Boarding House Chapter 2


As soon as Sabrina got Libby settled in, she returned to her own room to consult her magic book in order to find out if there was any way she could confirm what had happened to her. Magic had to be the reason for Libby’s huge tits and bald cunt, but whose magic. After all her years since learning she was a witch, she’d come to learn that witches and warlocks weren’t the only magical people, nor the only ones who could cast magic. It was just as possible that Libby could have been under the enchantment of a fairy as it was that she was under one of a witch or warlock.
It was even possible that she’d cast a spell on herself. Despite not being a witch, Sabrina knew that she couldn’t rule Libby out as a suspect. Too many witches and warlocks had left behind their various spells, books, and other magical items over the centuries, some on purpose and some by mistake. Most of these were items mortals never could use as they needed someone born to magic to be able to use them. But a few had been designed to still be used in the event their owner lost, either permanently or temporarily, their magic. Some witches and warlocks had even purposefully left spells and other items that mortals could use and get into trouble with just for the sheer joy of it. Or, as in cases like Opus, to cause harm to innocent mortals who had no clue that what they thought was harmless was actually far more dangerous.
Nor could she rule herself out as she had thought when Libby explained how she had come by her current physical attributes. As she had been helping Libby lug her suitcases to her new room, Sabrina had realized that there was an outside possibility that the various spells Libby had been a victim of over their three years together in high school could have had unforeseen long term effects. Was it possible that it had taken years for all that magic to manifest itself in this way?
“Was that Libby Chessler I saw you with downstairs?”
“Yes, Salem,” Sabrina said as she glanced over at the black cat entering her room before turning back to the book.
“And did you happen to ask where she got her ta tas done?”
“She said she went to bed one night and the next morning not only were they that big but her pussy was suddenly completely bald. And they’ve been that way ever since.

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“Ahhh yes, magic of a most interesting kind,” Salem said, a slight chuckle in his voice.
“Yeah, now the question is, whose magic?”
“Well, you could always cast a discovery spell. ”
“Salem, how stupid do you think I am? I’ve been trying to find one, but there doesn’t seem to be a spell about discovering who used magic to enlarge tits and nixed pussy hair anywhere in here. ”
“Well duh, your not going to find one in there. You need to look in the appendix book under sex magic. ”
“The what?” Sabrina’s head jerked up in utter surprise at what Salem had just said. “Did you just say there is a separate book with an appendix to this one with a section called sex magic? I don’t remember my aunts ever mentioning such a thing. ”
“What, you expect they’d tell their niece, a teenage witch who might be driven by her hormones and whom her parent’s had put in their care to watch over, about something like that. Of course not, they’d hide it away where she’d never find it. ”
“Well I’m a young woman now who is no longer in their care so tell me where the book is. ”
“I could, or maybe I could let you find it another way. Maybe Roland could help.
“Salem, either you tell me where the book is right now or I spike your supper with castor oil! Again. ”
“You wouldn’t dare!”
Sabrina zapped in a bottle and picked it up, holding it so the cat could see. “Oh look, they’ve improved their product.

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   Extra strength to handle the really tough cases. ”
“It’s in the northeast corner of the attic! Under a loose floorboard under the sea trunk with the moose head on top of it that smells like mothballs, hairballs, and three day old garbage!” Salem quickly said, a terrified look on his face.
The young witch was quickly out the door and on her way to the attic, the cat and the bottle of castor oil already forgotten.
Half an hour later Sabrina was back in her room looking through the appendix book at various spells her aunts had never mentioned. And in most cases she wished Salem had never told her the book even existed as the spells scared the shit out of her. But these were unimportant at the moment and could hold off for another time when she didn’t have more pressing matters. Right now she needed to look into the section on sex magic and find a discovery spell.
Sabrina quickly turned to the sex magic section and began to read the various spells, her mind racing with the possibilities. When Salem had said a spell for discovering who had used magic to enlarge a woman’s breasts and caused her pubic region to go completely bald and stay that way was under the heading of sex magic, Sabrina couldn’t believe her ears. Surely such things would be under spells concerning a persons anatomy as she expected sex magic to concern spells used during sex for things like continuous orgasms and such. But the sex magic seemed to be a catch all section for anything that might have something to do with sex.
There were spells concerning fetishes. Spells concerning both men’s and women’s orgasms, their durations, and their strengths. Spells concerning erogenous zones. Sex change spells that made the man brew she’d been introduced to back in high school look like something you’d buy in a joke shop.


   Spells for whipping up phantom lovers for when you couldn’t get someone in bed with you. A spell to turn women into nymphomaniacs. Spells for various sex toys. And so on.
“Hey, did you know there’s a spell in here for an ejaculating vibrator?” Sabrina asked, already feeling aroused again at looking at all these sex spells.
“Yes,” Salem replied, “and believe me, it’s a pretty useful spell. My youngest cousin on my mom’s side used it cause she was too ugly to ever get a date, much less a husband, and beauty spells had no effect on her. That’s how she ended up having kids. Of course you have to be careful if you use it. Best side effect to hope for is that your kid looks to be made out of plastic. But you could end up being turned into a pocket pussy if your not careful. My cousin ended up being a living inflatible sex doll, with about eighty kids. ”
“Eighty kids? Salem, tell me you’re joking. ”
“I would not joke about such things where the ejaculating vibrator is concerned,” Salem said in a haughty voice. “Having an extremely large family is one of the possible side effects.

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   Other realm doctors have learned that it sometimes takes total control of a woman so she can’t stop herself from using it, even while pregnant. As soon as she gives birth to one she is often pregnant again the following day. And this pregnancy only last three weeks instead of nine months. You rapidly go through the full nine months in a short time and are already fertile again as soon as you give birth. ”
“Okay, that’s one spell I’ll never try using. ” Sabrina flipped through a few more spells until she finally found the one she was looking for. “Salem, I don’t think this spell is going to work. ”
“Why not?”
“Because it calls for breast milk from every woman in the house in which it is cast as well as from the victim. Along with the victim’s own cum. Now I can probably get Libby to cum for me and get her juices for the spell. But she certainly isn’t lactating at the moment and neither am I. And unless Roxi and Morgan have been hiding something from me, I don’t think they are either. ”
“So you just cast a lactation spell out of that book. ”
Sabrina smacked her forehead with her palm for being such an idiot. She’d already seen the lactation spell under fetishes, so why had Salem had to tell her to use it? Yet before she could turn back to the spell, the front door rang.

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   With a groan, she got up to see who it was, making sure this time she was fully clothed.
“And this is the kitchen,” Sabrina said to Carol, their second boarder to arrive that day. “Anything in the fridge, freezer, or cabinets without someone’s name on it is free for anyone to have. Pretty much we all chip in and buy the groceries for the household rather than merely for ourselves. But of course there is the odd occasion where we have to have something and don’t want to share. Or can’t share because of food allergies. ”
“So I should pretty much be willing to buy for the household most of the time,” Carol replied. A mousy woman, she had extremely blond hair, that almost looked to be platinum blond, which she wore in a ponytail that hung down just past her shoulders. She was very petite, looking more like she should be sixteen rather than twenty-five as her driver’s license indicated. Though her glasses and the way she carried herself somehow managed to suggest her license was right.
“Pretty much,” Sabrina agreed, though her mind was elsewhere. After seeing the discovery spell, Sabrina had been wondering why it required the breast milk of every woman in the house in addition to Libby’s. But she’d at first been gratified that she only had to worry about four women. Now after meeting Carol, she wished Morgan had told her who their boarders were going to be so she could begin to figure out how many women she’d have to cast the lactation spell on. “So that’s pretty much the basics of the house.

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   Anything else you’ll come to know in time, but please ask Roxi, Morgan, or myself about them before you explore them. Are there any questions you’d like to ask me?”
Carol timidly shook her head, blushing at the very idea of bothering one of her new landladies already. It was obvious she just wanted to get settled into her new room and adjust to this place before saying or doing anything that would involve people she didn’t well know as yet. But Sabrina wasn’t yet ready to let her go without first learning a little more about her.
“So, if you don’t mind my asking, what do you do for a living?”
“I make hardcore sex movies,” Carol replied.
Sabrina’s jaw dropped from this unexpected response. Carol certainly didn’t look or seem like the type to her, especially not with her small breasts. “You’re a porn star?”
“Yes. Oh, I know what you’re thinking, I don’t look it. But I’ll tell you something, the industry loves women like me who look much younger than they really are. ”
“But you look sixteen! You’re telling me that the industry is a bunch of. . . . .

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“Gotcha,” Carol laughed. “Actually I work for the science museum in Boston as a curator. Besides, I doubt the porn industry would actually want someone who looks as young as I do since everyone would say they were making those types of films you were thinking about. And those are against the law, you know. ”
“Oh, right. ” Sabrina tried to recover from her shock, but she couldn’t quite shake the thought that maybe some of what Carol had said had not been a joke at all.