Backstage with Hannah Montana


Topic: Backstage with Hannah MontanaI am 18 years old and am really into celebrities. My new target was Hannah Montana, or Miley Cyrus if you prefer. It all started when my 18 year old sister started to watch her everyday on TV. I would come home from school and there she was just flaunting her precious 18 year old body in tight jeans if she was doing her show, or a short skirt and tight top if she was on tour.
Anyway, I started having fantasies about Hannah, or Miley, everynight as I masterbated. I would look up her pictures online and jackoff to them. I really wanted to do her in person. I would close my eyes and stroke my hard cock as a pictured her either sucking me off or riding me. After I finish I would always tell myself that she is a virgin and probably doesn't know how to have sex. Her target age group is preteens after all.
One day when I came home, my sister ran up to me and yelled in my face, "I'm going to see Hannah Montana!" I tried to calm her down to get more details but she was so hyper. When my sister stopped running around the room I grabbed her and ask for more info. She said the mom had gotten her 2 tickets to go see the show. The original plan was for my sister and mom to go together with the two tickets. I then realized that this was my chance to see the her in person.
It took some convinsing, but my sister agreed to take me instead of my mom even though I was 18 and probably going to be the youngest one there.

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   I would just tell people that I was her parent or something.
The arena was packed and there was not a seat in the house the night of the concert. We had great seats right on the third row! When the lights dimmed and Hannah came out on stage, I almost instantly got a hard-on. She was even hotter in person. Three years younger than I was but I didn't care. She came out wearing this hot outfit. She had on a blue tank top that hugged her small teenage chest and a short black skirt with tall black boots. Her hair was blond with some streaks of black. I tried to get an upskirt view from below her but I couldn't.  
After about three hours of trying to control my sexual desire for her, the concert ended. As we were walking out, my sister asked if we could go and get Hannah's autograph by her bus backstage. I agreed, thinking it would get me closer to her. We got backstage and it was a mob scene. A security guard was trying to keep everyone back. Hannah, now dressed in more casual clothes with her dark brown hair out of her blond whig, emerged from behind closed doors and everyone went crazy.

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   She stood there signing autographs and when my sister brought Miley her book to sign, she look up at her and said, "I love you Hannah Montana! I love your makeup. Can I try some on. " It was the cutest thing you ever saw. Miley just smiled and said the she was sorry but couldn't let her backstage. My sister was crushed. I decided to step in and ask her myself. At this point, I was not thinking about how hot she was, I was thinking about my sad little sister be devistated.  
When pressed by me, Miley sighed and said that we could. But it had to be quick. She took my sister by hand and we walked backstage through the doors to the arena. When we arrived in Miley's dressing room, I got hard again. It smelled just like fresh flowers. Her wardrobe that she wore in the show was hanging up in the corner. It was just the three of us in the room.
 As Miley and my sister looked through her makeup, I made my way over to her outfit in the corner and took a sniff.

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   I still smelled fresh as anything. The smell of the skirt and top were making me even hornier. To think the Miley's pussy had touched what I was smelling and the skirt still smelled fresh was amazing.
After my sister was done trying on the makeup, Miley told her to go wash it off in the bathroom just accross the hallway. My sister left the room. It was just Miley and me.
We sat down on the couch and started making small talk about the concert. I was trying to hide the bulge in my pants but I knew she saw it. She also saw me checking out her long slender and tanned legs. Miley smiled and said that I was drooling. I apologized and looked away. She then said that she thought I was cute too. She stood up and closed the door to the dressing room. I asked what she was doing. She said that she rarely gets to date because of her busy schedule.

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   She said she was curious about boys.
Was this a joke? Miley was being so forward with me. I didn't even know her. Was she like this for everyone? She stood infront of me and said she noticed the bulge in my pants. I laughed and turned red. I then realized that she tought I was hot. She wanted me! I decided to milk the situation. I stood up and walked closer to her. I asked if she was easy and coming on to me. She said she was not easy but that she was 18 and never had a sex talk with her father and all of her friends had lost their virginity. She said she noticed me in the crowd and that the only reason she let my sister come backstage was because of me. She then told me that she was ready to lose her virginity.
I could not believe it. Was I really that lucky? I ask her if she wanted to lose it to someone she knew. She said she did not care.

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   Living in Hollywood had obviously made her sex hungrey. 18 years was too long to wait for her. Since I always wanted to screw her, I agreed to do it. She went over and called for her assistant to take my sister around the stage and show her a little more behind the scenes. She then re-entered the room and locked the door. She laughed and said, "My daddy is going to kill me. " sat me down on the couch and stood infront of me. Her long dark brown hair flowed past her shoulders. Her soft round face only could punctuate her baby blue eyes. She removed all of her clothes leaving on just her Victoria Secret string blue panties. Her breasts were kind of small but she had great round dark nipples. Her body only had a slight bronzed tan but she was completely tight. Her entire body was shaven and smooth. Her legs were smooth and long and whad obviously been waxed recently.
    The only hair on her tight, smooth, round little body was her dark brown hair which came down just to her dark brown nipples.

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    After checking her out, I asked if she was going to remove her panties. She said she was kind of self-counsious about her butt and vagina. She then sat down and told me to get up and take off my clothes. So I did. Her big blue eyes opened even wider when she saw my cock. She giggled and said that she had heard about penises but had never seen one. This girl was so sheltered. I looked at her semi-naked body and got hard for her. My fantasy was coming true. I was going to be the first guy in the world to screw Hannah Montana.
    I got her off the couch and sat down. She had no clue where to begin. I told her to start sucking my penis. She asked how. "Get down on your knees and put your lips around it.

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      " I felt her warm wet mouth around my head. I told her to grab my cock and bob her her up and down as she sucked. She was a natural. She would accasionally look up at me with her big baby blue eyes as she sucked. After about two minutes I told her to stop because I was about to cum.
    I stood up and stood her up and brushed her hair back behind her and started to lick her nipples. When they got hard, she started to moan with pleasure. She said she didn't know that could happen. I lick her tits and down her chest to her belly button. I licked around her smooth tight belly and she started to flush in the face. I knew she was ready.
    I asked her to take off her panties. She agreed and took them off to reveil her shaved tight pussy. I asked if she shaved and she said she didn't like the feel of hair and panties. I didn't complain.

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       I wanted to taste her inside juices. I spread her long slender legs and started to eat her out. She got extremely wet and swollen around her pussy lips. After a few minutes, she said she started to feel this funny feeling. I knew she was about to cum. I stopped and decided to take her cherry.
    I told her what was going to happen and she agreed to let me do anything. I stuck my hard throbbing cock into her tight, warm, wet and swollen pussy. After I felt a pop, and she moaned, I knew that was it. Miley Cyrus, or Hannah Montana, was no longer a virgin.
    I started to pump her and got deep inside her body. I was pumping and then I felt my cock hit something. I asked Miley if she was ok, she said she felt some pain. I had just bottomed out on Miley Cyrus. I was hitting her cervix.

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       I knew if I wanted to, she would have let me nut into her cervix, but I decided not to ruin her career with a baby.
    I pulled out and asked her to get on her hands and knees. She asked me what I was going to do, I said I was going to stick my cock inside her butt hole. She had no idea of what it would be like, so she agreed. I told her to push out so I would slide into her butt without resistance. I popped inside of her and she said she felt extreme pressure. I told her it would get better. As I did her doggy style, I rubbed her pussy until she started to feel that feeling again. I told her to let it go and before I knew it she squirted onto the couch. I kept pumping her anally until I was ready to nut.
    I asked her where she wanted my cum. She said anywhere but inside her vagina. I decided to deposite my jizz into her butt hole. I cummed and pulled out of her. She asked me if that was it.

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       I told her to push out again. She did and my cum seaped out of her rectum. I told her just to get a tissue and wipe it off.  
    We put our clothes back on and as my sister and I were leaving, I looked back and blew a kiss to Miley. I had taken Hannah Montana's virginity and I left my cum in her butt hole. What a night. The night I went backstage with Hannah Montana.