struggle. Along the way, she throws her corset to the floor so that she's now only wearing the skirt, her underwear, and her knee-high white boots. Madonna sits Britney on the sofa, and then straddles herself onto her Ms. Spears lap. They make out for a minute, Britney's hands finally beginning to wander over Madonna's body as it presses down onto her. But suddenly, as if she's now reached a boiling point, Madonna gets off of Britney and stands up straight. She looks down at Britney, topless, horny, and breathing hard while sitting there. . . looking up at her with eyes filled with anticipation. A very subtle, confident grin grows on Madonna's face. She gets down onto her knees, placing a hand onto each of Britney's knees and pressing them apart. Britney braces herself by grabbing the edge of the sofa cushion with one hand, and the top of the head-rest with the other. Madonna pushes Britney's skirt up, and starts licking up her inner thighs.

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   She runs her tongue along Britney's soft, smooth flesh, and then brings her mouth ever so close to her pussy. . . close enough for Britney to feel her warm breath against it. . . . and then begins to lick the other thigh. Britney's gasps from this naughty tease. Madonna enjoys this, and then locks her eyes on the prize.
    Although Britney's wearing a white thong, it is just thin enough for her to go for it without any fuss. Madonna, with a sudden unexpected lunge from the neck, wraps her lips over where Britney's pussy is, and then begins massaging her tongue onto the fabric of her panties. Britney lets out a quick scream. Madonna pulls up and looks at her with a very disciplinary look. "Young lady.

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      . . if you want to enjoy this, you're going to have to do it quietly. Got that?" She says this with a tone that is purposely maternal, yet her eyes are so suggestive and coy that you knew she was just enjoying her control over Britney. Exasperated and craving more, Britney nods her head quickly, "Yes ma'm. ""Good. "Madonna reaches up the sides pf Britney's thighs, grabs the thong, and pulls it right off. Britney opens her legs, on her own this time, and Madonna looks at Ms. Spears pussy. Shaved into a runway, moist, and waiting to be eaten, Madonna begins to salivate. She then wastes no time diving her face between her legs and begins to eat her out. Britney's hands grip the sofa tightly and she bites her lower lip as she struggles not to scream. Madonna locks her hands at the tops of both of Ms. Spears' inner thighs as she devours her pussy. Taking in her sweet scent, Madonna's tongue runs up and down her wet slit.

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       She licks and slurps up her juices while running her mouth against the lips. She kisses them, then uses her thumbs to open them a little. Madonna buries her tongue as deep as it can go into Britney. Ms. Spears freaks out from the sensation, lifts her right leg and rests up onto Madonna's left shoulder. Madonna tongue-fucks Britney's pussy. Penetrating it and savoring all that it has to offer. With her taste buds electrified by this delicacy, she slightly pulls it out and slides it upward. With the tip of her tongue, she finds Britney's clit and begins to suckle on it. At this point, Britney's hand lets go of the cushion, and places itself firmly on the back of Madonna's head. Madonna moans, and continues to lick and suck on Britney's clit. Madonna then takes her index and middle fingers, puts them together, and slides them into Britney's pussy. While continuing to eat her clit, she starts finger-fucking her softly. Her rate of penetration increases more and more as she feels Britney's inner walls getting looser and looser. And now, Madonna goes for the kill.

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       She zeroes in- with her finger tips- onto Britney's G Spot. She fingers it heavily, while lashing her tongue up and down against her clit. For added pleasure, Madonna moans. Sending vibrations deep into Britney's clit. Her grip on the back of Madonna's head suddenly stiffens, and her pussy clenches up and grips Madonna's fingers. Britney cums explosively, feeling her abs convulse wildly, her lungs shoot out all air, and her vision blurs. Meanwhile, Madonna's pulls her fingers out, licks them clean, and then eats Britney's pussy out some more. . . slurping up her cum, and savoring every drop. And then, almost matter-of-factly, Madonna stands up and wipes her mouth. "How was that?"Struggling to speak, "Oh my god. . . amazing.

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      ""I know," she says with a calm wink. And, with that, she makes for the door. Britney pulls down her skirt, and pulls a sofa cushion over onto herself to cover her chest. Madonna unlocks the door, but turns towards Britney one last time before leaving to say, "Oh, and I never get on my knees without getting something in return. So I'll see you at the video shoot. "Madonna opens the door, and leaves. Britney is left alone, to recover. Her mind races from what she just experienced. Surreal. .



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