Britney Lets Loose


"I can't belive I let you drag me into this shit!"  Britney screams to her new famous friend on the dance floor, "I'm a fucking mom, I should be at home with my kids. "  "Just enjoy this night, it will be good for you to let loose after ditching that asshole, I told you, tonight is your lucky night!"  The famous hotel queen screams back.   "Yeah, I guess if I'm here I might as well make the most of it," as Britney tosses back the rest of her drink.   "Are you as fucked up as I am?" Paris screams, but before she can get a response she notices Brit grinding on some young stud, both her hands wrapped around his waist, grinding her motherly hips into his crotch.   Paris smiles with satisfaction, knowing this is what she brought Britney here for.   As Paris continues to observe, Britney never seems to hold back, cramming her tongue in this strangers mouth, making out with him like they were still in high school.   But it doesn't stop there, before too long the guys friend is behind her, pumping at her on the dance floor from behind.   Britney has her tongue in one guys mouth, and her hand reaching back pulling the next guy into her.   Paris decides it's time to move on, so she squeezes her way in between the trio just enough to say, "hey bitch, let's take your two new friends and get out of here. "  Britney whispers something in the firsts guy's ear, he passes the message along, and the next thing they know Paris is speeding down Hollywood Blvd. heading to her place.   Both the girls continue to giggle at one another on the ride home from the front seat, barely paying attention to the two lucky guys in the back seat.   "I'm Jason," the first guy says from the back, "and this is Raymond. "  "Well boys," Paris replies, "I assume we need no introduction. "  "Hell no, you're Paris fucking Hilton, and everyone knows who she is. "  Paris winks at Britney.

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    Britney looks back, "just out of curiosity, how old are you guys. "  "Honestly? 19 and 20," Jason replies.   "Well, at least you're legal," Paris laughs.   At her place, they pull in past the security gaurds, into her 6 car garage, loaded with over a million dollars in cars, the guys are already amazed.   Inside its no less of a paradies, huge house, obviously designed to be a house of wild parties.   As the two guys walk in the kitchen, Britney comes stumbling back from the kitchen, holding two expensive bottles of champagne.   Taking a few pulls from one, she passes it to the boys.   "Looks like you guys have some catching up to do, why don't you finish these  then meet us in the living room. "  Brit takes Paris' hand and off they go, giggling and stumbliing.   As the two boys come back to reality, they realize what they're missing, so after a few high fives of amazement, they start chugging as quickly as possible.   In the living room Paris turns on some music, then walks over to Britney, "what do you have planned for these g. . . "  But before she can finish, Britney wraps her arms around Paris' neck and lays a massive tongue kiss on her, holding her close and letting her know how she really feels.   Paris doesn't fight it, she lets Brit finish her kiss then as they pull away, "fuck girl, you are drunk!"  Britney laughs, "don't act like you didn't like it," as she slaps Paris in the ass over her short white skirt.

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    Paris grabs her hand, "where do you think you're going you sexy bitch, don't start what you can't finish," and with that she lays an even sexier, more erotic kiss on Britney.   This is no longer a kiss to be funny, this is a kiss to say that I want you in every way possible.   Between the heat of the moment and the intensity of the booze, they briefly forget the two boys, wrapping up each other, standing in the living room exploring each others mouths.   Soft breathing turns heavy, heavy breathing turns to gently moans.   Both girls know what they want, and never stop to think twice about achieving that goal.   Never releasing their kiss, the two slowly walk Paris backwards to the couch, managing not even to part as Paris falls back to the couch.   The moans become more frequent, and finally their sexy lips part.   That infamous sexy smile comes from Paris, and Britney knows just what that means.   Like a pro, even though it's her first time with another woman, Brit drops to her knees.   Her eyes fixed on one of the most famous sexy pairs of eyes ever.   Eyes still locked, Britney's soft hands begin to push up the sides of Pari's thighs, slowly inching her short skirt up higher and higher, stopping just before her crotch is exposed.   Still moving her hands, she locks her fingers on the sides of Paris' white thong, and seductively guides it down her long thin legs.   Paris raises her ass just enough to let her panties be removed with no problems.   Down her knees, shins, ankles, and off her feet, being tossed to the side and forgotten.   Paris slightly moves back on the couch, inviting Britney to have her way.

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    Paris looks down at her new friend, "is this your first time with another woman?"  "Yes," Britney replies, "I hope you make it worth my while. "  With that final word, Paris reaches down to the front of her skirt, and pulls it up, exposing her beautiful hairless pussy.   Britney has never tasted one, but she knows good and well how she likes it done to her, so that's where she starts.   With one arm she pushes Paris' legs open wider, slowly moving her face closer.   Starting at the middle inside of Paris' thigh, her warm tongue greets it, and inch by inch she runs her tongue up the inside of Paris' leg.   Only one inch away from glory, she stops to enjoy the sweet aroma, teasing Paris.   Paris squirms, wanting to be Britney's first taste of pussy.   Then it happens, the tip of Britne's soft tongue brushes the outside of her swollen lip, "oh god," Paris pants.   Now again, licking all the way up.   Paris' hands lock into Britney's hair, not forcing, just guiding her head as Britney slowly begins to lick all around, over, under, and most of all, inside of Paris' soaking wet mound.   Britney is instanly hooked, skillfully running her tongue all over Paris' cunt.   Making love to her insides with her tongue and fingers, making sure all of her juices end up in her mouth.   She licks, sucks, fingers, fucks all around, paying special attention to Paris' erect clit.   Each thrust of a tongue forces Paris to arch her back and scream out, letting it be known how much of a screamer she really is (even though you would never know it from her famous tape).   She lifts her legs over Britney's shoulders, indicating that she's not going anywhere till this business is finished.


    Britney takes the hint, and for the next 18 minutes she licks and sucks Paris better than anyone ever has before, even to the point that Paris thought Britney was lying about never doing this before.   The moans turned to screams and constant panting, Britney knows she's close and that drives her wild.   Britney can feel the heat in her own panties, and can't wait to let herself be serviced.   At that moment she realizes that the two boys must be getting the show of a lifetime and decides to make it worth their time.   She pulls Paris open further, taking her clit in her teeth and playfully pulling and biting it.   That's all Paris can stand, and without warning or hesitation, her small hips thrust upwards, grabs two fistfulls of hair, and unloads a massive orgasm in Britney's mouth.
      Britney knows what she wants, and helps Paris off the couch enough to engulf her pussy with her mouth, opening wide, sucking hard, and humming in pleasure as she takes in the warm gushes of sweet juices coming from Paris.   A few more seconds and the moans reside to heavy breathing.   "Holy fucking shit girl, that was incredible. "  Britney smiles and licks her lips.   Britney knows the two guys have been watching so she looks over, "well boys, now's your chance to fuck the hottest pussy in hollywood. "  About a tenth of a second later Jason is standing in front of her, over his jeans Brit rubs him, "yeah, I'd say your ready," laughing b/c the giant bulge was obvious enough.   She undoes his belt, button, zipper, and before she can get it all the way open his massive erection springs out, hitting about 8" and pre-cum already dangling from the tip.   She doesns't even take the time to remove his pants entirely, she wraps her small hands around his shaft, pumps it a few times, then guides it over to Paris.   Paris, not saying a word, just spreads her legs as Jason lowers himself to lay on her.

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        Britney on her knees helps guide his cock to Paris' wet pussy, and Jason takes it from there.   As Jason enters Paris, forgetting about the other two in the room, Britney knows it's her turn to be serviced.   She looks to Ray, "hey stud, it's your turn," as she reaches for his belt.   Ray takes the time to remove his shirt, revealing a ripped chest and abs, and immediately Britney knows that they picked two ripe studs, just like they planned.   She's still on her knees, so working his pants open is no problem at all.   Very unexpectedly, as she lowers his briefs, his massive cock escapes.   Not fully erect, and already as long as his friends.   She's amazed and nervous and trying to fit this in.   "Holy fuck, hey girl check this shit out. "  Paris tries to look around Jason, but Jason never misses a beat.   He's in his own world pounding the shit out of her.   Her eyes look at Britney and go huge, almost as if to say, "holy shit, how in the hell are we going to get that inside of us. "  Britney knows that there is no turning back, and she does what she does best, takes the head of his monster in her sweet mouth.   Her right hand wrapped around it she begins to pump it in and out of her mouth, moaning and sucking her new friend.   He holds her head with one hand, while the other is on his hips.

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        He's got a stud cock and he knows it.   Having this mega-star wrap her sweet lips around it only verifies it even more.   He actually debates about where he should cum, in her mouth, on her face?  She's too drunk and horny to give a shit.   He looks over at his friends, frantically banging away on Paris, almost as if to hurry before she realizes that he's a nobody.   But she doesn't care, she loves to have sex, she's a slut and she knows it.   She puts one hand on Jason's ass and helps him drive into her over and over.   She let's him know how good it feels.   After a few minutes she pulls her shirt up and off her head so she can play with her tits while he fucks her, she loves pinching her own nipples while being banged.   Britney continues to swallow as much of Ray as she can, and he's quite impressed with how well she does.   Kevin may have been a complete loser, but he too had a massive shaft and he trained her how to handle it.   Wider and wider her mouth goes to take him in her, showing him that she's still the one in control.   Once she's decided he's hard enough, she pulls him from her, pumps him a few times while looking up at him, then she stands.   No kissing, just sex.   She lifts her shirt up and off her head, he just stares.   Reaching back with one hand, she unclasps her bra, and almost instantly her massive tits force the bra off and to the floor. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

        They're huge, she's still a fresh mom and her massive jugs show it.   He reaches for them but she wants something else.   She pushes his head down to them, forcing her erect nipples in his mouth.   She groans as he sucks as she wishes.   Not long, she doesn't want to run him off by lactating so she switches his kiss to the other one.   Then back up, making eye contact with a smile as she reaches back and unzips her short black skirt.   She slowly slides it down her soft hips, reminding Ray that she still has some weight on her from the baby.   He doesn't care, it's Britney Spears, besides being fresh after having a baby will allow her to take his massive rod deeper in her.   She has on silk black panties, and he can see that she's very soaked.   Still fixed on his eyes, she locks her fingers on the sides and slowly slides them down her sexy legs.   She steps out, now standing before him naked.   As she reaches her small hand out she here's Jason's voice panting and moaning, so she briefly pauses to look over and watch him pull out his cock and jerk himself off to unleash mass amounts of cum all over her friend.   Paris loves it, pulling him by his young ass to make sure that he shoots it on her tits, chest, neck, stomach, and finally planting it deep in her mouth, not wanting any to escape.   Back to business, Britney looks at Ray, "now it's your turn. can you match that?"  She walks backwards, holding him by his massive tool, she lays on the other couch, spreads her legs wide open to let him see her perfect bald snatch, seeing that alone almost made him cum.

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        She smiles and reaches for him. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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      . . .   TO BE CONTINUED