Boarding House


Sabrina sat at the kitchen table reading the paper as she ate her breakfast. Her aunt's had moved out the year before and had left her their house. After she and her housemates had been kicked out of their own home on campus, Sabrina had moved back into the house she'd spent her high school years in along with Roxi and Morgan. Yet her aunts had failed to tell her about the property taxes on the house. Nor had they told her about her distant cousin Opus.
Opus was a warlock who made Salem Saberhagen, the warlock sentenced to time as a cat in the care of first Hilda and now Sabrina, look like a positive saint. Where as Salem had planned to conquer the mortal world through military might, Opus planned to conquer it through the use of deadly viruses that would wipe out the entire mortal population. He just needed some space in the mortal world for his lab and that space was now occupied by the Spellman house. Fortunately Hilda and Zelda had cast a spell long ago which prevented Opus from entering the mortal realm. There was only one catch, either a Spellman or a witch or warlock descended from the Spellmans had to be living in and own the place. Though there were certainly other ways into the mortal realm from the other realm, an ancient curse placed on Opus restricted him to entering the mortal realm only through the portal in the Spellman house.
Sabrina learned about Opus on the same day she learned about the property tax. Naturally she didn't tell Roxi and Morgan about Opus as they didn't know she was a witch, but she did tell them that they didn't have the money between the three of them to pay for all of the property taxes. The three decided to open the place as a boarding house, transforming some of the extra, unused rooms into bedrooms for the boarders. They'd then put an ad in the paper advertising that they had rooms for rent.
Sabrina and Roxi had figured they'd interview potential boarders before they let anyone move in.

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   But Morgan, being her irresponsible self, had already agreed to allow the first three people who called about the rooms to move in without interviewing them to make sure they weren't serial killers or rapists first. Sabrina had been furious with her, but as usual there was no making her see that what she had done was wrong. It had been the same when she'd told Sabrina that there were plenty of rooms at the dorm house she'd been running. Sabrina had arrived expecting to find a room for her, but Morgan had already given rooms to Miles and Roxi. Sabrina and Roxi had been forced to share a small room that had been meant for one. At least things had eventually worked out and the two had become friends.
But that had been when only Morgan had been in charge and the house didn't have a portal to the other realm or other magical secrets to hide. Now the three would be in charge together and Morgan should have consulted the other two before doing something so impulsive. Yet she'd already rented out three of the rooms and there was no going back on it now. Nor was there a chance that Sabrina could get Morgan or Roxi to wait around for their new boarders on this day as both had appointments they had to make. So it had been up to her to meet the boarders.
As she sat at the table, her mind began to drift back to the night before and the dreams she'd had. She'd dreamed over and over that she been fucked hard by some unseen lover and had awoken that morning to find herself sleeping in a puddle of her own juices. The mere thought of it had her nipples harden and her pussy getting wet. She was just starting to fiddle with her clit when the door bell rang, announcing the arrival of their first boarder.

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   Cursing their timing, she let her nightshirt fall down over her bare pussy and went to answer the door, not bothering to zap herself into something a little more practical. After all, whoever was there would end up seeing her in her nightshirt at some point, why not make it sooner rather than later. She forgot the fact that they'd also see her hard nipples poking into her nightshirt and making it obvious that she was aroused.
Sabrina opened the door to find a raven haired young woman about her age standing on the other side. But she's more surprised to see just who it was.
"Libby!" Sabrina said, shocked.
"Well, well, if it isn't the queen of the freaks. I knew that the address I was given sounded familiar, but I guess I'd been in such a hurry to forget about freaks like you that I totally forgot. "
"Right," Sabrina said, wishing it had been someone else. "Don't tell me, you're one of those Morgan has already given a room to. "
"Oh, is that the name of the woman I talked to? If I'd known I'd be living in a house with Sabrina Freakman, I'd never have agreed to take a room here. "
"You can always leave, get a room somewhere else," Sabrina told her, not wanting to share her house with the girl who had been one of her biggest enemies for most of her years in high school. "After all, it's not like you've already paid your first month’s rent or anything. "
"No, it isn't," Libby agreed, though Sabrina noticed that she seemed a little nervous about the idea of having to look elsewhere for someplace to live. "But then perhaps I can survive living here with you.

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   After all, I survived three years of school with you. "
Sabrina smiled to herself as she realized that Libby Chessler, the girl who had gone out of her way to make her life miserable and who would never have shared anything with her unless absolutely forced to, actually had no choice and needed her. "Can't find an apartment elsewhere, I take it? Or maybe you can't afford one?"
"I. . . " Libby stammered. "That's none of your business, freak. "
"Careful what you say Libby. I just might have to evict you if you upset me," Sabrina warned with a nasty smile as she let her in. She knew she now had the edge over Libby and planned to let her know it.
It was at this point that Libby finally noticed Sabrina's nipples poking into her nightshirt. Being Libby, and having just been treated the same way she used to treat Sabrina, she decided it was time to put Sabrina in her place. "My, my, in your pjs and showing me your hard nipples. If I didn't know better, I'd say Sabrina the freak is turned on by the sight of a beautiful woman like me. Or maybe you were playing with yourself before I got here.

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   Either way, ewww. "
Sabrina didn't stop to think about what she was doing. Years of hatred towards the girl had finally come to a boil with those remarks and she zapped Libby without thinking, causing her shirt and bra to rip open. Libby, too shocked by Sabrina's sudden rage, failed to realize that Sabrina never touched her clothes as she looked down at her now exposed breasts.
"You ripped them!" Libby shouted.
Sabrina didn't care as she was staring at Libby's rather large breasts. In fact they appeared to be much larger than when she'd last seen them and looked as if Libby had them surgically enlarged. She hadn't noticed their size before and assumed the bra and shirt had acted like an ace bandage in order to flatten them a bit. But she also watched in amazement as Libby's own nipples began to harden.
"My, my, look at who’s excited now," Sabrina smirked, making it clear that she was once again in charge. "Maybe we shouldn't call you Libby Chessler anymore. Maybe we should start calling you Libby Chestler. "
"I. . .

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  I. . . . p. . . p. . . prefer L. . . L. .

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  . Libby," Libby stuttered as she crossed her arms over her exposed breasts. It was clear from the tone of her voice that she was more than a little frightened by the way Sabrina was looking at her.
"Of course you do," Sabrina said, moving closer to her. She slowly removed her nightshirt revealing her own body to Libby.
"I thought you were straight," Libby said horrified.
"Afraid not. "
"Ohmygod, you're a lesbian!"
"Wrong again," Sabrina chuckled as she carefully removed Libby's arms. "You see, after having spent as much time as I have with Roxi and Morgan, I've discovered a whole new side of me I never knew existed. Sure, I'm into boys and love sucking on some guys cock until he blows in my mouth and then having him shove his meat into my pussy and ride me like a fucking pony. But I also love the feel of another girl’s body. So you see, I'm bi. "
"Well, I'm not,” Libby squeaked. “I don’t even let other girls see me naked. ”
“What about when you were a cheerleader at our high school? You changed in the locker room with all the other girls.

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   Plenty of times other girls saw you in your birthday suit. ”
“They never did, I always changed in one of the toilet stalls whenever another girl was around. And I took my shower after all the others had left. The last time another girl saw me naked was when I was six and my mother gave me a bath because I was too tired to give myself one. ”
“Then I’m honored to be the first to see you since you became a woman. ” Sabrina then proceeded to rub Libby’s breasts.
“I told you I’m not like you,” Libby said as she tried to swat Sabrina’s hands.
“So why did you nipples get hard after they were exposed?”
“You’re dreaming, freak!” Libby yelled as she slapped Sabrina’s face.
“I told you once already that if you upset me you’ll regret it!” Sabrina snarled. She then proceeded to pinch Libby’s erect nipple’s, letting her nails dig in a little, before she jerked them toward herself and twisted.
Libby screamed in pain as her nipples were tortured. She tried to pull away from the angry witch, but found the more she tried the more Sabrina twisted and pinched her nipples.
“I’m sorry, Sabrina,” Libby sobbed, tears starting to run down her cheeks. “I’ll never do it again. I’ll do whatever you say, just please don’t do that again.

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“Take you clothes off,” Sabrina said, still upset and still holding Libby’s nipples.
“What? You can’t be serious!”
“Do it or I make you nipples bleed. ”
Libby looked into Sabrina’s eyes, searching for a sign that she was bluffing. But instead she saw that Sabrina was deadly serious. Resignedly she unbuttoned the last few buttons of her ruined shirt and removed it, followed by her bra. Next she removed her shoes and socks, followed by her jeans. She then hesitatingly reached for her panties. At the affirming nod, she removed them, more than a little embarrassed.
Sabrina released Libby’s nipples and stood back to get a good look at her. Indeed her breast looked too unnatural for her body, yet they really drew attention to the naked girl. Especially when she moved to cover herself again. Sabrina chuckled at Libby’s obvious embarrassment before giving her a slightly upset look and tapping her foot. Taking the hint, Libby hung her head in shame as she let her arms fall to her sides so Sabrina could get a better look. Perhaps she was more ashamed to let Sabrina see her bald little pussy with it’s plump, puffy lips than anything else.
“Turn around and show me your ass.

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  ” Libby did as ordered, giving the witch a spectacular view of her heart shaped ass. “My, my, Libby, you really are a beautiful, sexy woman. ”
“You think so,” Libby said spinning around and causing her breasts to jiggle. All traces of her vanity over her looks had returned.
“Yeah, I do,” Sabrina told her, though her mind was trying to deal with the jiggling she’d just seen. She’d never seen fake boobs jiggle like that, only real ones. Had she maybe cast an enlargement spell on Libby’s breasts and they’d been why her shirt and bra had ripped? But if that was the case, why hadn’t Libby been shocked by the sudden enlargement of her breasts? She decided she’d find out later.
Reaching out, Sabrina began fondling Libby’s breasts again.
“Please don’t,” Libby pleaded.
Ignoring her pleas, Sabrina continued fondling the other girl’s breast as she leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Libby was too surprised to resist. Sabrina’s kiss reminded her too much of an old boyfriend and she failed to realize that she was returning the kiss out of instinct. When she did realize what she was doing, she immediately pulled away.
“Ohmygod, what did I do?”
“I’d say you were returning my kiss, “ Sabrina told her with a mischievous smile.
“No, I couldn’t have.

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   I was kissing Richie and then I was kissing you,” Libby explained.
“I see. Pretty much the same thing that happened to me when I kissed my first girl. Of course if you’re anything like me. . . ”
“I’m nothing like you,” Libby interrupted. It was clear from her attitude that she was starting to get back some of the old Libby.
“Don’t interrupt,” Sabrina ordered as she squeezed Libby’s left breast all too hard.
    “As I was saying, if you’re anything like me, then you’ll need some stimulus to make you remember who you’re with. ” With that Sabrina put Libby’s hand on her own breast and gently used it to fondle herself.
    “What are you doing?” Libby asked, shocked by where her hand had been placed.
    “Teaching you about loving women. ”
    “Excuse me,” Libby heatedly replied, “but I’m not interested in loving women. ”
    “Either fondle my breasts and accept this lesson or you can find your ass out on the street looking for somewhere else to live,” snapped Sabrina.


       She could feel herself starting to get wet from using Libby to play with her breasts and she wasn’t about to let the former cheerleader deny her an orgasm.
    Slowly, reluctantly Libby began to obey. She let her hands travel over Sabrina’s breasts, feeling how soft and smooth they were. Yet her movements remained tentative, almost as if she were unsure how she should proceed.
    “Come on, Libby, play with ‘em. Pretend their yours. ”
    “I. . . I. . . I can’t,” Libby softly stuttered
    “What do you mean you can’t?” Sabrina asked, becoming a bit annoyed with Libby. Then she noticed the look in the other girl’s eyes. “Are you telling me you’ve never played with your own breasts?”
    “No,” she barely whispered.

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    Sabrina released Libby’s breasts and looked at her in shock. “Not once? What about your little pussy? You must have played with it. ”
    Too embarrassed to respond, Libby just looked down at the floor, trying hard not to stare at the young witch’s breasts, and shook her head in the negative.
    “Come on, Libby, you’ve got a bald pussy. I can’t even trim my bikini line without getting horny and playing with myself. If I shaved off all my curls like you do I’d have to fuck the handle of my razor. Well, maybe the handle of a brush. ”
    “I’ve never once shaved myself down there,” Libby said, her voice barely audible.
    “Yeah, right,” Sabrina snorted. “And I suppose all your pussy hair just magically disappeared. ”
    “Well if you have to know,” Libby raged, “that’s exactly what happened! I got home from a date with Richie Dalman and took a shower. Then I went straight to bed. When I awoke I found that my breasts had become these freakish things and that all my pubic hair was gone!”
    “So,” Sabrina thought to herself, “Libby is the victim of magic. Just not my magic. I’ll have to figure it out later.

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    “Well, aren’t you going to call me a freak?” Libby arrogantly asked. “After all, there’s no such thing as magic And yet I can’t explain how I got these freak breasts and lost all my pubic hair in one night except to claim it was magic. ”
    “Yeah, right, no such thing as magic. If you only knew,” Sabrina said under her breath.
    “What was that?”
    “Uh, nothing. ” Now it was Sabrina’s turn to look embarrassed at being caught. “Listen, let’s forget about the magic thing. Have you ever played with yourself?”
    “No. My mother always taught me that was disgusting and that only freaks who couldn’t get a boyfriend did that. ” Then she thought about it for a minute. “But maybe she was wrong about the no boyfriend thing. After all, you managed to get Harvey and it sounds like you still played with yourself. Maybe it was just a freak thing. ”
    “Hardly,” Sabrina told her. “Kinda a prudish thing not to play with yourself.

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       After all, we all get horny. Why sit around denying yourself a little pleasure if you don’t have someone to help you get off when you’re horny. Come on, I’ll teach you. First, let’s rub your breast. ”
    Sabrina then placed Libby’s hands on her breasts as she had placed them on her own. “Now gently rub ‘em. Let your fingers do the walking. ”
    Libby did as Sabrina told her, looking even more disgusted at playing with her own breasts than she had at playing with Sabrina’s. But as she continued to caress them, her expression changed to one of surprise and longing as she began to feel things her prude of a mother would never have approved of. Sabrina wondered if Libby’s dad hadn’t had to get the woman so fucking drunk as to be able to even get her knocked up. Soon she released Libby’s hands, confident the girl wouldn’t stop. She began rubbing her own breast as she let her other hand drop so as to rub her erect clit.
    “That’s it Libby, rub your breast. Don’t forget your delicious little nipples. And tell me, what else do we call breast?”
    “What?” Libby breathed.

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       Under normal circumstances, she probably could have answered the question. But having just been introduced to a new world of pleasure, Libby found that her brain wasn’t functioning as it should.
    “Tits, titties, boobs, boobies, floppies, jugs, melons, fun pillows, mountains, headlights, udders, the girls” Sabrina rattled off all the names she could think of that she’d heard folks refer to breasts as. “And your pussy is also a snatch, kitty, clam, quim, cunt, vagina, fuckhole, fuckchute, mound, mound of venus, the bun a guy sticks his hot dog in, and box. ”
    “Right,” Libby breathlessly agreed. “Oh this feels good. ”
    “Now, rub a finger along your lips. ” When Libby did as she was told, Sabrina chuckled at her ignorance. “Not those lips, silly, you pussy lips. Here, let me show you. ”
    Sabrina guide Libby’s hand down to her pussy and began tracing her pussy lips with one of Libby’s fingers. Libby let out a gasp but soon abandoned her breasts for her pussy. Sabrina didn’t even have to instruct her to play with her clit or stick a finger up her pussy. When she found something that brought her more pleasure, she went after it.
    Watching Libby fuck herself made Sabrina even more horny than she already was.

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       She began thrusting fingers into her own sopping pussy. But she wasn’t interested in simple masturbation anymore, not when she now had a horny female before her. Leaning forward, she took one of Libby’s nipples in her mouth and began to suck.
    The feeling have having her breast suckled was too much for her. Libby let out a high pitched scream and held the witch to her breast as she began to cum. Sabrina, not wanting to be left out, picked up her own pace and soon found herself cumming too. After a few minutes, the two girls separated from each other. Sabrina sucked her juices off her own fingers before sticking them into Libby’s pussy and trying the other girl.
    “Mmmm, nice and sweet,” Sabrina giggled. “Consider that lesson one. We’ll handle lesson two at some other time. Right now I think it’s time to show you to your room and to someplace where you can get washed up. ”
    Libby just nodded her head in agreement. Following the blonde, and watching her cute little ass sway seductively as she walked ahead of her, she wondered how it was that she could have ever called her a freak. She also found herself wondering what else was in store for her when she met this Morgan and Roxi.

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